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Woodoku is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tripledot Studios Limited, Woodoku is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th March 2020 with the latest update 22nd April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


460,568 people have rated 2.04.00

You can download the game Woodoku from APP STORE.


Woodoku: wood block puzzle games meet a sudoku grid. It’s a calm but challenging puzzle that you’ll be addicted to in no time!

Place blocks in the 9×9 board and fill rows, columns or squares to clear them from the game. Play for as long as you can without running out of space to beat your high score!

How to Play:

□ Drag shapes onto the board to place them in the grid.
□ Fill a row, column, or square to clear blocks from the board.
□ Clear multiple rows, regions, or squares to earn Combo points!
□ Clear blocks on every turn to earn Streak points!
□ Earn as many points as you can to beat your high score!
□ Have yourself a woody good time!
It’s a quiet, zen game that’s easy to learn, but challenging to master! Take your time and take it easy.


□ Beautiful graphics and satisfying sound effects
□ A tactile game experience with realistic wood tile design
□ Relaxing gameplay with no pressure or time limit
□ A light, small game that won’t take space on your device
□ Playable offline so you can enjoy this classic anywhere

Updated on 22nd April 2022

Bug fixes & Improvements.

Woodoku Review

We have been playing this game for many years. What we like most about it is that it is just like Sudoku. It really changes the brain to make you think of every possibility. We would recommend a delete one shape each game like a skip button? Sometimes it is literally impossible to use all shapes even though you have plenty of room left. One thing that annoyed us was seeing an ad for this game. It was a diamond shape trying to fit all the shapes into the diamond and fitting so many increases your IQ. This game is NOTHING like that. It is completely false advertisement. Plus, why do a fake ad for a truly awesome game. The ad has nothing to do with the OKU of Woodoku. Please dont be one of those apps.

We enjoy playing Woodoku, but there was an update yesterday and after it downloaded, our game will not open at all. Hope you can fix this soon !! Thank you !

Fun game to play plus its good for your brain.

We enjoy this game a lot. Puts our mind to work. We just wish we could purchase an ad free version.

This game has been very fun for us we very much like doing the daily challenges or the monthly ones. But with the normal game mode theres a sense of unfair randomness with it once you get to a score of 400. Its seems like getting a high score is based on luck more than anything, although we might just be being picky about it.

We enjoy playing the game, but hate the ads. Please charge 5.00 and remove all ads.

If you got to this game by one of the many ads shown in games, heres the deal. It looks nothing like what was advertised. The game does look like their own photos in the game description. That said, its fun, its a great time waster, and the challenges are also good. We just wanted it to be like the ad where you have more of a puzzle because of the board shape.

This game is very fun. Frustrating at times, as with any puzzle game. But the ads are miserable. Theyre after every game whether it was 5 mins or 30secs, the xs to get out of the ad are sometimes not even real, theyre so small you flip between download and back to the ad, and half the time the ads freeze and crash the app. Please please please offer a paid version of the app so we can get rid of the ads. We swear we spend more time on ads than we actually get to play the game.

We LOVE this game and play almost every day to relax our mind, forget our troubles, and just chill. That is until the next ad comes on. Absolutely drives us nuts having to push 14 Xs to get it to go away too! (Yes that was an exaggeration for effect) This game is an escape for us but, those awful ads are killing our peace!

Love the game .. Very addictive… But after only playing 15-20 minutes .. Our battery is down 30-40%… And phone gets hot … Thats very aggravating… We’ve played much more complex games and have never had battery problems … Also … Like others have stated … What am we playing for ?… What are the rewards?? Need a scoreboard.. We give a 4 because of battery issue… Other than that.. Great game …

Decent distraction game, but the inability to strategize well with knowing what 3 pieces will come next means games are generally short. We mean, can anyone really stay at it for a good long stretch? We cant get past a certain threshold, which means the ads return quickly and are super annoying, flashing back and forth between the App Store trying to close the X. The journey section game is just a ploy to run lots of ads in between each level. Deleting app.

Give us an ad free version PLEASE! So sick of seeing its the last day to get your free bottle EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

We really like this game, but there are too many ads some of the ads that run sometimes are frankly disgusting. The diet pill ones are in poor taste! Also, lately they have added banner ads that make the game wonky and ruins the stability of the platform. Sometimes the only way to continue is to quit the game and restart it! Please fix this.. And stop being so greedy with all the ads!!!

We do enjoy it a lot, but not enough to put up with the merciless amount of ads. Bye, Woodoku.

Love the game, but the adds are terrible. Some wont silence, even though they have the silence incon. You usually have to suffer through at least one add after each game you play, often several adds in a row. There are also constant adds running at the top of the screen while you play. Why dont they offer purchasing the game add free? Im searching for a similar game that allows this.

When we started out it was fun but now just frustrating. We have gotten within one on a level and the next 10 plus pieces are the wrong color. Too many ads that dont ever have a way out and are really loud. Sound off but still loud. Why have a challenge that isnt beatable only frustrating. Make it fun again!!! And if you dont use enough stars you cant post.

We understand that part of a free app is advertising, but dont suddenly blast sound at us. Its annoying enough if you have ear buds in, but disruptive and embarrassing if you dont.

What happened. We love playing this game. On an iPad it needs to rotate sideways so we dont have to hold the iPad.

We downloaded this game through a game ad after repeatedly seeing it in the shape of a triangle and it being portrayed more as a puzzle game. We dont know why lately they arent just showing what the game will really be so we know to download it or not. We’ve seen this trend on other game ads too, so its not just limited to this one. This version is frustrating and not for us so we will be deleting it.

. And its entirely due to the ads. Usually ads on games dont render the app totally useless, but this can barely get through one ad without freezing and causing our to glitch for no reason. We love playing this game, so if there was a paid version that got rid of the ads and was more powerful (so we can play while listening to Spotify) we would pay for it.

We love, love, love this game. Can you please make a version where we can pay to get rid of the ads? Please?!? Also we hope the update will fix all of the freezing and glitches. This game has so much potential; it just needs some fine tuning.

The game by itself is fine, but we downloaded the app expecting to be able to play the puzzles that were different shapes because the advertisements for this app showed them. For example one was cat shaped, others heart, triangle etc. Little disappointed that it only has the square shaped puzzle board and not the other options, and as far as we can tell there isnt levels where you can unlock the other shapes either. The advertisers should show the actual game otherwise this would have gotten more stars. Ads aside, the game is fine and a good way to kill time!

Love the game, but after a few levels the lag drives us crazy. Also drains a lot of battery and heats up the phone.

Text our biggest issue with this game is solely memory. There Hass to be a memory leak and Id say a fairly significant one. We have an iPhone 13 512GB and if we play somewhere around 20 minutes the game locks up our phone. We restart the phone and if we come back to the game same thing 2030 minutes later we have to restart the phone. When this first heard happening we thought it was because we dont normally have to restart our phone like ever its just not a thing that you commonly think about anymore with phones so we got in the habit of restarting the phone before we started this game and then we realized it didnt matter the game locks up the iPhone 13 regardless was again points to a memory leak somewhere in the game. And if we didnt mention it we have the most recent release from iPhone on version. We hope the developers see this and we hope they do something about it because as much as we like playing the game its nearly impossible because of the freezing Im only willing to restart our phone so many times before we get irritated happy Sunday.

Good game but can be better. After 3-4 games, it hangs. Most likely due to ads.

We downloaded this over a year ago after seeing it advertised with different shaped puzzles. All we have ever seen is a square puzzle with the same shaped puzzle pieces over and over. We’ve tried the journey and it has jewels and envelopes, but never the puzzles from the advertisement. The amount of ads is also a little too much.

Then pictures of women appear with a video answering. That was the last straw. Disturbing. Not worth it.

Tried to submit a problem report but couldnt get to the link. Rotation worked until the update last week.

Wasn’t planning to download this. It isn’t the type of game we usually like. But then we were watching an ad for it and was thrown into the App Store. Just had to give it a try.

Game is great at first but quickly becomes exquisitely frustrating. Does not appear random as game progresses. Ends up suddenly flipping from generating positive energy to negative energy once you reach a certain level. 3 times we fell short of our all-time record of ~1600 in the basic game by like 4-5 points. Also, ads are over the top. Oh well.

We enjoy playing this game, but the journeys are so frustrating. To echo other reviews you end literally play the same level 70 times before you beat it. We never focused on them before, we are currently off work, and thought we would try. We got to level 68 out of 84. This is not fun if you cannot actually complete a journey. We think there should be a preview option of the next set of piecing coming, so you can plan better. Also, a way for smaller pieces to generate when the board is full.

Nothing like the ads. Boring grid. Impossible from the drart.

As the title says, the game is great. However, its the ads that make the game experience painful. The ads take you hostage, where sometimes you need to click into the ad where it takes you to the App Store, and then wait a few and exit back out. And other times it just sets there during the ad, until you actually interact with it. We have no freaking desire to do that. Something needs to change!!! 5 stars, if you get rid of the crappy and intrusive ads!!!

For an app that has no paid/premium version available, its remarkable how intrusive the ads are. They play after any round ends, win or lose, and most of them purposely obfuscate the skip or close button (which can take the form of anything from a well-hidden X to what looks like a Play button). Sound plays even with the mute button on. It seems designed to pressure you into paying to opt out, but you cant! As for the actual game, its fine. Challenging enough and fairly addicting. However, if you came to this app from an ad that looked like a puzzle you have to place into particular shapes, guess what? Thats not remotely what the game is like. So its blatantly falsely advertised on top of having its own predatory ads within the app. Welcome to the future we guess.

We would purchase this as an ad free game in a New York second. Until then we are not playing, not worth it!

Please make a paid version!!! We just cant play and have to watch an ad after EVERY level!! Please do something about that. Will not be playing for much longer if that does not happen.

The constant ads detract from the game. We can only assume its pure greed from ad revenue that you do not offer a paid version to get rid of the ads. Overtime, this game will destroy your phone battery due to the volume ads playing on your screen. It causes your phone battery to drain and overheat. App Deleted.

The ads on this game is ridiculous. Good game. But they ads make it unbearable to play.

Been playing this for a long time. Dont know why but it wont rotate to be played on our mounted pad anymore, just phone mode. Gives us a headache trying to do it sideways so its time to delete.

Look, we understand your need for ads. However, it is obscene that your ads play with sound whether our sound in the phone is on or not. We mean come on! Laying in bed with phone on silence and your ads start playing with noise waking other up? Thats rude and awful. We should never have to experience an ad that overrides the master control of our phone. Shame on you.

Every-time you finish a game, advertisement. Start a game, advertisement. Watch one advertisement, another advertisement.

Absolutely terrible brutally long ads that require us to force close the program half the time cuz theres no way to X out of them. Deleting immediately.

This is not a game that gives you pieces randomly, as you get near 650 to 750 you will receive pieces that are designed to clog the board. You will also stop getting small blocks that would allow you to close out an area, it also will give you the wrong direction large and small L shapes the higher you get. Try Block Puzzle Word games much better game.

Yes we do read privacy policy. When we download the app, we expect the privacy policy to show up. But instead it says Agree to the privacy policy without showing up.

We will start by saying that we enjoy this game. We like the challenges better than just trying to beat a high score. That said, the ads that play between games are horrendous. The Scapes ads show cheating spouses in bed, and the latest ones for Whispers show actual person on person groping (blurred a tiny bit in an obvious place). We used to let our kids play this game, but we think we will be deleting this from our phone because we dont want to see this either.

We loved this game until we noticed that on several occasions throughout the game we were not awarded the points we had won. Like the mechanism would not total in the points intermittentlyit was cheating us out of our true score. We emailed customer service several times but no response. So we gave up & deleted the app. Otherwise its fun.