Ultra Blade

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 12:25 am

Ultra Blade


Ultra Blade is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kyle Barrett, Ultra Blade is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 22nd February 2023 with the latest update 3rd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


50 people have rated 1.1.0

You can download the game Ultra Blade from APP STORE.


Defend Mankind’s last city from the endless hordes of darkness! Ultra Blade is a horde survival RPG with rogue-lite progression elements. Build new heroes to take on new challenges while cutting through 1000s of foes at once. New heroes unlock new powers, making runs more dynamic the more you play.

Drag to move and auto attack, release to execute a heavy attack. Swipe to dodge. The controls are simple, but the real complexity is in how you build your champion. Infuse flaming bolts into your bow, generate earthquakes with your slashes, or summon blizzards with your shield- the possibilities are almost limitless.

Built for short, action-packed sessions.

Core features Include:

  • One-touch control scheme and challenging, skill-based combat
  • Endless Challenge Mode that refreshes every hour
  • 27 Unique arena gauntlets to master
  • 12 Unique heroes to unlock by completing challenges.
  • 5 core classes (Bow, Shield, Greatsword, Gun, and Staff) and 100s of weapons to mix and match
  • 15 Meta-changing relics to unlock and upgrade
  • Mutating enemies that change how they fight and behave.
  • Fully offline
  • Blood-pumping soundtrack

And more to come!

Updated on 3rd May 2023

New Content Update!

-Bug fixes (big thank you to those who reported them!)

-15 More character slots

-A new class, the Ritualist, that sacrifices enemies to summon minions!

-2 new “Challenge Cores” that let you speed the game up to 1.5x speed and increase enemy difficulty (I’m personally having a lot of fun with these)

-5 new relics that allow players to manipulate the meta and customize build options.

-10 new weapons and items

-Multi-drop chests have been added

-4 new zones

-1 new unlock-able hero

-Fixed Joystick control options

-New “Voidgazer” boss type

-In-run level ups now occur faster

-Codex Updates

Ultra Blade Reviews

Really good game. You do good work. How do you feel about a dash button? Movement is a little clunky when trying to combo light and dash attacks. We like the subtle changes to your movement as you add weapons and skills to your arsenal. But once again really wish there was a smoother transition between a light and a dash attack. Update Really good update thanks for the bigger storage size. The new control setting is really good. Noticed that if you start with the teleport item and your main weapon is a staff the teleport doesnt proc for the first 15 or so settings on the later levels. We think we were on the stage with the giant modifier when it happened.

We have an iphone 13 pro and this app just stopped working everytime we open it we see a black screen. When it was working the game was fire!

Our favorite of this new reverse bullet bell genre. Im holding 1 star hostage until we get landscape/controller support. But seriously its awesome. Love the highly detailed pixel art.

We like it but there are some bugs. We beat 1000 enemies in one run and through a combo but the specific character wont unlock and we did defeat a Void serpent, but that character wont unlock either. Hoping for a fix on this! Otherwise amazing game for passing the time!

Cant play the game anymore for some reason only got to do like 2 runs then it crashed, kinda bummed.

Our app froze and wouldnt open so we uninstalled the app an lost all of our progress. Can you implement a way to tie our apple account to the game so we dont lose progress?

We never leave reviews but had to for this game! Lots of content , a developer that cares, and who is adding more content regularly. This last update blew us away with how much was added! We love this genre/style of game, but most were lacking something that left us only enjoying the game for a couple hours at most. This game offers the best of others within the genre, but adds skill and a difficulty curve that is truly impressive. Attacks feel heavy and when you mess up you have even more incentive to jump right back in, since there are so many builds and combos to try. Im not even close to unlocking everything, but we can see our game sense and skill increasing each run, which MAKES us want to grind it out and unlock everything. No ads, no pay to win, just a one-time purchase for a well-crafted game with endless replayability. Thank you.

Really good game. You do good work. How do you feel about a dash button? Movement is a little clunky when trying to combo light and dash attacks. We like the subtle changes to your movement as you add weapons and skills to your arsenal. But once again really wish there was a smoother transition between a light and a dash attack.

Let us start off by saying that we love this game. We spent hours on it, and it still found ways to challenge us and entertain us. Our one critique that we found is that we seem to get the same perk options when we level up were very similar ones with the 15 or so characters we have all at level 10, we would assume some more variety would be present. Other than that we have no complaints and the game is great.

Really fun hack-n-slash with great graphics and perfect price point. For the most part, skills are self explanatory. We wonder how the options will scale as the game progresses but we keep unlocking Blades that will help other builds once we level them a bit. Always excited to see what the next blade will do.

Pretty much what the title says. Gameplay is fun, but when comparing to something like Vampire Survivors, this game doesnt seem to move as fluidly as VS. The controls make it feel a little wonky too. Would benefit from joystick like controls instead of the current set up in our opinion.

This game nails the rouge-like survivor beat em up fun that is so hard to get right! Great sound design, art, unlockables, and RNG elements to give it replay ability. Excited to see it grow! One suggestion we have is maybe making it easier to find your chosen blade once you have a large stack of say 50+blades, maybe a grid of icons, Great game! Actually felt compelled to review because we dont see games like this ever.

We dont write many review but this game is really fun. We love the art style, it reminds us of Risk of Rain 1 but in a survivor play style. We would definitely recommend this a must play. We do have a suggestion for the developer. Please put the re-roll button further up in the UI, it causes accidental re-rolls due to its placement. Overall, really enjoying this title.

This game is amazing and its so awesome that its made by someone who cares about the people playing it! We left some feedback, they said thanks, then they implemented everything we asked for! AMAZING we wish every developer was as responsive and had such an amazing ability to craft something with such care. Love the game, love the updates , love the developers. So excited to see how this game continues to grow!

Solid gameplay. The controls are very easy to use. Absolutely loving the game!

We like it quite a bit. We really do. Thanks for this.

This completely replace Vampire Survivors on our phone! We like how the pace is a bit slower than VS. The control feels heavier than VS and in our opinion very intuitive. This game has the hook factor for us. There are plenty of characters to play with that we havent unlocked yet. Each character can be leveled up (not sure what the max is just yet). Some cons for us that can easily be fixed via update: Camera shakes a bit much for us when using Rebus Prime. We dont mind this effect, but maybe apply camera shake only on heavy attack. And keep the screen steady for light attacks. The other minor issue for us is the UI/UX. The settings button is tucked in the top left corner of the screen. There are times we had to tap it 3 times to access it. Lastly, there were times we could not see our character at all. Overall though, we love the art style, controls and progression (so far).

Im hooked! Its like reverse bullet hells, but the combat has impact to it, and we have more control over our characters!

Huge fan of all the games made by this creator, but honestly wish some of the original assets could be improved instead of just recycled, just seems lazy to keep using the same flat explosion effects that were around since immortal.

When we seen that this game was from the same team behind immortal rogue we bought it without hesitation and Im glad we did. The different characters and weapons makes the game super enjoyable. We like how different weapon synergies work so well. The game is great and has definitely kept us busy since purchasing. Definitely worth the couple dollars.

Fully agree with Teemberlands review. Ultra Blade has replaced VS for us, and Im looking forward to many hours of grinding and unlocking. We love the way each blade has subtle, unique tactics that take time and real strategy to master. Certain blades are better suited to specific zones, and it takes some experimenting to clear waves effectively. The camera shake on Rebus Prime and the tiny UI elements pushed all the way to the edges of the screen are problematic. Not sure how the game made it through beta testing without Kyle getting that feedback. Hopefully those issues will be addressed in an update. Bottom line: this is another gem from Kyle Barrett and 100% worth the purchase!

The start menu is a little confusing. We thought there was a bug but swiping on the sword started it for us. Very fun game and great art style.

Its good fun! Once you get going it is addicting and hard to stop playing as we just keep wanting to do better, try more play styles, and get more unlocks. Which very quickly you are able to unlock more characters, aka Blades. We did notice something that could maybe be tweaked is that when first starting out we found the level select screen a little bit confusing at first. It took us a moment to figure out how to start the game. But as soon as you play your first match the next time you are on the level select it becomes clear as gems begin appearing on the blade that represent the various levels you can play. We really like the character unlock/select screen that works as the main menu. It looks very sleek and the background imagery with the moving clouds are very cool! One bit of feedback for the dev we might mention for this and other works is that we love the bits of dialogue and lore backdrops within Immortal Rogue, and the little character bios and planetary backstories in Blast Waves. We are sure you try to limit the story elements both as an artistic choice and also so as not to overburden your workload, but you make great worlds and if possible we would love to see a little more of those elements in this and other games of yours! We hope that you will consider this. To other potential players we would definitely recommend this game, and others by this dev. Especially if you like rogue-likes.

Tried on both phone and iPad min and we cant get past the character selection screen. Anyone lose having the issue ?

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