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What’s the Saying Variety 2 Answers

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Answers

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Answers

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Answers

What’s the Saying Answers for Level Variety 2 with Level 1-50 with screenshot for every level. Support for iPhone, iPad, Android with perfect few steps solutions.

  1. Toothpick
  2. Travel Overseas
  3. Elevator Out Of Order
  4. Once In A While
  5. Feedback
  6. Just Between You And Me
  7. Connecting Flights
  8. Tickled Pink
  9. Downpour
  10. Canine
  11. Space Invaders
  12. Too
  13. Top Secret
  14. Tripod
  15. Square Feet
  16. Middle Of The Night
  17. Tenure
  18. See Eye To Eye
  19. Keyboard
  20. Good Influence
  21. Backseat
  22. A Friend In Need
  23. Falling Star
  24. Falling For You
  25. Excuse Me
  26. All For One And One For All
  27. Counter Clockwise
  28. Crosscheck
  29. Sit Down And Shut Up
  30. Made In China
  31. Heavy Handed
  32. Thank You
  33. End Of The Day
  34. Greencard
  35. Equally Important
  36. Once Upon A Time
  37. Lemonade
  38. Head Over Heels
  39. Backspin
  40. Center Of Gravity
  41. Diamond Ring
  42. Skake To Shuffle
  43. Horseback-Riding
  44. Resolution
  45. Summer
  46. Sancing In The Rain
  47. A Drop In The Bucket
  48. Be Inspired
  49. Purple Haze
  50. Center Of Attention

Game Levels

The game "What’s the Saying Answers" contains 14 levels, you are in the level 2. If you found out that the answer or solution is not accurate, please leave comment below, we will update to you as soon as possible.


1,448 thoughts on “What’s the Saying Variety 2 Answers”

  1. Elizabeth Perry

    level 86 up black arrow with ants walking up the side. Please help if you can! Thanks.

  2. level 356 blank square with the word ‘awful’ in bottom right hand corner…. any ideas please?

  3. Need help please …. its a house with a persons arms and legs, and is running. One word, seven letters, last letter is ‘n’

  4. Allison Mutton

    Level 187 but different pic to 1 shown??., footballer on a light bulb kneeing the ball._e__ __g__(4, 5)

    1. Mind over matter (or some variation of it…I did that one a couple days ago, but don’t remember how many words)

  5. why do they only have the answers to 200?? im on level 317 there a big IF and a hand pointing to the F, anyone know what that is??

  6. Ok Stuck on 563. A sheep eating grass over a black dot.
    _r _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _    Any ideas????

  7. I have the word pass in black with a coloured flag on the side of the P for pass. Any idea? 4 word phrase. (4,4,6,6)

  8. Extremely stuck on the same one. Choices with a black sheep and guinea pig. Brand one word 11 letters. The sixth letter is an “r”

  9. CarlosMyVegasLopez

    Stuck on level 164 on cluepics…the word “cotaxme” inside parentheses and the right parentheses is right above

  10. SmoothDrJay

    @Elizabeth Urgghhh…. This one drove me nuts too. Until i finally met you i mean. Your my hero

  11. the letters are – A T H O T F N A G E T R H U – have used all options and the reveal put the letters like so – 
    _ _ / _ _ _ _ R _ H _ U _ _ _

  12. stuck on lvl 208 of cluepics – ‘idea an’, its a saying with 2 and 12 letters as the answer?, any assistance please?

  13. For hire. Is the one with the numbers and a four on top. Anyone know the one with the alphabet and the letter L is missing and replaced with a c

  14. Level 133 of cluepics – a 50 inside a red circle and beside it a 30 inside a smaller red circle. A hand is pointing to the 30. Movie.

  15. it’s actualmy lvl 102, first and last name, and first name starts with an a

  16. feliwilco   im not there yet but whats the landmark with a maze over i think its a stingray and est in the crnrs. if you help me on this one i can catch up to you and help you.  deal?  lol

  17. I am stuck on the sequel: cluepics lvl 99 famous person- eye on splattered blue paint…..please help thanks

  18. kayla567855

    I need help on level 300 it has a black shadow of a profile of a man and woman looking at each other over a yellow and black hazard symbol

    1. No not yet and it’s driving me nuts.I even posted it on fb to try and get help. Still nothing.i’l let you know if I get it

  19. Anyone know this one? Two math problems, each under a line. A hand pointing to the right side

  20. clue pic,whats the saying sequil, whats the answer to level 39. its a  “movie”  it has in the top left corner, 9 #’s, 702,319,590 and in the bottom right 9 #’s 861,605,287 with a hand pointing to the bottom right #’s

    1. meepamypa still cant get the name of the movie on clue pic level 39.  SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEEEEASE

  21. @chris something like, line order or order above….its something to do with where the word is from what I remember

  22. lora stewart

    I am stuck on level 207 with an eyeball titled to the side with the letters STADN and a blue arrow pointing down to another eyeball next tot he word STAND

  23. I am stuck on the man running in the between the word gas. The man is positioned between the “g” and the “a”. Tknow it is ? run on gas.

  24. I am stuck on level 524 – has a man nealing and in one hand he has a large black letter n and the other is a wishing w ell. Any help is apprediated!

  25. Plz help….. hi, how are ya? Bye and theres a man standing in the bottom right corner

  26. Does anyone know the one with numbers 0-9 at top. Clock set to 5:43 in the middle and capital word Wise on the bottom?

  27. Help stuck on the 1 with Blue Pink Green Red and the word PASS behind in white??
    Any ideas
    Thanks in advance

  28. Stuck on compare with 2 buckets and spades below it then i and a picture of the sun underneath them. thanks

  29. Stuck on compare with 2 buckets and spades below it then i and a picture of the sun underneath them. thanks

  30. So stuck on the word compare with 2 buckets and spades below it then i and a picture of the sun underneath them. thanks

  31. Help please..a spool of thread with 3 pieces on top _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . Thanks : )

  32. Does anyone know what the one with the grim reaper with a question mark on him and hes looking at a tombstone that says R.I.P cat means!!!!!???? im so stuck and have been for days. I cant find the answer anywhere. first word is 9 letters, the next one is 6 letters, then 3 letters then 3 letters.

  33. Does anyone know what the one with the grim reaper with a question mark on him and he is looking at a tombstone that says R.I.P cat on it means???? ive been stuck for days

  34. Help please – level 511 – shows figure in black with large red hands holding a soccer ball –
    6 letters, 3 letters, 6 letters – thanks!

  35. help! Stuck on level 305,jokers card with what seems to be a lt of hands and tools…plz, anyone?

  36. I am stuck on the one that has a fist then a line with the words ‘I’m 65 kg’ under the line. Help please!!!!

  37. totally stuck:


    It’s dates in the middle of the word wall 2x

    Anyone seen this?

  38. please help stuck on the one where LOVE has a heart for the “o” and hands pointing at L, V and E

  39. I’m on level 279. There are two dogs, one above the other. There is a hand pointing to the dog on the bottom. The answer is one word, 8 letters. Can anyone help?

  40. I’m on level 279. There’s two dogs; one above the other. And there’s a hand pointing to the dog on the bottom. The answer is one word, and 8 letters. Can anyone help?

  41. hey im stuck on level 204. the pic is the word ORDER underlined… any ideas what this could be?

  42. Need help with level 166 for Android. It has three yellow fish with a hand pointing to the back of the bottom one.

  43. HELP!!! I am stuck on Level 439 (andriod) it looks like a bridge over a chess board with an arrow pointing at the bridge. 6 letter word then 3 letter word then 5 letter word.

    available letters: a,t,b,s,s,h,a,q,e,n,c,o,y,r,r,t,f,o,w,u,m,c,d

  44. Help I’m stuck level 193for android its half a building a rope with a knot in it and. it has the word daublity

  45. Daylight with Daylight written bigger at the bottom with a blue arrow going both ways under neath and a hand pointing to the y in daylight. 2 words?

  46. What’s the one with the baseball glove and baseball with 10+12 written on the ball

    Thanks in advanced

  47. Can’t figure out the one with the word RATE upside down twice and a hand pointing to the top word???

  48. I’m stuck and totally baffled on – the word LEE at the top – word speak on the left – and 11111 on the right????

  49. I’m stuck on the one with a black circle with the word Hi in a speech bubble coming out of it???

  50. Help please!? Stuck on level 330. It’s a guy holding a cake and one in hos stomach also. Thank you

  51. nikk g