Tens and Twos

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Tens and Twos


Tens and Twos is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bobby Rohweder, Tens and Twos is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th December 2011 with the latest update 14th February 2018

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


157 people have rated 3.3

You can download the game Tens and Twos from APP STORE.


Since antiquity, man has awaited the arrival of an application that would bring card games on iOS to new and extraordinary heights. Now an old favorite has done just that, for Tens and Twos has arrived for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Featuring high-resolution retina graphics, intelligent computer players, and upbeat music and sounds, the player is completely immersed in the gaming experience.

Not sure how to play? Don’t worry! Tens and Twos is simple to play and anyone can pick it up. There is an interactive tutorial provided to learn the strategies and rules of the game. In addition, clean and crisp animations throughout the game provide an easy way for the player to follow in-game play.

Think this game is going to be TOO easy? Think again! There are numerous settings that give this simple game a new twist. Try changing the difficulty of the game by adjusting the settings for the number of decks and players.

With Game Center integrated into the application, Tens and Twos is open to the entire world. There are 30 achievements to earn, and leaderboards to climb so you can compete with your friends online.

Customizations now allow the user to change the way he or she wants the playing board to appear. There is the ability to change the background to 7 different backdrops! And the cards can be changed to 24 different themes!


  • High-Resolution Retina Display Graphics
  • Customizations to change card and background themes
  • Intelligent Computers to play against
  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Game Center compatibility
  • Upbeat music
  • Multiple game settings
  • Advertisement FREE

Not only can you play it on your iPhone, but also you can enjoy it on your iPad using the same app!

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Updated on 14th February 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Updated to the latest iOS version
  • Fixed some layout issues

Tens and Twos Reviews

We’ve been using this app for years. Never glitches.

Fun game. Thank you for making this!

Us and our fianc love this game we just wish we could play against each other on our separate phones. Would be awesome if you guys could somehow make that happen with a future update.

We would love if this game had an online multiplayer mode, but otherwise, it is great. Fun gameplay, and challenging ai.

Love playing! We do wish there were more stats and a way to play live with other players.

This is a very well done app for a fun game. The one thing Id like to point out is when placing a 4th card of the same value on a pile it immediately clears it out, even if you have a 5th card of the same value. You dont get the chance to place that 5th card down and clear it with the rest before the pile auto clears. The AI players however have this ability. Minor but could still lead to some unbalanced play.

The computers need to get better and you should not be allowed to play after you pick up the deck. Picking up the deck should count as your turn.

Horrible game. Its legit generated to make you lose consistently and then have a few streaks of win. Also, game skipped our turn. Deserves 0 stars.

Been playing for a while. Game seems to give the computer players every 10 and 2 and multiple cards with the same number. Its hard to get rid of cards when we can only play one at a time, yet the computer players can play 4 or 5 in one turn. Deleting this one now!

The computers are tough but we know how to beat them! So much fun to play.

Not quite as good as our band days, but the best version we’ve found. Took us a bit to figure out the controls to speed up game play. All in all definitely worth getting.

We used to play this as a kid, only we played with skips as you laid down 3 of a kind or a card of equal value on top of the one face up. Fun game, great app!

The app lacks a well-suited and interesting to play programming design. We would not recommend this app to a friend or colleague.

Better rules than other versions!

It’s amazing how Al always comes up with winning cards. If game was more fair it would be lots more fun to play. Please fix the odds for winning.

This game is so awesome and great for first time players.

Letter boxed on iPhone 5. Other than that, it’s great!

Just learning game and having a blast!

This game is a lot of fun. Very easy to play. We love it!

The update fixed the custom card backs and background issue and they look great now! The new achievements are going to be really fun to earn. We love this app!

Lots of fun, very easy to learn:)

Good looking, tutorial well done and very useful. We enjoy playing. Different and fun.

Our friend introduced us to this game and we find this game is fun and interesting. A good way to kill time and will never get bored of this game.

Great game, a thinking game, great for the old brain.

Tutorial makes it easy to learn. Quick–a game lasts under 3mins. Fun!

This is quick and fun. Glad we found it. The animation is a little slow but still a quick game.

We’ve been waiting for a tens and twos game since the App Store first came out and now it’s finally here and it is AWESOME! Everything works so smoothly, just as it was described in the hilariously written description, and there are even secret achievements! We can’t stop playing it! Great Job! And Great app!

It’s a very good game. It teaches you to play it if you’ve never played 10’s and 2’s before.

Congratulations on the App Bobby! This game is redefining gaming on iOS devices!

Did not think anyone but us played 10’s and 2’s but this is spot on!

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