State of Survival: Developer Feedback Friday, July 2, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 02 07 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time on Friday. We would like to share our future plan in game, State of Survival and official response to the questions asked by players recently.

Question: Why we didn’t hear any news about Merge feature scheduled in July?

  • Answer: In fact, dev team have already updated state merge plan twice and worked on that in the past a few months. However, in the process of development and testing, we are constantly reviewing and updating the original plan to achieve our expectation, which delayed the feature.

Question: When will State Merge be released online?

  • Answer: Currently we have completed the design plan and basic merge logic of the feature. It is under development stage now. First batch of merging states will have access to that feature in October.

Question: Which States will have state merge access?

  • Answer: Considering the impact that merge brings to cross state features, Merge won’t open in full states. We plan to open merge in super old states with few active players first.

Question: How could we know the progress of state merge in the future?

  • Answer: From this week until the merge is officially online, dev team will update the development and test progress every 1-2 weeks in community. Please follow our official pages to learn the latest news about merge.

Question: How do developers view the growing strength gap between players?

  • Answer: We are always trying to find a good solution to this by giving free bonus and items to players. In August, there will be a military tech speedup event, during which players are able to get research speedup bonus on the recommended military techs. We hope this feature could help more players grow faster.

Question: After T11 is unlocked, we are always running out of resources. Is there any way we could solve the problem?

  • Answer: For a long time, we’ve been getting feedback from players asking for more resources in the game for troop training and building upgrading. Our new PvP feature Azurtane Heist is a very helpful way for players to obtain a large number of resources. It will be implemented in the full states soon. Besides, in the future, we are going to increase the number of resource items in the VIP store, where players are able to get good the amount of resources at a low Biocap cost.

Question: Currently the Recycle center is unable to recycle all the extra items and fragments in our backpacks, and we are not satisfied with the items we can now exchange.

  • Answer: We will improve the recycle center this week by expanding the items that players could consume in the center, and players will be able to get more valuable items like general speedup and plasma via recycling.

Question. We want to know when Y.I.T.H. season starts and what will happen to my M.I.G.O Glory and M.I.G.O Info.

  • Answer. On July.19, the first batch of State will enter World Event season 2: Rise of Y.I.T.H. We will recycle MIGO Info and Glory after season 2 starts. If there is any update on the YITH season, we will let you know in advance on official community.