The Moron Test 2

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 10:30 am

The Moron Test 2


The Moron Test 2 is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kooapps, The Moron Test 2 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th December 2011 with the latest update 18th December 2019

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Trivia games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


71 people have rated 3.1.2

You can download the game The Moron Test 2 from APP STORE.


The forehead-slapping fun of The Moron Test is back in The Moron Test 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the App Store’s favorite brain-teaser! The classic fun you know and love has graduated to brand new puzzles, hilarious animations, and much more! Master the game, then laugh as your friends and family struggle with these seemingly simple puzzles!

The Moron Test 2 – it’s fun to FAIL!


  • Simple, addicting gameplay
  • Three sections with dozens of puzzles each
  • Brand new puzzle types to touch, twist and shake
  • Beautiful Retina graphics
  • Catchy music and hilarious sounds
  • You will LOVE watching your friends FAIL!


  • “Fair Game”
  • “Out Sick”
  • “Field Day”

Download now and start the fun!

Updated on 18th December 2019

fixes startup issue experienced by some users

The Moron Test 2 Reviews

We managed to complete all of the sections and it was really fun.

Frustrating at times, but….. Love it!

Laughing at myself the whole time. Love sharing the app and fails with only our smartest friends and family. If youre not enjoying it or critical of it, youre not paying attention and maybe take yourself too seriously. The critical thinking and comprehension skills may be too much for those seeking instant gratification.

Fixed the issues we were experiencing.

Love this game, like the first one just a little different. Still super tricky and fun!!!

Love it! Super fun game to play with our friends, we love it when they fail.

Theyve really outdone themselves on this one. You really have to pay attention to everything.

We won everything in this game thank you for these 3 tests but since we beat the game make Moran test 3. Im so happy we love you koolapps the creator of both of them.

Super fun game. It will trick you, so pay attention. Oh, and think outside the box. Love it!!!

The checkpoints dont work and it makes us mad lol idk if its just us. Fun game tho.

This game was a waste of money the most dumbest game we ever got Im going to get a refund from this dumb game.

You always have 3 apples, unless you fail. Every course is super long, and we’ve never completed any of them.

This is the worst game we’ve ever purchased. They should be giving us 99 cents to download. Every time we open the app to play the game that we payed for it sends us right back to our Home Screen. We can get better games that are free with less problems than this one. Complete waste of money and time.

This app is really fun but it make us get board easily we think your app is a little bad because every time we try to play it it glitches out and it just goes back to home screen. And it is so annoying so you guys should really fix that or that could just be our phone.

It wouldnt let us in the app so we just rated it a 3 :\

We think yall need to make it iOS12 compatible cause we cant play it.

We think there is a problem with the game. It wont load on any of our devices. It is a lot of fun. It and the original at the best of these types of games. We hope they fix it soon and get it back online. We will alter our rating once it works properly.

We were really looking forward to playing this game and it wont let us into it. We tried deleting and reinstalling it but it had no effect. We makes us angry because we paid for this game and we cant even play it. We loved the first version and hope this one will be fixed soon.

The game itself is super fun and we love playing it. But after like a month of having the game it started to crash every time we open it. Since we payed 99¢ we wouldnt expect it to do that. We hope the creators of this game fix that soon because it really is a fun game!

We paid for this app and it does not load.

We paid for moron test 2 and the app crashes every time we open it… Dont get unless you have older IOS.

Cant open the app, its opens, but then it kicks me.

When ever we click on the app it crashes.

Just paid for and downloaded the app and no matter what we do it wont work. Refund us now.

We recently bought this app and it wont even open! It shows the loading screen and then just crashes.

We just paid $0.99 for this app and after downloading it does Not open, it crashes immediately.

Love this game! Use to play it all the time. We cant open it anymore. It crashes every time. Tried everything. FIX THIS PLEASE!

Game keeps crashing , doesnt even get passed the loading page before closing , happened ever since we paid and downloaded it. Please fix this problem , we really like this game.

Whenever we open it all it does is crashes and turns off. HUGE waste of money. We better get a full refund.

We downloaded this app and paid to have it and have not been able to open the app at all even after trying to delete and re install it. Very unsatisfied.

We love the entire Moron Test series, but this will will not load. Please develop a fix soon. Until then, the rating is 1 because it DOES NOT WORK.

Just flashes loading then goes back to home screen. The app wont open.

Dont get us wrong, we love the first game, but we just spent a dollar for the game to not even work. We click on it and it starts the loading screen for not even 2 seconds then crashes. So it either needs to be fixed or we want our money back.

The app wont load so we cant play it! Need them to fix this problem because we paid for the app and its useless!!

The game just crashes every time we try to play it.

Every time we pressed it to go into the app it would take us back to the home screen. To us it was a waste of money. We really liked the original game though.

We paid for this App 2 days ago and have been unable to use it. When you click to open the app it closes right away and wont load. We did not have any issues loading or playing the first 1. How do we fix it? Or we want a refund!!

We have been unable to successfully open the app, since immediately after we purchased it for 99 cents. We hit open from the app store AND ill click the app icon from the actual app on our iPhone & it opens for one second then closes/crashes IMMEDIATELY; every single time. Im pretty upset about it when we paid 99 cents for this & cant even enjoy it.

Every time we go in this game it shows the loading screen and 1/2 seconds later,boom! On the main screen please fix this.

Had this game for year. Got a new phone , and forgot about it until, we need something to keep our students busy and its challenging enough. Paid the .99 cent and game wont load. Goes to the loading screen and 5 seconds later, Im on our phone home page. Please fix or refund us our money.

When we redownloaded this app on our new ipad pro 64GB, the app immediately shut down multiple time. Is there anything that can be fix please? We like to keep our brain busy.

We havent even been able to start the game because when we try to play it it just goes back to our home screen. Please fix this because we paid $0.99 just for a glitch.

Every time we open the app, it instantly crashes and doesnt work. Update the app or we want a refund!

We bought this game just for it not to open. The free version of this game works great but this one just wont work.

Havent been able to open the app. Smh what a waste of money. Dont charge for an app if all its gonna do is crash. At that point its just a scam.

The app immediately closes. Can we get our $1 back? We guess we are the moron for paying for this test. So did we pass or fail?

We downloaded the app and its not working. Why?

It doesnt work. How do we get our money back (sad face)

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