Traha Global

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 10:45 am

Traha Global

Traha Global

Traha Global is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MOAI GAMES Co., Ltd., Traha Global is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th October 2022 with the latest update 24th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Traha Global ?

236 people have rated 1.14.88

What is the price of the Traha Global ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Traha Global released ?

Traha Global was released on 30th October 2022.

When was the Traha Global updated ?

The latest updated date of Traha Global on 24th May 2023.

Where can Traha Global be downloaded ?

You can download the game Traha Global from Apple Official App Store.



The kingdoms of Vulcan and Naiad; who will you fight for?
Field battles between Vulcan and Naiad!
Return of Classic PC MMORPG, Traha Global is now available!

We are inviting you to a real RvR MMORPG based on the vast open world
Play now to get various in-game items such as Legendary Pets or Mounts!


■ The endless war between the factions, and their story
With a history of opposition due to a long, drawn-out war, the Traha will grow by cooperating or competing with
the two reigning factions of Naiad and Vulcan in fierce battles.
Choose between the factions of Naiad and Vulcan and become the hero of their story!

■ A huge open world of enormous scale and detailed graphics
The Unreal 4 engine powers 6 large open fields with an actual size of 3-5 kilometers.
Come explore a stunning, massive world and discover the unique wonders of each different region!

■ Detailed customization
Make your very own Traha by customizing your character’s body type, facial proportions, skin, and more!

■ Total gameplay freedom with the Infinity Class System
Freely change between 7 different classes on one character and swap between tank,
healer, and damage-dealing roles as needed based on your class and skill combination.
Feel the rush of victory with various active combat skills by charging and timing your attacks!

■ The country life you’ve always dreamed of
Pick up a variety of life skills like cooking, fishing, and blacksmithing, and more!
Collect and craft items to help you grow in and out of battle. Unwind with life skill content in a war-torn world!

Updated on 24th May 2023

  1. New Heroic Raid ‘Bestial Cave’ added
  2. New Raid type ‘Rehearsal’ added
  3. New Random party dungeon ‘Haunted Forest’ added
  4. New PvP boss ‘Oompasha’ added
  5. 6 new Spirit Cards added
  6. 1 new Pet added
  7. Edited skills for balance
  8. Bug fixes and various quality-of-life improvements

Traha Global Review

We are always in the lookout for these types of games.. And this one seems promising however, we didnt consider the reviews we read as there is always people complaining in this case they are all true First you start in a global server where many players already close to half mill BR and do not hesitate to kill u despite u been less than 10k BR. Avoid at all cost as only will bring discontent despite how great the game is.

We been playing about 4 months then just recently after maintenance of fairly arena we just couldnt log in . Every time try log in message appears say game under maintenance for whole day so we reinstalled the app then log in to the game instead starting with character but end up starting with choosing faction side so that mean our account/character got wipe out. We contact support and all got reply was (Hello champion of traha we sorry to hear what happened to your account)so we contacted customers support again and no reply So we think Sorry for your paycheck too because you just loose a customer that paying your paycheck. We wouldnt recommend to anyone that thinking about playing this game bring your money and time to some where else because this game DEVELOPER dont care about their customers.

We just started to play this game not long ago like 4 days ago already reached level 52 and our experience so far was great although pvp is really pointless bcos us new players be going against teams who r way higher that us, what Im saying is if there was a way where you guys can separate top tier players and low ranking players to fight in the teams pvp battles that would be great and fun. Sending no hate only love bcos we really enjoy this game.

The reason is this : hey guys it plan quit traha fully now never coming back faction transfer back and forth getting unlimit loot as long unbalance lol did you heard in chat in traha global from official we ask to GM last night plus also this game whenever they got event they never let us notice it only putting facebook or discord cmon most and all other game if they got event they will always inform us inside game not into outside and using other app which had no related to game also GM always favor that player and a lot other player complain why always him/her get it lol kinda like racism to rest player … Feel like been discrimination we spend $200 every month into this game and this is what they did to us lol. Oh well congratulation to GM or Game Developer for losing such VIP customer ! We had the feeling this game won’t survive long, because each time it just kept getting worse and worse . Also this game turn into more chaotic as ever believe us stay out!

The healing is too slow and the attack cool down takes too long Good game but stresses us out 24/7.

But the struggle on dodging the boss is so bad because no matter where you dodge they still hit you and the boss or the npc kills us than Im just wasting in game points makes us not want to play it that much.

So game update comes out. You reward low level and high level players. Nothing to help middle level players. Arena and other pvp events are only to reward high Cp players. We spend all day farming mats trying to level up. If we wanted to play FarmVille we would. Your developers are complete delusional on how to create a cohesive game that all players benefit from. Game will die a slow death. Look At your stats on how many have already quit the game. Dont waste your money people.

Im already lvl 23 and greatly enjoying this game. Open world, plenty of content and easy to follow story. Unless we havent noticed it yet, we do have one suggestion: a housing system would be nice.

Please allow Backbone controller access to TRAHA Global.

Sadly another carbon copy p2w game, game been out four years and no new content, all pvp modes are based off your money. Cant even cast skills without targeting, You cannot aim your skills its auto aim.

We really LOVE the graphics on this game and the sounds of fighting/walking and etc. Terrific job! Our issues are; no trading system, crafting EXP is extremely low and the shop is very limited. We still do not know how to get a decent chest piece lol. So going into an auction house to buy one would be great. Though we see that it is mainly earning instead, so we respect that. Shop has little to no resources at all. Im a costume type of person and we love buying new fits to fit our characters as well as getting useful resources when needed . This game does not have much of it. Its mainly working to earn but we think you should be able to get more stuff from the shop.

What a joke in 2023 game mmorg.

The game is a breath of fresh air honestly. Try it. – not p2w – no auto combat – build customization. – you dont need alts. Ffxiv style class system where you just change weapons on 1 character. Also, you gear is universal excluding your weapon, so you dont have to relevel each class. – healthy community, no bots bc no auto play – 1v1 arena & 3v3 arena arent time gated, you can play all day. Queues are almost instant. – active dev team with constant updates and class balances Its not too late to start. You can catch up without spending money. We’ve played countless mmos on the App Store over the past 10+ years, and this one is a hidden gem that isnt just a copy/paste money grab.

Please update the game so we can use our Backbone Controller Thanks!!

We have been playing mobile MMOs for about a decade now and as the game stands currently its great, a wonderful experience; Its the perfect mix between grind and fun, the later levels get pretty repetitive but thats part of the fun. For now whales have no distinct advantages over Free to Play players. Very rewarding to play you out exactly what you put in. Barring any future updates this game is amazing!

Pls add Russian language ,and you will have more players.

We’ve been on these genre of games for awhile. We have to say well done on the no auto-play. Awesome. Also we dont see too many bots Im a week old with TRAHA so it is nice not seeing those abusers. The gameplay animation the different specs for one character and classes really creative nice. Content is well thought of too. Creativity is there so we appreciate the credit there. Overall awesome game. What we dont like is the toxic community it is unfortunate that if your not a top 1 percent well GOOD LUCK! Bc by now they already capitalize the top. Pay to win wont get you there either. Too many of the same group of ppl bullying the system and especially among new players. PVP PVP PVP is a joke and it is pointless utterly pointless no fun no interest. Which we see why so many new players are just dropping this game after two or three days. Fix this and Im sure youll get the 5 star. This is almost probably the best MMORPG yet to come out in awhile. NO ONE wants to invest their money on these ppl bullying the system. Pls fix this nonsense.

Nice game, even u dont pay for it, u can still got lots of free item.

In this game, u can play with guild and friends, we really love the free items they gave, we buy season pass every season,and so enjoy this game, we join in a guild, there are no racist no toxic, people help each others, we feels like we are family, if u come to asia 1, join in REDLINE.

We give it a one star because we played all day last night without any problems then next day we were trying to get in the game and it kept kicking us out and we tried everything to fix it but nothing can fix it this game is trash dont install it waste of time.

They will change prices and purchases you have made after you have already paid for them. They dont advertise the game. They wont balance classes. Just a bad company. Game could be really good but the devs fail it at every turn.

We cant even play the game its stuck on connecting then goes back to saying press the screen.

Fun so far. Im just glad it doesnt have auto-combat. Auto-pathing to quests is something we dont care for. But unlike most mobile MMORPGs, you actually get to play the game. Edit: After playing daily for a while, Im loving it. The game is a hidden gem as far as mobile MMORPGs are concerned. There are small issues that seem to get addressed quickly. Our main gripe currently is that the queues for elite dungeons dont seem to work. If the devs can check into this, thatd be great!

Please add controller support.

Great game , we’ve been playing since it came out. 5 stars overall, graphics and gameplay are insanely appreciated but with that comes time to develop gameplay and a lot of after hours work through the community and discord when not playing the game. If youre looking for a hobby game this is it.

Please we purchased an item by error and would like a refund please. As we purchased the battleground pass Instead of the daily rewards battle pass. What can we do for a refund so we can purchase the right one.

Bought a season pass for 19.99 and didnt realize we bought it late . We wasnt able to even half of the rewards no compensation for it either. Many flaws with the game. Kozzu Shadow Moon red faction.

Honestly Id give you a 2.5-3 but it mobile. Mobile games, do yourselves a favor. PCs with hundreds of millions should do the same but they are as greedy. Focus your game. Either make the best PvE or PvP game your can make. People will love you more for it. Make great action combat with smart and cool, interactive quest and dungeons that require 5 people to work hard together. Also a CC/Buff class isnt a bad word and can be a lot of fun. And can be implemented in tons of ways. Classes that help Shield and buff heals. Or DPS and create short lived safe zones. A class that uses flags or totems to clear out areas and pulse mana to regen mana. They arent boring classes. The minds making them are. When a little game called Rift, before it got sold to money grabbers, mastered the support class. Rouge archers firing shots at the end of bows. Healing, giving mana, or stunning targets. Our point. Pick a lane and excel. Make it F2P till level 40 and if your games good you can make millions a month for years at 10-15 bucks a month.

All in all this game is fine. A very inoffensive game to play for 20 mins then forget. If needs controller support then Ill be happy to keep playing. Till then have fun in the back of our phones apps.

The soul of MMORPG is the interaction between players! We can’t figure out why there is no player trading system?

Beautiful graphics, amazing animations and spell effects and relatively easy character generation with options to change as you go, make this quite a desirable and fun game to play. Unfortunately the developers did not plan on gearing early quests to be done in PVE areas only, having some very early quests in PVP areas. This is where the fun ends, as one is trying to complete early central quests and is killed by much higher level player without warning or option to decline the death challenge. What the developers have not counted on, is the stupid and selfish players, who believe its fun to knock fledgling players out. Yes you can resurrect characters, but why, when killing by idiots is so easy. We suggest making it necessary to challenge another player to a duel, and if accepted whatever the outcome, makes the game fun. Senseless killing of low level players by bullies is not acceptable in a game we would consider investing time and money.

Poor and clunky controls and menu design. No controller configuration available. Placing of fingers on phone in the very middle of the screen making controlling game and seeing anything very limited. Perhaps the game is actually good, but seeing we have such a large phone and the skills take up 20% of our screen and all the eye movements are controlled in the outer section of that area, 30% of our right hand screen is wasted to our thumb. Let us know if you offer controller support later on and we will revisit, until then, not going to give more than 1star. A game with poor control system isnt a game we will invest time in.

Not pay to win, good progression, fun combat system, and rewards you often when you play daily. PvP is scaled at top rank, so the people that are aware of how each class plays usually take the win making it pretty skill and knowledge based. Very happy with our decision to download and try. Plan on playing for many more months to come or until it becomes pay to win.

Fun so far. Im just glad it doesnt have auto-combat. Auto-pathing to quests is something we dont care for. But unlike most mobile MMORPGs, you actually get to play the game.

Im actually really confused on why this has under 4 stars! Like the queues are abysmal yes but the game is actually really fun and we dont feel like anyone has a real advantage over us simply because they spent money. Like there’s currently like one or two minor items that hardly do anything that you can buy w real money and a lot of top players in our guild have neither. Be nicer to this game, yeah the grind is endless but imo thats part of the fun. Theres no automated fighting, no afk rewards, and YES there is automated farming for materials which is always a plus! This mobile game WANTS YOU TO PLAY THE GAME. This game isnt bad, repetitive yes but definitely not worth 3.3 stars. Its 4/5 game but im giving it 5 just to even things out.

We’ve only played for a short while but so far Im decently happy with the game over all it doesnt do anything ground break for the MMO genre but it its a fun game non the less and a good take and a traditional tab target MMO. Its not without its quirks and the menu UI is a tad messy but the UI while running around questing and fighting mobs is decent and intuitive. Graphically its pretty good and looks very nice on our iPhone 12 at ultra settings with no noticeable dips in FPS even during combat. Im sure that will vary in bigger scenes if we get that far but for general PVE content so far its pretty great. Update: we have reach the point where open world pvp is enabled and its not as harsh as some have made it out to be yes we have been yanked a couple of times, but we have also had our fair share of victories especially around elite monsters for mats farming. Its been satisfying to beat other players for the right to slay the BBEG and get the loot drops. Additionally, we have had the opportunity to participate in conquest and Im happy to say that there was still no significant slowdown in our iPhone 12. We have also see some complaint about how Grundy the crafting system is and attribute that to no auto play.. There is still auto pathing to get you to where you need to be and the only thing you have to do is the gathering mini games which arent bad and go by pretty quick. While there is a labour points system the game throws so much gems at you we have been able to restore our labour points many times without spending a dime. Im keen to install this on our pc and link our steam account so we can try it out there as well.

Unique pvp mechanics like u have to now about your skills ,good quality, fast progress, early pvp. Try it it’s very fun.

Im giving it 5 stars because its one of the best games we’ve played personally. We like how complicated it is , yet so simple. Graphics on point , being able to go ultra with customizing a character is big for us , and also being able to switch weapons almost any time at will. Of course theres always things that could be improved , like better ways for people who are just starting out to close the power gap with those who got a bit of a head start , also somewhat includes us Zoku with Akmkze guild master. We feel there will be a lot of people leaving the game only because of the op people. Also wish there was more stuff we could do to continue leveling up CP and continue story quest as long as we keep playing the game, instead of always hitting a dead end each day and having to wait until the next, specially if you have no choice but to miss certain events. Wish there was a way to make that up. But It makes sense we guess. Other than that , too many people have way too many questions that we always feel we have to answer on chat haha, we are planning to start a YouTube channel for Traha Global in the hopes that more people will join and stick around. And we wonder if theres a way to get some type of support or sponsorship from Traha for that. Would be nice. Regardless we’ve already started preparations for that. We plan to have this game be one of our lifelong games whether Im always able to play it every day or not so we would love to see it get better and better. Also, Im writing this review because we had family come into town in Las Vegas and we missed a few events today for the first time! And then we came back ready to play catch up, only to find out it is undergoing maintenance Dx we even had just made another account yesterday and bought the season pass .. Also with the purpose of creating content to support.. Sad we have many other ideas but one thing we would really love for this game to have, is for ways to create your own unique costume for your character, too many people wearing the same looking kind of the same on top of not too much variety of the same weapon, everyone always ends up with the same few weapons for each class and they all look the same aside from being able to change the color eventually. We would like more freedom to the way your character looks. But over all pretty great game !

Great content tons of crafting, versitile class change comfortability. Pvp oriented game. Tons of content like other mmorpg at this time. We can play at work or anywhere with this game. Unlike wow and other big mmorpg games on pc that arent avail on mobile. Reading all the comments with one star complaints. Regarding game plays u just need to know how to fight them or have a better set up. Theres so much factor to consider. We havent had no problems playing on iphone, ipad pro, and steam on pc since day one. Maybe its just your equipment/internet. Bout race vs race pvps. It would be fun to play 1 vs 100 if they didnt balance race numbers. Dont be selfish. Who would enjoy that. We enjoy this game. Rated 5.

Definitely fun game love how it forces you to interact with the environment and its fully simmed. Love the customization cant wait to they update the shops to be able to customize your character more. We have no complaints we gave it a 4 because bosses need to be a little more difficult.

We really like the game but it would be even better if their was a controller support for Pc and mobile.

Les falta agregar el idioma espaol hay muchos latinos queriendo jugarlo pero no juegan por qu falta el idioma espaol aver si pueden agregarlo para que tengan ms personas.

Character fell through the earth when on auto pathing. Day 5 and still stuck in the earth. Do not waste your time.

We tried to log in using our fb account but we got stuck at the loading screen sad to see a new game fail.

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