Voodoo Pranks

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:48 pm

Voodoo Pranks


Voodoo Pranks is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HOMA GAMES, Voodoo Pranks is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 14th January 2021 with the latest update 8th June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


8,849 people have rated 1.6.1

You can download the game Voodoo Pranks from APP STORE.


Life kicks you, buddy? 

Take your frustration out on everyone who has vexed you with the help of your new doll.

 Various tools, limitless arsenal, and a bit of magic will help you to finally get revenge on your offender.

Tons of relatable situations, unexpected characters, and many story twists are hidden on your way. Play for free to discover them all!

Every one of us has to blow off steam at some point, do it in the best stress relief ever!

Updated on 8th June 2021

  • Bug fixes & stability improvements

Voodoo Pranks Review


Enyone can play lets put anger very nice.

Honestly we love this game and we 10/10 recommend this game to anyone who enjoys this type of game style.

We saw annoying orange play it and it was just a little violent but we have not played it yet.

We love this game a lot and we can take our anger out when need to but dang there are so many ads we play for even one minute theres a ad.

Well its only boys you torture we feel like so we think its kinda sexist to men.

In our opinion, this game is not operate for little kids. We would appreciate if you made it 15+ so young people dont think they can just kill people who even slightly irritate them.

No just no Im a boy playing and just no.

This game is a joke. You make people hurt others in order to go to the next level we came across one level where you have to hurt a certain president before he makes it up the stairs and if you dont it says oops try again. WRONG! No wonder only uneducated children play this game smh.

There is no point to this game.

This is not safe for you and kids this game should be deleted.

But theres way too many ads. Add a NO ADS button and Ill give you 5 stars.

Poop Games were found our toilet this morningDo you determine for our butler Leslie matter but we hate it to the peanuts from the cabinet give us a minute man Im trying to get some cookies the Xbox do you want some eggs in a bun house you really.

This game should be deleted and banned. No game like this should exist. It is bad influence for kids. This game can make kids think about life in another way.

You ever wanted to be secretly evilthen this game is for you!

At a point it gust go to the same levels.

Overall pretty good game, could use some better story but its fun and addictive!

This game is kinda great it is fun!

This game is only about killing men and killing someone innocent only 16+ should play this is sexual only talking about men and how there mean one of the levels ruined a guy life just cause he broke up with her and a few levels they tried to take her doll and we did nothing but nothing happened this game is not good for kids.

Thank you for this game its so cool we wish we just can play all day but its dark and next time its our special day we can see darlene.

We loved this game so much that when it said did we wanna save him we said no :) because they deserve it much we might try to make one myself.

Yeah thats cool bro you can go see us on the.

It says 17+ for a reason, Don’t overreact. Its just a game for anger or something. Even if yo in 4th grade you shouldn’t play it because it says 17+. Jesus..

This game is good but we just got it soo. It is funny make sure you go in the face lol.

Whyd you have to put trump in this its just stupid.

The only reason why we dont like it is because the adds are not very fun but the game is good and fun to play. But we dont like the digital picture and how the people look like. And the last thing we need to say is we play fortnite on switch.

You kill these people for no reason we like the part that we kill them but for stupid reasons like one was because he was smoking like chill lady its a free country.

We understand ads but these ads were too frequently making it hard to focus on game itself.

Why need to write a game about Torturing people? Get a life, pleb.

This game is fun the first few levels but then its just flat out cruel we feel like a bad person just playing it we hate the finish revenge.

We cant play, it keeps on crashing :v please fix.

This game is bad it can teach your kids bad stuff do not install and please delete the game App Store.

First of all, this game is cruel and it feels somehow wrong and stereotypical because its only men you torture this game is so stupid and we hate this game.

You say its a kid app but you kill people you teach people to kill really bad app.

The lady is UGLY like she should get arrested for hunting all these people.

We just feel bad for the people and the KIDS that see the ad.

If you download and play this…. You want the world to burn.

We love this game it seems cruel and mean but you can take out your anger out and all your frustration would recommend to only a few with anger problems or stuff like that.

Perfect for us and is not TOO violent but still is a bit violent.

Kicks boss out of window also does Macarena XD.

Why are people mad at the game we mean we havent played it yet but its just a game nobodys actually getting hurt. We mean it does seem kinda mean but still its just a game.

It is a game where you talk to somebody who broke up with you produce your body for not giving you coffee and then you talk to somebody and then kick them out the window what is this.