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VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH is one of the best $17.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd., VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 28th May 2018 with the latest update 8th February 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, Music, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


187 people have rated 1.0.6

You can download the game VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH from APP STORE.


"To my side, my noble Einherjar!"

An intricate and evocative tale of fates woven by gods and mortals, steeped in Norse mythology, punctuated by groundbreaking combat, and brought to life by a soundtrack considered among gaming’s greatest. Behold the origin of the VALKYRIE PROFILE franchise for yourself.

Added features and enhancements make it easier than ever to enjoy VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH.

-Intertwining tales that spin a captivating story amid the epic backdrop of Norse Mythology
-Deep, action-packed combat, with exhilarating combos and satisfying special attacks
-Motoi Sakuraba’s timeless soundtrack
-Multiple endings based on your actions and choices

Long ago, the worlds were forged: Midgard, the domain of mortals, and Asgard, the realm of celestial beings—elves, giants, and gods.

Amid the heavens, the sands of time flowed peaceably, until one fateful day. What began as a simple feud between the Aesir and Vanir would soon ignite a divine war that would come to rage across the lands of men, heralding the coming of the end of the world.

By Odin’s command the battle maiden descends from Valhalla, surveying the chaos of Midgard, seeking the souls of the worthy.

She is the Chooser of the Slain. She is the Hand of Destiny. She is the Valkyrie.

As war ravages Asgard above and Ragnarok threatens the world’s end, she must learn her own story, and discover her own destiny.

From the heavens on high to the world down below, the battle for the souls of gods and men begins.

Odin has tasked you with gathering Einherjar, the souls of worthy, and offering them to the gods as able warriors.

-Recruit Einherjar
Perform Spiritual Concentration from the overworld to find fallen souls, then visit them to witness the circumstances of their fates and recruit them.

-Develop Einherjar in Combat
Fight alongside your Einherjar, and sharpen their skills and abilities to enhance their value as warriors.

-Send Einherjar to Asgard
Once they are worthy, send the warriors forth to the heavens, making sure they are suitably equipped for the great war.

-Hear of Their Exploits
Learn how your Einherjar have fared in Asgard at the end of each chapter.

-Intuitive controls and UI catered to touchscreen
-Smartphone-optimized graphics
-Save-anywhere and autosave functions for on-the-go play
-Auto-battle option for combat
-Booster options available for purchase

iOS 8 or later

Partial support for game controllers

Updated on 8th February 2021

  • Fixed minor bugs.


5 stars if you guys add full screen support.

We’ve finished this game so many times we cant even count. The story, characters, literally everything is just perfect. Played from our PSP a decade ago and now playing on our phone. We only wish theres a remake soon.

Im glad this game have a ios version, but pls add a option to choose japanese voice!

The only reason why we gave this company our money, is because we saw the trailer for elysium and that brought us here after 15 yrs. We didnt even know this was a mobile game! Lets hope with elysium they add lenneth as a combo with both games.

We played this game long ago on psp and it was great, but to make it a mobile game, more needs to be done. 1. You guys need to make controller more compatible to mobile touching screen. 2. Looking for a "combo repeater" that record the order to actions of characters and repeat in combats. This could be a better version of "auto battle".

Two things: #1: Controls are not bad, as the original game also had bad platforming. #2: Not for newbs or those used to modern gaming. This is classic gaming with no covenience or handholding. Surprisingly archaic. Id only rec for people who grew up on it.

The game is broken. Theres no audio. In addition, theres no controller support. Do not buy it.

This game has been out for years, and it still doesnt not have controller support. Utterly and completely embarrassing. Is it so hard for a mega corporation to keep their products they continue to sell, up to date?

This was our favorite game for the PS1 period so when we saw it in iOS there was no question, we had to buy it. We thought to myself the touch controls couldnt be THAT bad and our sweet summer child they were WORSE than we could imagine. What passes for a D-Pad doesnt work with any precision what so ever. The game is practically broken and unplayable. We are an idiot. We bought the game and the add-ons without hesitating because we loved the PS1 game so much. Now we regret doing that. Why cant they just re-release the game on the PlayStation store or Steam with proper controller support? DO NOT BUY this touchscreen version of this game.

Valkyrie Profile is one of the all time greatest RPGs. However, this port earns its single star due to making no concessions for being a mobile port. The opening of this game is over an hour long with no auto saves. You can skip the whole thing, but then youre missing the excellent story. Square, please implement auto saves that start at each new story screen. No one has time to watch their phone for an hour and a half without being able to save. Speaking from experience, some of the later dungeons are also over an hour without a save point.

This game quickly quickly quickly became one of our favorites of all time. Wow this game is fun, and is very unique in its concept. We are an enormous JRPG player, and we wouldve never discovered this game if not for this iOS port. Now we are so hungry to play the second one, which we are praying will also gain its iOS port. This is one of the JRPG must-haves, much like Chrono Trigger and all things Final Fantasy. The only thing to watch out for is the difficult trick. The real ending to the game can only be obtained on hard difficulty, but dont be intimidated, like we were, because its not actually any harder. We had to beat it on normal and then hard and we wasnt even mad. We love this game. Thank you Apple for this port, and as always, thank you Square Enix for another classic RPG.

We actually grew up playing Valkyrie Profile alongside with Final Fantasy 7 for our Playstation but our memory of this game is not with us but we remember enjoying this game very much especially with 2 soundtracks in this game which were awesome to listen to Im glad we got the chance to play this wonderful game again thank you for the memories Square Enix. Sincerely, Noah Lewis/Lewis H/ Lewis Himeko.

One of our all time favorite games. Choices matter. We like seeing the best outcomes for our soldiers.

Yes just by reading the info we didnt read before. How cool is it to recruit humans to a celestial war in a square Enix game. Battle of the Valkyrie up against the forces of darkness. As Norse gods in mythology. Although, we prefer to recruit people to eternal life in The actual paradise in this life, heaven. Romans 10:13 New American Standard Bible (NASB) 13 for Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved. The name of the Lord is Jesus Christ, just a tad Bit of trust in his ability to save you from whatever corruption youve committed, weve all committed. Will be enough to Bring you to heaven. Ya dont even gotta work for it. Praise him for he is God and he is good Praise you Jesus, hallelujah.

First off let us start off saying that its a great port we love the game. Such a great classic. The only few bad things about that game is that it REALLY needs a D-pad. When playing side scrolling games you kinda need the pad, not the pad the pops up whenever you move the character and god forbid youre trying to navigate through a dungeon and you keep going back and forth and back and forth. Also there are some items that you miss because you cant navigate the jumps and the ice blocks because you can barely control the character, secondly theres a bug in the game whenever you go to the overworld and go into a dungeon all of Lenneths skills becomes unequipped which is really annoying. Add the D-pad and fix the bug and youll get 5 stars outta me.

With the new game pad support from IOS we are hoping that Square Enix will update the game to allow more Game Pad support.

Game is great but the controls is beyond frustrating. Youll spend at least 10 min just to climb a latter. Not to mention your equipment disappears out of no where.

The game is amazing the medium not so much, please add controller compatibility.

Its a good game, we’ve played it way back when it first came out on the PS1, but omg this needs MiFi support badly. It would instantly escalate this to 5 stars.

Game would be awesome if the controls were not so bad. Certain levels are impossible using touch controls.

Don’t charge a premium rate if you’re not going to put in premium work and update the game for the iPhone xs and xs max. We want our money back.

Was so psyched to play this port, and on top of it a Square Enix sale was going on so we had to buy it! Unfortunately the controls are next to impossible making the game unplayable. We noticed so many reviews asking for the controls to be fixed, and this has been going on for over a year? Ridiculous. Hopefully one day Square will stand up and fix this broken port of Valkyrie Profile.

No way to skip text and they roll insanely slow.

We’ve tried playing this with our PS4 controller and nothing happens. This game needs a controller support update ASAP because its awful to play without one.

This is and has been one of our favorite jrpgs of all time. We played it originally on the ps1 and then years later on the psp. This game is truly a gem with nothing else like it. So why one stars? The on screen dpad/analog/does-whatever-it-wants directional pad to move turns a fun nostalgic experience into a frustrating one as soon as the first dungeon. We know this was an Enix game originally but did no one tell SE that this game is 60% platformer? This game was released on ps1 and then psp both of which did not need analog control so why in the name of yevon is there a fake analog dpad our only option to move around? To us that just shows that this port wasnt fully play tested. The last palace in the game is nearly unplayable. Please for the love of god add a D pad setting with adjustable sizes. Youd think for a (17.99) premium priced game with MACRO-TRANSACTIONS (which basically amount to paying for cheat codes lol) that this developer would be able to add such a small feature. Please. The game is not unplayable but youll essentially be fighting the controls in every single dungeon and town, falling off ledges into spikes, and having to constantly restart platforming sections. If you have the resources save yourself the trouble and play this one on the psp youll be a lot happier. (If SE fixes this small control issue we will delete and re write this review- Robbie Dagger out)

Horrible controls. This should be a free app.

Tri ace made 2 of our favorite rpgs ever, this and star ocean 2. The story, characters and the gameplay are all phenomenal here and it all translates well to the touchscreen. The vibe of this game is unique and should be experienced by every rpg fan. Cant recommend enough, just buy it.

Game is well ported and runs smoothly. We truly am happy but like, console release when?

The release of this game Is welcomed since it almost seems as if it was made for mobile use. Played it originally on the PSP and have missed it, until now!

Pretty much how we remember it… Now how about Final Fantasy 8, Squeenix? Pretty please?

Square Enix one small thing can you do a update for the game pads on iPad have full functioning on menus etc. Like your other games that would be great other than that VP is perfect thank you square enix.

Valkyrie Profile was a legendary game on the original PS1. Even more legendary with a port to the PSP. VP became a collectors item and usually with a hefty price tag. Now, forever in the history books and available to the masses as one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Im so happy to see that Square Enix is giving a piece of our childhood back. Valkyrie profile will forever have a place in our heart.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is our all time favorite game. We havent played this version yet but if it captures even a bit of it, its worth the price for any jrpg fan.

The story play of the game is quite engaging, and heartfelt. The Valkyrie Lenneth herself is quite interesting. Sure at first seems plain, though the further you go, and if you do everything, it is revealed that there is something more to her in the past. A lot more to be precise. Each character is developed well. Theyre all memorable in short. We’ve played many games dealing with Norse Mythology, so the course of the story was no surprise. That is where it was headed. Though what surprised us was Lenneths past. How certain characters have a direct impact on her character itself. We cannot say much otherwise we may spoil it. The battle system reminds us somewhat of star ocean. It quite easy to maneuver. The battles also have quite a few skills that can be used under auto command or reaction, etc. Now due to another comment, complaining about multi touch. Its not a brain buster. Just tap the characters name after an attack to perform an additional attack, counter, etc. Over all our experience in the game was great. The story was very heartfelt. The progression was steady(if you do everything), and there are still a few holes in the story as usual, but nothing as important for the time being. If anything, Id love for the game to have a new game+, Id definitely replay it if that was added in.

This brings back tons of memories! We grew up playing JRPGs, on Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy Advanced, Sony Playstation, PSP, you name it. This game is the BEST JRPG in our humble opinion, and it is under rated! We are in the middle of chapter 3 now. It is every bit the same as the PSP version!

Just paid for app and on the home screen the app just says waiting and wont download! Devs please help!!! Fixed!

We cant believe this game is finally for our iPhone! Awesome game, played through it several times. Great story, graphics and characters.

Squeenix keeps surprising us with their mobile releases. First Romancing Saga 2 and now this? Im extremely excited for whatevers coming next! Anyway this is an amazing port that runs flawlessly, we havent encountered a single problem yet and we’ve logged 20+ hours. Controls are silky smooth and the fact that you can save anywhere really makes the difference on mobile. All in all a must-have if youre even remotely interested (which you probably are since you read this review)

This game is extremely underrated. Love this game, so glad we can finally play it again.

Im really surprised this port turned out so well. Not a single issue and the menu interface is actually REALLY good and organized. Overall of course, VP is a very incredible game and so is the 2nd, especially for the challenge you get for it. A must get for people who havent played it. Also, the game feels smoother in some odd way than the other versions but Im not sure why haha.

Im a huge Final Fantasy fan who enjoyed the franchise starting from the PlayStation era (from FFVII-FFXIII Trilogy). Never got to play the Valkyrie Profile series and had not even heard of it until a few years ago. Lenneth is a refreshing reminder of the good ole days of the Enix (SquareSoft at the time). The storyline is reminiscent of Squares 90s JRPGs. Already on 2nd playthrough for the perfect ending (FAQs required it seems!). Loving the darker storyline side of Square revolving supernatural and mythical themes of afterlife, self-sacrifice and heroism (fallacy or not). Norse mythology OP. Interesting format of gameplay progression (Periods). Couldve been inspiration for FFXIII-3s limited time progression perhaps? Idk – its definitely unique. The Valkyries remind us a lot of Lightning in XIII as well (always the dutiful warrior turned rebel). A recurring character archetype in Enix games it seems to be. Some of the controls during the side scrolling is a bit clunky and frustrating. The Crystals needed to traverse into some areas can get frustrating, esp if youre OCD about obtaining all dungeon treasures. The voice acting is too much tbh . Dungeon Maps are annoying to navigate with (esp @ Lezards Tower when you need it most!) but its cool. Not really complaining though – its a fun game! Truly a rare gem that you wont want to transfer to Odin!

We were hesitant at first as the touch controls arent the best, but overall this is probably the best way to play Valkyrie Profile in 2018. The graphics are pixel perfect and the touch controls for the menu and battle system work well. There are also a lot of tutorials in the menu system to explain aspects of the game. Our main problem is with the touch controls during the exploration and platforming section arent very sharp. Overall though, this doesnt detract from the overall greatness of VP.

Just like we remembered and more! They did almost a prefect port here- there are a few stages that hit you hard with mega lag- and the virtual joy pad is brutal on some occasions that call for precise executions- other then that the add ons are sweet for an extra boost in gameplay.

This is one of our all time favorite rpgs that didnt get enough attention. We lost our psp years ago with our Valkyrie profile game and never got the chance to order because we didnt want to buy a psp again. The graphics are just about what you expect. The soundtrack is still amazing as ever. The only downside we really see but is no problem to us is the controls. Its not impossible to play and beat the game with it. Just we feel like a dpad would have been better than a virtual joystick and maybe mifi support. The menus are changed a little from the psp version but still manageable. Also to those who are concerned with the in app purchases. There is nothing like loot boxes in here. Those in app purchases are only if you want to make the game easier for your self and give you permanent double exp half cost on matrialzation and double damage. There buy once and receive and you definitely dont need none of that if you just want to play the game normally. For the price its at and what you get we honk this a pretty well done iOS version of the game! We hope one day we can see Valkyrie profile Anatomia come to U.S. Or a Valkyrie profile 3.

We’ve only recently heard of this game, when it came to the Japanese App Store. So, we instantly got it when it hit the US store. Its beautifully done, wonderfully ported to touch controls, sounds great, and has a deep story to tell. We loved the very long intro to the story. Cant wait to continue!

Now release silmeria for iOS please :)))

We nearly had a heart attack when we saw this, this has been our favorite game of all time since original release. Im so profoundly glad that we can have it on our tablet.

Valkyrie Profile. The name evokes nostalgia in many a gamer who played it. It went from a little known game to cult classic in a little under a decade. This review not only will praise the game, but reveal some tidbits you may not know. The dev studio tri-Ace has quite a history. The core of it is made up of former staffers of Wolf Team; if you dont know the name, their resume of such old school cult hits as Valis: The Fantasm Soldier, Final Zone, Sol-Deace, Star Ocean, and Tales of Phantasia (yes, THAT Tales of Phantasia as in the long running Tales series!!) speaks entirely for itself. Now as far as the game goes, after its initial run in the PS1 era word of its outstanding quality spread and it became a sleeper hit of Disgaean proportions. We myself once encountered a used copy at GameStop selling for a whopping $149.99! Once PS1 game production ceased, its value on the secondary market ballooned… And it was only accessible to those willing to fork over absurd amounts of money. Then we got the PSP remake VP Lenneth. While it did change some things (new CGI movies in place of the excellent anime scenes and the loss of the OG VAs after they got famous on Pokmon), the core game itself didnt change and was made accessible at an affordable price. Eventually, like with all consoles, even the venerable PSP, the little JRPG Engine that could, went the way of the dodo and Lenneth was lost to the gaming world once more…. Until NOW. Square Enix certainly knows Valkyrie Profile is a gold ours. The fandom for the game and its sister series Star Ocean (HINT HINT SQUENIX!!!) is well established and tri-Ace is one of their best dev teams. So after the JP only Valkyrie Anatomia didnt make it to the overseas market, where most fans are, it seems Square Enix realized fans wanted a proper VP on iPhone and Android. And what better than the classic original? The gameplay is top notch as always. The game version we got is the PSP remaster so it was made for portable gaming. Even if the sprites look pixelated it is only part of the games charm. The combo based battle system returns as well, along with all the Great Magic, Ougi (Finishing Strikes) and Shingi (Divine Assaults) fans love. The music bears special mention. Motoi Sakuraba is in top form and this game has some gems. From the battle theme Unfinished God Syndrome to the boss tune Confidence in the domination, there are many classic earworms to rival even Final Fantasy. Now to the only sticking point some people have: the IAP. We get both the usual cheats labeled as boosters, and an instant unlock of the collection. We would recommend buying the collection items at least, as the multiple endings in the game may make it hard to get EVERYTHING without consulting a FAQ. And a hint folks: contrary to what they say on the tin, Hard Mode is actually the Mode youre meant to play on! Overall this game is a perfect love letter to the fans. It may be $17 but compared to finding an OG copy on eBay, its a bargain! A full five out of five stars! In closing, Square Enix Id advise you to port Star Ocean 1 and 2 next. Fans want those games big time and not giving overseas fans them on the PS4 or Vita only makes them hungry for more.