Touch Rummy

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Touch Rummy


Touch Rummy is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Alwin Troost, Touch Rummy is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st May 2009 with the latest update 28th October 2018

Whether you are a fan of Card, Entertainment, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


31 people have rated 2.6.1

You can download the game Touch Rummy from APP STORE.


  • To disable the zooming feature, in Touch Rummy go to Options and disable auto-zoom.

Touch Rummy is a tile Rummy game. Touch Rummy is fun, sometimes difficult, but always entertaining.

Play against your device or against other players using a bluetooth or wifi connection.

Other features include:

  • In 3D and animating, see exactly what you’re doing.
  • Customizable, change the board, table, tiles and rack
  • Keep score, easy insight into the last 10, the 5 best and worst and overall statistics
  • Resumable, just have 30 seconds ? Start Touch Rummy, do one move and continue later
  • Restrict yourself to a maximum time per turn
  • Play against others on an iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Updated on 28th October 2018

  • Improved support for iPhone X, preventing accidental App switching.
  • Updated scores screen to better fit larger scores.

Touch Rummy Reviews

We’ve always loved this game. It’s just (I mean EXACTLY) like the actual physical game, but you don’t have to break out the tiles and boards. We were floored when we saw that there was an update. The graphics are stunningly beautiful. The new update seems to have made everything snappier and more responsive too. It’s an amazing experience that you will be hooked on in the first minute of your first game. Add free too! Kudos to the developers and their hard work.

We have been playing this app for years and it has been great. No problems at all and AD free!

Live this game, however we wish there was a way to STOP zooming in and out depending where the tiles are!! We rather see the entire board, but if a tile is not on the top theres no way of leaving the board on full view. (It just gives us headache all this zooming and out) PLEASE UPDATE and Im happy to give a 5 stars!!

We play against the software. There 3 things that annoy us a LOT. First, there a bar at the bottom that for no reason turns white .. So when youre trying to move a tile, accidentally touch that white line the entire screen goes away!!!! Ugh! Secondly, the entire screen keeps zooming in and out depending where the tiles are. Yes, we removed the Zoom on settings but doesnt fix anything. And lastly, the thing thats REALLY annoying is the software ALWAYS gets great combinations and several Jokers. Rarely, we get that. How far is that??? And, dog forbid, Im winning the software unloads 5-6 tiles all at once and BAM .. It goes down to 1 tile!! Not even in real life that happens that often!! We get this software is programmed to teach us to play, but dont count it building an enjoyable learning process .. Lol because, its really annoying. Our solution when playing? We quit the game when the software goes down to 2 or 1 tile because there is no chance turning the game around. So, at least, we try to enjoy part of the game.

We love this game but the screen jumps up & down everytime we touch the tile! Makes us dizzy… Is there a way to make the screen stay still while we are playing?

This app continues to shut down.

Nice graphics, simple, clean interface. This game has provided tons of fun. Highly recommended.

This app will not close properly on an iPhone X. App needs to be updated to work properly on iPhone X.

This app is a great version of the Rummikub tile game.

We’ve been playing this for years. Nice smooth graphics, straight forward operation. We wish it would display the # of tiles in the ‘bone pile’. It would add a little challenge to solo play.

We have played this game for years! One of our favorites! However, our main complaint is the computer generally gets his tiles worth 30 points on the board first -about 90% of the time. Frustrating!!!

A great game for sure, but the latest update has made this great game no longer great. It no longer uses all the screen real estate. Drawing tiles and placing tiles just isn’t smooth anymore. And why doesn’t the AI show how many tiles it has left until after it has completed its turn? If we play a tile our tile count is reduced by one. The same should be for the AI.

We have played rummikub on this app for years. It just need to move smoother. Also, maybe a multiplayer lobby.

We used to play Rummy with our mom ages ago. The Dev has done a brilliant job making it an app. We highly recommend this to those who know and enjoy the game. For those who have never tried Rummy, if you like a game that is both relaxing but also requires thought, give this a whirl. To the Dev: Deserves more than five stars. Also thank you for adding the running tally of wins and losses. It’s a simple but nice touch that makes the game even better!

We don’t know what happened with the new update, but it’s terrible. Graphics are worse, unsmooth. It’s really jumpy & unresponsive. We paid for this game & it’s one of our favorites. Please put it back the way it was.

The game mechanics are so well done that this is even more fun playing on our iTouch than the real Rummikub board game. We have enjoyed so many hours of this game that it is well worth the $3 we paid. We also have the free version of the Rummikub game app, and find this app better executed. We also like the ability to change settings so we can get a magnified view of tile touched. And that tiles are easily moved across the board to make room for more tiles. Well done, developers! We play against Al (solo) and have found it to be a good player without any noticeable flaws. One rule change that we like better than the board game, is the ability to use only one tile from your hand when stealing a joker, rather than having to use two tiles from your hand.

We love this game so much if you love rummy this is the app for you!!

Same review as above. Love the game, Hard to connect on multiplayer and when it does , it kicks us off mid game. So frustrating. Playing on 4s and 5. Help please. This IS a paid app.

We had game on iPod and worked but in iPhone it has problems. We would not buy until glitch is fixed!

This is a great game, one of our all time favorites. The bug with the first move that was so irritating has been fixed. This is just like Rummikub.

Thanks for the iPhone 5 update.

We adore this game. If you like puzzles and cards, then this is the game for you!!!

We love playing the game but it keeps crashing and not taking initial move even when well over the 30 points needed. Repeated attempts to redo the turn do not help. We have to uninstall and reinstall the game if we want to continue playing. Have done the reinstall 3 times now in the last couple of days. Getting to be not worth the effort.

Can’t connect to other users over wifi. Really disappointing. We guess we’ll have to break out the actual board game.

Multiplayer always crashes. No update or explanation given in months. Terrible, don’t download.

$2.99 and it won’t register a legal above 30 point first move? Seriously? Please fix, for this price this game needs an update immediately!!!

This game would be 100% better if you would please make it so you can play multiplayer over Internet like "words with friends". You would have so many more people downloading this app if you could please make this update. We have a lot if friends waiting for that ability. It’s not at all convenient that you have to sit next to each other. You might as well get out the board game!

Our favorite game! We have no problems but only play against the computer. Our problem is that we spend too much time playing :)

Update: we have no problems with this game even after the updates. We still play it almost every day. Thoroughly love it. Thank you deveoper(s). We were leary about adding another app to our 32 gig Ipod Touch 4th gen. But we are so glad we did especially while this was free. Really enjoy it, makes your mind really work to be able to take cards from other stacks and move everything around to make it work for you! Wish the directions were better, had to watch the computer do its thing to catch on! Glad we got it!

This is one of our favorite game apps and we have no freezing/crashing problems with the latest version on our iPhone 3GS. We really like the HD version of this game on our iPad, since the cards are a bit small on the iPhone version.

When is the next upgrade coming ? We hope the tiles will be a bit larger :) More back grounds … Please !!!

This is a nice simple Rummy app, but since the latest update it has caused our iPod Touch 4th gen to freeze and we have to completely reboot.

We love playing but cannot finish a game as it keeps crashing and telling us that one of us has quit when we haven’t! We want a refund.

This game was a big waste of money and time. It is very difficult to understand. We play rummy squares on our pc all of the time and we thought this game was going to be like that, but it is not. We wish we could download rummy squares onto our iPAD. We can not find it to do that. A word to the wise, do not waste your hard earned money on Touch Rummy. Be forewarned.

This game is great we’re able to play it, stop it and resume it when we have a time. Graphics are great, and game play is smooth. You can totally rearrange the board to test you possible matches. If you are unable to complete your groups or runs press take back moves and yes to confirm and you can find a simpler match or run or select from the pile.

We really like the game rummikub and we wanted an app for our phone. This app is fast and really easy to play. This is for sure the best app out there for this game!!

We played this game for yeArs and a child and Adult! We can now play it any time anywhere! We still mostly lose but love the challenge. Great job!

This game is tons of fun! But, it needs a few things: Level difficulty AND multiple players 3-4 (currently only you and the Bot).

Got it for free, really good game. Brings back memory’s.

Wonderful purchase updates regularly.

The tiles are a pain to move at times – a pop up touch option would be nice!

This is a great program. It is very well written and the game is a real challenge. We liked this program so well that after buying the iPhone version, we also obtained the HD iPad version; plus we gifted it to our son. Our spouse and we have played it with Blue Tooth and Wi-Fi with no problems. The computer player is a good opponent. All we need now is a Game Center version so we can get all our friends playing it too. We have spent hours with this game and intend to spend many more. Great game!

We love this app!!! Only wish we could adjust the volume of the game without turning our ringer down.

Excellent, well thought-out game and we admire the programming that goes into it. While you enjoy it, you do need to be alert to beat it. Glad we caught it for free since we never quite got anybody to play the real thing with us. This is as good as it can get.

This is a challenging game that is well done. Very similar to the game we played years ago. Even if you can’t find someone to play with, you still can play anytime against the computer. If you have a friend that has an iPhone of iPod touch that’s even better. You can play over bluetooth or wifi.

We don’t know what everyone is complaining about??? We never played this game in our life. We read the directions and love this game!!! It’s not hard to arrange the tiles and the directions are simple! Great game and great time killer.

The rules joker tiles are a lot more relaxed than in other tile rummy games we’ve played. Other than that, this is a great way to play tile rummy on the go!

Love the game in real life and this is close! * if your a true rummikub player you’ll know that the rules applying to joker are more lenient in this version. They allow for use of the joker way to liberally, the original game makes it much more difficult. That being said we play this game all the time! We would easily give it 5 stars if the rules were true to the original game.

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