7 Billion Humans

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7 Billion Humans


7 Billion Humans is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Experimental Gameplay Group, 7 Billion Humans is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 6th December 2018 with the latest update 17th December 2018

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Education, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


138 people have rated 1.0.3

You can download the game 7 Billion Humans from APP STORE.


Automate swarms of office workers to solve puzzles inside your very own parallel computer made of people.

A thrilling followup to the award winning Human Resource Machine. Now with more humans!


  • More puzzles, more humans, more rippling brain muscles – over 60+ levels of programming puzzles! 77.777778% more levels than Human Resource Machine.

  • A whole new programming language to enjoy! Where Human Resource Machine was based on Assembly and executed by a single worker, 7 Billion Humans has an all new language that lots of workers can all execute at the same time.

  • You’ll be taught everything you need to know. Even useless skills can be put to work!

  • Feeling stressed out? There are now friendly hint and "skip" systems to facilitate your career’s ascent.

  • Available in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Russian. And possibly more languages on the way!

  • Incomprehensible cutscenes! You will be delighted and bewildered.

  • From the creators of Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno, and World of Goo.

Updated on 17th December 2018

Saves code after the PLAY button is pressed.

7 Billion Humans Reviews

We’ve been looking for a game that uses programming syntax as a game mechanic for years. This game is brilliant!

Is a shame games like this aren’t at the top of the charts instead of the endless cloned and repetitive games that currently are. The originality and polish puts this game light years ahead of any other game on mobile. Not to mention, it’s not just fun but disguised underneath,you actually learn something. We’re obsessed with getting the OCD (difficult but optional) achievements in every level. Never has there been a game that not only makes you feel like a genius, but actually secretly makes you one. If only more games like this existed. Original concept,exceptionally polished = two really big thumbs up.

Clever gameplay, clever premise, and of course clever death animations. Playing this has also helped make us more conscious of performance when writing code IRL. Great job!

PROS: – good balance of tough (optional) challenges and casual play – they do a great job of introducing new commands when they are unlocked – managing many humans at once adds another layer of complexity – funny & cynical, but some of the gags are nicely subtle. Makes us want to actually read the text CONS: These arent big deals, but: – the spacey music, which is kind of moody, clashes with the humor. Would have preferred something more upbeat – small screens beware; some of the handles are very small and easy to miss-tap – screen rotation can be annoying.

This might be the funniest way to learn how to code. Love this game!!!

So much fun and in a practical and useful way. It does get challenging, though we would have liked it harder too. This game is also useful in moving into the mindset for python programming. In a way it teaches you some of the logic needed for software engineering, and so is a great intro and still really fun Theres so much to build on here for future games too, Im so excited. Functions, more variables, improved variable incrementing when iterating, binary evaluation, threading, etc. We would also love to see the last many levels just be impossibly hard and complicated, leveraging every situation from the game at once.

We have completed everything and would love more. A level editor that the community can use and share would be a great addition.

We enjoy this programming based puzzle game. While it wont teach you how to code, it does require the same type of logic you would use writing some real life programs. The game can be difficult at times and might not be right for everyone, but if you enjoy logic, problem solving, or coding we think you would enjoy this game as well :)

For the love of god, please release some more puzzles for us to solve. We dont even care if they have graphics or dialogue or anything. Every other puzzle type game we play now feels so mundane. The level of creativity and logical pondering to beat this game and meet the optimization challenges is so satisfying once achieved. We cannot wait several years for your next game. Take our money and make an add-on. Great work.

Our sessions often end when we attempt to scroll the code display up or down and end up mistakenly dragging around a code block and inserting it somewhere. At this point the program control flow is destroyed, we have no idea what we did, and there is no undo function to undo the last edit. We can spend a lot of time trying to fix it, or just quit the game in frustration, which is what usually happens.

We love this game, but it shares a serious limitation with Human Resources: it wont let you listen to an audio app while playing. This significantly reduces the times we want to play. We usually listen to audiobooks or podcasts when playing any mobile game.

Updated* Have hints for every level.

Rotation is really buggy in iphone xr. Even having rotation lock doesnt prevent it from rotating. Even if you move the phone sightly, it rotates.

As much as we enjoy playing this game and working out the programming puzzles (5 stars for gameplay otherwise), we find it very frustrating when there is no way to turn off the sound effects for the game. There are a couple of settings that will turn off some music and sounds, but not everything. So if you want to play without disturbing your friends or sleeping spouse, you have to switch to silent mode every time you play and hope you remember to switch back when youre done. The game is so polished and well done that we have to assume that this lack of sound control is intentional by the developers, but to what end we dont understand. The sounds are not required for the game and can even become monotonous at low volumes when playing, so providing an ability to turn off all sounds without changing our other phone settings would be very welcomed. Come on developers, how about helping us out with this option????

Please remove auto-rotation while rotation lock is open, because of when we play the game on the bed its confusing us all the time. Another problem is moving the statement by dragging is too sensitive, its always conflicted with scrolling and dragging, hope you fix this issue.

Its a fun game but plug your phone in because it drains your battery quick.

We like playing games in bed and this game ignores orientation lock. SO frustrating to only be able to hold the phone one way. We understand some people want to see more of their code, but it would be nice if that feature could be turned off/on.

The game is great, but screen rotation that ignores ios screen lock means you can only be in one position when playing the game and even then sometimes it still randomly changes.

Nearly impossible to play lying down because the screen rotates even when rotation is locked.

It was clearly a LOT of work to make this game, but the result is a gauntlet of tedious programming tasks constrained by a limited instruction set. We wanted something commensurate with the genius of World of Goo. Instead, we got something that feels like having a job in the movie Brazil. We keep wanting it to be fun, and leave wondering whether the developers in hindsight feel like they missed the mark.

Human Resources was a delight, but Im having difficulty with this one. We particularly dont like the If statements; too often we have to struggle to get the choice we want. (HRs interface was so clean….& amazingly clear because of it use of contrasting color.) The Else statement is particularly unwieldy. It pops up when we dont want it, and wont appear when we do. Im older, & Im sure our fingers arent as dexterous as some, but we dont think that should be a disqualifier.

The App Store has become saturated with mindless games – 7 Billion Humans is refreshingly challenging and is well worth the $5. After 17 hours in-game we have finally gotten to the top of the elevator, with two skips on particularly gnarly rooms, and itll probably be months before we can achieve the optional challenges on each room. The difficulty is quite high for a mass market game – we have an engineering degree and still do some light dev work for a software company and we find myself stumped constantly! This is a fantastic way to learn programming (and improve) and we cant recommend it enough.

We love this game, our only complaint is that we cannot use both our iPhone and iPad on the same game. They are two separate saves, If this game did that it would be nearly perfect.

We’ve planned their predecessor; Human Resource Machine, so we knew this game would be great. It challenges you to think harder and look with different perspectives with limited options. This game is great for an intro to programming and debugging.

Having fun through 29. At 30 found out nearest wall is broken. Instead of being wall directly S it is selecting wall SW or wall a whole step N. Weird.

A wonderful sequel to Human Resource Machine that makes programming fun. It’s a shame there’s no cloud save support, so we can’t switch between iPhone and iPad.

We LOVE Human Resources and have completed all optional achievements in it. We like this game almost as well, but it has some frustrating issues. Lost progress – not sure when you save, but we often come back to the game and find all our progress lost for the current level. No cloud sync – would love to play on our iPad at times. Hard to scroll – thank goodness there is an Undo button. Trying to scroll often ends up dragging a command instead. Buggy? – we’ve been programming for 35 years. We have several programs that seem to incorrectly run. Is there a place to submit programs for review? It might be our misunderstanding of the app, but seem like bugs. Hard to debug – when something does blow up, at least highlight the guy that caused the issue. Or maybe even add a step back button. Right now, Im mostly locked out with info bubbles covering the screen telling us to hit the stop button. Needs a single guy mode – for debugging, it might be useful to just run one guy. We get it doesnt make sense for all missions, but could help. We’ve had cases where we try to if out all but one guy at the start of our program to help debug.

We want to play on our iPhone while commuting, and on our iPad at home.

Normally Apple give suggestions about other games you might like, but there they offer any for 7BH. Why? Because there isnt anything like 7BH.

Love this series of games. One "small" ask. Can you introduce daily challenges / user submitted levels or additional level packs! Thanks for the many hours spent playing this!

More refined than the developers previous game Human Resource Machine. This one gives you a much more flexible toolkit to work with. Far better than the half-dozen other programming games we’ve tried, in fun and in educational value. We’ve always loved the thematic undertones in these guys games, ever since World of Goo. In this game, they messages are front and centerpretty on-the-nose. We kind of miss the subtlety of their previous titles. A great game nevertheless.

When the desc said assembly, we did not think it was actually assembly.. The game is super fun and challenging. Finishing each level gives you feeling of accomplishment. We can use this to teach others about programming in a basic level. We changed our career now, but it is fun to go back and think like a programmer again after so long. Good job on making this so addicting! Improvements: 1. Sub functions / modules. It will get rid of the whole code duplication we made to solve conplex levels. Perhaps can be introduced as newer levels?

A worthy successor to Human Resource Machine, and quite a bit more polished.

Its unique, fun, humorous and addictive.

First of all, we would strongly recommend starting with the predecessor to this, Human Resource Machine. This game will especially appeal to those with a logical/mathematics mindset , and especially to those who have some experience in computer programming. This game requires some mental investment so be prepared. The good: Nice sense of accomplishment when you figure out the levels and especially when you figure out how to optimize them with efficiency or program size. Its fun to learn how to use logic to get the little characters to achieve their goals. You really feel like youre exercising your logic muscle here. The bad: The IF command can be confusing. For example, its tough to know what commands are included underneath it, hard to understand whats meant by nothing, something, etc. Also, often youre having to rotate the screen because you cant see all of the lines of code (iPhone X) Also, when reviewing the code, why no back button? Especially for when the program ends, its nice to go back in the code too. Overall: Im still working on it, havent won it yet and may or may not win it at all. Got to the last level on its predecessor which seemed nearly impossible to solve, although Im sure that it is. This game is rewarding, very challenging and overall well made. Has a few kinks , hopefully they iron them out with updates.

This game is a great little gem to have installed in your phone. Open it up when you have time to take a crack at a puzzle. Since its a universal game that runs on the iPhone and iPad, it needs a way to sync progress between devices.

Then you start fast forwarding through all the ha-ha to get to the next level which probably wont keep you from having to repeat the whole thing again the next time you play. Enough dumb boy play to make you kick your dog. If you have one.

We like the concept of the game but we are unable to disable sound effects. The game overrides other sounds on the phone; including phone calls. We should be able to disable all sounds in the app. We will update our review if this is fixed.

So glad this is on tablet, we’ve been waiting and it is here a lot sooner than we expected. Awesome game!!!

The Optional Completion Distinct (short for OCD, an alright pun) in each level makes the originally intriguing game very challenging. Some of the levels are so difficult that you think you are having a technical interview for programming.

Best we can figure, some genie granted a wish to solve world hunger, provide limitless energy, and give robots to do everyones jobs for them. Thats right, unemployment hit 100% and without an undo wish, the robot overlords (the robots took over politicians jobs too) have created jobs for everyone – busy work. Your role? To tell aspiring workers how to get their jobs done, to complete tasks given you by your manager. In short – youre writing programs in a multi-threaded context to move arrange cubes, sort them, filter them, etc, etc, etc. It would not be wrong to think of this as an extension of their prior programming game, Human Resource Machine, with a slightly higher level language, and now with ludicrous gibs (something every programming language need, no doubt). Whether you are a programmer, or merely aspiring to be one, this will help teach valuable skills in an entertaining setting.

Easy to control on iPad. Good intro to simple programming. Would be nice to have optimized for new iPad Pro 13.

Incredibly fun, and gives a real sense of accomplishment when you figure out a particularly hard puzzle. This game is a spiritual successor to Human Resource Machine, but we felt it was a little easier than its predecessor (Im also not THAT far in yet, so well see how the difficulty curve goes). As far as criticism goes, this is probably the only time Ill ever say this for a video game: it could use a longer tutorial. There were some puzzles we just felt stuck on. The If command can be daunting to learn, and we’ve unknowingly stumbled into a few solutions rather than precisely planned them. This may be what they were going for (more freedom to think outside the box), but the feeling of successfully planning put a long string of commands is way greater than realizing that the mess you made somehow worked out. This is definitely a sit down and work on it type game, not a sit on the toilet for five minutes and make decent progress one. We look forward to making progress, and it stands up to the standards and quality of their previous games. That said… PLEASE RELEASE LITTLE INFERNO 2 NEXT!

We enjoy playing Human Resource Machine on the pc so we wanted to download this one on our phone however theres one problem we encountered that makes it difficult to play. We play on an iPhone 6s and its probably not a problem with many other people who downloaded this but we cant read the data blocks sometimes because our screen is too small. We hope you really incorporate a zoom mechanic so that the game can be more enjoyable for those who dont have a better iPhone (or even a plus screen). Please respond so we can know if this is something we wont have to worry about in the future. Thank you.

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