20 Minutes Till Dawn:Premium

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 02:50 pm

20 Minutes Till Dawn:Premium


20 Minutes Till Dawn:Premium is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by QI YU SG. PTE. LTD., 20 Minutes Till Dawn:Premium is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th September 2022 with the latest update 6th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


367 people have rated 2.8.602

You can download the game 20 Minutes Till Dawn:Premium from APP STORE.


Survive the onslaught of an endless horde of monsters for 20 minutes!

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a roguelike, shoot’em up where you mow down endless hordes of monstrous baddies.

【Unique Builds Every Run】
In this roguelite survival game, select from a variety of upgrades to create a unique and overpowered builds every run. You can be a fire wizard, for example, and ignite monsters with every pump of your shotgun, or an agile ninja who controls magic knives to pierce your enemies.

【Select Your Hero】
Choose from a diverse selection of characters and weapons that offer a variety of gameplay experiences.

*Over 80 different upgrades to choose from for a unique experience every run!
*Wide cast of characters, with more to come post-launch.
*Casual quick 10-20 minute play sessions, for busy gamers.
*Rune System helps you become stronger

【Contact Us】}
Discord: https://discord.gg/efTYchSsHZ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Erabitstudios
Twitter: https://twitter.com/erabit_studios

Updated on 6th March 2023

  1. New Map: Pumpkin Patch
  2. New Character: Raven
  3. Some bugs Fixed.

20 Minutes Till Dawn:Premium Reviews

What seems to be the most simplest of games, it is actually one of the most strategic games we have ever played in our entire life. We have never seen a game like this, and yet we have been able to fall in love with it. We are constantly playing game and refuse to go three hours without playing this amazing game. We’ve always been wondering if this game will be updated again, and it just was. If you are seeing this review, and wondering if you should get the game. Get the game. Simple Perfection.

Its a really fun game that we like to play to pass the time and Im really happy that they continue to update it the characters have good abilities and the gameplay is good along with changeable weapons that makes it where you can play however you like.

Very much worth the price. Was updated multiple times with new content after purchase. An endless mode would be nice, we ran out of content after getting all achievements.

This is a pretty good survivor-like game, but if it had controller support it would be an easy five stars.

For some reason our character sometimes does not respond to moves very well. Will jump around the screen when Im moving right into enemies or sometimes the opposite way. Fix the controls please .

The font is not loaded correctly.

The ad-farm version of this game is advertised above the premium, so we didnt see it and thought we got the full game at the cost of ads. We wanted the new characters, so we paid for them. Then we got fed up with the constant ads so we looked for a way to remove them (doesnt exist ofc), and found the premium version. Now we own the premium version, but not the characters we purchased. If youre going to have two versions of the same exact game on the app store, you should at least offer the courtesy of not making customers pay (in-game currency or USD) for the same exact content twice. On top of that, the features in the ad-farm version that would cost you viewing an ad (or literally 10-20) to access, dont exist in this game. The ONE incentive you have as a consumer to pay for this version, was intentionally removed by them. No twilight boost, no revive, etc. If you buy this, you are literally paying for less than nothing, you are paying for LESS features. That, combined with the fact that they update the ad-farm quicker than they update this one, leads us to believe they make far more off the other version (selling your personal information) and they are doing everything they can to incentivize people to play that one instead. Either that or they just really dislike the people who support them financially?

We spent a LOT of hours playing the ad-supported version and really enjoyed it. Saw the paid version included the pumpkin patch level and the extra character, so we purchased it since we completed all achievements. It is NOT worth the purchase. You lose features. Sure, the ad-supported version has one less level and character, but the benefits that come with watching 20-30 seconds of ads every now and then far outweigh what the paid version provides. We were hoping this paid version also included the endless mode like what the PC game has, but unfortunately it doesnt. Even the skills and upgrades are exactly the same as the ad-supported version and not like the PC version. Ill be trying to refund the game after this review and getting the ad-supported version again. UPDATE: Purchased game less than 30 minutes ago. Developer doesnt support refunds DO NOT PURCHASE!

Rather than a normal unlock, buying this premium version downloads a new app where none of your progress is present. VERY annoying.

The game is amazing, it has great gameplay, and so many different combos, but need a terrain with difficulty in between forest and temple.

We would love to see Apple TV support added as this is the kind of game we could play on the couch for a long time. With the touch controls we can only handle about one game before we need to give our hands a break.

Cant watch ads to reroll or continue in this version.

We would (you know) your (you know). Thanks for making an awesome game.

Playing this game on a touch screen is a new challenge of its own. Great you vs hoard chaos.

This game is like if you distilled all of the best roguelikes from the last decade into their most fun synergies and crammed them into the same space. It feels buttery smooth. Also, we love that the game automatically aims for you if you just hold down fire. We find aiming to be a very boring mechanic, and we’re glad this game gives us the option to ignore it. You can still aim manually, though, for those who enjoy it.

This would be a solid 5/5 if it had cloud saves.

The game play is so smooth, this was our first game of this kind and we find it much smoother than the other ones we’ve been trying. Fun game, love pixel graphics!

Love the game, but curious when you guys are gonna support cloud, save so we can switch devices!?

We hope to see more content added and possibly more game-modes because id like to try a round with our friend or multiple people, we’re very pleased with the art style and the animations excited to see more updates and features added. And lastly we thank you for creating this game.

Solomons Boneyard Minigore 2 Crimsonland Inferno 2 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

Have been looking for a premium vampire survival experience for a while, this one takes the cake with deep upgrade options and no pay to win mechanics. This paid version is the same as the free version, only with micro transaction turned off. After playing the heck out of the free version, we had to buy this one to show support. We guess the paid version allows you to get more achievements, since closing the ad window on the free version will make you shoot, which disables some achievements. If you are struggling with the control, just remember pressing and hold right side will auto-aim the nearest enemy. Maybe the dev shouldve made that more clear. To dev: our only complain is the game can get too easy after you make a couple of successful runs. We don’t have level 15 difficulty unlocked yet, but so far we feel we can’t lose. Maybe skip a few difficulties in the middle or ramp the difficulty up faster. We hope there are more contents coming to this game. Keep up the good work.

Controller support really makes this game for us. It is a bit clunky in places, mostly the rune upgrade page and skill select, but thats just a nitpick. Played the free version for a while, thought Id show our support and toss out the 3$.

This game is loads of fun. Devs did an excellent job.

Not too sure what we paid for the full version for, it seems like all we did was pay to lose the ability to benefit from watching ads. There are also many references to content that is simply not available in this version: new characters like Luna or Yuki, new weapons like the magic bow…

Cant watch ads to reroll or continue in this version.

We love how the game has more added than when we started some months ago, it gives us more to do. Im looking forward to future updates if there is any!

One of the best if not the best rogue game we’ve ever played.

Edit: Devs have not addressed a single user complaint. Do not buy this game. As others have said, the controls are pretty cruddy; onscreen joysticks are too small and fussy, never quite as responsive as they need to be. While Im sure theres rationale behind having two-stick control, we cant help feel that it could just as easily (and more pleasurably) be controlled with one (adjustable-size) onscreen joystick paired with auto-fire. Heck, it could use a whole suite of quality-of-life options on the main menu, rather than just one for adjusting the sound. Kinda baffling why this wasnt addressed prior to launch, but again, Im no expert on game design, so its no knock against the devs – Im sure none of these gripes are news to them. As it stands now, the game is just not that much fun to play. Unless it gets an update to address its issues, theres not much reason for us to keep playing it.

Seriously though. There needs to be more games like this. No pay walls to progress. As soon as we run into them we uninstall, so this is a breath of fresh air. The developers even keep up with events like jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Thank you!

Buy it and download it. It’s just a great game.

If you like vampire survivors, youll most likely like this. Fun synergies to play around with and Im pretty into some of the art.

We love a good twin stick shooter and this one delivers! The roguelike element adds some kick to it along with more challenging progressions. We cant recommend this game enough!

Its a good game for when you have free time.

Super fun and polished twin stick survival shooter. Loads of depth and variety. A steal at its current price. Support great developers who dont shovel F2P crap down your throat.

Simple, frustrating and addictive. Its hard but keeps pulling you in. Love it.

Simple, frustrating and addictive. Its hard but keeps pulling you in. Love it.

Not so bad once you get the right upgrades to get further into the game, even the harder guns to master become overpowered with the right class. Its not so bad. It all seems pretty balanced.

Love this game. We have it on Pc, and we got it on our phone too because it is just so much fun. The music, action, and upgrade system are all interesting. We know a few characters from Pc havent been ported over here yet, and Im looking forward to them. Well worth your money when youve got some time to kill.

Im so glad this on iOS. 100% would recommend this game to anyone that loves being overpowered. Its so goooood.

Absolutely love the game, we love always trying to unlock new skills, and the concept is a blast! But its slowly slipping from our top five games, because the levels become the same. Playing this game as many times as we have, becomes repetitive. You know the order of progression as each new creature tries to kill you. Also if there were descent stories for each character and a campaign mode with a story worth repeating to see its conclusion. Or just make a part 2! Thanks.

Just our type. We like to blow crap up and we love the weapons and upgrades. Never played horde games like this before but we do love bullet bell games.

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