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Flight! is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Armor Games Inc, Flight! is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th July 2012 with the latest update 21st December 2016

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


87 people have rated 1.2.7

You can download the game Flight! from APP STORE.


Take Flight and make a little girl’s holiday wish come true in this addictive arcade game.

Throw your paper airplane from one country to the next as you soar through beautiful, charming environments. Steer your plane to catch shooting stars and origami cranes, or even shoot beyond the atmosphere!

With tons of upgrades to unlock and achievements to earn, it’s easy to see why Flight has over 10 million plays, and is rated a favorite by thousands of players. We’re sure it’ll become a beloved addition to your iOS library to bring you back again and again, too.

-Simple yet addictive gameplay
-Upgrades to enhance your paper plane
-Over 20 achievements to unlock
-Charming game design and soothing soundtrack
-Different countries to soar through, each with their own design
-Complementary world travel included

Updated on 21st December 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Fixed the bug which could cause the app to crash on iOS10
  • Updated graphics for new devices (iPhone Plus and iPad Pro).

Flight! Reviews

We’ve been looking for another game like this for a decade now and cant find anything. Such a fun way to pass the time.

This game was our childhood favorite, we cant complain, nothings changed ever since. We love it.

For $1 we have no complaints. No ads and it keeps you busy for hours. It doesn’t even really matter whether or not they update it considering the low price. Wish there were more games like this to be honest.

This game is super fun. We 100% suggest playing.

We played this in our childhood, its great.

Great game you’ll never stop playing……….. Gotta play more!!!!!!!!

This is what you say a good game? Well no… It is a great game! The basics is you throw a paper airplane and see what happens! No not really it is much more than that,You can upgrade your plane to make it fly further,You will be able to control your plane to make it fly,You will be able to rev-up your fire engine and much more.(though it kinda feels like a flash game considering how fast you go through it but it is still a great game.)

We’re trying to nab the #1 spot on the leaderboard and we’ve passed the #1 player, who has a 40,000m score, but GameCenter won’t recognize our ~45,000m score! What gives?

Ok the game is perfect Im just going to say the only issue is how short the game is still very fun although we say this game is worth 3 dollars so buy it.

We managed to get all the upgrades besides the Frog upgrade. We think it’s pointless. We have 30k and we refuse to use it on the frog. We need upgrades that are good or turn some of the utilities into upgrades. Thanks for the good work. FLY HIGH!

We played the computer one a long time ago but now we love it on mobile we mean right now we got 9853.51 m and a whopping $16,457.00 . Now we know some of you are probably gonna complain about our review or make some remarks but if not thank you for not we guess. Anyway we got sidetracked , we like this game and thank you for making it on mobile.

We wish we could have more options for customizing our plane.

The original version of the game is great and so is this one, it’s just some changes that bug us like the mystery upgrade is only one animal now and it’s stupid, it used to be fun to see it spin around as a little head on the computer but now it’s just a frog and doesn’t go as far. Also, the fuel consumption is just obviously annoying and needs to be changed if they ever update it again. Lastly, pretty much any graphical change between the computer version and this one we do not like at all, for instance once you finish the game and you’re in endless it used to switch between all the places, but now it’s just one like Olympic track or something we didn’t really care that much.

Im thankful this game lives on post-Flash. The music, sounds, and visuals are a warm blanket. The issue is: our longest flight of 46,805 should be atop the leaderboard. We think the dead even 40,000 current leader holder must be a fabrication. Another commenter had a similar issue. Spent 50 minutes to get that score (on a single flight) just to not be recognized. Kinda lame. Still, overall great nonetheless.

Its fun to play and occupies time but you cannot get the sprinter challenge. It is impossible to achieve. Very frustrating.

Great game but the wind stream mechanic (that you claim gives you time to avoid) has no indication of when and where its going to happen. And Im tired of getting grows where we literally go 5m/s the entire time with a fully upgraded plane. Its irritating as all can be. Make it so it takes a lesser percentage of your speed or make it so the wind sock we purchased actually works and appears.

It’s a pretty good app but the game on the website is better. It’s easier to not use fuel on the website: you can easily return to a ‘neutral’ flight path and this makes long flights much easier. On your tablet you’re almost always going to have a tilt and thus you’re going to be using fuel, which shortens your flight considerably. Also, something about the physics of the game feel different from the PC version, im not sure what, but it doesn’t feel as good.

The games is so great but we have flight control maxed out and we cant go up or down with controling it with or without fuel also there should be diving stalls cause we went straight down nose down but we did not stall.

Why is the music not playing? There are only SFX. We miss the music of flight.

The game is great but the fact that there is a mechanic that slows a fully upgraded plane to 2 meters per second is ridiculous. There should at least be some type of counter to the jet stream. Silly mechanic that makes us frequently drop the game for periods at a time.

There needs to be buttons for tilt control. Because the current setup is based on your phones tilt, the fuel used to tilt is always being used rather than only when activating it when you want to steer. Its also impossible to get space stars without wasting nearly all of your fuel, the online version was wayyyyyyy better. This one is super lame and a waste of money.

We think it’s pretty sad could not see her mom but at the end of Japan she gets to see her mom and there’s ENDLESS MODE.

Best game ever we love to shoot up to the space stars the first time we went to get them we made over1,000 dollars on the game. Im totally gonna get our friends to get the game!

This is just a great game of throwing a paper airplane and upgrading it to try and make it last longer in the air. But there’s more to it as the main game is tied to a heartwarming story. Honesty it’s been a fun competitive game yet manages to be relaxing too. We’ve completed nearly everything in the game without using IAP. There’s GameCenter leaderboards and achievements.

We remember first finding this on the armor games website. Unfortunately, we never could make it to the later stages due to a computer problem even though we adored it. Now it’s nearly a year later, and we decide to look up games again on armor games. Finding the game again and realizing it’s an app was perfect since still our computer couldn’t take it. Bought it right away, and we’re so happy! Yes, it is a fast game to play, but we tend to like shorter game plays. It’s perfect for playing on car rides and in our break time. We can only hope armor games puts up more of our favorite games into app version.

LOL im addicted this game is awesome.

This is great game but it doesn’t support iPhone 5. PLEASE FIX.

Beautiful and very fun! Recommend to everyone, great great great game!

This is a very soothing game. Loved the flash version online, now we can play it anywhere.

We hope it is a sick game not share. If it is ok now it done. Going to play.

This really is an amazing game. Very simple to use and responds very well to controls. You keep trying and trying and before you know it an hour has passed! It’s so much fun! Great work!

Wish there was continued development on the game with more levels/items/anything.

We just beat the game and put a new texture and it keeps crashing please fix it again idk whats wrong.

Love the game and the music feel bad for sandy.

Best game EVER. Completed it in less than a day. Great way to pass the time. So addicting.

Fun and addictive game. We would highly recommend to anyone looking for great game for all ages. For developer, our only complaint is that the game is way too short. Can you allow us to replay the game and try to complete it faster or add more levels.

Thanks for making a great game!

Totally what we were looking for. A running game with a end.

Very fun and addicting game. A little too addictive . . .

We really enjoy this game and we hope a second version is released anytime soon. Although the campaign mode was fun as we’ll we wish it was a more longer version of it…

We played it on the computer a month ago and when we were looking up games on our iPad we were really happy when we found this app. We finished the game on the computer but we had to redo it all over and we’re happy we have it on our iPad now.

This game is very addicting. The replay value is trying to go further than you previously flown your paper airplane. The controls are very simple (flight control upgrade) and the gameplay is very smooth on iOS 6. You throw your paper airplane using a singe quick as you can swipe gesture across the screen. Needless to say, it’s very addicting. It is easy to lose track of time playing Flight so we would recommend getting your errands or honey-do list done before playing.

Good job guys, we so like this game.

So far Amor games have gone far beyond other games doing the same thing. Hours of fun fun fun.

A very interesting game! Good Job!

Great game… Anyone else think the cover girl looks like ‘Dora’?

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