The Last Express

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The Last Express


The Last Express is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DotEmu, The Last Express is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th September 2012 with the latest update 2nd February 2018

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


207 people have rated 1.12

You can download the game The Last Express from APP STORE.


Step aboard the 1914 Orient Express in this award-winning mystery adventure from Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, now for the first time on iOS!

JULY, 1914. With Europe on the brink of war, the luxurious Orient Express departs Paris for Constantinople, plunging American doctor Robert Cath into a maelstrom of treachery, romance, and international intrigue.

The Last Express is a complete, faithful iOS version of the internationally-acclaimed 1997 PC classic.


  • 20+ hours of game play
  • Interact with 30+ characters who behave like actual people on a train — moving about in real-time and conversing in their native languages
  • Eavesdrop on conversations, sneak into compartments, and uncover clues
  • Explore a richly detailed, historically accurate 3D recreation of the 1914 Orient Express
  • Your actions affect other characters’ behavior, making every play-through different
  • Rewind feature allows you to back up to any point in the story and choose a different course of action
  • Playable in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish


  • Unlock challenging achievements that test your sleuthing skills
  • Dynamic, 3-tiered hint system created specifically for iOS
  • 20 unlockable character biographies
  • Unlock cinematics to replay at any time

**** Reviews ! 90% on Metacritic ****

"The Last Express is just one of those games that adventure fans, or just fans of a good story, need to play." 4/4 – Slide To Play

"A shining example of how deeply gameplay and storytelling can be intertwined" 5/5 – AppSpy

"It’s a piece of videogame history and a shining example of what can be done to create an experience so much more immersive than the Heavy Rains of today." – 8/10, Destructoid

“Exquisite design and a literary story. A thrilling ride.” – Newsweek

“The top adventure game… thumbs up by all ages and both genders.” – Family PC

“A masterpiece.” – Computer Games Strategy Plus

“Gripping… amazing… totally unique. The best adventure game I have ever played. Beautiful, skillfully crafted, and worth every penny and hour of your time.” – Games Domain Review


Updated on 2nd February 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Updated the game for iOS 11.
  • Fixed some subtitle issues.
  • Fixed a crash.

The Last Express Reviews

We are not sure how to do this game justice in a review. How do you adequately praise a work of art? This is the closest thing to time travel we’ve probably ever encountered. If youve never wanted to take a train across Europe in the days before WWI, you may not enjoy this game, and thats fine. But if you ever have thought, Gee, that would be neat, this game is the closest youll get. Some of the gameplay is challenging, even frustrating. But this is a big, Art Nouveau astronomical clock of a game, with so many moving partsreally as immersive as anything we’ve played. The passengers on the train each have their own stories, and speak their own languages (Russian, French, German, Serbian!). At one point you must have a character translate a golden manuscript of The Firebird into English from Russian. The conversations between the socialist student and the Counts granddaughter, or between the English girl and her Central European companion, are just exactly right. If you love travel or history, if you love art or character, try this game. If these things do not excite you, enjoy the thousands of other games that are made for people with no appetite for the extraordinary. If only there were more games with this much imagination.

We loved this game 20 years ago when it first came out, and still do. Thank you for bringing it back. Our only wish is the game play itself be updated for 2019/2020 with all new graphics and perhaps even a whole new story. One can hope right?

Thanks for bringing this amazing classic to iOS.

We would love to play this again on an iPhone 8 Plus screen!!! Such a delightful game that shouldnt be forgotten! UPDATE we did not expect to see this on our 8 plus, but you guys delivered!!! Cant wait to play this through again thanks!!! (Now get on that LBA sequel we’ve been pestering for!!)

Love this game. We know and worked with the people who wrote it.

Really happy to find this classic on the iPad. It play naturally with touch since its a point and click adventure from the 90s. It used motion capture to animate people and the game plays in real time you have to move the clock if you make a mistake to go back but sometimes you will have too many wrong decisions and need to restart :). People on the train have their own schedules and so you can witness events based on the time in the game. Hope the developer keeps this working into the future!

Pretty, runs great, interesting stories and characters.

There is this bug that is in the game that cause the time in the story to move faster than the actual story this means we cant catch up when somethings happening. For example. During the story when you arrive at Munich. The game thinks you actually at Munich saying that you failed to give the gold august Schmidt even though the concert is still going with august Schmidt in the concert. Thats what we mean. So can you please fix this bug.

There is nothing else like this game, a neglected classic brought back to life, flawed in places because it tried to tell a complex story in a new way. There aren’t many places to go but everything around you changes as time passes. It can be frustrating to miss an event by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or neglecting to recheck a location that was empty the first time you looked. But there are clues in the overheard conversations, and if you fail the rewind mechanism takes you back to a point where you can still win. It’s a great story, memorable characters and more true emotion than many games. (Thankfully the developer has finally updated the iOS version so it runs on the latest iOS. So this lost classic comes back from the dead yet again.)

We really enjoy playing The last express so bringing this game to mobile is great, so we decided to replay it then we noticed a glitch where Anna wont talk to August in the restaurant car she just stands by the door Can this please be fixed?

Loving the game, but the controls are very difficult. Especially during the fight scenes. Its a bit frustrating.

This is a great classic game, but the software hasnt been updated in a long time so bugs persist. In addition to a clunky fight scene, the concert now never ends.

This really is a good game, but it desperately needs updating. We originally purchased it in 2012 and it was flawless and beautiful and fun. We’ve offloaded and reloaded it over the years (it does take up quite a bit of space) and we decided to load it again for something fun to do (you know, Covid and all). We were so disappointed to find it doesnt work with iOS 14. We didnt bother to notice that the last update was 2 years ago. The biggest issue is there is no sound at all. This game relies on listening to the dialogue of the characters. Please please please update!

We became absolutely hooked on this game. It has everything we love in a point-and-click adventure game: intriguing storyline, good character interaction, challenging (but not impossibly hard) puzzles, and phenomenal voice acting. The real-time storyline makes it even more interesting. We would give the game itself 5 stars… BUT about halfway through, there is a bug that makes it impossible to complete the game (concert scene never ends, just goes on for hours even though all tasks have been completed). We can only guess that this is a glitch with iOS 12, as the game was last updated for iOS 11. Contacted the developers, no reply… Seriously disappointing to not even be able to finish the game after paying for it and investing so much time in it!

Are usually dont download games that havent had any updates in a year. We broke our rule, and we shouldnt have. Granted, we are on a iPhone 6S, but we just cant move around in the game. We cant tell whats a door and whats a hallway. Clunky mechanics dont help.

Game is excellent and still fun to play today. The only reason this is a 1 review is simply because the game has not been updated to work on iOS15 M1 iPads. It just crashes and becomes unplayable.

Glitchy, and absolutely confusing direction/location-wise. Controls wouldnt work in one extremely slow almost standstill fight scene. We finally deleted. .

The app had a glitch so that there was no sound. Much of this game relies on sound. Couldnt play it.

Save your money. This game is worthless as far as puzzle games go. It could have promise if it wasnt so glitchy. The controls take some getting used to but even then they have their quirks. The most irritating thing in the game is the short time limit that you have to get to the next objective. It would be nice to be able to explore and talk the characters without you getting arrested so quickly.

This game cant be played in landscape and is quite stuffed in portrait. Refund please.

Which is constantly. Its really frustrating.

Critical bug: Concert never finishes so Cath never gets to have his crucial conversation with Schmidt. Our hero is dead halfway through the game. It’s a shame as this is a beautiful game.

Id like our money back, this has inappropriate content and should be a restriction of 18+

If you have any hearing impairment this game is not for you. When you interact with the characters there is no option for captions on the screen.

Have always loved this game on PC. Glad to see it remade.

Excellent game, needs to be made comparable with iOS 11, this Awsome game can’t be allowed to disappear and be forgotten just because Apple updates their iOS to 64 bit.

Great story line, interesting characters, very intriguing and addictive. Not too long or short. Can you please make a sequel? We would like to see another ending.

One of the best but lesser known adventure games of all times. No sound issues on our ipad2. A classic!

Great old game, brought back from the dead.

Have played this on both our iPhone and iPad 2 with absolutely no sound issues. It is a beautifully animated game with an immersive storyline and real time events – highly recommended! A must for any gamer or history buff.

We played this back in 1997 and loved the comic-book style graphics then. We were thrilled to see this game given new life in iOS. Graphics are excellently done and reveal character emotion surprisingly well. The story is a gem in and of itself with enough fun and suspense, action and romance, to to keep the player entertained to the end.

We remember playing this game as a kid and we had no idea how to play it. Given now in 2012 this game makes a lot more sense and it is still pretty difficult to play if you don’t understand what’s going on. This game is definitely how we remembered.

It is fun we only played it on our pc not on our iPad.

Still the best adventure game that we’ve ever played. We’ve probably played this game once a year for several years and it does not cease to impress us. The story is suspenseful and engrossing, the atmosphere is heady and beautiful, the characters feel like real people, and the music is sublime. It feels more real even with its dated graphics than newer games. We so wish they made more games like this. Anyway, we cannot recommend this enough.

We have the PC version of this classic game. This is a well-developed & designed iOS version of this game & it actually looks & feel better than the original PC version! We love that the game is now divided into chapters & there’s character bios. It makes the game experience much, much more enjoyable. We don’t experience any of the issues reported by other users so far. Both the audio & video work great. Other than a crash once, this game is perfect.

The game will appear antiquated in playing style, but remember that this is a remake of an old computer game. This game was and is a masterpiece, and the audio problems others are having is gone of Rome.

This is "The Game". Good story and beautiful art. We immediately felt like we are in that train. So thrilled, our palms are getting sweat. Just buy it!

Just as we were excited to find Myst ports, we find this.

An absolutely splendid adaptation of our favorite game ever.

Superbly captures the romance and mystery of the Orient Express. We hope to see more games like it!

This is a unique point and click adventure that has a truly engrossing story. It is unique because the other characters go about their business whether or not you decide to take action or not. This is different than most adventure games, where only your actions affect the events going on, but in this game, characters move and events unfold in real time, making it all the more immersive. Definitely worth the buy if you enjoy period piece thrillers.

We love this game and would hate to lose it when iOS 11 comes out. Please please please update the app DotEmu!!!!

We approached this game seeing it as a very popular, masterpiece of gaming back in 1997. Though not successful commercially, and though being very old, we wanted something new. This game is brilliant. Less a game than an interactive murder mystery movie, there are many brilliant aspects to this game. It is set perfectly in pre-World War 1 Europe on the most famous train ever. The game perfectly captures the experience of being on a train, from different sleeping cars, to the dining car, restaurant car, baggage car, and even captures the service that European train conductors provided. The characters are very well developed, and you will know each very well by the end, and like and dislike some. The voice acting is brilliant, with over 800 pages of it, and interesting conversations everywhere. Music aids the story well. And our favorite part of the game is that it is real time. There may be multiple conversations going on at once on the train, in different cars. And you have to choose between some of them. You will rarely miss something important, but its this concept that brings the game to life and let’s you play this story as if you we’re really this. What we didn’t like we’re a few game crashes. We’re running an iPad mini, and maybe had 3 crashes, but the game was never affected. Still, kinda irritating in some parts. And the gameplay is very old. Icons are close together and jumbled, and figuring out what each does on the train takes time and practice. By the end it won’t affect the story, but at first you may feel trapped and lost. Now graphics are hit or miss. These are old graphics, and in some areas its like an artistic painting, where the painting just moves about. In others, the graphics really show age, and just look old. But we do feel that it will grow on you after some time. But we are glad they didn’t remake the game at the same time because it really feels like you’re watching a piece of art in story form, that you play. All we have to say, is this game is one of the best story lines out there, and I’d say its better than console games like Assassins Creed, Alan Wake, Halo, etc. This game is an experience. This tops our list of apps recommended for people, and we highly recommend it for anyone (except young children, who may not appreciate the game, will get confused, or won’t understand the game). Don’t ask yourself if its worth it or not, because at the end of the day, we feel like it is an experience into classic gaming and pure gaming narrative art that anyone and everyone should have at some point.

This is one of our favorite game in iPad and highly recommend this. If you enjoy detective/adventure type of game, you will definitely enjoy this one.

We bought this game 15 years ago at a media play for $5 out the bargain bin. Never got to finish it because we last the last disk. Can’t wait to play it all over again.

What a tribute to creativity! This game made us feel humbled at what can be achieved with great art, story and technology! We noted that after the first 15 minutes, we forgot that this was a game, and felt more like a rider on the Orient Express. Each character has been developed well, and the story unfolds in a non-linear way. This game was way ahead of its time when it came out, and we are so glad we were able to get our hands on it through the App Store. These guys deserve belated awards.

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