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1000 Jigsaw Puzzles

1000 Jigsaw Puzzles

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles! Developed by the innovative team at Ekaterina Roshchupkina, this Photo & Video game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 8th December 2012, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 18th February 2019.

Are you a fan of Photo & Video, Puzzle, games? Then 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles

Over 86 players have rated 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles Cost?

Good news! You can download 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles on your iOS device absolutely free!

1000 Jigsaw Puzzles Release Date

Eager to know when 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles first graced the App Store? It was launched on 8th December 2012.

When Was 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles Last Updated?

The latest version of 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles was updated on 18th February 2019, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles?

To get started with 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles

1000 Jigsaw Puzzles is just like a real jigsaw on your iPad! Just the way you like it.

We’ve created this app for you to make it possible to play your favorite game anywhere and anytime. It fully simulates the real puzzles and, at same time, the app uses all advantages of iPad to make the playing of your favorite game as convinient as it has ever been possible.


  • ability to add your own images;
  • ability to share the images and packages (email, Facebook, Twitter);
  • Constantly updated pictures gallery;
  • 8 levels of complexity: from 42 pieces up to 1110 pieces, available for any puzzle;
  • Zoom in/out function;

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles updated on 18th February 2019:

1400 pieces level added

User Reviews on 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles below:

Do not like the ads showing. We are not interested in the ads. We just like doing the puzzles. We liked it better when there was no ads for other games.

Can’t play our own music and now the ads are freezing the app. Super annoying. Please fix.

Like the puzzle pictures but freezes constantly, uninstalling.

Puzzle pieces fit in multiple places, randomly lock into correct places or fail to do so, do not slide easily out of tray. A waste of time.

This app was great but now it freezes and the last time we used it pieces were missing. What happened to you guys?

We used to love doing 1000 puzzles but don’t waste your time on it. It freezes and you can not do anything. No matter what you do, you can’t get it to unfreeze so you can finish the puzzle. Unless this is fixed, we will not be doing anymore puzzles.

This problem of freezing up, which started a few weeks ago, makes this otherwise terrific app absolutely unplayable. What happened? We don’t know, but we wouldn’t download the app until the problem is fixed. We’ve stopped all puzzling.

The advertising causes it to freeze up, making play very frustrating. Skip this one.

We have the same problem as another reviewer. The puzzles are great but the app keeps crashing in the middle of play. We lose pieces in places we’ve already found once. Its infuriating so Ill wait for an upgrade before we play again.

When you tap on the photo you want to download it wont allow it to be downloaded. It come back with a red question mark. Not sure why this happens. Can it be fixed.?

We really like this app but new puzzles are not added very often so we work the same ones over and over. We find this disappointing.

Some of the puzzles keep coming up with a red Error and wont download. Please fix this as the puzzles available from this app are really good quality. We’ve been playing this app for years. Thanks.

Why do we get an ! On some puzzles when we try to open them and then it wont let us open it. Very annoying.

What happened? Some of the puzzles wont download. We get instead.

Th app times out all the time. It was not doing that initially. We have done at least 100 puzzles without a problem. This has just been happening for the last month or so. Very disappointed with what we loved as an app. When it times out all the moves made are gone.

Love the colorful puzzles but it has been repeatedly crashing. We need to go back and open up puzzles and select the puzzle from our collection that was not completed to proceed. This is very frustrating considering it happens at least 10 times during one puzzle.

After losing way too many hard-fought puzzle battles to a crashing app (i play the smallest piece size, so its a LOT of progress to lose), we’ve started closing the app after every 10 minutes of playing to save what we have before it can crash on us. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! Im addicted to the puzzles but this may be what breaks the addiction if not fixed. Not too hopeful as other reviews have complained about this for past 2 years?? (ive deleted and reloaded app; still crashes). Using this on an iPad pro12.

Love the quantity of puzzles. But Looks like this hasnt been updated in quite awhile. Today puzzle kept shutting down in middle of puzzle and when you restart you have to start over. We’ve tried 6 times and finally gave up. Anyone else having a problem?

We love this app however the 2 issues we have is 1 the side tray is so small that you cant see the pieces & 2 the completed parts of the puzzle dont lock so if you touch it by accident it moves. And if you have put some puzzle pieces around the completed part & a piece locks on top of those pieces, you have to move the entire puzzle to get to the other pieces that are now hidden underneath the completed pieces. Very frustrating NOT RELAXING. Please fix!!!

Each time 3 new puzzles are added, the 3rd one will not download. It gives a symbol with a white exclamation mark in a red circle. This has been happening for a few weeks.

For the past several days now, their server has apparently been down so you can’t even get more puzzles. We had even gotten two more sets of similar puzzles by the same maker, and the same server is down. The little wheel spins around and around and around, getting nowhere, then up pops the message that the server can’t be reached, and you should try back later. How many more days is this going to keep happening? How many "laters" are there going to be? No point in getting these puzzles if you can’t add any more.

What the heck. Midway through a puzzle and it vanishes. Or most of it vanishes. We love this ap for long time but now so frustrating. PLEASE FIX SOON.

The puzzles are fun to do however the app crashes and zaps the fun out of it. Ill be happily making progress when all of a sudden the app disappears and loses a LOT of that progress. Our OS is up to date. We hope it gets fixed soon. We would also like to see the puzzle pieces in the side bar be a little bigger.

Why is the parental gate popping up every couple of minutes? Parental controls have not been set. This is getting annoying.

We dont like that every time a puzzle piece is touch it rotates.. Very frustrating!! Do know if it can e fixed?? When we were doing this puzzle, it never did this before.. We could just sort then put together.

Parental gate keeps popping up asking for password. We dont even have it set on our iPad. Goes away when we cancel it but is occurring with increasing frequency.

It continues to freeze up! We uninstalled than reinstalled it. It seemed to work for a while but it is back to freezing. We really wished this could be fixed, we really enjoy doing the puzzles.

The last two puzzles we did had a piece or two missing. Please fix!

No longer worth our time. Froze multiple times even after restart. Used to be good.

Paid $ for no ads!!!! STILL HAVE ADS!!! False advertising.

This is still a problem months later. (See comment below) Not two minutes ago, after several uses with no issues we accidentally touched an ad and LOST an entire almost Completed puzzle. We accidentally touch an ad and it starts loading the ad, when we press the DONE to get back to our puzzle most or all of the puzzle disappears. Really annoying . This has been happening for a while but it is now getting more frequent. This time we were about 10 pieces from completion and the entire puzzle was lost FIX THIS!

Love the puzzles. Only one comment. The pieces in the tray are so small that we get a headache trying to select what we want.

We hate that the latest update relocated the ad icon on the same side as the puzzle pieces. It’s very difficult to avoid hitting it. Exactly the point but terribly annoying.

This has been the best puzzle app for many years except now Im missing pieces. This just recently started happening. At first it was random but now its more frequent and the last puzzle we finished was missing several pieces. How do we fix this?

This used to be our favorite. Now we don’t know what happen. It turns off by its self & when you go back to the puzzle it’s gone & you have to start all over. We’re sick of it! This just happen twice to us. We’re going to find something else.

We know why you did it but we’re really getting frustrated with the ads being on the same side as the puzzle pieces. It’s way too easy to click on the ads instead of the pieces and then you’re into a mess that sometimes takes forever to get out of. Thinking about deleting this app and looking for a different puzzle game.

Like the previous review, the ads on the right side by the puzzle pieces is driving us away. We used to be addicted to this but am quickly getting over it.

We have loved this app for a couple years but lately, with the ads so close to the pieces we constantly have an ad accessed inadvertently in the middle of our puzzle and it ruins our puzzle. When that happens any pieces out on the board move to where they should be placed in the puzzle. When we try to move them back to the bar it takes forever! And when we are all out of pieces in the bar we are missing one or two and they can be found nowhere. We have had to delete 10 puzzles lately because we are missing pieces and cannot fix or finish them them. Very disappointed.

Just downloaded your puzzle and downloaded free puzzles Spa and Easter. Neither one of these puzzles will open so that we can do them. What am we doing wrong?

We just downloaded this app a couple months ago. It seems to be identical to another jigsaw app, which seems strange, but nonetheless, we enjoyed using it for many weeks. It was a perfect puzzle app, with all the settings options we enjoy, and plenty of challenging puzzles, most of them free. A couple weeks ago the app issued an update and since then, the app freezes repeatedly during play. We try to ‘reset’ by closing and reopening the app, but it just freezes again a few minutes later. (This is not a wi-fi signal problemI have excellent download speed.). We are so disappointed that they ruined a good app. We will have to delete it and try another. UPDATE: we forgot to post the above review, and didn’t use the app for a while, then tried it again. It worked beautifully for many months. We have really enjoyed it. But just moments ago we got a very annoying pop-up, complete with a high pitch beeping that drove the dogs crazy, informing that that we have been "infected with Four virus" etc. This app is running on our iPad Air, so we checked some Apple help sites to confirm that it is of course, a scam. But also learned that it is attached to this app. So, sadly, we will now DEFINITELY DELETE this app and not revisit in future. Too bad.

Very relaxing. Thank you! Love this app!

The pictures used for the puzzles are very clear and colorful. Great job!!!!! We really enjoy the puzzles. The pictures are outright beautiful.

This app is quit easy to use and fun too! The only thing that we would like to se is to have the option of seeing more than one row of pieces at a time, and maybe moving this new bigger selection to the bottom?? Over all good app fun to use and easy to start!

We simply love this app. It has wonderful puzzles that all ages will like. We like it because you can work one in a short time. We have cats and it is hard for us to work a puzzle and keep our cats from stealing our pieces. This app is simply wonderful.

We feel we’re being challenged at 357 pieces… Almost brave enough to step it up a notch. Beautiful pictures, intriguing locations, masterful tones.

If you want to build a puzzle this is for you. This are not that large of puzzles but it’s a great concept, the app will sort the end, corner, and the inside pieces for you to save you time and effort. We highly recommend this to you and your friends and family. This is a great way to have fun and pass time. 5 out of 5.

These puzzles are great. They look really nice and are fun to put together. Great app.

Best so far. It has a great selection of free and colorful puzzles. It also has a pretty good choice of levels. No glitches so far.

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