Wild West Faro

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Wild West Faro


Wild West Faro is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Alpha Innovation Game Studios Ltd, Wild West Faro is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 21st June 2016 with the latest update 13th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casino, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


28 people have rated 1.3.2

You can download the game Wild West Faro from APP STORE.


Picture a scene of a Saloon back in the Old West. Imagine you’re there now, you walk in, you look around and see a group of people playing cards. You might think that they would be playing Poker, but the game of choice was in fact a game called Faro! If you would like to play this popular old classic card game on your mobile phone or tablet, then download the best Faro card game app today and step back in time. Wild West Faro is our first game release!

The Wild West Faro card game was the most popular card game played throughout the Old West. Known within the local Saloon as "bucking the tiger" or "twisting the tiger’s tail" this name originated from the early card backs, which featured a drawing of a Bengal tiger. By the mid-19th century the tiger was commonly associated with the game. With our faro card game app you’re able to immerse yourself in a unique gaming experience and enjoy hours of fun!

The rules of this version of the Faro card game are similar to the original. The betting layout consists of a suit of Spade cards, from Ace up to King. Players would bet on the card of their choice or multiple cards. The dealer would then exposes cards in pairs, a winner and a loser card, the dealer would then pay out or collect accordingly depending on whether you won or lost. Wild West Faro allows you to place several different types of bet, such as a bet on the High Card, a parlay bet, a single bet card or multiple bets on several different cards to either win or lose, when betting on a card or cards to lose, this is known as coppering the bet. This is where an old Indian head penny coin or washer was placed on top of the bet. You can place as many bets as you want before dealing, betting from $1 to $1 million in an effort to break the bank by winning all of the Dealers money!

Wild West Faro is one of the best card games that you could ever play! This Faro card game is designed with polished HD graphics, fun sound effects and music, and intuitive touch screen controls. The Faro cards are elegant, the overall design makes you feel like you’re back in the Old West, playing with real opponents! Our game features different card designs and a bonus joker card with in-depth game stats as well.


  • Fantastic design & fun sounds
  • Classic Faro card game
  • Addictive & challenging gameplay
  • Easy-to-use
  • Game stats
  • Bonus joker cards
  • Betting on 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards at the same time
  • Betting on the High Card
  • Parlay a bet
  • Betting on a card or cards to win
  • Betting on a card or cards to lose by coppering the bet
  • Placing as many bets as you wish before dealing
  • Calling the last turn
  • Cheating: Changing the deal box – Dealer caught cheating
  • Cheating: Players can cheat by moving a bet and changing a normal bet to a copper bet
  • Cheating on / off option
  • Bet from $1 to $1 million
  • Break the bank by winning all of the Dealers money!
  • Bar the bet
  • Clear all bets/amend a bet

Best suited for large mobile screen devices and tablets.

Sit down at a Faro table and play one of the most popular card games played through out the Old West on your mobile phone or tablet, anywhere you are, anytime you want!

Download Wild West Faro today and enjoy this classic game!

Updated on 13th May 2020

This update is to address the following issues:

  • Wild West Faro updated for compatibility with the latest versions of the iPhone and iPad (Unity project updated from 2019.3.7 to Unity 2019.3.12 (the latest version).
  • Updated background image used with the drop down menu.
  • Modified the existing App Store screenshots featuring the menu drop down to display the new background.
  • Rate and Feedback buttons added to the About pop up which open the relevant URLs.
  • Along with a few other miscellaneous updates.

Wild West Faro Reviews

Its an d fashion game that keeps us entertained. We really would like to play this in Vegas.

Only thing wild is its instability.

CAVEAT EMPTOR! If you have anything remotely resembling a new iPhone or iPad DO NOT BUY THIS APP. It just plain ol doesnt work. After you pony up your money and download the app you get a cool-looking icon, and even cooler load screen when you open it, and then it all shuts down and doesnt do anything else. Maybe an update for the app would help. Not holding our breath!

We paid $1.99 for an app we cannot open on our iPhone.

On iPhone and iPad the game crashes before it even opens. Paid $2 and have never even been able to play the game.

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