Z defense

Last updated on November 14th, 2022 at 08:35 pm

Z defense

Z defense

Z defense is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HOMA GAMES, Z defense is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th June 2022 with the latest update 24th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Z defense ?

15,900 people have rated 0.9.4

What is the price of the Z defense ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Z defense released ?

Z defense was released on 8th June 2022.

When was the Z defense updated ?

The latest updated date of Z defense on 24th October 2022.

Where can Z defense be downloaded ?

You can download the game Z defense from Apple Official App Store.



Go escape and save yourself from the zombie tsunami! They are coming to get you and they are billions of them!
This place is like a zombie farm, are they breeding here? If you try to escape, you will probably regret it. You need to become a zombie catcher and you need big guns to shoot and stop this zombie tsunami!

Discover new zones in this zombie game, unlock new weapons and upgrades to make you as powerful as ever and be able to defeat and stop the zombies run!

Shoot them while they are running towards you! They are coming for you, they are billions and hungry coming on the zombie highway, go escape or fight them all!

Mow zombies with your machine gun and beat them to secure your territory. Zombie catchers are powerful and they don’t need zombie tutorials to teach them how to hunt down a zombie tsunami. Be the one that will stop the zombies run in this zombie game!

Upgrade your weapon, unlock a guard to help you with dealing with the zombies. They are billions and they are coming like a zombie tsunami, so we trust you on this one, stop the zombies run and get rid of them like a real zombie catcher!

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Updated on 24th October 2022

  • Add new gamemode
  • Add new bot coop mode
  • Add new piggy bank
  • Gameplay & performance improvements

Z defense Review

We like this game add an update pls.

Its a good game you guys just need to add more level to the towers and fix one little guy that gets stuck and or add some skins to the hordes.

Ok so Im trying to buy the vip pack and when Im going to buy it it saids declined. So now Im confused.

Its crashes too often and with endless mode this is infuriating because we lose all of those tokens we had earned. The game just doesnt save progress mid play.

If you are going to give us an option to watch ads and get rewards, then atleast make the ads load.

Love the game but we had paid for no adds and all the sudden we were back to square one. Had to pay for no adds again due to the fact we could not restore IAP.

Great game but, we had purchased the starter pack that was supposed to have given us the laser gun, 4500 coins, 500 gems, and no ads. However all we got from it was the laser gun. No coins, no gems, and still have ads. Please either fix this or refund us.

Love this game but too many ads. We bought the no ads package but now the game crashes constantly while trying to do the endless mode. You needs special coins from only the endless mode to upgrade weapons. We get about 15 rounds into the endless mode and lose our progress and the coins we gained very frustrating.

We spent the $6 bucks for the starter pack to not have ads and we have the no ads but we never got our 500 crystals and 4,500 gold!!!! And there is no restore purchase option or a help button.

So fun fact if you buy the starter pack for $5 it actually charges you $14.99 so just a little heads up to the people who play this game.

This game freezes on the ad pages stopping us from playing the game.

We purchased the starter bundle for whatever price it was and never got the rewards but it says its owned. Dont have any ads, but still dont have the coins or gun or anything it came with.

This is just another half baked cash grab. Not worth the download.

We got the starter pack and it did not have us the gems not the money.

Got the starter pack never received our gems or coins.

Paid the 5 bucks for the starter pack and didnt get the gems or coins.

Literally every action you do involves a ad almost, install the game and give it 1 star, this game is not a 4 star game.

Its always sad to see developers who have no care or passion for anything they put out. They just want a quick buck. The amount of ads on this game is truly astounding. Then again, what do you expect from a quick cash grab instead of actual passion.

Ad farm, good idea for a mobile game ruined by them forcing ads down your throat every 5 seconds.

Game is fun! But, Tired of watching a forced ad every two minutes. Deleting the game.

Way too many ads to enjoy this game.

In 5 minutes we spent like 4 minutes watching ads without a choice and 1 minute of play time.

Your game freezes at the title screen and threw out playing the game it would be a good game if you just fixed the actual bugs theres no way this game should have 5 star review until your game gets fixed.

The game is awesome the one thing we dont like about it is the ads theres like so many if the ads werent there so much probably like the game better and they should add more worlds like they have an added worlds that much but we I really like the game also there should be like the skins cost too much 500 diamonds that is so much but anyways everything else we love we will show it to mostly all our friends hopefully they download it and thats it.

The game is good but has too many adds but overall the game is still fun to play on ur free time.

Update is very fun. Couple small bugs. Cant seem to upgrade weapons or buy traps that we already had in between rounds. The spots where the traps were are empty but a menu pops up that says add spikes or add flames. Either option you cant click. The weapons have to be updated during the round. Also im obsessed with this game its so fun im on level 350 keep up the good work.

We just purchased the starter pack, but we didnt get the 500 gems and 4500 gold. Please help!

Multiplayer is a must have for a game like this and more levels need to be added they should be different modes and new zombies should be added we want a multiplayer first tho.

Cool game traps stop working and im on level 300 after a certain amount of levels im stuck at the world with the beach.

This game could be more fun if you can make it multiplayer like if you make a freinds list or adding something to put in a code to join a room.

We’ve been non stop playing this game since we got this game! It gave us C.O.D. Zombies vibes but 2D and colorful. The only problem we have was when we bought the starter package. We didnt receive the 500 gems nor the 4500 coins once purchase. If yall can fix this bug and give us our gems and coins we really appreciate it! Thanks!

Its a pretty cool game overall. We mean so far our purchases were processed and we got everything we paid for. Though, we kinda wish we could choose the world im in. Im on level 368 and been in the same world a little before level 300 and still we havent gotten the option to change worlds. Just the beach/island. We just kinda wish we could choose worlds cause we kinda thought the Volcano world was pretty cool looking also we kinda wish we could change modes like maybe do that survival stage where Im in the arena cause thatd be pretty cool.. Of course more guns and more upgrade options and more drone options would be cool too.. Oh also more characters and maybe even options to upgrade em would be cool too! Aaand maybe making the zombies look a little cooler would be awesome too ofc :)

We paid for No Ads not once, but twice, and it still plays ads. When we check the shop, No Ads is there for $3.99, as if Id never purchased it. This is the only thing that kept us from giving it 5 stars. An update to fix this infuriating issue, please?

Let us preface this by saying that although the game is early in development, the game has tons of potential. Has a pretty moderate level of difficulty up until a certain point. We did purchase the $5 pack to get rid of the ads fairly early into the game, so we didnt experience much of the default ads. With the new update that released today, we do enjoy the new arena and zombies that were added. Great job devs! Edit: With this new update, traps dont appear to work in the 200s,although we do see the option to enable them,clicking doesnt do anything.

We really did like this game at first,but once we started getting a heck lot better, it really didnt feel as fun as it used to be since we were playing on a 12.0. IPad, it really started to get tricky of doing thez things. Even though we got all the coins and stuff and blah blah blah, plus ads. Our advice is for a free starter pack for every new person who really is interested in this game. Thank you, CasualNoob.

Overall fun game, however we bought the no ads thing and still get an ad after every round we play.

Purchased starter pack, no currencies given, laser gun obtained tho.

Easily a 5 star mobile game IF this didnt happen. We bought the no ads feature for $3.99 because it was cheap and we had some extra cash but the next time we loaded up the game we had all ads back?

When we first downloaded this game, it was really fun and we enjoyed playing it. However, one day when we logged on, the screen wouldnt show the base and the character and all the zombies. We tried to play the game this way, but we kept on dying. Please fix the game so we will have lots of fun with no glitches in the way. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Like the game but our traps are glitch out and dont work.

Levels please. We liked this game. Got bored after we wasnt progressing worlds anymore. We just stocked piled a lot of coins which felt pointless if Im never going to spend it on anything.

We love the COD zombie like game and had fun but found myself at one point watching ads more than actually playing the game.

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