Two Dots

Last updated on November 12th, 2022 at 01:00 am

Two Dots

Two Dots

Two Dots is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Playdots, Inc., Two Dots is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 29th May 2014 with the latest update 1st November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Two Dots ?

90,513 people have rated 7.54.8

What is the price of the Two Dots ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Two Dots released ?

Two Dots was released on 29th May 2014.

When was the Two Dots updated ?

The latest updated date of Two Dots on 1st November 2022.

Where can Two Dots be downloaded ?

You can download the game Two Dots from Apple Official App Store.



Connect matching dots and solve fun puzzles! Play Free!

Join two brave dots as they progress through beautiful worlds spanning the arctic tundra, fiery jungles, and into outer space in the #1 hit game in over 100 countries.

Be prepared to drop the pesky anchors, clash with monster dots, blast away comets, and crush the gems across hundreds of challenging levels! More levels are on their way, and if you’re ever in a jam, there’s always a power up to help!


  • FREE to play!
  • ADVENTURE through 4325 addictingly fun levels
  • CONNECT one Dot to another, sink anchors, make a line, create bombs, extinguish flames, and much more
  • SMART, fun, and thoughtful design
  • ENJOY beautiful minimalistic design and relaxing game music
  • PLAY at your own pace to make the perfect move without having to worry about a clock
  • CHALLENGE your friends on Facebook and see how you match up!
  • TREAT yourself to sweet rewards available daily and through special event modes

Start connecting on your iPhone and iPad today!

Color blind mode is free and available to all.


Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at support at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE! Two Dots is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you don’t want to use this feature.

Use of Two Dots is governed by the Dots terms of service:

Updated on 1st November 2022

New LEVELS are flocking into the Migrating Meadows!
Fly on over and master our freshly-trimmed NEW MECHANIC: Grass!
Graze on 4325 verdant levels now!

Two Dots Review

Clever puzzler with colorful sharp creative graphics. Increased difficulty through various levels, not too easy and not unbeatable. Introduces new variables gradually with a learning period and flash inline tutorials. Lots of variety, offers additional puzzles and challenges while waiting for lives to refresh. Love it!

The main game and treasure hunts do not appeal to us, but the scavenger hunt is the best hidden object game in the App Store. Please consider breaking it off as its own thing. We absolutely love the art work and the music the whole vibe is entirely right. We love the pop references and the seasonal scenes. Top notch hidden object game. The dots bit isnt for us – it doesnt hold us. The hidden objects are the real star!

We played this game a while back before all the extra features and it was just completing it level by level to get to different worlds. Recently rediscovered with all the challenges and periodic game changes and its truly a fantastic game. The developers add in little Easter eggs during the seeking challenges and it reminds us so much of Wheres Waldo. We really love this app. Thank you for helping us get through all the boring times.

The dots is fun but we love the scavenger hunts just make that a game by itself. Once we play the scavenger hunt we dont even want to play the dots. Please make the scavenger hunt just a game by itself.

Scavenger hunt is our favorite part of the game. We wish its there all the time.

We enjoy this game, but we’ve come to enjoy the scavenger hunt portion of the game more! Id love to see that as its own app at some point!

Why are 50 coins $2.99 and $5.99 for only 90??? Better deal to buy 50 twice. You get 10 extra coins and save a penny! Maybe make it 110 or more?

This started as a fantastic game. Just the right amount of brain challenge, satisfying aesthetic, etc. But then we reached the fire… And lost all interest. We play games to unwind and relax, and seek out games that allow time to think at our own speed. The fire feature took that away, introducing an element that required speed and took away our enjoyment of the game. We also agree with others that it would be better if less busy and cluttered, and that it should not be impossible to win levels without paying money. Sad.

Can be a fun game but as usual they make it so hard you need to watch the ads, which have become absurdly long, open the Apple Store app on you to download the game, and require you to press on things on the ad to advance it (often making you interact with the ad multiple times before you can keep playing.) we’ve played this game on and off for years and each time we get so annoyed at how difficult they make the game and how ridiculous the ads have become that we delete it. They do offer multiple types of mini games and a find/seek one thats fun but requires you to pay to fully do each series. The graphics and music are pretty nice and quirky. Overall a fun game that is often ruined and frustrating because of how hard they make it and how grotesque the ad experience is.

The devs put a long of heart into this games art style and really making it a relaxing experience, but they also copied the manipulative and addictive methods of candy crush and it leaves us to wonder how a indie studio took this route. In any case, while this game is a lot more polished than the original, we would still recommend the original over this. We really wish we had better feedback for the devs, but we think the games overall tempo would need to be reworked to remove concepts like lives, win streaks and power ups.

We’ve been playing this game for a couple of years now, and we love it, but the video glitches when youre trying to get a booster are maddening. And the coins are way too expensive for how many to get and how many coins are needed to purchase boosters :(

We loaded game due to advertisements showing the puzzle with honey comb puzzle drawing lines to dots without crossing. That is no what we got.. Where is that game?

There should be a way to earn gold as you play. We watch ads to get hints and advantages but cant progress to levels in seek and find challenges because youve made it mandatory to buy gold. It makes us not want to play it as much as our other games.

This game is fun but if you dont have coins to buy shuffles you cant play anymore. Got a level 27 or 28, literally impossible to beat without shuffles. If it is possible, im not spending all day trying to figure it out.

The most recent update took all the fun out of the game. Less chances to get extra lives or boxes or anything by watching ads – they want to make you buy everything now. Challenges are stale too.

We know all of these games have the sole purpose of making money so we cant fault the developer. However, folks ought to realize that at a certain point (for us its level 2998), if you arent spending money on extras, the game mechanics will start actively forcing you to lose rounds. We’ve been on the same level for 8 days and every time we almost win, the game allows us to nearly get there but will prevent it in the last few moves. So, heads up if youre trying to play on a budget.

Im confused by this game as the game play Im seeing does not match the ads. The ads show connecting dots without crossing paths. Where is that in this game?

We have been enjoying this game for years. Recent changes of the game to force users more towards in-app purchases is questionable, especially for long term users. Never have we thought about stopping playing this game but the recent changes are somewhat disappointing. For example, there is no offer of three booster boxes for 55 keys anymore. Only the offer of 1 booster box for 25 keys. We will observe for a few months whether it will go back, even partially, and decide.

Two dots is not the game that is advertised. It is a mindless connect three game for Neanderthals!

Not fun. Nothing like the ad.

The adds for this game are nothing like the actual game. Its boring and not at all like the adds they use to get you to try it.

Too many of the levels are not winnable. So we are out.

An elegant game idea that randomly adds achievements or not at all. A confusing mess.

The actual games are fun, especially the scavenger hunt. However, the constant pop-ups to watch a video, buy power ups, etc., is so annoying. Play one game for a few minutes then spend an equal amount of time getting bombarded with offers to buy things. You dont get a lot of ads, but some levels are impossible to win without the power-ups. Id rather pay $5 once for the game and not have all this nonsense. Delete.

What happened to our favorite game? Its like Elon fired half the staff.

Love the game but HATE HATE HATE these ridiculous ads that wait 10 seconds then you have to click again for another 10+ seconds AND some you cant turn the sound off. Clearly audible on your lowest phone settings. Getting too frustrating to enjoy.

We saw an ad and wanted to play what we saw in the ad but this is nothing like what was advertised.

First off Im f2p player so we have never spent a single cent on the game. You can choose to watch ads for more help on the levels but you dont have to. Some of the levels do get hard as you progress. So to pass you might have to watch a few ads. The other way is to keep a long win streak and this give bonuses and that will help you beat the harder levels. We have progressed really far and still enjoy the game. Some game mechanics we dont like (electrical grid dots, slime, magnets, to name a few) but the designer is progressively making the game harder as you advance so we do understand that aspect. Overall we are pleased with the game and would recommend it to others.

We hope this is read. Spent a while typing we have spent hundreds of dollars on this app But Seriously @ the creators, please address how you keep removing daily prizes- even tournaments no longer give the 15 minute thing The games are designed to be very difficult without help of the tools; trust us we would know. Why else did we spend so much lol However its a little unfair- ever since you guys switched companies or got acquired by whoeever it was that you did Its taken a great toll on the Two Dots Community we dont mind supporting. Really we dont we mean lol we do – look at our receipts (both here and on our other accounts phone) But this isnt fair anymore to the consumer whom cannot afford it. Whom has lost the chance to get tools by watching adds; from last years taking away spin the wheel (by watching an app), to removing actual tools to suddenly 15 minutes, to removing both tournament groups and their prizes feature, to removing the daily select-a-door prizes (stop the streak thing man, it keeps glitching and its just stupid- we know streaks causes an incentive to log back on but please- dont put ethics on the line), to adding a color change gold on the screen if you win (honestly come on, what is that. It ruins the screens asthetic and for people with OCD it can cause them an inability to either log on anymore since they cant afford buying boosters to have them win straight away and snag the gold, or its not worth the distress) we have had our entire life change after being diagnosed with a progressive debilitating genetic disease. We are young. With that said Your game two years ago gave us some sanity. We were able to stop crying. We will always be grateful for that. But now we cant even come here without stressing about needing to be so careful with our color bursts, shuffles, zappers, whatever the thing is thats meant to help aid a person complete the level. But fear not! For, there is a resolution: Change the set up. In fact xontact us, Id be more than happy to give insights and help you guys. We love this app its literally the only thing we interact with thats leisure related lol. We have avidly read online reviews (ie reddit) on peoples opinions currently on this companys. They all parallel ours Personally Im bummed the star rating dropped from 4.7 to 4.5; lets problem solve and bring it back up Also just as an FYI You have a better chance of having loyal customers if you yourself make an effort they are happy. Donations, whatever it is, we were more inclined PIROR to these absurd changes which have been so blatantly obvious. We waited 1.5 years to write this we write now as Im afraid if we wait any longer Yall will only go down further the rabbit hole we want the two dots community to thrive please Youre not helping by ignoring these comments- Just go look online Thank you, -Little Dot PS: if you want to add a Flip rewind ok fine, that is fine. But dont make the monthly flip be 2 weeks; let it stay at its original 4 weeks (hence, called monthly flips) Have both Flips if you want to show at the end of the month, because anything its foolish removing the monthly Flip it after its currently two allotted weeks as if you had it exposed longed, chances are youd have more app interaction. We mean after all, there would be more clientele spending time on the app (which thereby would result in many watching advertisements or purchasing products to aid them on their Two Dots quest aka an increase in your companys revenue and value)

It is so addicting . Whoever made this game is a genius.

This app is our favorite – absolutely phenomenal! We have probably spent thousands of hours playing bc Ill play while watching Netflix, talking to friends, trying to do homework, etc. We have focus issues obviously. This app is the perfect mix of challenging yet achievable that makes it so addictive. Unfortunately, we have played so much that at level 4300 we have run out of levels. We must play the bonus levels to get our fix but sometimes those are too easy and Im running out of the hard ones. Perhaps we should use our phone less bc we have important things to get done and Im perpetuating stereotypes about gen z but alas. Anyways we would definitely recommend. And if you work for Two Dots, please make more levels <3.

Free coins we should not have to use money to get coins for the levels you should give us coins for free.

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful sounding apps we’ve ever downloaded. Its to the point that in the little find the item things we were just clicking on everything we saw to hear the little noises they all made. We specifically enjoyed the homage to Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. The music is also surprisingly well polished and good. Not sure whether its just royalty free music from somewhere or if you got a composer, but we love the style. Especially the Pilgrims Peak theme. So yeah, while the gameplay isnt anything shockingly new, the game sounds (and looks) AMAZING!

Very few days after you last call us back at work we got your message we got back from work we were going back and we got it.

We like the game but what we absolutely LOVE about the game is the scavenger hunt puzzles! We would so much rather play the game if that was a separate game, JUST the scavenger hunt things. That would be a great game!

This game has a way of sucking you in. Very addictive. Though we’ve found myself wanting a Dots game with the item find part lately. Is that something that can be worked on? We would love to pay for a game app that is comprised only of the item find worlds and search the maps for those items. And be setup the same way minus having to pay unlock levels. That as you progress it Auto Unlocks the next phase until all levels are done and then you can move to another map. The Halloween world. The Christmas world. Etc but all random objects. Please work on that. Theres no other object search that compares to the beauty of yours.

Begging you to release a separate app thats just all the scavenger hunts from the past and new ones going forward. We dont like the main game very much and only play the scavenger hunts nowadays.

We’ve been playing this for a few years and enjoy it. Random complaint – the game gives you a reward when you log on daily. However four separate times it has said we didnt log on the day before when we know we did, thereby breaking our streak and giving us fewer rewards. If we buy coins we can reestablish our streak. Money grubbing!

We love this game, but we really wish there was a power up or option to undo a move. We keep having issues where we will try to make a square and for some reason the game doesnt register as complete, so we lose that opportunity and the other dots don’t clear. It doesnt gave to be unlimited undo but it would be a really helpful option to have.

We only use this game for the scavenger hunts and the occasional level. We really just want a new game app by you that is different levels of the scavenger hunts PLEASE! And maybe have them not as hard to unlock, not needing x amount of golde etc per hunt, but instead use gold for add one etc. We dont really leave reviews but we need this to become real!!

So far Im in the picture search level which is we believe level eight or nine. It is more fun after about 30 minutes of playing it. We do find it difficult to read because the font/text size is so small. Also in the picture search, we have to zoom on our iPhone to see any of the images. This game is probably better played on an iPad with a bigger screen.

We love TwoDots! Its been our go-to game for years. Im the new version, is there no longer the opportunity to earn power ups each day?

What happened to being able use your keys to buy the boxes or extra lives?? So, unhappy with the options.

We’ve reached level 4300 and we constantly ha w to wait for new levels. While waiting, we lose our win streak bonus. Why should we be penalized for not having more levels to play? If you have a win streak going and complete all available levels you should keep your streak until youre able to play again. Also, what happened to the leaderboard and tasks? Icon is gone on all screens. Last suggestion, the timed daily bonuses are fine, but again, if you have no levels available to play they are wasted.

We’ve had this app for a long time and quit playing because it was repetitive and boring. We started seeing ads for it on other apps, and the games they showed looked like a lot of fun. So we opened the app again and lo and behold, the same old boring levels showed up. Where are the cool games shown in the ads?

This game is soo good that we’ve had moments of obsession. It starts off as a relaxing time passer, then it gets unbeatable without spending money. By unbeatable, it becomes a chaotic mess. . We spent like 5-10 bucks to pass a few levels, then we realize EVERY level needs money to pass. Youll be on it for days or weeks and youll only pass by faint chance. And when you do spend money, the value for what you get is dirt. . Once again, dev greed ruins something great. This game is only good for a week.

The scavenger hunt mini games are great and really show a great deal of imagination on the part of the devs, but the main game leaves a lot to be desired. The levels become more a more absurd, and beating them boils down to shear chance rather than decision making. They seem to arbitrarily mark levels according to difficulty when many normal rounds take longer to beat than the ultra hard ones. The last dozen or so levels have us questioning why we havent deleted this app already.

We really like that this game does not have any ads, aside from the ad for itself. At first, it is challenging enough. As you move up in levels, the frustration algorithm kicks in. You win a few levels, then you get a level that only gets harder every time that you lose. Then we play worse because we are frustrated and the level gets harder each time. After 30+ demoralizing attempts later, we get the dots to line up right and we finally finish that level after a couple of days. We just found this app in 2022. The glowing reviews for this app were 2 years ago. We have no doubt that it was a good game at that time. Our guess is the developers have since decided to monetize the game by frustrating users.

The game is fun and addicting but there is no way to get gold unless you spend money.

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