ZOOKEEPER DX is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by KITERETSU.INC, ZOOKEEPER DX is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th June 2011 with the latest update 9th September 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


40 people have rated 1.0.9

You can download the game ZOOKEEPER DX from APP STORE.


ZOOKEEPER! The definitive version of the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch action puzzle App with 10 million players!

The App that reached No. 1 on both the Japan App Store’s Paid and Games rankings has left its home territory to be featured on App Stores worldwide!

[How to play ZOOKEEPER]
This puzzle game is based on the simplest of rules: switch the positions of two adjacent panels in order to make rows of three or more.

Just touch the animal you want to move, slide it toward the animal you want to switch it for, and voila! The animals are switched.
If three or more of the same animals are lined up horizontally or vertically, those animals are caught.
Catch the target number of animals to advance to the next stage!

You can even see how your high scores match up against other players worldwide in the Game Center.
Aim for the top! Be the BEST ZOOKEEPER EVER!

Catch the target number of animals on each stage, and aim to beat all stages in the game!

Catch 100 of any animal to level up! A limitless mode for dedicated players.

Play this online versus version of ZOOKEEPER, free of charge!
(Follow the ZOOKEEPER BATTLE link on the App Store.)

Update environment

This game now requires
-iOS11 or later.
-iPhone 5s or later.
-iPad Air or later.
-iPod touch 6th generation or later.

From this update and onwards, the game will no longer support iOS11 or earlier.

Updated on 9th September 2021

Fixed any bugs found.


This game is fun to play when you have a few minutes. And the recent updates have optimized it for todays bigger phones, so its much better than it used to be. Its a fun game for a great price with no ads or IAP. Totally worth the download.

We love this game but please update for modern phone resolution. Thank you!

The little Zookeeper is a brutal taskmaster.

You’ll love this! So much fun!

We have this game on Nintendo DS. Look forward to playing on our phone ;)

We used to play this game on our non smart phone before there were smart phones in Japan years ago!! Memories!!

If you are looking for a super cute non-committal time waster, this is great. Gotta love it!

We’re living this app. Very enjoyable.

We only play this game because it’s so cute. We wuv the wittle pink bunnies. ;__; Can’t… Stop… Playing…

Sure it’s a bejeweled rip-off. Buts is great. And the music and the little boss dude with the cigar make us happy.

So fun, can’t hardly put it down.

It’s definitely the cutest bejeweled style puzzle app. We loved it on the DS and we love it even more here.

We played Zookeeper in our browser about eight years ago. When we got our first itouch device about four years ago, this is one of the first games we searched for. Was disappointed that it wasn’t mobile yet, but better late than never! Thanks, Kiteretsu!

We’ve been addictive to this game, when we first got introduce to it. Played other games, but ended up removing the apps over boredom. So far, we’ve always been stuck on Zookeeper. Other wise, we don’t care for them. Awesome colors, new themes and characters to try and win.

Love this game. We started playing it on the Nintendo DS & we’re so happy it’s available on the iPhone now (^o^)/

So addicting is not even funny.

Such a great game! We wish it went up too 10 ‘s cuz thats what we would of rated it:)

Fun game that is perfect for passing some time with.

We love this game! It really makes the time pass by faster and also very challenging!

Amount the similar games out there, we fine this is the best version for this type of game. Music, visual, gameplay are far better designed than other similar games. They are cute, fun, and entertaining. Makes this game the best of choice. Most important, this app is FREE!! LOL.

When we got this game we thought it was just gonna be like one of those plain old switch switch game but this one rocks! Im addicted!!

Long time fan of this game, so glad to see it on iOS!

Amazing and funny, recommended.

We remember playing this game about five to six years ago on our Nintendo DS. We used to play it all the time, with family and friend as well. Sadly, it doesn’t have the same multiplayer function as its DS counterpart did, but it is still just as fun as it was so many years ago.

This makes us want to whip out our DS and just play it on there. That isn’t to say this isn’t a good game. And for the people complaining it’s a crappy wanna-be bejeweled obviously don’t get the simplicity of this game. It was an original release game 6 yrs ago when the first DS came out, and was meant for a fun game to pass the time. We don’t think we’ll play it much on the iPod though, it’s awkward to have fingers in the way on such a small screen. But it was a great rehash of it. Though it seems harder than we recall on the DS.

A fun little puzzle game with unique artwork worth checking out.

All the sounds are awesome in this game and the visuals are cute. Gameplay is fun and simple. Not many bad things to say about this game.

We LOVE zookeeper battle so much , that it made us want to purchase this app. Can you update this app so it runs just as smoothly as zookeeper battle? We expected the paid version to be better than the free version -___-

Only thing is that it gets to difficult to quickly! Otherwise it’s great!

Used to love it on the Nintendo DS. Really miss the old sound effects.

It’s one of our favorite match 3 game. Cute and fun.

What’s the point of "winning" new avatars, backgrounds, and decorations if the game CRASHES when you try to change them??? FIX NEEDED FIX NEEDED FIX NEEDED FIX NEEDED FIX NEEDED Another update, more problems. With every update, the game crashes more.

We hate that when you miss a single level you have to start over from the beginning! It makes it impossible to get past the 7th level for us. On some levels there simply isn’t enough time either unless you get incredibly lucky with your combos. This is still a fun and addictive game, but a bit annoying when you have to keep starting over from the first stage.

Please add Quest Mode and the game would rival the original game on the DS.

This game is soooooooooo boring.

We’re sure this type of game has been around for years, even before Bejeweled, but since we know of no otters, that’s the only game we can compare it to. That said, Zookeeper DX is exactly like Bejeweled, just cuter and with retro graphics and sound. There’s even a Bejeweled Blitz-like mode thrown in. If you like the grid-matching type of game, get Zookeeper this week while it’s free. :-)

Before we got the game: During the game: After the game: It’s well designed but it gets very boring and there isn’t much to do.

VS has a much smoother frame rate which helps moves happen at a faster and precise pace while the choppy frame rate in this one makes moves less accurate and slow. Please fix this little problem.

Basic match three game. Cute graphics, but nothing special.

It’s ok but the gameplay is exactly like Bejewled. Deleted it once we realized that.

This is just bejeweled with an animal theme slapped over it. While it’s admittedly cute, it’s difficult to play because the game area proper is incredibly busy, the character sprites are detailed to the point where trying to play while holding the phone at a comfortable distance means holding the phone literally 2 inches away from your face, and the entire game is ludicrously bright and neon-colored. The controls are a little touchy and sometimes frustrating. This game isnt innovative; this concept has been done to death and the cute graphics cant really redeem what is at its core an overly played out gaming convention. We uninstalled, but not out of a lack of quality… We just have too many "match three" games already.

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