Uboat Attack

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 05:40 am

Uboat Attack

Uboat Attack

Uboat Attack is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Uboat Attack is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th January 2022 with the latest update 1st June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Uboat Attack ?

116,002 people have rated 2.25.1

What is the price of the Uboat Attack ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Uboat Attack released ?

Uboat Attack was released on 8th January 2022.

When was the Uboat Attack updated ?

The latest updated date of Uboat Attack on 1st June 2023.

Where can Uboat Attack be downloaded ?

You can download the game Uboat Attack from Apple Official App Store.



Dive into the deep sea with the naval submarine torpedo wargame “Submarine torpedo attack” Be the captain of a real submarine in tactical combat against enemy ships

Get the best tactical weapons, suitable for different marine battles and become a champion navy fighter of underwater simulator.

Sink enemies’ armadas with your torpedoes. Show honor in navy world and fight through the ranks to admiral of u-boat! Explore underwater areas of arctic wastelands, canyons, abyss, sunken temples to get tactical advantage in war and prepare an ambush.

Dozens of real ships
Track warships and make your best torpedo shot.

Realistic damage
Intense combat might cause fire events, propeller failure and other damages. Choose your tactics by launching torpedoes.

Breathtaking graphics and locations
Enjoy every second in the game with realistic graphics, stunning visual, detailed U-Boats, warships and locations!

Comfortable controls
Intuitive controls, swipe left or right to navigate and zoom in or zoom out to see the best composition of blasts. But you will need skills to become a champion of the navy simulator!

Ready to fight in the naval warfare simulator? Launch the game and start to shoot and sink enemies

Not sure what wargame to play? Choose “Uboat game – Submarine torpedo attack”

Join real-time navy FREE wargame deep into the sea, armada is awaiting your commands, destroy enemy fighters with deadly torpedoes in intense and realistic 3D blitz shooter. Unique warship gameplay!

Warfare simulator is finally here! Action packed as any shooter. It offers both first person ship shooter simulator and deep strategic decisions

Updated on 1st June 2023

Torpedoes away!

Uboat Attack Review

Just about every mission, you are not allowing a torpedo to fire, however there is swoosh as the torpedo leaves the boat. This is true of both torpedoes and the homing torpedo. Thanks.

Love the game and Im playing every day. Couple of SW glitches we’ve experienced: 1. Every few games our periscope will not move. We have to close the app and restart. 2. Torpedoes are disappearing while receiving heavy gun fire. We waist 2-3 torpedoes. 3. Why can the destroyers shoot through the mountains and the sub (obviously) has to wait for the ship to clear? 4. During heavy gunfire, if we try to move to another target, torpedoes shoot towards the original target.

We are in the leagues now and have advanced from Bronze to Silver. Nice to have something new, nice to be able to switch from torpedoes to guns, however, we are finding about every 5th level above level 650, that either the scanning field of view does not move (like screen is frozen, but still bouncing in the waves) or the compass heading is off and you either have to switch to guns or your torpedoes fire in the OPPOSITE direction away from your submarine. Very frustrating and we are even #1 in our league! Please keep working out the kinks. Also, can you find something new to do with the experience points? We have like 500k and nothing to build. It would be nice if they could be turned into ships or weapons.

Good game we’ve had it since it first came out. However, you have serious tweaking to do to it, such as, theres a hospital ship, behind mountains, next to it, is another ship, but never comes out. Impossible to pass this level while it hides. Hospital ship never moves either. Also, at times when you have to see a video to get ammo, and when you get them, at times reduces your torpedos and must watch another video. Could you please fix these issues. Thank you.

This is a fun game. The most recent changes dont allow you to move the cross hairs on the sight and for some unknown reasons doesnt let you fire your torpedos, then all of a sudden you screen tells yothe enemy has sunk you. It ruined this game and it appears it was done to get you to watch more ads. Im done with it.

You will spend more time watching ads than sinking ships. Give it a pass until the developers decide they want to run a game rather than an advertising stream.

If you spend more time watching ads instead of playing the game, its not a good game.

When the leagues for attached to the software, many times, it goes bad and freezes up. Thermal vision option is useless. Awful bad when the enemy can fire at you from behind an island and you can do absolutely nothing and cannot control the U-boat.

Play a minute. Ads. Play 30 seconds. Ads. Play 10 seconds. Ads. Or pay the ransom.

Too many ads. There is an ad after every mission or upgrade. Its so Annoying!! Im out!

It appears they may have fixed the no torpedo problems where when you launch a torpedoe nothing happens other than the fact that one is deleated from you. But the periscope problem still exists. Where you have no movement available to track ships. Guess it’s time to sit back and just play chess for a month or two Well, we thought I’d try it one more time. It’s gotten to be a waste of time. Periscope won’t rotate, torpedoes won’t launch but you get tagged as if they did. We might come back in six months.

Game was good in the beginning but occasionally you cant move the scope left or right and sometimes when firing the torpedoes they dont show. Even after restarting our iPhone the same problem exists. Very frustrating.

Pretty Good Game,After Playing the Game for a long time it locks up every time,You have to reset the game and start over for the 3rd timeIm Done!

A once decent app that is now ruined. The new tap to select weapon is horrible, sometimes torpedoes act like they are launching but arent. Ads at one time wasnt as annoying but now ads are constant.

Enjoy playing this game enjoy seeing if our timing and coordination is up to speed to sinking the game enemy ships.

Really enjoy this app, but had to reload the app due to resetting our phone and now we are back to start after being at a 17th level rank with millions of points, ammo, etc. We are not starting all over if this cant be fixed. Hopefully some can help us otherwise we will be moving on.

He do we reach you for comments & suggestions. Im currently kicking butts in the U-Boat Tournament with a sub we’ve been building for about 9 months. Also bought Drone Attack, Air Defense, and War have.

We know ads keep the game free, but way too many.

Glitch with the plane – flying under horizon. We just reset but it seemed to resolve.

Graphics are awesome, play it for hours Update, dunno whats going on in the background but the uboat attack game is running funky all of a sudden, invisible torpedos and other stuff, not so good stuff but the graphics still rock!

The i58 seems to freeze on the I-tablet running 6.6 iOS , not sure why. We do appreciate all the modifications though.

The early years of ww2 proved to be difficult for the allied countries. Especially in the waters of the North Atlantic where uboats ran wild, hunting in wolfpacks. During these early years of the war the uboat crews called it the happy time. This game provides a look at when being in an allied ship was a terrifying endeavor. As you steer your uboat through the waters the ships you see through your periscope are the enemy. The gameplay is not too difficult and the controls are learnable though gameplay. Timing is the key as you must lead a ship and fire your torpedoes where the ship is ~going~ to be. Overall the game is a not too hard, not too easy type game with fun playability throughout. Good job to the devs!

We’ve been playing this game for about 6 months and recent upgrades/updates really improved the game play. Still do not understand the role of ports or building them. We accumulate $$ to build all these ports but what is their role in the game?

Been playing this game for a few months and really enjoy it – unless we play for more than five minutes and then it becomes boring. Wont repeat the complaints already expressed but go agree with them. Our complaint is we were robbed! We like the new concept of leagues. We were leading in our league with 10000 points. With less than one minute left, our score dropped to 6000 and second place. Why? Could care less about finishing first but if we need to suffer through the numerous ads, we expect the game to be bug-free. You guys blew it.

This game is pretty simplistic but fun. IF you go into it knowing its not going to grow in gameplay over time. Its simple. You have x amount if torpedos and mostly x number of ships. A perfect shot will sink one with one hit. If not perfect, it requires multiple hits depending on the size of the ship. Some levels are other subs which seem to follow the same rules (hits by size). Bonus levels are easy. You get to shoot nonstop at flying planes. All you need to do is clip any part and theyre toast. Yes, we’ve had some issues with it getting stuck on torpedos when using a gun on missions with ships and planes. But not often. Bottom line is this game is a simple time killer.

New problems! When planes and ships you can turn upward, so no shooting planes. And every few missions you cant turn or move at all. Have to reset computer ! You can fire but no turning.

Great fun but you need to get busy with the bugs that are in there.

Its a good game for the first few versions. Now its got quickly bugs. Shots dont track and although they are trying to improve, it still a lot of spamming you with ads even though we pad to have no ads.

Game plays well port screen black no more ports coming next all locked after icebergs and rough seas nothing else.

Latest version is better. The leagues are good. However the obvious fake accounts to pad the player base are insulting. Keep it real! The game gets better with each release. Still way too simple and easy.

A lot of great improvements in the last few months. Things constantly being tweaked and updated. Was worried for a while that it had been abandoned but that’s clearly not the case.

Since the last update you cant see the torpedoes in the water and when you fire them nothing hits the target no matter what.

Whats going on?? Periscope wont move after the 1st mission. The whole aiming circle moves but not the periscope.

First of all, let us say that we really like this game and have stuck with it through many of the changes and updates over the last few months. It is much better than the first version we played. Recently, it has some weird quirks like the tracer of the torpedo shot is several degrees above the water and is not hitting the little PT boats. It took us a few levels to realize when planes show up during a regular mission, you have to select guns instead of which type of torpedo, once we discovered that, was delighted to be able to sink ships with the gun!!! Thanks for reducing the # of torpedoes to sink the 2 big ships. We miss not being able to earn the other types of torpedoes. Im well over 1400 missions in and it seems like nothing changes with progress. Would like to see the enemies become a bit more aggressive including the planes. Maybe the PT boats could shoot torpedoes back, and or when underwater the subs could also try to engage you. Would be happy to provide more feedback/test if interested.

Curious when ships can fire at the sub THROUGH an island, but if the sub fires a torp even close to an island, it prematurely explodes. We second the other comments that touch on repetition. There seems to be a finite number of presentationsmaybe 7?? And these are presented over and over with no increase in difficulty. Needs a bit more variety and increases in difficulty. And the port building, which seemingly did nothing, has disappeared Still an addictive game! But now we have reached a level where the torpedoes fly above the ships! Cannot advance as a result.

Interesting upgrade except it freezes a lot, ads are everywhere and ad music stays on. Could be good but it needs to be better.

We’ve played over eight hundred rounds, but now the game glitches all the time. We still play, but the glitches are annoying.

What is the point of building ports? What are their purpose in the game? We keep building them, since it seems obligatory, but they dont have any purpose in the game. Can someone explain what Im missing there? Other than the minor glitches on some levels, its a fun, simple game with decent graphics.

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