Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 12:30 pm

Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color

Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color

Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zephyrmobile, spol. s r.o., Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color is a Trivia game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th September 2021 with the latest update 11th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color ?

20,819 people have rated 4.6.3

What is the price of the Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color released ?

Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color was released on 8th September 2021.

When was the Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color updated ?

The latest updated date of Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color on 11th June 2023.

Where can Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color be downloaded ?

You can download the game Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color from Apple Official App Store.



Need personal coloring therapy? Get Color – Water Sort Puzzle is a great stress and anxiety relief.
Thousands of colorful and inspiring color puzzle, designed to relax, expel negative thoughts and take away all the worries. Download Get Color – Water Sort Puzzle and get a personal relaxing colores puzzle with a broad range of levels. Find the most interesting rainbow puzzles and sort them any time, whenever you feel down. Get Color – Water Sort Puzzle is always here to help!


500+ PUZZLES TO SORT. Sort as much as you can!

Sort colores across flasks.
Use 1 additional flask to if you need it.
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Relieve stress with Get Color – Water Sort Puzzle!

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Updated on 11th June 2023

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Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color Review

Its a fun game but way way way too many ads. Im not going to pay $20 to remove ads when we can get essentially the same game and pay $3 to remove the ads. We did a search for the same concept, found an extremely similar game with many more reviews and paid $3. Now Im deleting this app!!

Can you please give us a way to block advertisements we find offensive. We dont want to watch story apps that prey on sex obsessed people. We understand why watching ads is a part of your product, but we want our apps and ads to be g or pg.

Your ads arent working. The game just sits on a black blank screen and you cant do anything. It was a fun game but now Im deleting it because you cant get past the broken ads to play.

We were charged $19.99 for this app to get rid of ads. It is a complete scam and the amount of ads to do anything is absolutely ridiculous.

Muy entretenido y desarrollo de la lgica!

Literally theres a 30 second ad between every puzzle. We made it to level 12 before we couldnt stand it anymore.

Every other move results in a long ad. We got to the point of reluctantly paying 19.99 for no ads BUT AM STILL GETTING ADS! We wrote to the company and still have not heard back. Rip off for sure. We love color games but sadly will be deleting, giving the company one more chance to reply.

We love this game!! It soothes our mind, and relieves any anxiety and stress..

Love this game! It keeps our mind sharp.

This game is very fun. Theres a lot of tweaks though. Even though this game is very fun and colorful and bright. Somethings just dont make sense like the cat needing to get like milk or something every day and it just is kind of annoying. Also, the ads are intolerable we cant stand them theyre so annoying, especially the ones where to tap the play and just send it to the get screen, we just really hope theres an update or some thing because somethings definitely tweaking like the wheel of fortune. Why do you have to get ads every single time theyre really annoying and why is it looks so popular for that cat all the time cats drives us crazy. And like to get an extra space or some thing you have to watch an ad. Why is there so many ads so we really hope theres an update or something to get rid of the apps because it is just kind of annoying ,Im sorry we really like this game. This is something we need a little work but this game is very awesome. Thank you.

They give you the option to remove ads. But after you pay $20 you still get ads. The ads are reduced but you still get ads. If you say no ads then its suppose to be no ads. Its a rip off, dont purchase the no ads. We’ve sent the developers a message and they wont get back to us. We guess they dont care. They have our money and now telling us to kiss off. Do not give them any money, its a waste.

We Absolutely LOVE this game but the ads are so ANNOYING!! App makers You really need to get rid of 3/4 of these stupid ads! Or Lower the price to get rid of them!! $19.99 is wayyyy too expensive just to get rid of them! Youre opening doors for competition to make a game just like this one but with less ads or less money to get rid of them! Id promote the heck out of this game IF youd do one of those things. You could make it so that the ads played on startup and if you need to use the extra cup but ads at startup & between games & when a cup is used & interrupting the game is just nuts!!

We have played this game for a long time. We have used the free app & it was a challenge. Then it changed to a different water pour puzzle but it lost the fun for us. So today, we deleted it. We could find no way to go back to the puzzle that we have enjoyed so much.

Gets us thinking, everyday and we love it !!!

Got stuck on a level. Video wont play to add a beaker. Contacted support no response.

Gameplay is fun no problems there but ad frequency is ridiculous. And our phone for whatever reason really overheats when we run this idk if its our phone we play other games with no problem, or what.

Even though we love it, Im going to delete it because of the ads! They are ridiculous!

Ads are a part of free games; we accept that. But lately the ads have been for strange scams about losing 45 lbs in 2 weeks with magic gummies endorsed by Oprah. They literally show video of Oprah for half of the ad. This is shameful. Do better!

So we gave it 2 stars because we paid $20 for ad free and still had ads Way to much money for that to be occurring so it needs to be fixed Also the amount of adds on this game is ridiculous.

We deleted this game because the developer allowed an ad for an app that encourages teenagers to have sex with their bullies. Disgusting and unforgivable.

Inappropriate Ads though game is rated for 4+

We paid $20 for this game to not have to deal with the adds and we still had too watch adds. We got a new phone and re downloaded the game and it is saying we have to repurchase to get rid of adds. We asked for a refund and was told we are not eligible.

Paid for no ads $3.99 is what came up on our Ap. Im still getting ads. Whats up. We messaged them but no answer Help , we enjoy game but paying for ads & still getting them is unexceptable. DO SOMETHING.

Not a bad game, but the adds are ridiculous. Stop playing because of it.

So were is the money when you cash out its been over 24 hours.

Yes o enjoy playing this its exciting.

We love this app but justifying paying $20 for ad free service is a bit extreme . Maybe $5-$10 is doable but a $20 app we can never fully buy into. This is the only game app on our phone but the ads suck.

We enjoy playing this game, but its really annoying when music randomly plays from one of their ads!!

We love this game and went ahead and bought it for $19.99. We still have to watch at least half the ads we did before. What a waste of money.

We paid 19.99 to stop the ads but we still get them and the game goes black when we try add a vial. We have to leave the game and come back to start over. We expect more for the price we paid.

We Love the game but there are waaayyy too many ads. Its ridiculous.

Great game concept, keeps us engaged throughout and can play it on our iPad for hours however it majorly lags on our iPhone to the point that we cant even play on it. Also theres too many ads.

We enjoy the challenge of this game, but there are WAY TOO MANY ADS. So much so that we will NEVER download the games being advertised bc it is that annoying.

We like this game itself, however, there is a 30 second ad on every level and at times we have accidentally hit the button to allow the extra bottle just because of where it is located and that brings up a 30 second ad as well that you cant get out of. You 100% spend more time on ads then on the actual game. Deleting this game.

It has too many ads. Their terms and conditions are shady. Bad game.

Game keeps freezing. We will delete because t is frustrating that it freezes.

We play much more complicated and involved games with either way fewer ads, or that can go ad-free for a few bucks. What on earth makes this very simple game worth $20?! We would have purchased if it was reasonable. Instead, we have to uninstall. Such a shame!

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