What’s My IQ Level 49

What's My IQ Level 49

What's My IQ Level 49

What’s My IQ Level 49

Question:Open the safe box.

  • Tap on the 1st, 3rd and 5th black buttons then tap OPEN button.
  • The solution is based on the rightful color of the white shapes.
  • The heart and diamond are red in color on a poker card.
  • The club is black but inverted.

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  • Rod Edsel Moises

    I follow the cheat instructions BUT why is this
    I cannot Separate the Clouds in level 41… I’m using LenovoA536 phone but it’s not working… please help .. i’m stuck with this….. :(

  • Guest

    Dave Mattia

  • Guest

    Dave Mottia is the guy who designed the test — ask him.

  • Bruce Inminn

    There could be one large hole in the back which covers the two holes in front meaning there are 7. There could be a large number of holes in the back that can’t be seen from the front. The entire back could be missing which means there are only two holes. If the intended answer was indeed supposed to be eight the authors of this puzzle failed.

  • Catalyst

    Just turn upside down and pick the one that has water running out of it….

  • Kshitiz

    it wont working

    i shake my phone but it wont works so please help me

  • йцукен

    идите нахуй с такими заданиями

  • Cat lover 12

    The same people comment on every answer

  • Dr Lackslacks, king and queen of cheese

    So there really are two mistakes, rendering the plural form correct. Therefore, there is really only one mistake, rendering the plural incorrect. This sentence is paradoxal and false.

  • emma

    thanks you were really helpful

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