Toon Blast

Last updated on June 10th, 2023 at 11:30 am

Toon Blast

Toon Blast

Toon Blast is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Peak Games, Toon Blast is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th August 2017 with the latest update 1st June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Toon Blast ?

2,358,342 people have rated 10405

What is the price of the Toon Blast ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Toon Blast released ?

Toon Blast was released on 15th August 2017.

When was the Toon Blast updated ?

The latest updated date of Toon Blast on 1st June 2023.

Where can Toon Blast be downloaded ?

You can download the game Toon Blast from Apple Official App Store.




From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun!

Enter the crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging levels! Blast cubes and create powerful combos to pass levels. Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang as they travel around magical worlds!

Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLAST!


● Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes!
● Play with unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles!
● Unlock whacky boosters to blast your way to the next level!
● Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
● Create your own team & compete with others to rule the puzzle world!
● Receive lives from your teammates to keep on playing!
● Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet!
● Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master!

Updated on 1st June 2023

Toon Blast introduces the All in One episode with 50 new levels!
Be sure to update to the current version of Toon Blast for the newest content.
Come and join the fun!

Toon Blast Review

Love this game keeps us occupied during commercials. Oh also during shows in line at stores.

This game is one of the best ones we have played! We love how you can compete against other players and join and create a team. We also love how you can Sign in with Apple for the first time and receive 100 coins! We highly recommend getting this game because there are so many great things about it!

So many great levels. It would take years to complete them if you start now. So much fun. We know we have wasted so much time with this game. So addictive. Just as bad for us as Soap Operas used to be.

So fun great game to play with friends family friendly just a fun simple game when youre bored and has so many levels so we can play for how long we want without worrying.

Toon Blast is challenging and fun!! Never a dull moment!

We love all the innovations and the variety of challenges that this game puts forth.

This game used to be fun, but not anymore. We have played this game for years, with recent changes, we probably wont play much anymore. They took away moves and now you have to watch 3 commercials to get five more moves back, the game simply is not fun anymore. The grade in these games is just too much word to the wise. Dont download this game. Its not even fun anymore.

Great game play. Great attention to detail. Wonderful user experience. We wish Peak had more than 2 titles. We are on level 7753, which says a bit about how addictive this game can be.

Great game to play after a long day at work, or just to chill a d relax on our days off.

Challenging and fun team work. Can also play games very quickly.

Been playing for years and its the only game app we’ve ever downloaded that we havent eventuality deleted. App is clean and glitch-free, and though the game looks like a million other similar games, its actually genuinely its own thing and better than the rest IMO.

We’ve been playing for a year now we love tone blast.

Its a nice game to sit down and relax with and have some fun. Join the team and compete in weekend tournament with your new friends.

This is the best game we have ever played in our life and we are enjoying playing it.

Only game we like to play to decompress in our busy life. We’ve really enjoyed it for years now. Thank you!

Love the game but too much emphasis on buying moves and helpers we play without it but when we first started we were seeing our monthly bill be often in excess of $30+ Takes us lol Niger but we still have a lot of fun!!

We love toon blast it is a time waster. It is great for all times in your life. We LOVE IT.

We love this game!!! We cant get enough. Keeps us occupied and our mind sharp.

We have been playing this game for years. But they continue to decrease the rewards. The Saturday tournament used to be 200 coins for the winner, its now 50, plus 30 minutes of playing time. Give us the coins, as in we don’t play enough already. The weekend team tournaments, used to be 1k for the winning team, now its 500. Al the other things are nice little additions, but we need those old rewards back. On top of that, a lot of the levels have gotten nearly impossible to pass. Kind of frustrating and leads us to not want to play as much as we used to. Please bring back the old rewards.

We love this game but why so many changes. There was toon pass free and paid. Why free one is not there any more. Why this game is more about making money. We still enjoy it but dont like when they make changes and good part is taken away.

Although this game does give you the opportunity to develop strategy, there is a pronounced dependence on the quality of choices the game provides by algorithm. There are ways to learn aspects of its algorithm, but too often levels are designed to only provide wins and proceeding to next levels by purchasing special moves and additional lives with your real money. If you choose to not pay, eventually on a difficult level after 40-80 tries the algorithm will provide for free the needed miraculous moves that for the passed hour (or day) seemed impossible. Although addictive it is ultimately a game for losers (people who are okay with losing repeatedly) or worse yet, people willing to pay to win (losers). You might even pay, and then still lose! Ha! Meanwhile the graphics are fun and eye pleasing.

We’ve been playing toon blast for a while, and we personally think it missing something we dont know yet but it is something.

Nice game but you should really work on having a different challenge of seeming to save Bruno.

We love this game. Although its a game of chances, you do still have to use strategy to complete a puzzle. We have a couple of recommendations to make it better though. 1. When you get a disco ball, bomb, and rocket combo.. Bombs and rockets should be placed on the board. (Not just bombs) 2. The $6.99 bundle should definitely come with more. We’ve bought 2 bundles already and we’ve only been playing for about a week. Its just not enough for the priceespecially for a game. And the prices for the other bundles are outrages. 3. Some of the boards are impossible to complete unless you have boosters (bomb, rockets, disco balls, gloves, anvil, dice, & hammer)

We have been playing toon blast for a long time, maybe 2 years. We’ve spent lots & lots of money. Each week we have always enjoyed the little bonus coins on Monday & Tuesday. The last two weeks, there were ZERO coins on Monday for the team chest on both our iPhone & Ipad, both different teams. If this continues, we will not buy any more packages. We may keep the game just to pass time but will not spend any more money. 4/3/2023 You cheated us out of the 300 coins this morning!! That has happened several times recently!!! Its the team reward from points accumulated during the past week!!! Thats very annoying!!!!

A could years ago this would have gotten a full five stays hands down. This has been the only game we actually played on our phone. We’ve been playing for about 3 years and it was addicting. We loved it but for the last year or so theyve gotten very greedy and now good boosters and coins are virtually impossible to get. Recently they changed even the times they actually gave coins to only 50 coins and 30 minutes unlimited lives for the TOP prize. This means that if the unlimited lives function doesnt work your basically left with nothing. You also get nothing if you cant play right then because they start the timer before you ever click on claim. Im becoming very disenchanted. If this keeps up, theyll be down to 1 star and Ill be taking it off our phone and our computer. Oh, btw, when we tried to fix the unlimited lives issue, they quit responding to our messages. They dont actually care about whether people can play.

Its a super fun gamebut this last month has been challenging with different issues. We personally like the ad option for extra moves, although they often arent ready or no connection which is really annoyingbut so many connection glitches and worse..:competitions not appearing timely. And the competition prizes arent worth playing for an hour. We want coins not always just more time. We hope things change back and you work on the connection issues.

Why we stop playing. Seems like you really cant get anywhere unless you spend money. Are used to really enjoy this game and then they made the levels where if you dont spend anything you cant get through it. So we stop playing.

This game used to be our addiction. Rewarding you for playing and spending a lot of time on the game. You were rewarded with power ups and coins. Useful things to use at your discretion. Now everything is timed and its slowly ruining the game for us. We dont always have an hour to use the unlimited lives or 30 minutes to use the double coins. It is just bad now. We play less and less. And the team Im on, we all have the same complaint in the chat. We dont know how much longer Ill be on the game.

The rewards are reduced and not as much fun anymore.

Like many, Im becoming increasingly fed up with this game. Theyve made prizes less valuable as time has gone on, and since adding ads theyve made it to where its just another ad machine app. You can watch ads to get more moves so they put less standard moves on the boards to force you to watch more ads. Ads for more lives and the levels are exponentially more difficult to get you to either spend money or watch ads. Its a shame.

Slowly downgraded from when we started playing back in 2017 and that mainly has to do with how you earn coins. Its close to impossible now. Bring back the coin prizes for the chest tournaments, nobody wants 1 hour of infinite lives. Its not as useful as you may think.

The game isnt what it was advertised. It didn’t show all these blocks, ballons & bubbles you have to eliminate. It showed situation solving type scenarios. Its disappointing.

We are dissatisfied with the game lately due to the google ads that wont let you return to the game. We watch an ad to receive extra turns but as we said, it does not allow us to go back to the game and use our turns. A rather sneaky way to get people to upgrade. We wont.

Have played this a long time but they are in process of ruining it, they keep tweaking, giving you less moves and less rewards so they can make more money, still playing but if they keep on going we will be out.

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