Two Dots

Two Dots


Two Dots is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Playdots, Inc., Two Dots is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 29th May 2014 with the latest update 27th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


88,914 people have rated 7.30.0

You can download the game Two Dots from APP STORE.


Connect matching dots and solve fun puzzles! Play Free!

Join two brave dots as they progress through beautiful worlds spanning the arctic tundra, fiery jungles, and into outer space in the #1 hit game in over 100 countries.

Be prepared to drop the pesky anchors, clash with monster dots, blast away comets, and crush the gems across hundreds of challenging levels! More levels are on their way, and if you’re ever in a jam, there’s always a power up to help!


  • FREE to play!
  • ADVENTURE through 4000 addictingly fun levels
  • CONNECT one Dot to another, sink anchors, make a line, create bombs, extinguish flames, and much more
  • SMART, fun, and thoughtful design
  • ENJOY beautiful minimalistic design and relaxing game music
  • PLAY at your own pace to make the perfect move without having to worry about a clock
  • CHALLENGE your friends on Facebook and see how you match up!
  • TREAT yourself to sweet rewards available daily and through special event modes

Start connecting on your iPhone and iPad today!

Color blind mode is free and available to all.


Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at support at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE! Two Dots is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you don’t want to use this feature.

Use of Two Dots is governed by the Dots terms of service:

Updated on 27th April 2022

NEW LEVELS are the latest exhibit in the Historic Halls!
Master the NEWEST MECHANIC: POTIONS to unearth ancient secrets!
Among the relics is another blast from the past: the Puzzle Park Scavenger Hunt Rewind!

Two Dots Review

U will love this game!!! We are so addicted.

Since the 4/26 (Tuesday) we get this loud obnoxious music whenever we start a game. It last about 10 seconds and stops but then starts again , over and over.. We have the sound off for the game and it doesnt happen on any of our other apps. Anyone else notice this.. Two Dots, can you check into this.. ?? Please?

5 stars for the scavenger hunts! So happy they are coming out more regularly now. Would love an app of just the scavenger hunts too!

We truly have this app solely for the scavenger hunts, please please make an app solely of the scavenger hunts!!!

Its really good but sometimes its kind of hard.

Such a fun and addictive game. Very well made game. Love the music. And the side scavenger hunt puzzles are awesome better than apps solely made for scavenger hunts.

Like many(most) games, some levels are harder than others, and the fight is worth it once you finally beat those hard levels. However, we havent seen a way to earn coins/tokens besides paying for them after the initial free ones. Even if it comes to watching ads, itd be nicer than spending cash. The side games are fun, and we wish the picture find games would be their own app. We’ve downloaded hidden image apps in the past and found them lacking. These ones are cute animated drawings with cleverly placed items that add to the difficulty as the playing area grows. The problem with this lands with the lack of coin/token availability as there are only two free levels then progressively cost more with each level.

Would ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE a stand alone app for the scavenger hunt/hidden items side challenge. While we love the Dots main part, the hidden items is our absolute favorite part of the game. Just an idea.

Why so many pop ups bro???? Otherwise its pretty addictive.

Ugh the change from winning permanent power ups to 15 minute has changed the game for us. If we cant accumulate power ups Ill delete the game. We like the game. Relaxing and fun. Dont like this change at all.

… But its too expensive now. Once our coins are gone Im done.

We win infinite color burst or switches and cant ever use them.

We have recently updated our game and now we cannot get to any thing in the Home Screen. Nothing that we press opens and Im loosing our daily prizes because of it. We keep looking for updates that will fix the issue but none are coming up.

Major dehancement to a game we had otherwise enjoyed.

The game is unplayable unless you have booster boxes.

We used to love this game, we would even spend money to play and complete the scavenger games, then they took away the expedition. We were bummed as that was our favorite to play and looked forward to it each week, still we continued to play. Now Im playing today and theres this creole song that will play during levels that we cannot turn off. We understand change is necessary and sometimes is hard, but that song playing is annoying and terrible and is going to make us delete the game. Please fix this and please bring back expeditions.

Terrible game – not what is advertised.

We turned off the sound effects and music for this game since we’ve been playing (probably like 7-8 months ago) but suddenly theres this weird background party type music whenever we open the app, it comes on for a few seconds randomly. Super creepy and we hate it. Otherwise Id give this 5/5. Please fix this horrible godforsaken music issue.

Saw an ad for Two Dots where you had to connect dots in a circle without overlapping lines. Downloaded the game and thats not part of it at all. The real game is fine but not what we came here for.

In theory can be fun. But the daily free gift is not daily. It resets you even if you go to get the gift daily. Also, you can never get gold unless you buy it. No watching ads. Just straight up pay for gold. So pretty dumb game. Look elsewhere.

Legit a worse false advertised candy crush.

If you lived the simple elegance of Dots, avoid this new version. Starts okay but then bombards you with pop ups to get you to buy all kinds of add one and booster packs and stuff, then makes the puzzles nearly unsolvable at some levels unless you fork over some cash. Its really garbage. It feels like youre trapped in AOL in 1999. Pretty sad given how nice the original was.

Playing with our son and the music changes from the standard background music to something about g*ns sh00ting in the head and feeling a tickle in the spl33n. What is wrong with you?!

Why is there weird loud music playing when we use app now?? Just started. We’ve been playing forever. We have music button turned off. Its loud electronic type music.

This is the only game we’ve had on our phone for at least 7 years, we love it Between Scavenger Hunts, Rewinds, Treasure Hunts, Flip Tiles, Square Races, and a ton of Levels, this game is amazingly endless! Thats why Im not bored with it after playing it for years lol. Its also perfect that each board game (Map vs Treasure Hunt vs Rewind, etc) varies in mechanics shown. Dont listen to any reviews that say the levels are impossible. We’ve passed Ultra Hard levels, its not impossible, its just difficult and you need to try harder. Dont listen to reviews that say you cant play without paying. We’ve never paid and we have tons of special powers and Boxes to help us pass levels. You just gotta play all the different boards (Rewinds, Flip, etc). The colorblind mode is PERFECT for when our Night Shift is turned on. The fact that the game isnt timed is also PERFECT. The ads dont show up at ALL unless you press the button yo watch them for bonus lives or boosts.

Please make more scavenger hunts! Or just make a whole separate scavenger hunt game. You guys make the BEST ones!

We love playing the picture search but you have to use gold, which you can only get through in app purchases. Boooooooo boo forcing money.

Loved the relaxing nature of this game up until about level 62. Then these little fire dots spread and take over the other dots. We liked that before the fire dots we could take our time and think about it. It just became a frantic scramble for us after the fire dots were introduced. We know levels have to get harder, but the fire dots seemed to change the whole pace of the game.

Had to give one star because this is not the game that was being shown on the ad that we were shown.

The ads show puzzles that we just dont see in the game. Color matching, connecting things, etc. Real brain teasers. It goes between a search for random objects that blend in or a connect-the-dots version of typical matching games.

Please bring back the 1hr of free lives for contests and the piata party! The 15min power-ups are useless!

There are so many popups and try this boost, do this special move here is how to play now. Becomes annoying, just let people play.

Its an addictive game. It holds your holds interest well. Sadly we had to delete the app. Every time we opened the app there would be so many annoying pop ups telling us things to buy or going on about events and just nonsense. You could not just open it up and see notifications to read during your own time, instead they force all these notifications down your throat and its just ridiculous.

4/15/22 Thank you for fixing the issues we were having. Your support team is great!! We’ve update this to 5 Stars :) 3/28/22 DONT BUY anything from this game!! Theyre cheats!) Im still waiting for an answer to our question from last year! ALSO, why do we keep losing our daily streak? We’ve lost streaks of over 120 days. Please hear thisIm not buying anything to restore a streak that you decided not to honor. Ill go back to day one before giving you any money for cheating us. Hmmm, could just delete your gameIll let you know. 4/30/21 still waiting for an answer! Why am we getting a message on our home screen that says Two Dots at Home?? There is nowhere that the app says it is following you and the app does not show up in Location Services in the iPhone settings. Not happy! Please explain.

This game is super fun! We highly recommend. One thing we would like more of is the scavenger hunt! Or at least being able to replay them for free once you have completed it. We find it super relaxing.

We absolutely love this part of the game. We wish it came around more often. Despite our love, Im disappointed in the recent changes made. The hunt has become too easy. The map is zoomed too far in, and we can only zoom out so far. The map itself doesnt cover as much area anymore, thus making it easier to find more objects in less time. We enjoyed the challenge of the previous Scavenger Hunts. Now we dont even need a hint to find all objects on our first pass. Kinda boring now.

We’ve been playing this for years and love it. This game is very well done and would 100% recommend it. We’ve never paid anything and all the ads are optional.


If Some Body Asked us What Is A Good App we Would Tell Them Two Dot. Best App. We Think Its Cute.

Used to be a five until our daily calendar rewards disappeared Updated our review since they fixed the issue!! This game just awesome. We play it daily. Relaxing. Fun. Frustrating at times. But its still the best. FYI the ads really are HORRIFIC. And because of that along we absolutely would not recommend to anyone under 21maybe 18. [email protected] sure wont let our 14 year daughter download it! Otherwise, the game is great!!

We are a huge fan of this game. We even have the Microsoft Store version installed on our laptop and desktop! We’ve only spent money a few times to pass some tough levels to make myself and the developers feel good too, but we’ve beaten about 99% of the levels without paying. The problem that we have-which has not been fixed despite our gentle, kind requests-is the fact that the prices for the Scavenger Hunt STILL have not been lowered! We understand that the developers have to make money somehow, but the cost-to-reward ratio for those Scavenger Hunts is super unbalanced! -32 gold overall?! Thats why we named this term pay to hunt! Not to mention that you have to spend real money to get goldgeez! Other than that, this game is nearly perfect. Oh, and we LOVE Win Streaks! 4.5 out of 5 stars from us. Edited to say, our favorite part of this game are the relaxing expeditions. Some of the music is so lovely, and there is nothing better than getting a free Waterfall from a treasure chest you find! Their Christmas music is so lovely, too! The outdated version of this game from late 2016 on our Laptop brings us back the nostalgia and simplicity of this lovely puzzle game! It allows us to go back to the past and forget all the chaos in this world. EDIT: For those of you that are struggling with the early sections with the monsters, perseverance is key! The levels afterwards are quite bright! In currently on Level 4,000 and have come a very long way.

You can watch an ad if you want to for booster boxes and other prizes, but other than you are not forced to watch an ad between every level like most other games. The game is fun and challenging.

Hi we love this game its very good game every parts its perfect only we like that you can get gold coins without having to just buy them it is very difficult to continue without coins thanks.

This is our first and only time ever writing a review for an app. We have been playing this game for a few years now. We wanted to give the creators some positive feedback by letting everyone know that this is a great game. We love how they are always updating the app and creating new and different ideas for each of the levels.

This game is adding to our depression and self loathing-ness.

We live this game and we really love the scavenger hunt portion of it BUT THERE HAS to be a way to earn coins that doesnt require actual money. Maybe as a hidden bonus or something to that effect. Really like it, but come on creators do better.

This game was so much fun and still is but with the newer update, we REALLY HATE that we cannot we have to pay to play. It was not like that before. You underestimate our patience and care. Im not paying.

LOVE the scavenger hunt part of this game. We would love to see you develop an app that is only the scavenger hunt. We check in every day to see if a new one has been added. Definitely our favorite part.