Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets

Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets

Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets

Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kooapps, Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets is a Lifestyle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st January 2021 with the latest update 16th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Lifestyle, Family, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets ?

2,342 people have rated 1.0.33

What is the price of the Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets released ?

Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets was released on 21st January 2021.

When was the Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets updated ?

The latest updated date of Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets on 16th December 2022.

Where can Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets be downloaded ?

You can download the game Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets from Apple Official App Store.



Watch Pet gives you the chance to meet and own various fur babies with unique personalities. Adopt your free virtual friend and add some fun to your life with Watch Pet!

Create special memories with your virtual pets. This addicting game lets you take care of your pets anytime, anywhere! Add this widget game to your Apple Watch device to track your virtual pet’s feelings and health stats on the go, no internet needed!

Train and take care of your companions to increase your trainer level. The higher your trainer level, the more companions you can unlock at the pet shop! Virtual pets are the perfect way to destress and unwind.

Download Watch Pet today and pick your own pet, or collect them all and grow a fun, loving family. When it comes to virtual pets, the more, the merrier!


Virtual Pet Shop

  • Choose from a wide variety of pets
  • Unlock more as you increase your trainer level
  • Adopt and name your virtual companions
  • Grow a fun, loving family

Caring for Your Virtual Pet

  • Take care of your pet’s basic needs – give them food and water
  • Have fun and play with your virtual pets to show them your love
  • Track your pet’s feelings & health stats and keep them happy

Play Anytime, Anywhere

  • Add your pet as a widget on your home screen
  • Track their status meters without opening the app
  • Play online or without WiFi

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Updated on 16th December 2022


  • Tutorial updates! We’ve updated the look for our tutorial screens.
  • Haptic feedback when petting your pet!
  • Updated store UI! Now you’ll have an easier time going through the shop.

Watch Pet: Watch & Widget Pets Review

We were playing this game for a long time and we just done locked our pet so it like falls us around and like when Im having our Apple Watch from here like blocks with us so this is a real really good game and one more thing and you should download it because like it is so good and one more thing it was just so fun like it was fun so you should download it so you could be entertained.

So cute tells you when theres a commercial break and its like taking care of real pet should add furniture to decorate the back ground.

This app is so amazing! It even tells you when there is a commercial coming. Plus you get to play with your pet with meditation, walking, nap time and bath time. Once again this app is so amazing and it works with Apple Watch.

We named our dog shadow and our fish ruby.

So like we thought this game was going to be another one of those just OK games, but it is more than OK! You get to feed your pet, play with your pet, and watch your pet grow! It is so relaxing and simple we bet a 2 year old could play it with 0 troubles and it is so addicting and you never get sick of it! We have always wanted a pet dog, and now we have one we can take care of! (Online, of course!) we would give this game a 10 out of 5!

We love this game because it reminds us of our dog. We used to play with him but he got a little fat so he would not run around. Now we feel like we have a real pet corgi. When we saw this app, we just thought it would be a bad idea to get it. But we did still download it. And it so much fun!!! Thank you so much for this game. – Madison.

The animals are really adorable, we love taking care of them.

First of all its really easy, and its also a really fun game. Good pass time but not a huge commitment. Also we can take care of it on our watch. You cant do all of the things on your watch that you can on your phone but obviously thats not really plausible. Love it.

So cute and fun. Love having a little fur friend with us at all times.

We love this app! We love that you can take care of pets on it. We also like the new options to give a dog a bath or go for a walk. We just wish walking could work with you Apple Watch! Everything else is great!

We LOVE playing this game, but we think it would be a lot more fun if there were more activities and shorter timers for what you do, Other than that,I recommend this game to anyone who likes to take care of animals!

We love this game so so so so much! It is so easy and fun it is like you have a real pet! You should get it.

We love this game it is fun awesome and addictive.

It is a good game for a Apple Watch great for kids to know how take care for a dog we like it but it takes a lot of work just like a dog.

We LOVE THIS APP!! It helps u relive stress while taking care of a pet in so many good ways. Sad thing tho ads 24/7 right when u log in allllll that.

This app is great for kids who want to have pets but arent normally aloud to have one. The only reasons why we rated it four stars is that, we find that the comments the pet makes about missing the player is a little creepy and when watching ads to get free supplies, you dont get the supplies. Other then those two things, this app is completely fine.

You should fix how many adds there are because its important not to have too many but overall we love this game!

This game is so adorable and we love it very much.

We really like it but it has to many ads.

Adorable game!! Perfect for passing time <3 just the ads are the problem.

It’s good but frequent ads in the middle of a activity with our pet. We do like that you can have multiple pets at once though.

The game is overall nice, as well as the concept. A suggestion would be more features to earn items. It would be cool if the pets could do certain commands.

Its good until u get to level 5 and u have enough coins for another pet but if you get another pet u have the old progress deleted u have to pay to get other pets and keep the old ones we mean WHO DOSE THAT we know they need money the game is cute but they need to let u have several pets at a time so Im just gonna say to the creators good job but BRUH! PLZ fix this Im NOT paying for the ultra pet pass!

Its ok but we wish there were shorted ads!!

We wish you could have 10 pet for free.

So we have a dog named Bayley and we have a dog on the app and we named her Bayley. So if you have a pet you lost of just love you can get the same pet that your was and name it after your pet. And plus its like a tamagotchi for you Apple watch.

Good cute game we love the little animals and they are so cute you can even pet them and take pics.

We love this app so much because its fun to take care of our pet when Im bored and we go to the little play spot and you get to chat with other people and they are very nice. It also helps you sleep, exercise, and meditate, and they also have nice calming sound tracks to them too. Very calming especially for us because we have to much on our mind right now, and this app really helps us. Thankyou! 10/10 recommend for you!

We know people when you look at the like profile you probably think its bad but everyday you go on your phone it just pops up if you put on notifications like: (your pets name)s is hungry! Come feel your (your pet). Like its the best download it now! -brooklyn kunde.

We think we can get some more stuff from Christmas shopping than this lol jk love it.

We just got this and at first we were a little bit confusing and we still am we little confused but as far as we know its amazing and during class we dont have to be bored anymore we can just play this game on our watch. Pls download best decision we ever made.

We wish you could have multiple pets at once but its super cute!

Nice game but it takes a while to hatch its Brit the most amazingly fun but we enjoy it, we play during school in our watch.

We want to watch our pet but we dont have a plus thing when we hold the screen down.

1 we love when the cute dog tells us that there is an add 2 it is a great game for people who love pets 3 is VERY cute 4me when we see our corgi AWWWWWW.

Okay so first off it has so many pets. It may seem small, but trust us, they have tons of animals to choose from. Second off, there are good animations and smooth sound effects! Third, it has NO LAG! No lag! Its also free with the occasional ad, but theyre really short. Download watch pets!

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