Word Master – Pro

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Word Master – Pro


Word Master – Pro is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Luis Gualandi, Word Master – Pro is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th April 2015 with the latest update 11th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Word, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,185 people have rated 3.8.2

You can download the game Word Master – Pro from APP STORE.


Advantages of the Pro version:
Ad-Free Experience
7 additional board layouts
Randomize the board. Mix up the DL, DW, TL TW tiles and give the game a new twist
Option to enable the hints feature (Valid words appear above the rack as you form them by moving the tiles)

Word Master is an innovative version of the traditional “Crosswords" board puzzle.
Not needing internet connection, using unique fast artificial intelligence resources and with highly customizable options, Word Master is used by crossword games enthusiasts for quick offline training and induce the players to improve their skills and reasoning in the game.
Create words with the 7 letters on your rack and place them on the 15 by 15 tile board. Boost your score by placing letters on the special Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word tiles.
Languages supported:

  • English
  • French (Français)
  • Portuguese (Português)
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Italian (Italiano)
  • Dutch(Nederlands)
  • Norwegian(Norsk)
  • Romanian(Romana)
  • Greek(Ελληνικά)
  • Catalan(Català)

Choose the level and the duration of the game. No more waiting long hours for your opponent to play! Both computer and player tiles are randomly selected, simulating in the best way possible a game against a real opponent.

Play offline against friends! In the bus, airport, train or whatever place you are.

Find out if you are a true hampion. In this mode, you score more points in each turn as you come closer to the best possible word. Try to beat your high scores!

After each turn, you will be able to see which words you could have played. Learn how to use the bonus squares on the board and the standards for the formation of words.

Swipe your finger across any word on the board and get its dictionary definition. (Internet required)

Use your creativity to place the bonus squares just where you want them to be.


  • Do not waste your time searching whether the word you chose exists! As you place the word on the board, the game will display whether the word is or not valid and its score.
  • Get tips for valid words being created in your rack as you are arranging your letters (You can enable or disable this feature at any time).
  • Save your game and resume later.
  • Keep track of your records and stats (e.g. best final score, best word ever played, total bingos and more).
  • Choose from various board layouts, including random.
  • Block the droid from using very rare words.
  • Bad draw helper (avoid receiving a rack with no consonants or no vowels).
  • Two dictionaries in English available

Updated on 11th October 2022

-General improvements
-Optimized for new iOS version

Word Master – Pro Reviews

Much better than the popular Words competition. More like the original game and more true to an actual dictionary. Not messed up with goofy incentives that no one cares about. Bravo!

Pay the 3.99 and lose the adds and click bait. If you do its a great scrabble app.

We like this game because it is not full of commercials like words with friends.

Have been looking for a Scrabble-type game that doesn’t have rewards and ads and bells and whistles and demands playing with friends or strangers. We wanted something that would simply let us play against the computer. Pay version, yes, but WELL worth a few bucks to avoid all the extra, unnecessary features. THANK YOU!!

Thanks for bringing a decent scrabble game back to iPads.

This game is fun while still challenging. We play against the iPhone so the game can go quickly. There are different levels of challenge so the game wont get boring. We recommend this.

We this game! Especially since there are no ads.

Excellent!! We really love this game its extremely relaxing. It never has issues and its always a fun challenge to play against the computer.

We got this free version to replace the original Scrabble we had used for years. Unfortunately, they got greedy and wanted us to upgrade to an expensive version. Since we didn’t, annoying ads popped up after every move. That’s when we said goodbye and opted for free versions such as this one. We’re very happy with this game June 2017-I lowered our rating by 1 because we wish it had Scrabble’s ability to rapidly recall tiles from the board instead of doing so individually. We also wish it would highlight the computer’s move.

If you hanker to play better Scrabble with friends, use this app to experiment with words and strategies. The machine is infinitely patient with you, but instant in its own plays. (Be still our heart.) Choosing the level of difficulty for your mood is great! Be cautious though: As in all AI games, the AI is a quick study!

There are way too many invalid words being used when playing vs the computer. Too many to list, actually and always when making other words in addition to the initial placement. The latest one was Jumpx Seriously?

Doesnt permit addition of appropriate customized words into its dictionary as promised! You can only add up to 40 words, but this games dictionary is WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE! And apparently its developers DO NOT CARE, as they have yet to UPDATE THEIR DICTIONARY CUSTOMIZATION TO PERMIT MORE WORDS!

Instead of getting random letters, you get too many vowels! No fun.

This is a fun game that makes you think and keeps you on your toes! Its a great alternative to a regular crossword game. We love the hints. The easy section is not hard at all once you get used to the rhythm of the game. Hope you have fun!

Lots of customization in terms of point values and board layout so you can play pretty much any game you want. Also doesn’t require data to play, which is great for us.

This is a great app! We upgraded to the pro version not because the ads bothered us – they didnt – but because the developer offered the pro version at a very reasonable price. Love the app and appreciate the developer.

Get the pro for sure. It is fast and no ads and addictive! We play the computer and really enjoy.

Is that coming soon? Id love to have people to play against.

Cant figure out how to start a match against a real person. Poor design.

This is one of the best word tile games that we have found. We have played others but this, so far, is the one we go to most.

Switched over from Scrabble Go this week and that was a great move for us. This is the real Scrabble.

We play this a lot by myself or we use the pass and play feature to play with our husband. Its great to pass the time on a lengthy airplane ride.

Elegant clean design and great features: Lightning-fast; no annoying sound effects Tell computer not to use obscure words Tell computer not to give you all vowels or all consonants After you move, see all possible better moves.

Easy to play with or with out wi-Fi. Ads are no bother!

None of the social media garbage that dominates other games, like scrabble go and words with friends. Excellent game play.

Dont really have any negatives from our perspective. Does what youd expect and the price is right!

We play scrabble to enjoy a relaxing moment. The last thing we want are annoying flashing distracting ads. Its well worth the price to have an ad-free game. And the features are really interesting so this game never gets old or boring.

Definitely better than Scrabble. Too much advertising on Scrabble.

With the ability to change the board around, doesnt get old.

This is a good challenge and we spend more time on it than we should, but we tell myself it is good for us. The only question we have about it is the randomness of the letters. The letters appear in chunks very often, more often than we would expect for them to completely be random. It affects the game, because we know if we receive 5 As in two plays (for instance) there will be no more As in the rest of the game. It would be nice if this could be corrected, but we love the game.

This is the crossword-style game youre looking for. Straightforward with a decent AI. Not 500 ads after every play. No upselling, though we did opt for the ad free version, which also includes a few other perks. No memberships coins or games that are completely unrelated to what youre trying to play. Exactly what you want.

We loved scrabble because it had teacher and a dictionary however this is very enjoyable. Thankyou. Im 80 years old and it helps pass the time as we dont shop because of COVID.

A fun challenge of vocabulary and correct spellings. We play this game against the computer everyday and it never gets old. In the hundreds of games we have played it has never crashed or acted unstable. Well developed and smooth running.

This is the best way to play Scrabble like the old classic game used to be. We quit playing when the site jazzed up the game with distractions upon distractions. Even the free version does not have too many interruptions, and the paid version is perfect. Enjoy!

Relax!!! Whether your in the waiting room, listening to a dull voice rambling on or waiting on your wife or watching T-ball, Word Master is a pleasant distraction. You can pause at any point and pick up where you left off whenever convenient. By the way it can expand your vocabulary and amaze your friends!! Great game!!

We prefer this game over Scrabble because it doesnt use the names of cities, countries, foreign words, words you couldnt get away with when playing proper Scrabble. Add the play is quick. We havent yet played with a real person, but we really like playing with a computer.

Everything that you can ask for…. But can you play with other players?

We like games that enforce correct spelling and give us a chance to learn new words or rarely used words. This game fits that need to a T.

We enjoy this word game. We like the Scrabble game but then it became to complicated for us to navigate. This game is easy to navigate. We would buy it. Well we did as a matter of fact.

This game would be perfect if the playable words matched the Mirriam-Webster dictionary of payable words. Words that are not legal like ja and qin are played and suggested by the computer. Other than that, we love how you can see what a Master Player would have played on your previous turn. Such a great way to learn new playable words! Im addicted!

Was looking to sideload old Scrabble app (which was replaced by the HORRIBLE Scrabble GO), when we happened upon Word Master. If you love Scrabble, you’ll love it. Dictionary isn’t perfect but overall very good. We play the hardest level competitively. One of the best features is that you can look up definitions right in the app. Love that you can also see what the highest scoring words were for you previous turn. Highly recommended.

Played Srabble for free but after we were required to pay too much to continue we looked for a replacement. Found this game and have playing it for a year now. So glad we found it!

Great not dealing with ads or waiting for people. We quit Word with friends.

Not a lot of ads or trying to get you to make purchases. Try it!!

This is a great game but if you enjoy playing special intense Scrabble. It never fails!

An excellent game. Challenging and fun!

Have loved Scrabble all our life. Now for a few quiet minutes a day we can relax with our coffee and play against our phone! Love it. Nicely put together and sensibly organized.

Keep up your language skills. Worth the money!

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