3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 03:40 pm

3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator

3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator

3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 3DTUNING LLC, 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th December 2014 with the latest update 8th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Racing, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator ?

15,874 people have rated 3.7.600

What is the price of the 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator released ?

3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator was released on 30th December 2014.

When was the 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator updated ?

The latest updated date of 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator on 8th June 2023.

Where can 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator be downloaded ?

You can download the game 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator from Apple Official App Store.



3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator App is both a 3D car configurator tool and a game at the same time. 3D tuning App gives you the possibility to customize hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes in unprecedented photorealistic quality and detail. With our huge range of car parts, customization features and design options, you will easily create THE build that perfectly fits your style.

More than 300 models popular among automotive fans in the US and around the world:

  • Truck configurator: almost all generations of legendary classic and modern US and Japanese trucks starting from 1950’s;
  • Muscle Car Configurator: wide selection of classic and modern American muscle cars ranging from all time classics to now-a-days bestsellers.
  • Tuning configurator: most popular cars, bikes, choppers, SUVs and even semi-trucks from US and around the world.

3D TUNING is more than just a configurator:

  • Test your automotive design skills by challenging other 3DTuning users;
  • Create your unique Garage of cars, trucks and bikes;
  • Post your creations to Timeline, get Likes and Comments from your friends and automotive fans worldwide;
  • Share photos and videos of your tunings to your social accounts;
  • Discover millions of customized vehicles created by other “tuning masters” from the US and around the world.


  • Huge selection of latest car, truck and bike models, as well as most popular classic models of the 20th and 21st century;
  • Fully detailed 3D car models with HD quality renderings and lots of interactive elements;
  • Tens of thousands of branded, custom, vehicle specific and universal fit car, truck and bike parts;
  • Unique collection of wheels, wide body-kits, bumpers, spoilers, fenders, lift-kits, splitters, diffusers, off-road and sport tires, grille guards and bull bars, mufflers and exhausts, base racks and chase racks, bed liners, decals and many more car part categories;
  • On-line auto parts catalogue – item specifications, official vendor information and dealer locator available;
  • Customization and configuration options include colors and finishes, suspension level and camber/offset settings, lights on and engine sounds feature, custom backgrounds applications and many more;
  • Application is integrated with 3DTuning.com website, so your unique car garage is always at your disposal, while constant and frequent content updates are immediately available on all devices.

Car/Truck/Bike list includes models from the following popular categories:
Sedans, Luxury Sedans, Sport Sedans, Coupes, Sport Cars, Station Wagons, Hatchbacks, Convertibles, Sport-Utility Vehicles, Minivans, Pickup Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Motorbikes, Choppers, Classic Cars, Classic Trucks, Pony Cars, JDM’s, Muscle Cars, American Muscle Cars, American Trucks, Performance Cars, Super Cars/Hyper Cars and many more.

Car/Truck/Bike part components list includes the following categories:
Wheels, Brakes, Tires, Off Road Tires, Bumpers, Fenders, Body Kits, Step bars, Headlights, Taillights, Roof Light Bars, Hood, Hood Scoops, Hood Vents, Side Mirrors, Exhaust systems, Mufflers, Grilles, Base Racks, Tonneau Covers, Decals, Lift kits, Chase Racks, Door Vents, Bull Bars, Grille Guards, Emblems, Fog Lights, Hitches, Led Light Bars, Lower Grilles, Skid Plates, Wind Deflectors, Bed Liners, Bed Steps, Camper Shells, Tool Boxes, Antennas, Exterior Trims, Canards, Splitters, Headlight Covers, Headlight Tints, Side Lips, Spoiler, Window Louvres, Diffusers, Taillight Covers, Fender Scoops, Brake Rotors, Engine Guards, Tanks, Gas Caps, Handlebars, Gas Caps, Seat Cowls, Front Fairings and many more.

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Updated on 8th June 2023

Hi everyone!

  1. Brand new updates in almost all vehicle groups;
  2. Minor bug fixes and UI optimizations;
  3. And of course, new Season 2 Tuning Challenges every 3 hours.

Hope you will enjoy this update!

3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator Review

A 5 star app turned 3. We love this app. We have for years and have made modifications on our daily based on how our creations look in this app. This app is amazing because you can apply irl changes based on what you create herebut you had to do it. Had to jump ship and join the paywall chain. But we get it, it makes sense considering this stuff aint cheapespecially to maintain. However, we cant even modify our old creations or start new creations with using gems just to VIEW different parts on the car. Which is the POINT OF THE APP. Always has been. Might as well make people pay to use the app initially if they cant do the bare minimum of what the app promised from the descriptions. LOVE that you are adding new stuff. LOVE that you are growing the community. But we wont be creating any more cars until its returned to its former glory. So many apps do this. Theres passion behind it and you can tell the devs care and then theres some update that promises big changes are coming and it just makes you pay a monthly fee to apply the same mechanics the app promised from the beginning. All we want out of an app like this is to go in and create without hassle. Now we cant even change the wheels without worrying about spending gems or paying money. There was a perfect system before where premium parts were locked and we get that, but not being able to change even the wheels on a Chevy Cruze is without spending gems or whatever is cheap. The fastest way to lose a new user of this app and its sad that they wont be able to see the potential it had (has).

Its an awesome game and we love to play it to see how our car would look in irl after all the modifications, we have a civic that we are trying to build 1996 coupe and that car is no longer in the game Im wondering where the other Hondas went.

Its cool but it would be cool if we had different types of vehicles with different exhaust type sound when u change it an all vehicles have sound with the start engine an rpm sound an all vehicles can open hood an also change any engine that would be cool.

This game is the best! But we have a few recommendations. 1 racing, you should be able to race against other players like on a drag strip or on a oval track kind of like crs2 . 2 mini games. It would be cool if you could play tag with cars you customized and you could allso play soccer like rocket league. Over all a good game we recommend.

Its a cool game and all but Why do we have to pay for everything.

Good customization but doesnt have Chrysler brand.

Hi Im new to this app And we Love it but its Lacking in Customization Options For Example For the Ford Crown Victoria and the Dodge Charger Please Please Add California Highway Patrol Customization Options to them Along with Light Bars. Please Please do it for the Pick Up trucks to in a future update.

Cmon bruh. We downloaded this app not so long ago and was the best app to see how we would build our 300zx IRL. Then it was taken from us. F YOU.

Way too expensive now this app used to be so good.

So, you can tell by the title that we love this game so much! Its different from when we got it in 2022 though…. But still its a great game and its on our top 3 favorite games list! But uhmmm we do have a suggestion, maybe add a pierce enforcer, quantum, and maybe a seagrave, and the category the belong in should be semis as they are pretty big and add 3 configurations for the rear chassis for all of them, quint, pumper, and rescue, and maybe add a E-350 Box truck for EMS and cargo purposes other than that, BEST GAME EVER -TobySucksAt911 (3DT Account)

When you run out of gems you cant do anything in the game anymore please fix that we are deleting the app and installs new one.

We have purchased several trucks and when we were finished and tried to save them we got kicked out. The same has happened for challenges.

This game is so much fun when im bored because we put some creativity into the game to make masterpieces and the high quality parts and body parts are just awesome. Our favorite car brand is Ford.

We personally own an Infiniti g35 coupe and have never been able to get our thoughts about our own car down onto something in real time. Your app is great at this and amazing to use. We would love to be able to use it to get different ideas for our own real life build!

We love the game,but the buying coins or whatever is a waist of money. We would rather just to log in and have whatever car you want to coustimize.

We had tried a couple of times though.

It is very good, we really enjoy modifying this cars.

Game crashes when Im modifying our car, when Im trying to vote it goes to a black screen.

We love the app overall. Easy to use and navigate thru. Only issues we have with the new update is that it restored all our purchases we bought with our own money and then it logged us out and we cant log back in anymore. Also, it doesnt have a car add suggestion/request section which ticks us off because some of our favorite, more underrated cars, are not in the app.

This game used to be incredibly fun, but now whenever you lower the suspension or change a part, it bugs and ends up duplicating lights, mufflers, etc, making them non-removable, stacking on top of one another and causing the car to look REALLY ugly.

Good game except for the huge amount of micro transactions to modify cars in the configurator. We just want to configure cars that either arent in the game or we have to pay $24 to do it.

Look we really like this app because we can go to our favorite cars or trucks and mess around but that was before the diamonds, when we redownloaded this game we cant do anything fun anymore its saying buy diamonds to place this attachment on this car or truck:(

Great game just nothing to rlly do once your broke.

What happened to the original/fun game? Everything just costs money. Before all of these updates almost everything was free but now we cant customize anything.

Ok this game is amazing and we recommend it to car guys but we have one issue. Lets say you use all your diamonds on a car well than you have to wait like 2 days and go on the app for like 1 second. We think you guys should make it so all the cars are free so you dont have to pay for all cars because its 20 bucks we mean thats a little overkill right???

NOT FREE AT ALL! We used to have fun on this, but now you have to pay for everything even factory wheels?!?! Unbelievable.

We dont like the new app we just dont cause we dont wanna win a challenge its sounds stupid and plus cant get cars that we like its annoying us and cant focus doing what we love and thats this app we dont like the diamond and and Its too much work.

After YEARS of using 3d tuning Im upset that u how have to pay to even use the same stuff we’ve been using for all this time. Quite sad to see the downfall of 3dt.

We rate it a one star because This game you cant play if u dont have diamonds so in order to play you have to pay that dumb.

This game you used to be able to get everything for free, NOW EVERYTHING COST GEMS, F YALL CREATERS!!

This game was once fun and free with ads and it worked very smoothly and allowed you to sit and modify cars for fun better than any other mobile app. Unfortunately they decided to change up and put everything behind a paywall and only allow you to do basic things with little to no customization at all. Its honestly so boring to play and frustrating to see.

We loved the App/Game But recently we have had trouble opening up different cars and when they do open 99% of the time the game crashes. And with every thing becoming so expensive we have deleted the app.

Great app guys dont miss it try it now.

Its amazing, if youre into vehicles this is youre app we love the diamonds and the challenges and what makes this app the best is the cyber truck. It also has amazing graphics and is just the best tuning app ever you have to try it. Have fun! One more thing can you add these vehicles Aston Martin, slingshot, rolls Royce, Bentley, and Maybah. God bless yall and thanks!

We absolutely love the game just hope they can add more regular cab trucks and can you update the 2003-06 Silverado standard cab and the 1999-2002 Silverado 6.5 bed.

We have problems to login , password username wrong.

Great game, we’ve had it since before they had hd models, we love all of the improvements.

The app was so good when it first came out now you have to pay just to look at designs, upgrades, etc. The only thing free now is paint jobs? At least put every car in the app before you charge for EVERYTHING. We used to use it to see what upgrades we can do to our car but now we cant even check without paying. :/

We love the game, us and our friends would play it and challenge with different themes but now non of us can find the option to challenge each other anymore.

Its a good game but we need to be able to do more to the cateye 2500hd.

But there should be an update with the 2010-2013 Mazda Speed 3 gen. 2. Because that is our favorite car! Also maybe add 2001 Honda Civic. The game also keeps not letting us play the challenges, so we cant earn diamonds.

Its a fun and cool game to play and fun to make your own cars but now the games made to pay for everything theres no longer an option for you to watch a ad to customize a car now you get one free car to customize a day or something after that you have to pay.

Can you please add back the honda crv into the game.

We cant even do anything to the truck without paying money bruh, we hate that so much.

We paid for a lot of vehicles to only come back to an update that changed everything and now more charges for vehicles we’ve already purchased. So how long does a purchase suppose to last? We had all the cars outside the muscle cars, and your going up in packages and charging for options, get a flat rate and let it be. Add no one to contact if you have an issue to the list.

Game was amazing back in the day, now you cant add one customization without having to pay for it.

This game used to be free and one of our favorite games but now all this diamond stuff shows that you guys literally only care bout money not keeping your customers happy.

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