Webkinz® Classic

Webkinz® Classic

Webkinz® Classic

Webkinz® Classic is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ganz, Webkinz® Classic is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 29th August 2013 with the latest update 23rd October 2020

Whether you are a fan of Family, Education, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Webkinz® Classic ?

2,038 people have rated 3.18.10

What is the price of the Webkinz® Classic ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Webkinz® Classic released ?

Webkinz® Classic was released on 29th August 2013.

When was the Webkinz® Classic updated ?

The latest updated date of Webkinz® Classic on 23rd October 2020.

Where can Webkinz® Classic be downloaded ?

You can download the game Webkinz® Classic from Apple Official App Store.



Play Webkinz on your mobile device!
NEW: Earn Pet Care points, Family Score and Milestone Prizes on the go!

Access your Webkinz World™ account anywhere! Decorate your rooms, shop, play arcade games and take care of your pets!

  • Decorate your pet’s rooms on your tablet or phone!
  • Care for your pets! Feed, dress and bathe your pets from your mobile device!
  • Go shopping! Buy awesome food, clothing, furniture, decorations, or even a new virtual pet for your Webkinz account in the mobile WShop (featuring unique Mobile Zone items)!
  • Play Arcade games and earn KinzCash!
  • Spin the Wheel of WOW and win unique prizes for your Webkinz World account!
  • Register for Webkinz World and adopt pets from your mobile device!
  • Special benefits for Deluxe Webkinz World Members!*
  • More features and arcade games from Webkinz.com added often!

Download the app for FREE!

About Webkinz Pets
Webkinz™ pets are lovable toys that come alive in Webkinz World! Earn KinzCash playing some of the best Arcade games around! Feed, dress and play with your Webkinz virtual pets and design an amazing home for your whole Webkinz family. For kids aged 6+. Come in and play!

*Some features require a Deluxe Webkinz World Membership or In App purchases.
*Some features require an active internet connection.

Webkinz World: http://www.webkinz.com
Webkinz User Agreement: https://webkinznewz.ganzworld.com/share/user-agreement/

Updated on 23rd October 2020

  • Bugfies

Webkinz® Classic Review

Im def getting strawberry cow.

Very few bugs that we’ve noticed, none that are game breaking. Quick response time, very little lag. Nicely responsive.

We wrote our pet name on paper then got her back!!!!!

Webkinz used to be fun when you could do more but now your left with only a couple things. Please add more on the free version!

They are super cute we love them so much :)

Hello! Nice game, but we were trying to play the game today, and J was in the arcade. We played one game for about 15 mins, and only got like 24 money. U really need to make it a higher amount for the amount of effort you have to put into it to just play the game. Thanks.

This is a really fun app but the second time we went on to the app it said that we have two days left of our free trial, bit we did not agree of any free trials so we just deleted the app, and we were really looking forward to webkinz.

App is great for when you want to play a few games on mobile but it still doesnt have all games or the ability to add friends via cell phone. Would really like to see the full webkinz experience move onto mobile as a lot of people dont use regular PCs or flash anymore. But a good step would be adding the phone to play with friends and add friends, and add more arcade games.

We love you guys but you cant use your secret code twice. You also took away the doctor but he is creepy he just give everyone the creeps. And so does mrs. Birdy.

It doesnt let you log back in! Its so annoying! Our user name and password we typed in are correct!! They are obviously because we have it in our notes!!!!!!! This makes our very very mad us and our brother hate it how it does that! Please fix it and Ill give 5 star ! But now its a 1 !

We 100% know that our login information that we are trying to use is correct, but it does not let us login on the app. We switched over to PC and tried logging in with the exact same information and it works just fine.


We love this game. Its fun and hard and you take care of animal and we love animals! So we think this is the best game ever!

We downloaded this app because our favorite YouTuber downloaded it after 12 years and we decided to download it for fun and we were super surprised when we set our account up we got a lot of free Webkinz coin and other things we played for a few hours then we logged off we definitely recommend this for kids!

The beginning tutorial video on how to decorate wont load for us and we cant do anything else yet because of it Like the game though.

We love really love this game!!!!! Ill be ever since we were eight years old! & for GabrielleS. Did you ever hear of Webkinz Next!!! You might love the app! & the website! Its 3-D and everything!

Hi! We played when we were a kid and collected all the plushies when Webkinz was in its heyday. Some of our favorite classic games are not in the app, and cash cow doesnt make the clicking sound when you match the bottles each time. Also, we loved mining for gems, but its not a feature in the app. Mining for gems was one of the things that made us excited to come log in every day so we could try to collect them all. Try to bring back some of the old stuff that was in the website when it was most popular please! This app is pure nostalgia and fun!!

We love this game ever since we were 6 and man we still love this game.


This game is amazing, so are the plushies. Please bring them back, we doubt you will but its worth asking, right?

Omg we love this app it contains a lot of pet care it is so much fun we could play all day. If you are thinking about getting this app its so fun we love it and you will too. Have an amazing day God bless you.

Hello, we love ur game. There is just one thing that we would like you to add: pajamas. We just love ur game and how you can dress ur pet so we couldnt give this game less than five stars. So anyway, U dont have pajamas for a pet to wear. All you have to dress ur pet is normal daytime clothes we just really want you to add pajamas. It doesnt make sense that you have slippers for ur pet to wear but no pajamas. Please read this and add pajamas.

We would say it is over chat filtered and we would say that u should make it full access for mobile and its so fun but get rid of that weird other one. The best one is classic we’ve been playing since we were like 4 lol great game thoe and make a way to put in your age but make sure that it sends it to your email because if u have age ratings less chat filter for higher ages thanks but if your a webkinz staff worker please respond to this.

You should make this available on iPhones.

We love that we can garden, spin the wheel of wow, and wash/exercise our pets from anywhere. However, it would be amazing and greatly appreciated if they added more of the classic web activities to the app. Having gem hunting, school classes, park access, etc would take this app to the next level! Hoping to see more things on the app in the future.

We love this app so much! We hardly have any glitches! Just in Atomicolicous if Sparky wins we feel bad because he says Im the king of the game! In kind of a offensive way. It is like he is being a sore winner. If you can change this we will be so grateful! Thank you!

There are many false reports saying that MS. BIRDY KILLS YOURE PET we have attempted this 32 click and debunked it it a false rumor.

This was our child hood we wold collect to plush es and we loved them we have over 200 of them we love them all so it Mack us happy to see that that other people like it if you read this have a good day and this is the best game sure it could use some more stuf but it remains us of our child hood so ya.

The game is cooooooool we love it.

We couldent log into our other account with our Pet on there but we have a new account with a Wolf on it now we saved password so we wont get locked out thanks.

But can you add the things that are on the computer when you play it plz?!

We made our account over a decade ago and played it daily until about 2015. (I still played then, but not as consistently). Quarantine made us start playing a lot again and now we spent hours each day on this amazing game. This one is far superior to the new version. We highly recommend playing!

We love webkinz but we tried asking our mom to buy us the dulex membership but she said no and we really want full access to webkinz we tried putting in a webkinz pet code because we found a picture of a code but its said it was wrong but we put in the exact code with capital and numbers just like the code had. We really really really want full access to webkinz The rest of the time Im playing the game we really want the full access to our webkinz we dont have a computer and A full access to webkinz without a membership its all we’ve been wanting since we started playing this game. We used to have a computer but it broke we played Webkinz on our computer so much that we were hooked but ever since it broke we have playing it on our tabletOnce we found out we need a membership to get full access we were kind of upset we love this game but its not like the PC version all we want is that you update this webkinz so that its like the PC version and we have full access to webkinz please reply.

Hi, this apps great but the only thing is: can you add the Wishing Well 2 game please. And if you could also add the full things to do menu including the clubhouse, Adventure Park and Vacation Island. Also add the challenges on the side of the screen, also adding a map of the challenges and to show which ones you have completed would be nice. It would also be really nice if you could add sessional and holiday events and challenges, adding both the code shop and the our bagels area so that if your out of town or something you can participate in everything this game has to offer plus the ability to earn badges on the go.

Hi so we always played this game when we were younger and now we watched this video and they said somthing about wedkins and we were like what we forgot that was a thing lol so we searched it up. And found this game BUT how do you get the yellow/ golden. Coins like Idk so we would love for somone to tell us how. And. How do we adopt a new pet like. We went to the adoption place but our code was not working so idk.

Ok so Im only 9 years old and when we were like 7 we found out about this game and when we got it im addicted to it this is a great game we give it a 10 out of 10!

This is so adorable thank you developers.

This game was our whole childhood! We sadly forgot our password and we were never able to log back in. But we remember so many memories and what a great time we had. We love this game so much.

We love webkinzs classic Im 8yrs old and when our aunt was a kid she was obbssed with it . But there was a club house thing and when we tried to do it on safari because you cant do it on webkinzs it didnt work it put us here when we tapped the play button we love webkinzs though.

Webkinz is no doubt a old game but the game holds up we have some webkinz cards from 2007 and the codes are still active the game are fun to get Kinzcash love it 5 stars.

We’ve played this game with our sister for a long time. And Pom Pom kitty was one of our favorites and still is cause we still have the toy that we got the code from it to this day. But as much as we love seeing furry faces and cuddly partners we remember seeing so long ago. We remember the joys of what it was really like outside of the webkinz house, we only wish you could bring this to the mobile. Cause our heart just breaks because of this- there could have been so much more to explore but alas, were locked inside this place of boredom- Stuck only playing games and taking care of your pet :,(

So today we were playing Webkinz but Suddeny we got in the login and we put our name and password but it doesnt work so can you please fix this and get our account back? We are SO sorry so we just got our account back we just needed to delete it and get it again so angin sorry.

So we heard some Webkinz creepy pasta so we tried to find mr. Quack ( Im on iPad btw) but we couldnt find him at all and we couldnt find the map but it is a good game so 5 stars.

We play this game almost every day and Im our opinion its so much fun and Im happy we got it !

We like webkinz A lot its a very good game ever since we found it we Play every day.

No, you cant hang out with your friends or do everything the site has to offer, but its amazing for when youre out and about or about to go to bed and you wanna play a quick game or check on your pets! Theres exclusive items on the app and you can spin the wheel of wow once on the app and once on the site daily – thats two spins total we’ve played since 2007 and we play less now that Im older but we definitely check in a lot, and this app makes it so easy! No need to turn on our ancient computer just to fix up their rooms.. We would love a new plush pet!! Limited edition maybe? It would sell well! Thank you webkinz for making our childhood :-)

This game is so cute. In our opinion it is better then the new one. We downloaded it today and we fell IN LOVE with it. We love all the pets. Our suggestion is to add strawberry cows and farm animals. Also we would like if you can just lower the prices for the pets because they are a lot of coins, and you start out with 0 coins. Overall it is amazing.

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