unmemory is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Patrones y Escondites S.L., unmemory is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th October 2020 with the latest update 6th July 2021

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, or Books games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


120 people have rated 1.08

You can download the game unmemory from APP STORE.


unmemory is a crafted combination of a thrilling story and puzzle games, an escape room inside an interactive novel about a girl gang and a broken mind. Will you solve the mystery?

Mobile Game of the Year, Stuff Awards; Best Text-Based Game, PocketGamer Best iPad Game 2020, Tech Radar, Best Mobile Game 2020, MacWorld; Best Narrative and Best Mobile Game 2020, Valencia Indie Summit; Best Mobile Game and Best IDea, DeVuego Awards 2020

You have to find your girlfriend’s murderer, but you brain is damaged and you cannot make new memories. Using notes, pictures, and recorded messages you will have to solve the mystery and maybe, just maybe, discover an uncomfortable truth in this crime story set in the 90s.

Main features:

  • Text is the gameplay, a cool and innovative mix of interactive reading, story, and escape room puzzles.
  • Details have been carefully crafted, from the editorial design to the sophisticated photographs.
  • An immersive storytelling format that broadens the view of what games (and books) could be.
  • Full of 90s references to noir thrillers, graphic adventures, or iconic devices.
  • Themes: Memories, culture jamming, art pranks, empowered women and LGTBI.

MOBILE GAME OF THE YEAR. Stuff Gadget Awards 2020.
This is a stylish and smart take on a now-established genre, and from the second you hear a distant phone ringing, realize you spotted one earlier and frantically scroll back up the screen to answer it, you’ll be smitten.

An "Escape Book" that is sure to delight fans of the genre. Engaging, interactive, and with lots of narrative details that will make you spend several hours on your screen. 8/10

Unmemory is the best text-based game I have played to date. It can be read as a storybook or played as a game.

Dropping you straight into the action, Unmemory’s captivating blend of puzzles and mystery uses every aspect of your phone, from touch to motion to sound and visuals, making it – ironically – a singularly memorable experience.  8/10

BEST iPad GAMES 2020. Tech Radar.
It’s rare to see truly fresh games on iPad, but unmemory manages to thrill and intrigue in equal measure, doing clever things with narratives, adventures, and puzzling.

"Unmemory" has less to do with the rather dusty "interactive fiction" than with clever puzzle games like "Device 6" or even the logic puzzle "Return of the Obra Dinn". Exciting and extremely stylish.

Updated on 6th July 2021

This major update adds an original soundtrack to every chapter for the first time and fixes some general bugs.

unmemory Reviews

Im not a big gamer and look for intelligent games. We have not finished this one yet but Im thoroughly enjoying it. For those of us that dont like action and more go into thinking this is a great game.

The good: The game really shines when its making full use of its interface which is basically a text scroll with hidden Easter eggs. Its great to see a game play around with a unique format. Worth the price just for the novelty! Solid voice acting – not always the case with indie games! Decent and fun puzzles, most of which are on the easier side, but a few of which are downright challenging. Catchy tune in the our patience is wearing thin song! The bad: Sorry, folks, but you blatantly ripped off so much from the movie MEMENTO (I mean, cmon: guy with short-term memory loss who tattoos himself and writes on polaroid photos is trying to find the killer of his dead lover only to discover ) that the story was neither surprising nor particularly engaging. We kept hoping for a clever twist to show up, but it didnt. Some scenes and plot elements are literally pulled straight from the film, and the surprise ending could be seen coming from a mile away. UNlike the film, though, this mystery is never actually definitively solved! This is the big reason it lost a star. The novelty of the interface wears off about halfway through as the designers seem to run out of ideas for clever ways to utilize it, which is a shame and contributes to a draggy final third of the game. Unlike the overall game interface, the embedded image interaction is clunky, but we get it: its hard to make things like that fully interactive without a whole lot of work. It annoyed us once or twice (especially when longer input sequences were required), but on the whole it wasnt too bad. Overall: Honestly, despite the issues we had with the storyline, Id buy the game again for its uniqueness, and we think its worth the price. However, if you havent seen the 5-star movie MEMENTO, watch that instead, and be sure to watch it FIRST so you dont get spoiled! Hope to see more from these devs, with a truly original storyline!

This game was immediately engaging. We rarely play games with the sound on, but thoroughly enjoyed the immersive experience. We loved that clues could be found via text or audio as well as photos. Puzzles were never repetitive and required different types of problem solving to figure out. We finished it in 4 or 5 hrs time and our only regret is that it is over. Beautiful game from start to finish. Thank you to the developers. Cant wait to see what else you do!

We really enjoyed this game. We thought the use of interactivity combined with text was very clever and fun. Most of the puzzles were logical & fun to figure out without being too challenging. (though there were a couple we needed hints for!) Thanks for creating something truly unique & entertaining!

We were hoping for a good game during the pandemic and spent $5.99 for this. It started off good but then cant move beyond screen scene one. No directions. Terrible waste of money.

We’ve been waiting for this game for a while, and it has definitely not let us down so far! Im only on Chapter 2, but so far so good!

It was addictive. We loved the puzzles. We need more. We wish we would have been longer.

This is a very interesting and interactive game! We cant wait to keep playing it!

Our first experience with this kind of interactive games… So far, extremely good!!! Loved it!

A perfect blend of Device 6 and Memento.

We love this game. Really cool concept. But every 2 chapters the game crashes and it loses a few chapters of save data. Im on an older iPad, we may have to wait to play on a different device :(

We’ve taken chapter 2 through all the possibilities; times, phone calls to the point we had to look at appunwrappers walkthrough, who did even less than we did but got the debaser to show itself. Im using an iPad air2, 13.3. Cant figure out why it wont kick in. Was enjoying it, up until this point.

We’ve read hints and they say there should be audio and we cant hear anything! Volume is definitely on :-(

Expected a bit more game play, each chapter of 8, requires a couple of minor puzzles to solve the big one that gets you to the next chapter. Interface could use touch a bit more, example early in the game you need to use a phone, which you should just be able to do on its key pad, not pan through each button and then click when you want it. Ending is somewhat disappointing. All in all we are happy with our purchase, and look forward to another story line.

We just spent 10 minutes watching 80s TV shorts on a fake TV. WHAT IS HAPPENING???

We are a diehard fan of interactive fiction, and love the rare occasions when someone adapts it to touchscreen. It is disappointing how much of whats out there is just choose-your-own-adventure, without the puzzles that make great IF so addicting. This game hits the sweet spot of all the good things about IF, nicely blended with graphics, a good story, and some thoughtful puzzles done well, without overdoing the graphics and keeping it a text-based game, but without the pesky typing that turns so many people off of IF. We really wish the developers would stay on this track. We’ve been hoping that someone would adapt the truly great IF games (Counterfeit Monkey, Anchorhead, etc) for touchscreen- maybe its these guys. Im knocking off a star because of one truly badly clued puzzle- opening the music box. Almost every step of clueing to open it was tenuous or plain nonsensical. Many people will either give up or resort to a walkthrough unless you re-clue many of the steps for solving that puzzle. Every other puzzle was well-designed, but that one was SO bad that it really hurt the game. Thanks so much for this really absorbing experience. Keep it up!

Every time we get to the end of chapter 1, the app crashes, and none of our progress is saved.

How do we progress past first page ?

We’ve been looking forward to this release for awhile!

…. Will not load first page of text.

BEST PUZZLE GAME EVER HANDS DOWN. So sad when it ended :(

We loved this game! It reminded us of an escape room experience. If you’re someone who’s all about the details, this is the game for you. It requires patience and time, so if you have both, you’re sure to have a great time.

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