Time Surfer

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Time Surfer


Time Surfer is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kumobius Pty Ltd, Time Surfer is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 9th January 2013 with the latest update 5th November 2018

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


594 people have rated 1.9

You can download the game Time Surfer from APP STORE.


Time waits for no one except you: the Time Surfer.
Surf across the galaxy & dive into the waves.
Rewind time to fix your mistakes & outrun the end of the universe.
Dream beyond the stars my intergalactic child.

  • App Store Editors’ Choice
  • 4.5/5 – Touch Arcade
  • IGN App of the Day

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Updated on 5th November 2018

Updated to support iOS 12.

Time Surfer Reviews

Still our favorite game on the app a store.

Theres an impossible mission that says "collect all gems in a sky constellation without using a magnet bonus" we have been trying to do it for so long and theres no way to complete it.

It keeps us calm and focused and its fun.

We frickin love this game! The graphics are extremely pleasing, the loading screen visuals are gorgeous, the way you can pick up speed is insane, But, a comment on a old game, PLEASE bring bean dreams/beans quest back! That game was our childhood, and we are extremely disappointed that they took it down to replace it with common/borderline games like wall kickers. PLEASE bring it back, Im begging you. EDIT: as much as you guys like to think its a boring unoriginal copy of tiny wings, tiny wingss map is boring, never changes, and doesnt have any powerups. We bet you would choose this knockoff over tiny wings. Also, we heard the AI in tiny wings is hard to beat, at least this game doesnt utilize that.

Great game, daft penguin is our spirit animal.

Colorful, beautiful, and entertaining. We absolutely love that play the more you earn in this game.

One of the best iOS games around!

Time suffer is amazing because the cake you get so easily.

After playing this game, it ranked in our list of favorite games. We downloaded the game again today and it was still as enjoyable as it was in the past. One thing that’s different from the past, however, is that the game’s loading screen doesn’t fit with new devices, so we really hope the author can update and fix it!

This particular game has been on and off our phone for the past five or so years. The game itself is very fun, providing addictive gameplay and unique time mechanics. However, the game could be made better. Despite the enjoyability of the game in its current state, it proves overtly frustrating at times. After you reach a certain distance, the game shifts focus from escape the end of the universe to avoid the godforsaken spikes. Albeit, there is a solution to this! If a zen mode were to be introduced, in which there are not spikes, aliens, or asteroids every 2 seconds, the game would improve vastly. We are not calling for a simplified version of the pre-existing game mode, but rather a different, more tranquil game where all one attempts is to pick up speed and escape the end of the universe. This improvement would drastically enhance an already fun game, and would result in it remaining on our phone for many more years to come. Therefore we urge the developers to consider implementing this addition, or lest let this suggestion rot away in Apples endless run of unread user reviews. Thank you.

Game not giving us duet skin even though we own and play duet.

Meanwhile vanamelon melon is-held hostage by the lemon minions Chloe has to save vanamelon.

Ill start off with the cons. 1) the game is very basic. And thats pretty much it. Pros: 1) simplistic and addictive 2) visually pleasing 3) good cosmetics, mixed in with minor changes between each skin so that you can play based off stats or visuals 4) great core game along with 3 other modes 5) good music 6) the time rewind ability is creative and fun to toy around with 7) beautiful loading screen art.

This is a great game that we recommend to anybody whos ready to play for 5 hours without realizing it. To people who say that every time you play, you use up cake, please try the FREE surf solo option. Overall , this game is very good and deserves more attention.

All we have to say about this app is that we think its great. One of our favorites. Although we just wish it werent so hard to get the cakes. Maybe have them move a little less?

This game is good and we give it 4 stars because it is entertaining and can give you something to do but there are some problems.

The game is a great way to pass time and have fun. It has pets, skins and it also has cake as currency. Time Surfer is one of the best games we’ve kept on our phone, other than that this game is great to pass TIME with. You guys see what we did there:)……… Well that was a tremendously horrid pun, and thats probably why we dont have friends:(

We think this game is great but it needs more levels. It needs more levels because if it did, then it would DEFINITELY be a better game. Overall this game is amazing!

Grinding planets without landing doesn’t work and is impossible to get other than that great game.

Its been a ton of fun so far, but theres one achievement that it wont let us get and its the Grind 2 planets without landing and we’ve done it at least 20x and still havent got it even though we’ve done the exact thing each time.

Wonderfully geeky; perfect for our taste. Never change it!

This game is simple fun and overall one of the better endless runner games. The feature of rewinding time without costing you a rare game item or real money is nice and we also like how you cant just spam it. It’s one downside is the missions. Some of them are a fun challenge others are easy but still fun. But others are down right impossible. We remember being stuck on a single mission for a week. Other than that it’s a good game that deserves more attention.

This game is awesome and helps pass the time when your bored.

We could play this game forever.

We absolutely love this game. It is so much fun to play and super addictive. We HIGHLY recommend this for anyone. :)

It’s a great game and it is so addictive!

If you like simple, two-button arcade style games, then you’ll want to check out Time Surfer. It’s Tiny Wings on steroids, and yet it’s much more than that. With the ability to rewind time and retry areas that didn’t go so well (provided you have enough energy to spare), it definitely adds new strategy to the game. Add in all the power ups and pickups, as well as the unlockables, and you’re in for a good time!

It’s simply amazing, no great game is complete without a retro 8-bit avatar to select 10/10 would buy the sequel.

The greatest side scrolling game ever !!!!

This game puts you in a Tiny Wings style game. But this isn’t a copy, heak, this is a whole different game. The style is different, even the game mechanics are not the same as Tiny Wings. You try to avoid the end of the universe and dodge enemies. You mess up? The game has a time travel feature. You can travel back in time and renew the mistake. But the game is still really hard! The game never crashes, runs very smooth, and has very good graphics! If you like retro-style games, this app is for you! Fantastic game! We recommended this to you!

We just wrote this review because there were not any posted yet! And on every app, there needs to be at least one review, right? And plus, we were just bored while the game was downloading. But looks cool! App Store display of the app definitely deserves 5 stars.

This game is very unique and addictive a must have.

We generally don’t write reviews but this game deserves it. Fantastic graphics easy concept. It reminds us of sonic and that just puts us in a happy place. We’ve only played 3 times so far and have improved each time growing more and more delighted thanks to the game makers. Is is a good one !!

There’s only one problem. Some of the challenges seem almost impossible to beat. If you could pay space cakes (the in game currency) to skip them, that would be great.

This game is so much fun and great for when you’re bored waiting at the doctors office.

The app is a great way to revive the hill-type endless runner games. It was great execution even without the rewind feature. It feels accomplishing to complete the missions, without you getting frustrated. The rewind feature is great for a game like this where you can’t see ahead of you and makes you feel like it’s not all your fault if you die. It’s fault if you run out of crystals, so you have nothing to complain about. The app is great and we would recommend it to anyone.

Love it!! So much fun and beautiful retro inspired graphics.

This game is tons of fun. Is really easy to start playing but definitely difficult enough to keep you entertained. 5/5.

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