WorldBox – God Sandbox

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WorldBox – God Sandbox

WorldBox - God Sandbox

WorldBox – God Sandbox is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Maxim Karpenko, WorldBox – God Sandbox is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 3rd February 2019 with the latest update 18th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of WorldBox – God Sandbox ?

36,880 people have rated 0.14.3

What is the price of the WorldBox – God Sandbox ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the WorldBox – God Sandbox released ?

WorldBox – God Sandbox was released on 3rd February 2019.

When was the WorldBox – God Sandbox updated ?

The latest updated date of WorldBox – God Sandbox on 18th July 2022.

Where can WorldBox – God Sandbox be downloaded ?

You can download the game WorldBox – God Sandbox from Apple Official App Store.



WorldBox is a free god and simulation Sandbox game.

In this free Sandbox god game you can create life and watch it prosper!

Spawn sheep, wolves, orcs, elves, dwarves and other magic creatures!

Civilizations can craft and build houses, roads and go to war with each other. Help them survive, evolve and build powerful civilization!

The Sandbox. Play around with different powers. You can dissolve ground with acid rain or even drop an atomic bomb! Spawn tornados, underground worms or a Heat ray. Enjoy creative destruction or craft worlds full of life!

Watch how classic Conway’s Game of Life can quickly destroy world civilization. Or create Langton’s ant cellular automata

Simulate various disasters. Meteorites, volcanos, lava, tornados, geysers and more. Simulate and watch evolution of creatures and the rise of civilizations

Craft a pixel world. You can build pixel art world using different free tools, magic and brushes. Just use different pixel types for coloring. Be creative!

Experiment in your own Sandbox game. Play with different creatures and powers in magic world simulation

Become a God of your own pixel art world. Create life and build civilization of different mythological races. Build a world of your dreams!

You can play this Sandbox game offline without wi fi or internet connection

Download Super WorldBox – God Game for FREE!
If you are experiencing any problems, please do get in contact with me here: [email protected]

Leave a feedback or a suggestions if you want to see more powers and creatures in this free Sandbox game!


Updated on 18th July 2022


  • fixes: druids being too nice to bandits and orcs
  • fixes: brazilian mobile players will see brazilian portuguese
  • fixes: some mod support for traits that don’t exist anymore
  • fixes: mobs tooltip was not translated
  • fixes: santa / magnet crash
  • stability fixes for mobile devices

WorldBox – God Sandbox Review

Epik game, here is what we think you should add next: the creatures that spawn out if things such as the tumor. Can you spawn them at free will, like you dont have to put in the tumor or super pumpkin, you can just have little monsters walking around, same thing for when they infect other beings and the spore creatures. Idea 2: can you spawn people/creatures in large groups like you do with rocks or rain. Thats all our brain wants right now so yea, we know this is a bit of a stretch and we dont expect you/yall to add all that in one update or at all. Thank you, we love your game.

We love the wide variety of powers in the game. But it crashes occasionally, and if your world is saved it shouldnt be a problem, but because it is unexpected, your progress can be deleted. Also, we would like an apparent that allows civilization progress up to the current day.

We love this game so much we have never seen a better sandbox game it might acutely be one of the best game around we can play for so long we would suggest this game to every one.

We like world sand box there is many things to do in it!

Is premium permanent? Also great game (:

Hey worldbox maker can you add earth to world box because we have to make the earth and that takes a lot of time.

We will rate this infinite stars if we ever can even if Im Ded but need 3d mode that keeps all ur purchase and is 3d.

We truly love this game and have spent a sad amount of time playing it, we have a couple request though. For one make a landscape mode for IPad. Second add like a hold to spam place for entities, sometimes you want big battles but it just takes 5 minutes to place everyone.

We’ve been playing this game since around the time it came out and we’ve loved it ever since we first downloaded it and have since moved off the mobile version to the computer version. One of our favorite things to do is to track the history of the world with wars (with death counts) and the monarchies (and their family trees). Speaking of that one thing Id love to see added in somehow is a way to track the family tree of people. A while ago we thought it would be cool to have the game track history and not long after an update came out that would track the history of your game so who knows maybe this could be added :)

A man please add crabs with guns also great game love the giant crab and the bomb crabs that come with the new update thats all.

The best game on mobile, waiting on some more updates. It be nice if there were more animals and a way to tell the peoples sex.

This game is amazing u need to get it!

We have this game on iPad and on steam too. Probably the best game in steam or in App Store.

This game was so great we thought we could never find a game that was like this and here we am! We been having this game for a year now and we just got premium a week ago and it felt so good to have every power and traits with no adds. Anyways we love this game and just in case if you were wondering our fave mob are the crabs lol.

Best game made by a real dude. Not a robotic corporation thank you maxim kompetlo.

This game we played forever with our brother, making huge islands with monsters, battled civilizations, raid, rivers, huge citys, and much more. Its a simple game with much ti explore and learn, you can mess around or be serious and make ur citizens survive! Some update ideas we would consider, like horseback vehicles, big houses and castles, and maybe like a underground part of the world! Keep up the work!

We love this game and the updates are nice. Im excited for this games future!!

This is a great game but it can be better in our opinion if you added Pirates, More evolutions, traders, Vikings, castles and kings, knights, and be able to give houses and loot and sponges and just give them stuff. Plz add this to the game we’ve been playing for 16 years and it is so much fun and one of the best games ever PlayStation and Xbox should have this game.

One thing you should add more advanced weapons like cannons and also make all orcs elves available.

This game is so unique and interesting Im actually offloading it so we dont play it all day.

We’ve had this game since we were 8 and Im 12 its a good game you should get it we would like to see an option to select weapons for the people like the trait selection.

Best game ever we have 200 hours on this game addicted.

It needs more updates and more stuff.

This game is far more better than 5 stars. Beautiful game! Its honesty near perfect.

Hi pls give us an update pls we need one.

Im just going to say this is the best sandbox god game ever we got premium for 7.99 but even tho we spent eight dollars on a Game its still super fun thank you for making this game we love It.

Just so good for long car rides.

Thank you we love the updates youve done and we love the game please keep up the good work.

This game is solid 10/10. If you know how to access the toolbug edit it makes the game all the better. Also just in general you get to build and wipe out civilizations in hundreds of ways if you’re creative enough.

We love this game not only as a sandbox game, but we love playing it as a stress reliever. There is something just so calming about seeing a small colony develop into a huge nation and become better at fighting off enemies as well as fighters from other areas. Best $8 (~8.05 Euros/~6.84 British pounds) Ihave ever spent. <3 Not only this, but the designs for houses, creatures, and enemies are very cool and creative; our favourite is the Elves’ housing/city centre. We would reccomend this game very much especially considering that it is free to play unless you want the expansion, which, if you have $8 to spare, we would very much reccomend getting.

This game is the best sandbox game on the AppStore worth every penny.

Great game, tried it out with the free version and bought paid in under a week. The ai is incredible badge hunting is really fun and the limits to what you can do basically arent there. Really the only problem is it crashes when you make a titanic map but thats pretty much expected.

Make where you can travel back in time or progress to a higher civilization.

We say the money is 100% worth it we bought it and we still thinks its such a great game we love it and you should play even without the game pass cause we had no game pass for a while and still liked it..

5 stars amazing sandbox game recommend it.

(Edit please add this) Its really FUN we love the updates we have a suggestion tho:add a person control where you can control anyone. Also make it so that Yiu can edit anyones tools and weapons and armor thanks!

When we got this we were looking for a good sandbox game because we were board. And we can for sure say we found that sandbox game because this is a really good game and it isnt one of those cheap games. They also made premium actually worth the purchase. The only thing that it is missing is being able to give your units items. We really hope you do add that ability. Thank you for bringing this game to the App Store and forgive us if we didnt use correct grammar.

What if you made different types of dragons, like drakes, wyverns, lyndwyrms, wyrms, and ofc the original dragon? We thought it would be cool if there were different dragons, just to add variety. We also think that they could use the ability to reproduce like other creatures, but what we would really like to see is variety in different types of dragon. Just an idea though.

This is our new favorite game but we would love there to be multiplayer.

Now, we just started playing for today and we thought, huh wonder if they can add some stuff so here we are 1: add traveling. Say, if we kingdom is at peace they can travel there to visit. 2: add and Air Force. A kingdom could have aircraft to bomb or kill civilians, also air combat. 3: add a navy. We know you already hav boats,but they are transport and trading. And boats with guns and weapons to rain bullets at the opposing kingdom. 4: and mini-bombs. Say they can have a silo to launch bombs at. Thats it. PS: we know this coukd take a while to do, so you can do it one by one. We dont mind.

Heys devs WorldBox is a very cool sandbox game and its very different from other games in the App Store but in a good way,I just have a few suggestions that maybe you could add but we understand if you cant because you guys are working so hard for the next update. 1:Kingdom transfer,how it works is that you could transfer kingdoms from a world to your other world.2:more generated maps,maybe you guys could add more generated maps like maybe the real world map like United States and so on.3:more things to make chaos,Im talking about like more bombs and more disasters and maybe more controllable destructive things,those are really fun and maybe you could add more of them or maybe just 1.4:rebellious people not a whole village,its like the madness item and inspiration combined but instead of the mad people not working together and killing themselves they work together to fight against the kingdom that they were originally in. Thank you for your consideration,George Somarriba.

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