Zaga-33 is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Michael Brough, Zaga-33 is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 11th April 2012 with the latest update 12th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


19 people have rated 5

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You are stranded on rogue planet Zaga-33! Explore deep into its mysterious caverns. Fight off horrible green monsters and discover esoteric alien artifacts. Destroy the alien Cortex to escape.

"Few games are as hypnotic or menacing as Zaga-33, a top-down exploration adventure in which you somehow work your way through an oppressive alien world. Fast-paced and pleasingly nasty." – 500 Must-have Apps, The Telegraph, 3 October 2012

Updated on 12th May 2023

fixed everything

Zaga-33 Reviews

We love tactical RPG’s, but they are way too complex for a mobile phone. This is a perfect way to get your fix on the go! An instant classic!

New update is not working on iPad , btw New update is not working on Mac OS maverics to, btw2 lov u brog, big fan , have made lost of New costumers for you here in Brasil :p.

An amazing take on rogue, simple and yet so much stems from that. Like the tetris of its genre. As for the soundscape and the way it is generated differently each time. Just needs iOS 12 support, but one can dream :)

Excellent game, easy to play , hard to beat. Very addictive game . If you love dudes other games you will love this game as well . Can’t stop playing!

Fast, simple but challenging Rogue-like. Tried this after playing this designers Hack and Corrypt games, and like them, Zaga-33 doesn’t disappoint.

Awesome game! Oh, and if you read the reviews already, it doesn’t crash.

Just keep updating,I will always support you.

Keeps crashing after two seconds please fix we’ve tried it on two devices and nothing.

We’ve long read about this developers’ games and how cool and clever they are, but we hadn’t bought one yet. So, daring to live dangerously, we spent a whopping $.99 and bought his Zaga-33. Oh yeah, it is cool and clever. Very chill game with unassuming graphics. Excellent!

The music is a delightful, interesting and developing experience, just like the game itself. It seems so simple but, believe us, it is HARD.

We love, love love Zaga33. You get an unsettling alien exploration game with music that sometimes makes you stop just to listen. Each level makes small changes to the procedurally generated (!) music. You are taken into an unending soundscape that is a masterpiece in its own right. Think of it as a music track you buy that changes every time you listen. Losing health or dying outright brings the music back to low-key but down yet another path. The calming atmosphere you get from regaining enough health is unique to this game out of thousands we have played. On the gameplay side, it’s an awesomely styled room-by-room tribute to 90s roguelikes. The graphics are symbolic and minimal, with a chilling alien palette that does shift more morbidly as you reach the end. There is plenty of room in each chamber for strategy, though sometimes a crucial mistake early on will bury you many rooms later. This game is so good it makes us question free will. We would call it pseudosimple – Michael Brough has tuned it to a perfectly building fever pitch that starts out generous for beginners but turns into roguelike Deliverance before you know it. Just get the game. We are so mad it has so few reviews. Reward a genius today. Please. Feel free to use any part of this review Mr. Brough. – Lionel Houde.

We love the game, but it keeps crashing! Please fix! (Note: Playing on iPad Air 2)

Mike gives you so called gamers great games. One question, there should be three times the reviews for this great game. Mike we’re sure puts his heart and soul into these games and we wonder how many so called gamers appreciate his effort? We challenge all you so called gamers, let’s rally around Mike and support him. You so called gamers are a stupid bunch if you don’t.

But it keeps crashing after a minute or so.

Despite a few Rogue-like details, this is a very different kind of game. Half puzzle, trying to move safely and avoid the monsters. Half managing your limited (and sometimes unknown) powerups. The goal is just survival, ending at the Level 25 boss. You can get a higher score by having more stuff left unused. Also, the music and visual style put us in a hypnotic trance… We prefer the swipe control scheme. (iCade support would be a nice addition, even if touch was still used for some things.)

Just like all of the other gems by Michael Brough this is a very unique and well thought out game. Appreciate the update and keep up the hard work Mr. Brough!

But it crashes and quits every 5 minutes! Please fix, we love your games!

We’re a big fan of quality roguelikes, and this game is supposed to be great. However, it fails to run for more than 30 seconds on our iPhone 6. If the crashes are fixed in an update, we will happily update our review.

Zaga-33 has been in constant rotation for us ever since we purchased our ipad lo these three weeks ago. It’s a light roguelike – don’t go in expecting hours on end of play. But do expect to spend minutes per day chipping away at the world, improving your understanding of enemy patterns, when to use items and when not to, trying to survive in this alien landscape. For those who like quick games with a fair amount of depth, this is a solid choice. It’s far and away our favorite roguelike on the app store, and the new swipe controls have actually made the experience even that more pleasant.

We LOVE this game! Nice rougelike The latest update made the controls SO much better! Would still like a d-pad option though.

Some sort of puzzle game… Weird and interesting.

This truly is one of the best Roguelikes on iOS and the one that best plays to the strengths of the platform. The fact that it’s not getting recognition for this fact is criminal. The positive reviews aren’t fake, they are from people with good taste.

This is the first iOS roguelike we’ve really gotten into. We think it’s because the minimalism allows the game to breathe on the iPhone screen, instead of trying to cram too much information and too many decisions into what should be an intuitive device. The game is tough, and very much a tactical puzzler where you need to plan ahead, but very rewarding when you finally get the hang of eluding the numerous enemies. We were frustrated by the controls at first, but we’ve had no problems since switching to the swipe options. Try the free PC version if you’re not sure about the gameplay, but for the last few weeks we’ve been very glad to have access to this when we’re on the train. Also, there are super hard secret levels! It’ll be more rewarding if you find them yourself, so that’s all we’ll say.

While this game doesn’t look like much (I would much prefer slicker graphics, but we get that the retro style fits here), the randomness of the maps and the simplicity of the controls and turned-based game play are perfect. It lacks Game Center support which would be nice to have, but the challenge level is good and everything is ideal for quick gaming sessions. This is a winner!

Love this game. Virtually every move you make means something. It’s brutal, but tons of fun. Controls are spot on.

We’re a big fan of roguelikes and the 7day roguelike challenge. Loved this game on pc too. Now if you could only add a few more powers. The only thing better than this would be the 7drl hyperouge 3 on iOS!! (LOL) good job/ game developer!

Been looking for a great roguelike and this is it!! Get it!! -betscribe.

Game is fun to play and faithful to the PC version. It needs Gamecenter, which is a requirement on IOS, imo. Also the controls lead to a lot of false positives which is a little frustrating. Would like to see a couple more control options? All in all a good game and well worth the price.

This game is old school addictive. We love it. The reason for only 4 stars is because the controls aren’t responsive sometimes. We believe it’s more of a limitation of the small 3.5" iPhone screen. There’s just not enough room.

It was fun for about 15 minutes, but then we had to move on. The little guys that shoot the laser all the way across the room frustrated us!

A decent game and we perhaps only regret the purchase a little. Gameplay is fairly interesting but pretty rote. Controls stink.

Ok, you got us to purchase this one based on (IMHO) fake or planted reviews … There is no way this app deserves 5 stars, we don’t care what universe you are from this one is a total waste of money. So be warned … This one a bad … Very bad … Not at all worth the price of admission. Please shop elsewhere as this one is a scam with fake reviews. Robert9001.

Nice streamlined gameplay. Great coffee-break style roguelike. Randomized power-ups and enemy behaviors keep it interesting.

Quality rogue-like, best one we’ve played in a while, and although we agree the controls can be a but shaky for those who have trouble with doors, we recommend a swipe as opposed to a tap.

It’s cool, we like it. The controls can get a little iffy along the edge, but nothing major. Love the graphics too.

For a quick pickup game this has some serious depth! Already spent hours and we can see myself enjoying this for many, many more.

While the roguelike description is apt, it also could be seen as a neat take on the classic Robots game (after each move you take all of the robots will take another step toward you) with a bunch of fun tools (not just the sonic screwdriver or limited teleports). Killing monsters in this game gains you nothing in itself, it’s just a necessity to survive onto the next room or grab some key item dropped somewhere on the level. Your score is based on how far you make it into the lair (dying on the 5th room nets you a score of 5), but if you manage to make it all the way to the Cortex and destroy him you’ll get a nice little bonus based on how many items you still have on your person (there may be other bonuses at that point as well, like your remaining health, but we’re not sure).

The controls are relative to where your character is, making it hard to move when on the edges of the screen. Here are some control schemes that would make mistaps far less frustrating: – swipe to move – virtual d-pad – change the controls to not be relative – e.g., tapping the top of the screen always moves up regardless of character position.

If we had to sum it up in a sentence, we would say this: "On almost every turn, you have an interesting decision to make, and your decision will always have interesting consequences." In the end, that’s the pinnacle of what a strategy game should strive to do. The roguelike genre is getting some revived popularity lately, but most games adhere to a tried-and-true formula that is beginning to get a bit stale. We really like how Zaga 33 breaks the mold. Every move, every item, and every enemy is important. There is no filler here – it’s streamlined game design at its best.

Been looking for a roque game. Love the random affects of the items and how little each map is… However we find myself at the exit of almost every level trying to enter the door but we always click up or down giving the monsters a chance to attack us. We think the game needs a control pa on the left side. It won’t even clutter the UI cause it won’t be on the map. Make the option and we’ll change to 5 stars. Great game otherwise.

Great game but it needs more creatures and power ups/ alien areterfacts. But we do admit its a winner right here but we also would like to see more lvls. :)

We enjoy the freeware version on our computer so we thought I’d do our part and pay for this version. The touch controls are haphazard, especially for a game where you depend on efficient movement to survive. Also the colors seem much more muted than on the comp. We still like the game but the iOS version needs a little more love, Micheal.

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