Tournament Cruncher (ICM)

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Tournament Cruncher (ICM)


Tournament Cruncher (ICM) is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PokerCruncher, LLC, Tournament Cruncher (ICM) is a Casino game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 7th December 2009 with the latest update 27th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


13 people have rated 10.3

You can download the game Tournament Cruncher (ICM) from APP STORE.


An advanced poker tournament calculator, analyzer & dealmaker to give you an edge in tournaments.

*** Pay once and enjoy forever ***
No in-app purchases/fees.
Continual improvement for many years.

  1. An ICM (Independent Chip Model) calculator
  2. A ChipChop calculator
  3. A final table chop dealmaker – compare the ICM deal with the ChipChop deal
  4. An M & Q ratios, Number of Big Blinds, and Bubble Factor calculator
  5. A Push/Call/Fold ICM Decision Analyzer

If this app helps you make just one better final table chop deal, it will pay for itself many times over! We suggest using this app fairly and responsibly when making final table chop deals.

Start using Tournament Cruncher today to improve your tournament game and results!

"ICM Cruncher [Tournament Cruncher], which works great in combination with Poker Cruncher, is an Independent Chip Model (ICM) calculator that teaches you the math behind the correct decision to push, fold, or call."

Many more great reviews from poker experts, pros, and coaches, and on our TwoPlusTwo forum thread.
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If you play poker tournaments of any kind, knowledge of ICM is essential for doing well especially as you get close to the bubble or make it into the money. This is especially true for small tournaments and Sit-n-Go’s and satellites because you’re in this situation very often.

Tournaments and cash games are very different as you approach the bubble or make it into the money. In cash games it’s all about the chips, which are 1-to-1 equivalent to $’s all of the time. But in tournaments chips don’t have fixed/constant value; you’re trying to maximize your $ payout not your chips. This means you should not make decisions based on your chip equity or chip pot odds (that’s cash game thinking), but on your $ payout equity and $ payout pot odds.

ICM lets you do this by "converting" chip stacks to expected $ payouts. ChipChop is an alternative popular way of doing this. Tournament Cruncher gives you both ICM and ChipChop calculators.

ICM And ChipChop Calculators, Final Table Chop Dealmaker

  • Up to 10 players, up to 10 payouts
  • Fast ICM algorithm
  • Simple and clean one-screen design so you can see the whole scenario easily
  • Compare the ICM deal with the ChipChop deal
  • Save/load up to 6 scenarios (e.g. save the payout structures of your favorite tournaments, save and compare a few scenarios for "what if" analysis)
  • View calculation details and export to email

M & Q Ratios (And M Zone) And Number Of Big Blinds Calculator

Your M ratio (or M number) is a measure of the health of your chip stack in relation to the cost of playing each round. This ratio to a large extent determines how you should play with your current chip stack at the current stage of the tournament. Tournament Cruncher also shows you which M Zone you currently fall in. In calculating these metrics, Tournament Cruncher supports both regular ante and big blind ante.

Your Q ratio describes the relation of your stack to the average stack.

Your Number of Big Blinds is of course also an important measure of the health of your chip stack.

Bubble Factor Calculator

Bubble factor measures how big an ICM effect a given player has against another player. If your bubble factor is very close to 1, then there is very little ICM effect, and you can make decisions based pretty much on chip pot odds (as in a cash game). However if your bubble factor is significantly greater than 1, then you must make decisions based on your tournament $ equity (your ICM equity), not just on chip pot odds.

Push/Call/Fold ICM Decision Analyzers

  • Call An All-In Or Fold?
  • Push All-In Or Fold?

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Updated on 27th September 2022

Support “big blind ante” in the “Calc: M & Q Ratios” screen (in addition to supporting regular ante).

  • If you enter a value less than SmallBlind in the Ante field, it’s interpreted as a regular ante.
  • If you enter a value greater than or equal to SmallBlind in the Ante field, it’s interpreted as a big blind ante.
  • Update this screen’s “?” Help screen; add a section on Ante.

Big blind ante is a relatively new ante structure designed to make posting antes simpler, which speeds up the game. In this ante structure, instead of each player posting an ante on every hand, only the big blind posts an ante (for the whole table), where the ante is usually equal to the big blind, but could be less than the big blind e.g. if the table is short-handed.

Not supporting big blind ante up til now was not a showstopper, because all we had to do was divide the big blind ante by the number of players at the table to convert it to a regular ante. But having the app support big blind ante directly is of course more convenient for us.

Our thanks to customer Deborah F. for writing in about big blind ante.

Thanks for your latest app reviews. If you like Tournament Cruncher and our continuing work, please consider writing an App Store review, thanks!
-RJ, PokerCruncher, LLC

Tournament Cruncher (ICM) Reviews

If youre a tourney reg and you dont have this app youre costing yourself $$. Love this app, does ICM and chip chop so you can compare amounts. Been using this for years and we have had zero issues. Must have app for tourneys.

Love this app, especially the bubble factor calculator for final table situations. Well worth the money.

Just found this tool. Haven’t used it in real world but really wish we had it a year ago to be able to fairly award myself a better chop as chip leader with final five splitting pot. Would have got us extra $2k Ran the numbers and it seems very fair. Like we said its a must have tool. You never know when you’ll be in that fortunate spot where u really wish u had this tool so get it and be prepared for those final tables!!! (No this isn’t an infomercial lol)

This is simply the best ICM app on the store. While others can do the same ICM calculations, they don’t have the chip chop feature and the support the Cruncher apps get. There’s even other tools such as "M", push/fold, and others. While not an issue, can we get full iPhone 5 support in the next update? This is a well rounded tourney app. Thanks!

We have used this app in two final tables to achieve a chop that provided us and the rest of the players an undisputed analysis of the true value of our chips and our potential placement. There is no doubt that a fair and equitable division of the prize monies cannot be achieved instantaneously without this ICM at the felt table. Every player should have one as it stops all angle shooters dead in their tracks. Of course we look forward to various additions to this fine program. Dan "Amuletman" Olarnick.

Great first version; keep up the good work!

Wonderful and educational. This company makes the best poker apps available for serious players.

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