Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter

Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 07:25 pm

Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter

Tower Power - Kawaii Shooter

Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Renxo Europe Limited, Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th October 2018 with the latest update 7th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter ?

9 people have rated 1.0.34

What is the price of the Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter released ?

Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter was released on 20th October 2018.

When was the Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter updated ?

The latest updated date of Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter on 7th April 2023.

Where can Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the super kawaii world of Bunny Star Land.
Your friends have been captured by the crazy foul birds >_< You must clear the sky!
Get on top of your tower and rescue your friends!

You can shoot balls, rocks, stars, bubbles, fire and even black holes! Defeat your enemies, build the tower to incredible heights and unite your tribe achieving the highest score.

The Wise Genie will reward you with magical jars full of prizes everytime you play: discover Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary critters!!

Recover stolen gems to unlock new characters and keep building the tower. You can even fuse them to create your own Rare critters with the Fusion Cauldron!

Enjoy an engaging flick ‘em up with cute visuals, intuitive controls and awesome sound and music.
A unique action experience, mixing character collection and swipe action mechanics in a brick breaker type of game.


  • 16 different characters to discover and join your party.
  • Different enemy waves to fight, each with its own unique patterns.
  • Procedurally generated levels – Each run is different!
  • Very intuitive mechanics. Swipe to shoot – Tap to build the tower.
  • Use the fusion cauldron! Mix repeated critters to unlock and discover new ones.
  • Gorgeous music and addicting sound effects!
  • Arcade mechanics – Enjoy in short or long gameplay bursts.
  • Open magic jars full of rewards!
  • Seriously, the bunnies are so cute.
  • Arrange your team according to your strategy.

Join an animated world full of wonder and emerge victorious!

Weekly premium membership offers a weekly subscription for U$9.99 after a 3-day free trial. It includes 6 new characters to use on battle and fusion plus 3000 orange coins and 300 blue coins every day. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Store Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

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Updated on 7th April 2023

Under the hood improvements and bug fixes.

Tower Power – Kawaii Shooter Review

Clearly you want subscribers but thats just crappy businesses. $7 per week? We would get rid of the screen. Also people are having a hard time seeing the transparent X on the top right. How about you put a big close button next to subscribe. Its a fun game which is why Im giving 4 stars, but the monetization reeks of predatory. It took us a re download to find the close button and Im sure many kids would just click subscribe and spend their parents money. Update: Now the game isnt loading anymore. Yeahhhhh this is a mess. Good luck tho.

We were ready to play the game but on the free trail screen it wouldnt do anything how do we play.

Nah, theres a paywall. Sure three days free, then auto charge for eight dollars. Dont get it.

Its free on the App Store but you need to pay to get in 10/10 children tricker.

Im really dissapointed we cant play the game unless we give you the payment information im not allowed to do that as a kid. You see im really dissapointed im undownloading the game untill you can acually play the game without your payment information…. Why????????????

How the hell do you get out of the vip screen.

We open the hoping for what we saw on the ad for boy was we wrong Im greeted with this premium thing we tried to find a way to close out but no way we shortly deleted it from our iPad. It looked fun but we dont play pay to play games especially if its free first the OH GIVE ME YOUR MONEY. Hope this game becomes free.

We havent even gotten to the playing part because every time we load up the game it tells us do want a membership and we cant get out of it and we dont want a membership pls fix.

Wont let us past pay wall even though there is supposedly a invisible x button.

Free to play… Then you open the game and have to subscribe for 7.99 a week?!?!?!?!? How many kids did you guys get trick into that one…

We bet this is a great game but we cant get past the membership menu.

We seemed to like it but the game doesnt seem to let us play. An ad says premium membership and we cant escape it. Please fix.

We saw the ad on Instagram and was pretty interested. You can imagine our disappointment when I, after seeing the game listed as free on the app store, open the game and am greeted with an ad saying we can’t play the game untill we’ve paid. We have nothing against pay to play games, we have many thing against people listing their pay to play game as free and not saying it’s pay to play until you’ve already downloaded it.

We cant get past the buy premium screen because there isnt an exit button.

Just please add a close button to the premium page and then the rating would be higher.

Advertised as free when looking at it in App Store turns out only free to download and you have to pay to actually play the game that you downloaded for free.

Hey. This is a great game. But the only problem? It needs more content. Please update with more stuff soon!

The game is good but it needs more content and variety. It would be great if it had some boss fight and quests in it. Or even online multiplayer.

We have a bad feeling this may become a Freemium game.. Has all the workings from ads to iAP store to buy more coins most big premium games dont have a iAP store .. It also is boring .. You just click and shoot down enemys while trying to stop them from taking one of your 4 .. It feels like a lack luster clicker game a waste of money. The fusion element is lackluster, this is a premium game but feels like a freemium.. Pay 99 cents on this anymore is just a waste ..

Just cant seem to get into it or see the point. Maybe just not our sort of game. We were a HUGE fan of Floyds. Also, not digging the ads after purchasing the game. But also not a huge deal. We think mobile developers get the raw end of the stick. They are forced to put games out for mere pennies/dollars.

Should be a free game. Not happy we paid for it.

The game is ok but we dont like that you have to pay for the game and if you loose you have to watch an ad to continue?? Should be free in that case!!

Like every other review it goes along the lines of This game is a scam we have to pay! No you dont, there is a X button on the top right of the screen the subscription is for extra stuff like no-ads or free stuff. Hope this helped!

We dont want to spend money to be able to play a game though we do admit it dose look fun.

Some people are saying you cant play the game you can theres a x that you will find on the screen just press it than you dont have to pay cause some people think you cant play the game we rote this so you know you dont need to pay thank you. How come now the x is gone can you put the x back cause we dont see the x anywhere on the screen anymore.

Its just want us to pay and plus why would anyone pay for it?

We used to have this game, we dont why we deleted it but we did and.. Suprize! Suprize! 3 f ing years later.. Im playing Floyd Sticker Jam we see the ad and we say to myself Hey! We Remember that game. And go download it and as soon as it loaded guess what popped up….a UNSKIPABLE subscription. You can tap as many time as you want and can.. THE AD DOESNT(probably never or Im wrong idk)GO AWAY… Bruh why have one game with an unskipable subscription and the others dont. People already spent enough money on games more than they should Im PRETTY sure they shouldnt spend money on a game they soon get bored of.

We remembered playing this a very long time ago so we wanted to download so when we downloaded it. We saw a subscription screen. And we were like, ok we can skip this we did when we downloaded it a long time ago. Until we wasnt able to see the lil X in any of the corners,

When you see the game it seems like a great game and its for free but wwwwhyyyy you cant even play the game without paying just to play you there is no decline option for the subscription they give you when you log in please fix this.

This looked fun then we go into loading thinking we can play them stair at this screen like when is the x popping up? Then we delete it and see if it works then nope its a pay to play.

Dont get this game you have to pay to play this game dont get it.

Just like the Floyds Sticker Squad this game is a hidden gem thats previously locked by a subscription paywall. While tower defense games arent our favorite, this game is pretty fun and different from your standard tower defense. It feels like its currently lacking content but that could just be us. We love the design of these wacky yet cute characters and the simplistic swipe to attack mechanics. If you wanna try this game out just accept the subscription and cancel it anytime, this game doesnt deserve bad reviews because of the this one flaw (which ends up being fixed eventually).

We used to play this while it was free, it was a cute quick thinking finger hurting shooter like game. We got tired of it though, so we deleted it. Until now, we reinstalled it after playing another of theyre games Floyd Sticker Squad showed us an ad for this one. We Redownloaded it and opened the app, immediately, we were hit with a subscription just to play the game, we were disappointed. We looked to the top right thinking there was an X button we could just press to play the game without paying like in Floyd Sicker Squad, but there wasnt a one. We just want to play this game again.

It might be because Im iPad because for us there is no x.

Make it on IOS better like wait 100 days and not opend make it better on ios not only this floyds sticker squad 1 star on the game.

The developers need psychiatric help for thinking that the players have to pay $3.99 every month just to play their game not even additional content.

Our son wanted this so we signed up for the free trial. Needless to say we canceled it soon after. You charge $10 a week! For a game that you still have to watch ads for every time you do something. This is nothing but a game to try to get people to pay money. Theres no point to it and the price is ridiculous.

This game instantly asks you to pay $9.99/week so you can even have a chance at seeing the loading screen. Youre supposed to pay for something you dont know anything about. The paywall also looks janky and almost like a fake virus page. Pay $480/year so you can play this janky game. No thanks, id rather buy a PS5.

The only way to play is a subscription. Disgusting.

We looked hard and clear and saw that button at the top right as we could barely see it as it showed the game was free….. Well we guess yall rubbed the pay 3.99 thing to much for like 99% it takes of the screen. We guess thats the out come.

So everyone is saying that the game is free but you need to buy something to start playing the game. But now the game made it so you dont have to pay to start playing.

When we first saw this game, the membership was required, but now that you dont need to, we’ve gotten to play the game, and its actually quite fun! This would be a five star, but only if you guys hadnt done this in the first place.

For a small bit, an exit button exists at the start of the subscription screen. Could this work? This game looks good from an ad and people are complaining that they cant play. Hope this works! Future us coming in, it worked before and we think they removed it to get more money. What a crappy game!

When we used to play this game we didnt have to pay, but now we have to pay for it absolutely trash. Fix this!

OKAY lemme get this straight… We download this game for FREE but have to PAY TO ACTUALLY PLaY THE GAME!? What the hell guys. Yall expecting ima pay for a game that we download for free….. Yalls is some stupid devs tbh,just like everyone else says probably,FREE VERSION there should be a button where you can continue without this premium bs and have the option to get the stupid premium when you want to,because we downloaded this thinking we were gonna chill and play but NOOOOoOo these bs idiot devs want you to pay to even play like seriously why though!? Im sure the game is great but we aint paying 9.99 a week to play it. Please make it so you can play without paying maybe a lite but not limited version,and maybe Ill reinstall,but for now,screw you devs,screw you.

Do you really need to pay just for this game? The other games have so many ads already.

Why would every week to play this game, dont get us wrong this game looks good but to pay for it? Maybe if you make it so its no pay to play and just add in-app purchases we mean come on.

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