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WheresGeorge.com Official App


WheresGeorge.com Official App is one of the best $0.69 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WheresGeorge.com LLC, WheresGeorge.com Official App is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd July 2015 with the latest update 18th April 2019

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


38 people have rated 1.4.8

You can download the game WheresGeorge.com Official App from APP STORE.


The long awaited Official Where’s George? iOS App is here!

This new Where’s George? App replaces the previous app you might already have. The old app has been obsolete and broken for some time now. It was created by a third-party developer who completely abandoned the project two years ago. I had to start from scratch and re-develop the entire app from the ground up. Because of that, I’m sorry, but upgrades of the old app are not allowed. Please contact me if you have any questions.

This new app provides many new features, like the ability to take a snap of a dollar bill, and the app will read the Serial Number via the "OCR" button when entering bills. Just take a photo of the bill with your phone, crop the serial number, and that’s it! You can still enter the serial numbers with the spinner wheels or the keypad, whichever works for you.

This new app also allows you access the desktop version of the website with just one tap — if you want to access YOUR BILLS, or your HIT ANALYSIS REPORT or any other feature not available in the app.

The Where’s George? app allows you to easily:
— Enter Where’s George? Bills you find in the wild (registration NOT required)
— Enter new bill you wish to track (registration required)
— View all the bills you entered recently
— View all your recent hits
— Access the Desktop site with just one tap

Other website features are easily accessible from the "Launch Desktop Site" interface button.

I am now developing this app without any other intermediate or third-party programmers, so if you have any problems with the app or questions, PLEASE contact me first (you can send feedback right in the app), before leaving a bad review. I promise that if I can fix or change something for you to make the experience better, I will. And I’ll post prompt updates to address any issues. Thank you.

Updated on 18th April 2019

Geolocation via GPS now working
Google Maps update
Lots of User Interface changes to make the app a lot easier to use. Better use of screen space.
Bill reports now include last 30 days of bills entered and hits.
Removed some useless title bars and buttons that were not needed.

If you have any problems with the new app, PLEASE contact me using the app "Send Feedback" button before leaving a bad review. I promise to respond and fix/resolve any problems you may encounter. Thank you.

WheresGeorge.com Official App Reviews

This app is great and good but the thing is that this is outdated and should be updated we wonder when will this be updated.

Simple to use & straight forward. Can easily log 1 bill or many bills. Also excellent customer support!

Im glad we paid for this app. Honestly we find that it works better than the website, so Im very happy with it. Yes its old and clunky-looking, but we’ve not had any glitches and unlike the website, the app lets us log in and see where our found bills have gone.

Found a $1 bill and had to spend that dollar for this stupid app to see where our dollar bill has been! Whoever thought of that was a genius.

This app is planted so firmly in iOS 4 it hurts. Feels just as old and charming as WheresGeorge. Com though. Feels like its 2005 and the internet is full of strange whimsy. We love it.

Love this app. Works like it suppose too. Nice to be able to quickly add a bill from the app and taking a picture makes it much faster as well. For the ones that have an issue with creating an account it will send you an email with a link in it to verify your email address. If it didnt do it over.

Regarding the negative reviews: The app works exactly as advertised. If people are finding it difficult to use, then they might consider getting a neighborhood teenager to show them how to use their iPhone. Regarding the app: Theres no doubt that the app could use a UI/UX update, but for only a buck it perfectly serviceable. And to the Developer: good job. Not great, but good. Grade: B+

The default bill note doesnt save after exiting but rather goes back to the default message of using the Wheres George app.

Dont waste your money this app hasnt been updated in we dont know how long. Just use the website.

We mean, Im not gonna go after a refund or anything, cause clearly its in development and could end with something great. But as for now, the app is a user nightmare. We registered an account, the only info it asked for was email and first name. Bam. Account made… After enter ring our first bill, it said we were registered as unknown user. So we figured Id log out and log back in to see if that fixed it. Nope. Cant log back in because it wants a password that we were never promoted to create. Forgot password button doesnt work, never got a confirmation email or anything from the app at all. Went to desktop site to try there, forgot password also doesnt seem to work there. Imma stick around, cause we roundly remember tracking bills on the desktop website with our dad as a child, few hundred ones, even had our own wheres George stamp. Id like to get back into it. But for now, without owning a desktop, and the desktop not being mobile friendly, and not being able to have an account to track our bills even… Just cant.

Need to update to today technology it still has bug if we have to pay 2.00 it should be up to date.

We havent used the app in a while and wanted to show it to someone Today. We wanted to show them our profile to show the bills we’ve entered and gotten hits on but we couldnt. Why? There seems to be no way to get to our own stats in the app. How ridiculous this this? The app is useless if we cant see our own stats.

Been on online Wheres George user for years. Got a bill today & wanted to register. App option popped up. Bought it. Went to log in on our iPad. Log in page frozen. Thought Id register the bill anyway using the camera function. Useless. Went back to online version of Wheres George, logged in & registered bill. 30 seconds. No problem. App has a long way to go …

We understand the app is still in development but even with basics coding skills you could make a better app Than This we paid $.99 for this app it was not worth it and we cannot get our money back we would not charge $.99 more of this app rather put ads in it or offer a free version second of all you said that you could track dollar bills on your website but we could not figure out how to do that or see anywhere to do that sorry for the negative review but we just did not like the app it could be better we like what you guys are doing its fun just not user-friendly.

UPDATE: April 2019 – we really like the new update! You have arranged the buttons so that they are really conveniently located, and we have been thinking that needed to be done but we couldnt figure out how. Great job! Thank you. We love the new app and the fact that we can easily enter bills on our iPhone or iPad. Very handy! The camera feature is great – we hate entering numbers on the tiny keyboard, and the spinners are too time-consuming – but we can snap a pic and (usually) it reads the serial number and Bing! We’re done! Nice that we can do it without getting on the laptop. If you have any curiosity at all about where your money goes when it leaves your hand, try this – it’s really fun! We have been Georging for over 12 years and have entered over $50k in bills – love it!

It is good to see you that the app is still under development however is it ever going to be updated for different resolutions of screens and possibly things like the use of the camera for logging bills?

We really do love this app. However it would really use a refresh.

Where do we start? If you’re not part of Where’s George, you’re missing a lot. Check out the site to get complete info. Besides that, if you are already tracking your money, this app is great. We love that we can take a photo of the money and it automatically gets the bill info. We also love the reels to enter money manually because it helps with possible mistakes. Anyone who loves tracking their money will love this app.

We have been using this site for many years. Glad there is an app. We have over $10k worth of bills entered.

Awesome App. Makes entering bills a breeze! Join the fun!

We don’t enter as many bills as we used to, but now that we just discovered the app, we might start entering a bunch more. The app is working just fine for us. It isn’t as robust as the real web page, but it is excellent for quickly adding bills. We recommend this app.

We love this app and the idea of it. We will definitely start using it but the last update was 2 years ago and really out of date. It could seriously be modernized. Only reason why Im giving a 4/5.

We love the app, and we love Where’s George, but we think the app needs to be a little more modern. We love how it works.

We are so excited to see an app for entering and tracking bills. This is going to make it so much easier to put more bills in. Thank you wheres George people!

Notifications would be a nice added bonus when someone add a new location of the bill.

Its alright was working good before but now fix the MAP its not showing where the bill has traveled!!!!

We hate the odometer style entry. Too bad the number keyboard isn’t presented as a larger 10 key pad. The OCR could be better. We think where’s George is not as good as it used to be. The new web page is horrible we liked the old version better which is the reason we no longer subscribe. Hank, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

There are lots of good reviews on here, but we dont know why. We put the serial code in manually and through the camera, and we kept getting the message this bill has never been printed, please try again we know its tempting, but trust us, you will never find out where your dollar has been. Your money is much better spent on apps that function the way theyre supposed too.

Cant log in. Save your money and just use the free webpage.

We thought our login issue was our fault but we can log into the web site just fine but pasting the same password into the app just generates a bad login error.

We love tracking our bills, just downloaded the app for our iPad, we cant even get the login screen to work. It wont let us enter our email address. Help!!!!

We have no idea what the site is like because it won’t even let us log in. Really bad way to start out. We know $.99 isn’t much money but to have nothing to show for it really stinks. Don’t buy this app. Waste of time.

Despite resetting our password and entering it very carefully, we havent even been able to log in with the app. It was a complete waste of 99/100 of a George.

So we put our REAL email in the box and it says invalid email… Smh.

Wish we could write a negative star… Won’t let us post anything.. Waste of money!!

Trying to use this app and keep getting error messages about the date saying its in the past. Its today and we cant enter or find out info. Not happy after paying for this app.

We had to get a new phone, iPhone 6s. Couldn’t download the app from iCloud, so downloaded from the App Store . It won’t let us log in. All our other apps are working. As of 08/06/2016 it is still not letting us log in. Have deleted the app, reloaded, and now after trying to log in again we’re deleting the app for good.

While we love what Where’s George is all about (fascinating!), this is one of the worst user interfaces we have EVER encountered. You could not ask for a clunkier interface. We regret paying for it, and have deleted it from our iPhone.

No way to enter login information. A waste of 99 cents.

The OCR took a few tries to get the hang of it, but after that it works great. We scanned about 20 bills in less than 20 minutes. We will not do that many in the future at one time, but it was a great way to get familiar with the process. Only one of the bills loaded had been loaded previously and had the stamp for the website. Hopefully this app makes the tracking more popular. It is certainly interesting to see how far a dollar can go(sorry for the pun, not really. Haha) The only downside is when you go in reports it only shows the last ten days. We would like to see the life history of a bill including when it is taken out of circulation.

Not sure why the negative reviews. Works just fine, and certainly way easier to use than the desktop site through a phone. And scanning the bill’s serial number using the camera is an awesome touch! And worked! Easily worth the $1 to support development.

Not one problem with the OCR camera in entering our George’s. Yowza! So worth it! So what that it costs a whole .99 cents. Big deal. It’s fun and a great way to pass the time. Thanks Hank!!

Our One Star Review: This app, doesn’t let you use a keyboard to confirm OCR questions " is it a C or a G?" For some STUPID reason, the designers removed any capability to manually ADD text, ONLY numbers! -DIP $#!+$- … Then they have the gall to charge $.99 for it! Our 4 star review: we STILL don’t like the ‘odometer-style’ input wheel, but the most recent upgrade fixed the alpha-numerical issues… The OCR has better accuracy, too. At least, if they’re gonna charge, albeit a nominal fee, they take feed bag issues seriously, and roll out a fix promptly….

This app works great we just wish it will connect to Facebook easier.

This app is easier than the desktop website for entering bill info. The number roller’s + – Button’s also save time of scrolling to get to the higher digits. P.S. For under $10.00, you can get a stamp (use red ink and about a 9-10 point type size) from Amazon or some such to easily mark the bills. Red ink stands out.

We’ve been using the WG website and the old app for years, so we were excited to try the new app. However, when we launch it, it lets us log in then just puts up a spinner inside a white box after we click the button to enter a new bill.

Entered a few, then went to look them up; never found them. They’re not going in.

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