What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 14

What's the Saying Variety 2 Level 14

What's the Saying Variety 2 Level 14

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 14

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 14 Answers, Cheats, Solution for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android.


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    249 comments on “What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 14
    1. ray says:

      Im stuck on. 3 11 7 13 black line whelming please help

    2. Brandon Barnett says:

      I’m stuck on the red and green letter t with positive and negative signs in it

    3. Dan says:

      Aiight, I am stuck and need some help. The pic is thus…..The word IT with a leg between it.Anyone got this one?

    4. Leonie says:

      I am stuck on the one with half the leg with a blue ball behind it with an red arrow pointing to the ball can someone please help

    5. em21di says:

      Above average

    6. jacks4604 says:


    7. bran says:

      3 and spell backwards with finger pointing at the last one

    8. fireofthefox says:

      Rags to riches

    9. winkelly says:


    10. BarbaraJean67 says:

      Rags to riches

    11. winkelly says:

      im stuck two big guys on the top with an arrow between them and under the arrow is a man in a red car???????

    12. LouLou87 says:

      MorganHoughton Above Average

    13. BarbaraJean67 says:

      Speak of the devil

    14. MorganHoughton says:

      Im stuck on 1+1+1=3 (1+1+1)/3=1

    15. Nightshine says:

      @Anne Turner Near the knuckle

    16. Nightshine says:

      @Anne Turner Near the knucle

    17. fireofthefox says:


    18. fireofthefox says:

      Face to face with danget

    19. jSylestine says:

      Plz help: there’s a fire and a little devil and a light switch

    20. kayla567855 says:

      I need help on level 300 it has a black shadow of a profile of a man and woman looking at each other over a yellow and black hazard symbol

    21. BarbaraJean67 says:

      What’s red I = red I minus 1

    22. BarbaraJean67 says:

      Please help, I’ve realized that the level doesn’t matter but it’s 3 something. It’s the one that has One plus one with two legs under it but a guy is grabbing one.

    23. BarbaraJean67 says:

      He’s ahead of his time

    24. emmamummyto3 says:

      The letter u and 3 1s?

    25. berrysweet says:

      What’s the one with the word HEART in green with a blue arrow pointing down to heart?

    26. lori says:

      561 is all bent out of shape

    27. lori says:

      I need help with level 562 there’s the word bad underlined and the number 2 under it with a circle with a line through it behind it

    28. Brenda says:

      Sorry, bottom RIGHT corner

    29. Brenda says:

      Level 224. Earth in the top left corner and in the bottom left corner.

    30. rebecca says:

      Drawing attention

    31. kammy says:

      I am stuck on tension with a hand and a pen

    32. lori says:

      I need help with level 561 it has the word all going across the screen but the last L is under the first L

    33. Lyn says:

      Level 561, ( A, with 2 L’s stacked) any ideas? (Answer as: 3, 4, 3, 2, 5.)

    34. stephani says:

      Waterloo ?????

    35. sammy says:

      I am sn the one with the word may a idian a hall a egypt and a word king ?????????? any one help

    36. Anne Turner says:

      I am also stuck on level 20 with the leg/limb, blue ball and a red arrow pointing to the blue dot. Can anyone help me, please?

    37. Sunshine says:

      5310 pointing up 02468 from left to right.

      • Anne Turner says:

        I also am stuck on level 30 with the half leg, blue ball and red arrow pointing down. Can anyone help me with the answer. All my friends cannot answer it either.

      • liv says:

        Stack the odds

    38. trena says:

      i am stuck on level 30 the one with the leg and foot and a blue ball behind it and a red arrow pointing to the blue dot it is a 3 word answer with only 14 letters

    39. Roxi says:


    40. rpalmer says:

      I am stuck on Leaderboard. it has a number 1 with the word He in green and number 2.His and number 3.Time

    41. Rebecca says:

      Set the record straight

    42. sabrina says:

      I need help with back written twice and the number one in a cirlce? Anyone?

    43. sandy says:

      under the weather

    44. tina says:

      Whats the leg and a blue dot with an arrow pointing at it

    45. deezy says:

      Am stuck on the leaderboard with he in green

    46. needhelp says:

      Plesae help the word heat twice (one going down n the other across) with a blue arrow going back

    47. demi says:

      Hill waterloo ???? Help

    48. Valerie says:

      Stuck on …. BLUE PINK

    49. gingy says:

      what is the answer to the one with awful at the bottom of the screen?

    50. truckergirl says:

      I’m stuck on a hand holding a ticket with 10110011written on it??

    51. txmom815 says:

      Sult + jury in white boxes????

    52. Teri says:

      I’m stuck on the one that says i M.D

    53. Anthony says:

      What is the one with basket 3times with fruit and eggs lol 454

    54. Bre says:

      Level 92: solution an underneath is solution again..

    55. Micah says:

      Step spelled backwards or pets w the letters backwards. What is this??

    56. Stephanie says:

      Im stuck on level 207. There is a sideways eye and stand and then a blue down arrow. Under the arrow is an eye that’s normal and the word stand.

    57. Crystal says:

      I’m stuck on the one that has daylight twice a arrow under the bottom daylight & it has a finger pointing at the top of the bottom daylight…….

    58. tootz says:

      What’s the answer to I=I-1????

    59. Tonij says:

      Does anyone know what this is? I’m so stuck..
      Level 201


    60. Jalissa says:

      I need help the picture: DEEF

    61. val says:

      Im stuck on level 202 it has a sun clouds raining over a sun with. Sad face

    62. Marisa says:

      Anyone know what the picture of 1 + 1 then there is a line with like two legs hanging, ane clean and one hairy, and a dude/person touching the hairy leg.

    63. maria says:

      Need help all it says is star on green background

    64. maria says:

      Need help all it says is star on green background. Please help iv try every possible. Thing i could think of lol

    65. Gully says:

      What is the one with space in like an ice cube then a finger pointing to space without an ice cube?

    66. stephen says:

      Im o puzzle 60 i got a upsidedown clock

    67. Anna Nicole Kendrick says:

      The word two written in black and the number 10 in each corner in red

    68. Shana says:

      Do anyone know what 10 10 two 10 10 mean on what’s the saying?

    69. Sib says:

      i am on level 177, i am having a THE written in blue having a lightenting bolt striking “T”
      can some one help me out plz

    70. debbie says:

      Stuck on level 430
      finger points to a line with 1+1+1/3=1

    71. debbie says:

      Counter clockwise

    72. chris says:

      Stick on 201- android. Time in blue over the alphabet. Any help?

    73. cmmmmm says:

      Stuck on the one with the two switch words purple and black

    74. Caitlyn J. says:

      What’s Level 169 on the Android version? It has a guy with a soccer ball on his knee, ‘JERK’, Action Action.
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    75. Caitlyn J. says:

      I need the one where its a guy hitting a soccer ball with his knee and then it says JERK and then says Action twice.

    76. tori says:

      Anyone know the answer to level 293? Its a boy silhouette and a girl silhouette with a hazardous material symbol below it. hellllp

    77. Savannah says:

      Black dot that says hi?

    78. missy says:

      Stuck 91
      Elevator in black

    79. whats the one with white boxes with sult jury? level 299..

      please help!

    80. mark says:

      Cut to the chase

    81. e says:

      I’m stuck on level 289

    82. sunflower02 says:

      I’m stuck on this one……
      1, 2, 3, 4…..
      And a picture of a bat

      Please help!

    83. blue time and missing “c” in the alphabet?

    84. Keshia says:

      What is this?

    85. LynnyKitty says:

      Im on level 38. I have a number box at the top going 1234567890 and a clock with the word wise.

    86. DeeDee says:

      What’s the answer to the puzzle with the two dice?

    87. Melissa says:

      Stuck on the one that has the little boy pointing up to the word “come” spelled backwards and the letter “D” above the backwards “come” any ideas?

    88. Jaime says:

      U 111

    89. I need the one with the devilan a on switch

    90. carole lynn says:

      What about level 288. GOLD. OLD IN GOLD AND THE G IN BLAK.

    91. Lindsey says:

      I am stuck on level 189 there is the word chase in black on top of the word chase in red and there is a slash separating from top left to bottom right…….any ideas?

    92. Blondey says:

      I need help with the one that says reviews viewer

    93. Stacie Cunningham says:

      Face to face with danger

    94. It's meeee! says:

      I need help its a man and womans head abouve some kind of radioactive sign 5 words.

    95. Shari says:

      Stuck on a set of twins, an arrow pointed down with person in little red car with something flying out of it.

    96. tabbatha stephens says:

      I need help on the one that has all written twice above the word page

    97. Courtney says:

      I need help with the one that says “attention” with the first n underlined

    98. Martin says:

      I need help, I’m on the one where it says :
      After Me
      After Me
      After Me

    99. kat says:

      Whats the one with a red coloured in square and a blue circle not coloured in

    100. mearr003 says:

      Mine has a black dot saying ‘hi’. ______ _____

    101. poppy says:

      Level 201 on android version. ‘Record’ then a blue arrow down ‘record’.

    102. Nolan says:

      What about this one


    103. k says:

      The one with a penguin on ice

    104. Brandy says:

      I am stuck on 204.

    105. Tom says:

      anyone know this answer


    106. Izzy says:

      Anyone know what this is: numbers 1-10 a clock face and the word wise

    107. brittany says:

      What’s the one with the word heart (and its green) then a down arrow pointing to the word heart an black

    108. Jess says:

      Need help on level 205 record down arrow record

    109. stuck on waterloo hill

    110. gwen says:

      I am stuck on level 293..on what’s the sayin…..
      sult + jury in white boxes

    111. lisa says:

      level 293 – a horse with the words NEWS coming out of his mouth

    112. Rob says:

      Once in a blue moon

    113. Amber says:

      Mine has a purple ball looking object with different variations of the number 1 inside of it. 4-word placement. Please help.

    114. megan says:

      The one with the word solution twice

    115. beezygirl says:

      What is cold thermometer collar and hot thermometer

    116. Anthony says:

      I need help order on a line?

    117. Tyler Deaton says:

      I’m stuck on level 47 where there is a green R plus a red R

    118. Kuala says:

      Mine has a black arrow pointing up with “111” inside it and the word “time” in red letters under it…does anyone know this one?

    119. holly says:

      Mine has the word “heart” in green letters then a blue arrow pointing down to the word “heart” in black letters

    120. rissapooh32354 says:

      Mine has


      Anyone know what it is?

    121. Holly says:

      I need the answer to level 171 it’s the word “the” in blue letters with a lightning bolt in the top of the “t”.

    122. Kayle says:

      For level 16 middle of the night

    123. Erika says:

      The answer is “summer”

    124. mary says:

      I need help, with solving Ad_Verds

    125. mary says:

      I need level 85 I’m u

    126. Ashley b says:

      This didnt help but all the others before this have. This didt help because it ha a long answer here but a short answer on the app

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