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Trex is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Yousef Alhusayan, Trex is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th July 2010 with the latest update 8th June 2017

Whether you are a fan of Card, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


92 people have rated 1.63

You can download the game Trex from APP STORE.


Some call it Trex, others call it Trix, or perhaps even Ticks. In the end, it is a thrilling game of cards that tests your intelligence and tactics with its fun and engaging rules.


  • iPad support!

  • iPhone 4 Retina Display support (new)

  • Single player save

  • Single Player mode against intelligent bots.

  • Multiplayer Online mode. Play against the world! Test your skills against other players and prove your worth**

    • Partnership games online
    • Text chat with players
  • Ability to double cards (with credits given to the doubling player)

  • Ability to choose the Complex contract, which includes all the trick-taking contracts (King, Queens, Slaps, and Diamonds)

  • Silky smooth graphics (Tested on 3GS)

  • Supports iOS4 multitasking.

For game rules, please check this wikipedia entry:

**Note: Multiplayer connects to an existing game server for the Flash version of the game. Search for "Trex" on Facebook for more details. Flash players and iPhone players can play together seamlessly.


متوافق مع الايباد و الأيفون ٤

حفظ اللعبة

لعب فردي

لعب جماعي عن طريق الانترنت شراكه او كل واحد بروحه


تدبيل الشيخ والبنات

اختيار الكومبلكس للشجاع

رسم سلس و سريع

عدم اغلاق اللعبة في حال استقبال اتصال (iOS4)

Updated on 8th June 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Fixed crash in single player
-Fixed cards getting stuck

Trex Reviews

Good game! Lots of fun! Been playing for years.

We’ve been playing this game for years Just keep update it Many thanx.

Please fix the problem… Pls Update !!

Good game but it crashes on all iOS devices.

Need more updates for chatting and change the design.

It needs an update for the crashes please.

Game’s admins keep blocking gamers’ accounts, as a result; score drops down to 0. APPLE, please do something to prevent this from happening, this is fraud and blackmailing !!!

There have been some many problems with the app for quite a while now ,but no updates to fix these bugs . These bugs include : 1- the app would just crash and close by itself sometimes , especially when attempting to enter an online game . 2- some rooms appear to have a vacancy , showing 2 or 3 players in the list of rooms , but we we enter the room , we find out that the room is full . 3- sometimes we cant play the cards , this happens in trex games, when we play a card and all of the other players have no cards to play , which makes our turn again (i.e. When play two times in a row ) the seecond card wont be dragged and we have to close the app and open again . Also there should be an explanation for the ranking system , how exactly do we exactly increase our ranking . We hope these issues are addressed , as it is a good and smooth app , we dont regret purchasing it . It would just be a shame to see such potential wasted , and thank you .

Bad game There are players who kick you out for no reason and control who plays.

The update not stable. It crash.

Really cool , bs lo t5ly ele3lan ejbary tkoon a7la , aw t76 5yarat etha nby ejbary wla la.

Thank you for the best game ever.

Trex is a timeless game brought to life with a perfect Single Player mode & almost perfect Multiplayer mode. However It gets 5 stars for entertainment & calculating the score on the fly. It is amazing.

Plz can you put the trex on android system on play store.

Best game ever, reality in play_

The AI needs to be improved though.

We love this game but since IOS8 arrived for iphone the game is very slow when playing online very slow. It was never like this.

Something wrong with this game currently, it’s not working at all with multiplayer online.

Great game. The best. Two things we wish were there is. View the last latish(hand) Undo on the computer mode. Sometimes we throw the wrong card by mistake.

Is it just us or what ? It was working perfectly until 2 days a ago !! We can’t connect to online server The developer need to Fix it soon.

As one of the reviews indicated there is a moderator (khaled mawad) who simply banned us just so he can play with his friends in an open room. He could have just locked it with a password. What a shame that he misuses his authority in a negative way that damages the fun of playing in online multiplayer mode. Its so ridiculous and childish.

The owner lies in the description and says that this trix app offers a complex mode. We bought the app specifically for that and when we open it, to our surprize there is no complex mode, what a rip off.

The language used between players online is a problem The 2 admins kamal and Yazen are no help at all They side with their friends plz look into it.

When playing online the environment is full of foul language as people are always fighting and giving there opinion about how others game … Why is there a chat when you play anyway Also when playing online lots of players get stuck and can’t play plus when they leave the game thinks that he is still in and people wait for a long time as they would not want to auto play him. If you want to keep the chat please include a black-list option as most of the people want to play with others and not password protect there room but at the same time can kick out and then black-list the un-wated foul talking person out of the game room. The single (offline) game has no true complex mode as it would pick what it wants and the computer would not play in a way that would make sense. In our opinion it is not worth playing even if it was free because of the bad language that you come across in the online game area. We hade this App for more than three years at least and every time we forget about the negative things and we go to play online we really get reminded quickly when we go to a room and people are verbally abusing each other (yes it happens more than you think).

It’s nice game we enjoy it very much.

We are using the latest IOS software with IPhone 5S The game jams and hangs up every time. Very frustrating. It would be nice if time can be displayed on the same game screen.

Many bugs and unstable .. Typical Arabs.

There is no complex in the offline game. Also the online game is currently not connecting.

But you need to put good server for online.

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