What’s the Saying Level 183


What's the Saying Level 183

What's the Saying Level 183

What’s the Saying Level 183

What’s the Saying Level 183. All the solution with pictures. The answers of the level 183 is support for iPhone, iPad, Android

  • Level 183 : Costs an arm and a leg :: A price tag with 0 $ and an arm and a leg on it

  • Level 184 : Pipe down :: A pipe and a hand pointing down

  • Level 185 : Sleep on it :: A smiley sleeping on the word it

  • Level 186 : Raining cats and dogs :: A cat and a dog in the rain under an umbrella

  • Level 187 : On the spot :: On spelled inside a dark circle

  • Level 188 : Low blow :: 3 fish and a hand pointing at the lower one

  • Level 189 : Live hand to mouth :: A card, live and a mouth

  • Level 190 : Junk mail :: A male symbol and a trash can

  • Level 191 : Jump to conclusions :: A man jumping over the word conclusion

  • Level 192 : Grab a bite :: A hand holding a note with 00110101 on it

  • Level 193 : Two faced :: Two yellow smiley faces

  • Level 194 : Down in the dumps :: Dumps with an downwards arrow in the middle

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    1,449 Responses to “What’s the Saying Level 183”

    1. Need help please …. its a house with a persons arms and legs, and is running. One word, seven letters, last letter is ‘n’

    2. sicofgovt

      why do they only have the answers to 200?? im on level 317 there a big IF and a hand pointing to the F, anyone know what that is??

    3. Jojotullah

      I have the word pass in black with a coloured flag on the side of the P for pass. Any idea? 4 word phrase. (4,4,6,6)

    4. serenity

      Extremely stuck on the same one. Choices with a black sheep and guinea pig. Brand one word 11 letters. The sixth letter is an “r”

    5. CarlosMyVegasLopez

      Stuck on level 164 on cluepics…the word “cotaxme” inside parentheses and the right parentheses is right above

    6. MarkBrooks2

      the letters are – A T H O T F N A G E T R H U – have used all options and the reveal put the letters like so – 
      _ _ / _ _ _ _ R _ H _ U _ _ _

    7. MarkBrooks2

      stuck on lvl 208 of cluepics – ‘idea an’, its a saying with 2 and 12 letters as the answer?, any assistance please?

    8. serenity

      For hire. Is the one with the numbers and a four on top. Anyone know the one with the alphabet and the letter L is missing and replaced with a c

    9. thelstew

      Level 133 of cluepics – a 50 inside a red circle and beside it a 30 inside a smaller red circle. A hand is pointing to the 30. Movie.

    10. meepamypa

      feliwilco   im not there yet but whats the landmark with a maze over i think its a stingray and est in the crnrs. if you help me on this one i can catch up to you and help you.  deal?  lol

    11. kayla567855

      I need help on level 300 it has a black shadow of a profile of a man and woman looking at each other over a yellow and black hazard symbol

    12. meepamypa

      clue pic,whats the saying sequil, whats the answer to level 39. its a  “movie”  it has in the top left corner, 9 #’s, 702,319,590 and in the bottom right 9 #’s 861,605,287 with a hand pointing to the bottom right #’s

    13. lora stewart

      I am stuck on level 207 with an eyeball titled to the side with the letters STADN and a blue arrow pointing down to another eyeball next tot he word STAND

    14. I am stuck on the man running in the between the word gas. The man is positioned between the “g” and the “a”. Tknow it is ? run on gas.

    15. tawnya

      I am stuck on level 524 – has a man nealing and in one hand he has a large black letter n and the other is a wishing w ell. Any help is apprediated!

    16. Does anyone know the one with numbers 0-9 at top. Clock set to 5:43 in the middle and capital word Wise on the bottom?

    17. ashbash

      So stuck on the word compare with 2 buckets and spades below it then i and a picture of the sun underneath them. thanks

    18. Samsamfun

      Does anyone know what the one with the grim reaper with a question mark on him and hes looking at a tombstone that says R.I.P cat means!!!!!???? im so stuck and have been for days. I cant find the answer anywhere. first word is 9 letters, the next one is 6 letters, then 3 letters then 3 letters.

    19. Samsamfun

      Does anyone know what the one with the grim reaper with a question mark on him and he is looking at a tombstone that says R.I.P cat on it means???? ive been stuck for days

    20. Help please – level 511 – shows figure in black with large red hands holding a soccer ball –
      6 letters, 3 letters, 6 letters – thanks!

    21. I’m on level 279. There are two dogs, one above the other. There is a hand pointing to the dog on the bottom. The answer is one word, 8 letters. Can anyone help?

    22. I’m on level 279. There’s two dogs; one above the other. And there’s a hand pointing to the dog on the bottom. The answer is one word, and 8 letters. Can anyone help?

    23. Hillary

      HELP!!! I am stuck on Level 439 (andriod) it looks like a bridge over a chess board with an arrow pointing at the bridge. 6 letter word then 3 letter word then 5 letter word.

      available letters: a,t,b,s,s,h,a,q,e,n,c,o,y,r,r,t,f,o,w,u,m,c,d

    24. puzzled

      Daylight with Daylight written bigger at the bottom with a blue arrow going both ways under neath and a hand pointing to the y in daylight. 2 words?

    25. stuck on level 191 its a bee/wasp and black silhouette of man reaching out to woman pulling a suitcase. 9 letters begins with B.

    26. I’m stuck on the words – GOOD THING written in green in a three sided box (?) with the letters F (in black) and E (in red) please help!

    27. sunflower02

      OK I’m stuck on the one that has a picture of a spider web with four M’s inside of it. Been stuck on this for days! Please help!

    28. August

      I can’t figure out… a blue cube, both sides shown say dish, two words. I hate that I’ll feel special when someone tells me the answer

    29. Brittney

      Whats the one with the word record broken up a blue arrow pointing down then the word record written again but this time normally

    30. PLEASE HELP!!! The word “May” above a pictue of an Indian, the roman colosseum, and an Egyptian head, over the word “king”

    31. Can anyone help its saying level 221 ots a pic of the world or planet with a black circle around it and a line going straight through with two lines coming off it

      3 worlds 5 2 5

    32. sunflower02

      Please help…I’m stuck on the one that says

      Stretched ONE
      – R

      It’s set up like a subtraction ptoken. I have been stuck on this for days! Please help!

    33. Brittni

      Stuck on one that has ways split in half.. Probably a dumb one but can’t think of it for the world bc of the letters they given its confusing me

    34. Frances

      I got Pass (in white) (then the words writen in the colors) blue pink and Green red over the top half of pass does anyone have a suggestion?

    35. Jim Tank

      can someone help me please. I have a picture of a blue eye with what looks like a white dot in it and a small green speck also in it.

    36. Elizabeth

      I’m stuck on level 406 on my game, a blue circle with four “cuts” and a pair of scissors above a green circle with one cut and scissors! Not a very good description, but please help! 4/7

    37. Brittni

      I’m stuck on the one that has a man and woman face looking at each other with a radiation sign below them level 291..been stuck for days now

    38. Rebecca

      Im stuck on one where one dog is standing up and another dog is sitting down and a hand is pointing to the dog sitting down…. the letters are “G D D R E U N O” Help pls lol

    39. what’s the black arrow pointing up with 4 blue “men figures” walking up the side of the arrow????
      Level 102 on my version
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
      2 3 7

    40. Brittni

      I got one that’s has rate two times backwards and upside down with a hand pointing at the first one.. Anyone have any clue

    41. Brandy

      What is the one that says order and it is underlined? only two words. I’m sure it is easy but I can’t figure it out. Please help. Thank you

    42. Britarded

      My level 121 is a curly braket on the left and the word ‘yards’ nine times in rows of three on the right. I haven’t the slightest what this is!

    43. jaimee

      The word daylight and a smaller daylight underneath with a finger pointing to the y. A double ended arrow underneath.

      Help please!!!

    44. Does anyone knoe the three word answer to a soccer player kicking a ball on his knee, the word JERK, there like right beside eachother and underneath them is the word action spelled twice

    45. Not sure if this will be posted twice but I’m stuck on the one that had three $ down the left side and wager next to the last one. Please help.

    46. mischa

      record spelled in letters going up and down and then an arrow down and then another word spelling record but its all organized…. HELP PLEASE! :-)

    47. Candace Saavedra

      Good Thing stacked in black open square with a black F at top right corner and red E at bottom right corner? Helppp please!

    48. crazyfrog

      level 177 a hand holding a card with the numbers 10110011,
      something along the lines of graB a rise? it says check the spelling. thanks

    49. Addison

      What about a white box with the word “space” in grey, and then the word “space” outside of the white box in black lettering

    50. ok level 203 on android has a sideways eye and the word stadn next to it, below that is a blue arrow pointing down, then its another eye with the word stand next to it. Any ideas anyone because I have no clue?

    51. merryn

      Im completelt stuck and cant find an answer anywhere. Its a picture of a tennis court with the word over on it… Many thabks

    52. Carrie

      Stuck on one. It has Albert Einstein with a thought bubble that has a burger in it. Then Abraham Lincoln with a thought bubble with a burger in it.

    53. Mummamish

      I’m stumped. It says I’m on level 203, but when I compare to the above, I am all over the place. Anyway, can anyone help me out? Its 4 ‘T’s’ above two ears & two ears of corn. Thanks in advance

    54. Ashley

      What is the one with sight written 3 times and its numbered. It also has a small heart next to it. Help. Super stuck.

    55. whats the one with the guy plugging in a chord in between two words that both say flight. one is blue and the other red.

    56. My Level 34 picture is the word “All” four times with “$0.00” in the middle. First word is four letters and I’m guessing the other two words are, “for all”… Not sure what it is!!