80 Days

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80 Days


80 Days is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by inkle Ltd, 80 Days is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 31st July 2014 with the latest update 30th January 2018

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Books, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


531 people have rated 1.27

You can download the game 80 Days from APP STORE.


*** Four BAFTA-nominations — TIME Game of 2014 — IGF Award for Narrative Excellence — IMGA Award for Narrative — DICE nominated
*** "We’ve been dreaming about this future for decades. Guess what? It’s here." – New York Times
*** "Interactive storytelling as its best" – The Guardian
*** 9/10 Edge Magazine
*** #16 in IGN’s "best iOS games ever"
*** #1 iOS game for August on Metacritic

Race around the globe in 80 Days or less, travelling by airship, submarine, mechanical camel, steam-train and more, racing other players and a clock that never stops.

  • "This brilliant interactive novel re-imagines Phileas Fogg’s journey around the world… One of the finest examples of branching narrative yet created." – The Telegraph

  • "For people who love high adventures and good writing, 80 Days is a voyage that must be taken" – The Verge

  • "A brilliantly paced, memorable and quite frankly terrific piece of modern interactive fiction, that masterfully blends strategy, resource management and adventure" – IndieGames.com

  • "one of the best iOS games of the year." – iLounge

150 cities to explore. Detailed research and techno-fantasy combine in an 1872 of tensions, inventions and exploration. Climb the Burmese mountains, trek the Zulu Federation, sail up the Amazon and disappear under the Indian Ocean – but don’t fall behind the time! New adventures every time you play.

  • "This is modern storytelling that engages and delights, and the bold, stylish artwork gives 80 Days almost a graphic novel feel. Pack your case, armchair Passepartout – adventure awaits!" – Joystiq

  • "Is it a game? Is it a story? Both, really. And a delight." – The Telegraph – Best Novels of 2014

  • "Could be the best interactive fiction game out there" – 148 Apps

  • "A sublime video game to immerse yourself in" – The Examiner

  • "One of the most extraordinarily memorable and unique games I’ve played in years" – Pocket Tactics

  • "Everything about this game is perfect" – AppAdvice

  • "Innovative and extraordinary, and unpredictable fun" – Apps Zoom

  • "Rich with ideas, brilliantly written, and creates a world that you’ll want to visit over and over again" – PocketGamer (gold award)

Featuring stunning art by Jaume Illustration, a half-million word script by Meg Jayanth, original music by Laurence Chapman, and built using the same ink engine that powers our critically-acclaimed Sorcery! series, 80 DAYS is an interactive adventure created by your choices, on the fly, and is different every time you play.

Playing as Phileas Fogg’s loyal valet, Passepartout, you must balance your master’s health, your finances, and the time, as you choose your own path from city to city all the way around the world. Bribe your way onto early departures, but don’t let yourself go bankrupt or you’ll be sleeping rough and begging for aid! Trade items for profit, and collect the equipment for the conditions you’ll face: but too much luggage will slow you down…

80 DAYS is a breakneck race, with an in-game clock that never stops running. Trains, steamers, hot-air balloons, boats, camels, horses and more leave and arrive minute by minute.

Every city and journey is narrated via an interactive story where you control every action. Will your choices speed you up – or lead you into disaster? Will you earn Fogg’s trust and respect? Will you uncover the secrets and short-cuts that can shave days off your time? Murder, romance, rebellion and intrigue await!

The app is networked, with a feed that shows you the position of all the other players of the game, their routes, triumphs and disasters. You can race to be the fastest – or look ahead to learn the secrets of the world.

Share your own journey with friends, and load other’s routes directly into your app so you can race head-to-head.

80 DAYS is a complete experience, with no in-app purchases, and was made by a core team of just four people. If you enjoy it, please leave a rating, and check out our Sorcery! series.

Updated on 30th January 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Updated for iPhone X! Multiplayer is back! And some previous engine trouble in the last version has been fixed thanks to a handy No. 2 wrench.

We’re back to working on our new game, Heaven’s Vault, but for those who want to go around the world on your iPhone X, now you can – and race others while you do so. Enjoy!

80 Days Reviews

You want to know what happened on one of our attempts of this game? We decided we were going to attempt to cross the North Pole, thus cutting the time wed take going across the world in half. We started our expedition aboard an icebreaker ship, and we had a jolly time. We even got to have tea and biscuits with a charming man in a scouting balloon. That is, until the engine exploded. Everything was gone. Our money, our supplies, everything. It was freezing, and we were forced to survive on scraps of frozen food. Foggs condition was deteriorating rapidly. We had to reach the North Pole base. If we could just do that, our master would be safeBut he wasnt. He eventually couldnt go further. We held him in our arms as he died, leaving the journal we were writing along the way with his body. And thats how our trip to the North Pole went. A moment of pure literary genius we will never forget.

We have had this game for over a year now and we are still discovering new things in it.

For the price of this app, we’ve gotten more than enough value for it. After such a long time, Im still getting new experiences and surprises. You start with a meager suitcase and rush off to race around the world in 80 days. But the journey will be nothing that you expect. The game play is simple. Its a choose your own adventure with some inventory management, time management, area exploration, and keeping Fogg alive and well. You can buy and sell curio items for profits. You can buy items to make the travel less strenuous. You can buy items that allow conversation during travel longer and more fruitful. Managing your inventory is a large part of a successful journey. For downsides, we wish the app had more documentation. You gain statuses like steadfast or well mannered but theres no indication of how these affect gameplay. To us, theyre 100% useless as we have no idea of why we would want them or what it does. Maybe it opens new choices? Who knows. For upsides, the adventures are epic. But we enjoy the fact that you can find romance with a man or a woman, making it more LGBT friendly. Also, it seems that your character has African decent, and it certain areas race is taken seriously. These touches really made us happy. You wont be disappointed if you buy this app. Our suggestion is to take the strangest routes, try to always hit different cities, and have an adventure!

It needs to be updated for the new iPhone display resolutions. Much of the information in the corners is cut off due to the rounded panel. Long time fan, however. Thank you for many years of enjoyment.

We first heard about this game from our cousin, this one and invisible inc, (which is good too). Once we started our first adventure, we could not put down the game for 2 hours, it was that intriguing. The graphics are very beautifully done and the storyline is very well thought through with solid characters. The fact that there are 100+ different routes definitely added the extra star, otherwise making it 4 of a way to short story. We love that Inkle can do multiplayer after you do pretty much all the story options (like we have) and It would be cool if Inkle could do updates to advance the story? THAT WOULD MAKE IT SOOO COOOLLLLLLLLLLL. And once you get bored of the story, to you gamers, we advise you create your own achievements for the game or try playing the character in different personalities. Great job Inkle, an astounding masterpiece.

Phenomenal app with a new take on the amazing Jules Verne novel. Great for those interested in geography or history.

Fun and well paced. The only game that we return to again and again.

As someone who has read 80 Days Around the World about 80 times, we love this game! It develops the story just like in the book, no matter what route you take! Totally 100% recommend, but we must say it can get a bit boring after several play throughs.

We do like video games, but this is so well made! It takes you around the world, and you get to make choices with you master, Monsier Fogg. We think that this is a amazing game!

This story-generating app is engaging, intellectually stimulating (because the story brings you to interesting world locations and decision situations, and the story adapts to your choices), and creative. The app is enjoyable and stimulating while being low-stress, allowing your mind to wander to new travel adventures. Definitely worth the purchase price .

One of our favorite games of all time.

Play this over and over again, included kids and family and friends while playing, and its one of our favorite games for several years still. The simple sophisticated graphics, the clever storylines and surprise twists made this game worthwhile. Hope to see more of this teams work!

We have often wanted to play an iOS game that reminds us of one of our SNES favorites from childhood, Uncharted Waters. This fits the bill and more with its steampunk style. Love it!

Great game!! Been addicted to it for five months!!

This has one of the best stories we have ever read, and lasts many hours. The gameplay mechanics allow for a learning curve that allows you to get better as you play, unlike other story-based games. If you like reading or anything like that, you will love this game. P.S., Try not to spoil the storylines by looking up how to find them, it is still possible to find them on your own as the are sometimes referenced in the other storylines.

This is excellent fun, more really than a game. Very educational. You may want to hurry to get back under 80 days early on and thats fine, but even if you go over its a blast to go through all sorts of adventures and scrapes. Just keep in mind you can start all over again when you return. Also, some southern routes we thought there was no way to make it back in time but we did and had all sorts of wild things happen along the way including shipwrecks and surviving a shooting! Still made it back on that one before 80 days. Last trip we didnt make it back until Day 111 but it was the most fun ever, including the Nautilus and mermaids! Tip on North Pole if you want to survive, do everything, make friends with everyone or you wont make it. So dont be afraid to try new routes, meet new people, explore and have fun along the way. Endlessly playable. 5 stars.

We got this game just over 3 years ago, and since then we have had nothing but amazing experiences. It was fantastic the first time around, and we’ve jumped on every few months to do another one. This is the only game we have ever reviewed, and it deserves it. An expansive world, witty writing and fun gameplay all factor into a beautiful experience, with wonderful art and sound design. It is clear the devs put their heart and soul into this game. 10/10.

This is a beautifully produced visual novel with some fun trading and travel dynamics and a ton of replay value. A very fresh spin on steampunk / alternate history. Added bonus no connection required so good for flights w/out data. Cant recommend highly enough.

Easily one of the best games out there.

Just to update our previous review, the game worked flawlessly following an update. Truly immersive and builds on Jules Vernes original novel.

This is one of our favourite games ever. Not only is it delightful to play and beautifully written, but its pretty much a game that counts as a book. You can read it wherever or whenever you want, whether youre in the mood to relax or be excited. The absence of ads, bugs, and glitches really helps absorb you into the story. We also love the idea of turning a book into a game, and we hope that the creators of 80 Days continues to make more beautiful book-inspired games like this one!

More modern take on interactive fiction, lots of replay value and the lore is interesting. Only wish there was a mode that made leisure travel easier, sometimes it is a bit lengthy speedrunning through the beginning to get to a particular voyage/city you want to see.

Pros: – Easter eggs and plot twists galore – Factual landmarks (Was pleasantly surprised by the game’s accurate depiction of faraway lands when we visited Istanbul and Marrakech for myself last year) make for great travel planning IRL – Thought-provoking dialogue and humanism, eerie dictatorships and the anarchy of revolution. We especially loved the piece on the untold stories of people that "progress" leaves behind. – Still can’t tell if we love or hate the Artificers Guild, but the politics are intriguing and got to love the explosives – Making money from great sales – Bribery through costume to get some cheap tickets Cons: – Time passes too quickly to be able to effectively buy or sell before morning departures, forcing you to stay the night – Some options become less relevant later in the game, like socializing at the hotel – Starting items are pretty random – No bonus points for having your boss like you – If you want to "win" and take the most efficient route you miss out on cool stories :( – Hard to keep track of the politics and "quests" Protips: If you selected wrong on one of the text selections, close out of the app and relaunch to reset your choices for the current scene. Only works if you haven’t finished the scene. Also, stay away from Muscat.

We suggest this game for people with a sense of adventure. We were surprised at myself for completing the game first try. We will say that it was hard but not to a point where you want to give up.

We absolutely adore this game, and come back to it time and again when we feel the nostalgic desire to travel. Superbly designed.

This game truly mesmerised us with its concept, writing and sound design. Playing for a few hours we emerged from the deckchair really feeling like we had been places. We’ve eagerly checking the developers website for more news on further endeavours. Cant wait to see what a team so talented can pull off next.

This doesnt really change how you play the game but maybe you should have an option to customize your character. Just for fun.

We like how the game has you explore different areas, cultures, people, etc. We’ve learned a lot. Its Not a game to play if you want to kill people action action action. Its a chill, relaxed game if you want to take the time to read dialogue and explore. We wish it was a little bit more like the 80 days movie (2004) and you can take a woman with you. Would play it a lot more if it had a little more romantic gameplay because we mean come on, its around the world.. Guys have fantasies too lol!

Our first adventure this looks like it’s going to be a great time! Updated review to come…

Its a very interesting story but once you play once or twice the game gets boring.

We went and got a new iPad and downloaded the game onto it again, but there was nothing holding our progress. Its all gone. It discouraged us to play.

We are a video game tester and in our free time we like to test out mobile games. We have been so addicted to this game for a long time, after a while it does get boring. But this game is still great, if you are looking to read something and have an interactive adventure at the same time, this game is perfect for you. This game might even be educational on some levels. If you want an action packed thriller of an adventure, the money this costs will not go to waste. The reason we are leaving a four star and not a five is because at times the game can get annoying, and that can make it fun. It was all realistic just like the movie until, we got lost on ice and kidnapped by mermaids and we lost the game because of that. Overall the game is spectacular, 4/5.

Great concept. Need more of this multiple choice replay value in gaming. The writer made it a point to present women as positive heroines, and men as emasculated eunuchs, inept bafoons, or malicious psychopaths. One issue that needed a fix was you buy an item in Nice that sells for 2200 in Berlin. Berlin isn’t where you want to go, but you go there for the totally different route and luckily figure out how to get there, doing this so you can get that huge shot of money necessary to help cross the ocean later. But then pirates steal your suitcase. Or you can throw it off the train to ward off the Pirates. Either way, you missed out on the route you wanted to take AND lost the 2200.

We love the game. It auto saves so you dont have to play all in one go. We love finding new routes and selling things. Our two complaints are that there is no way to mute the game and theres no way to access the achievements you accomplished.

Im not sure why we thought this would be a glitzy, educational travelogue with a game theme, but we did . Then when we saw it was just a bunch of words, we were upset! But we decided to go ahead and play anyway. Turns out it is a blast! Your choices have immediate consequences and can keep you from achieving your objective- to get around the world in 80 days. Our first trip ended after 48 days, the second took 94, and Im on our third. It is a good game, but honestly not sure it is worth $5.

Our first language not English, so this game is too difficult for us, we have to use dictionary to play this game. Could developers supply more languages?

This is definitely a beautifully designed game. Thats not an issue at all. The problem is in the choices that are given. In a choose your own adventure story, we should be responsible for making choices from situations that are presented to us, not for helping to develop the details of the story thats going on around us. For example, this story would provide a situation in which you meet a girl on the train, and then you have to choose between whether she has a bored expression on her face, or is smirking at something (Thats not verbatim, Im just making up an example). But thats not a detail that should be left up to us – how am we to know what a character looks like? A good choose your own adventure story would provide us with the details, then give us the option of whether or not we want to approach this person, or how we want to approach them. There also needs to be some real consequences to bad choices. We havent had a situation yet where we’ve been killed or significantly set back because of a wrong choice. We’ve literally just clicked random options, and still done rather well. Theres a good idea here for sure, and the design and gameplay is beautifully done. The story line and options just needs to be improved.

This game has so much replay value and we’ve owned it for years. Once in a while when we want to have another adventure Ill spend a few hours being lost in the beautiful visual novel world. Im only rating it 3 stars because sadly the sound is no longer working despite reinstalling the app. Theres no way to contact the developers about this either, and the sound is a big part of the magic of the game.

Fun game, played it on android, but why cant we turn off the music in IOS? 5 stars on android.

This is without a doubt the best mobile game available, and in general one of the best games we’ve played. However, the developers really need to update its display for new iPhones vital information, such as Foggs HP are cut off. Please update!

If you dont have an iPhone X or model with a square display (SE, 8 or older) then some of the in game information thats displayed in the corner will be cut off, specifically the HP of one of the characters. The story and gameplay is great, but its a downer that we cant enjoy it as we used to.

Relationships with Fogg have deteriorated. What? Why? We chose getting a meal instead of going to the market. The game gave no reason for why this decision was met with the above result… Nothing to learn from. The music was nice.

We feel like it should be amazing, and it starts VERY good, but we dont know … It just isnt worth money, we think if this was $1.99 maybe we would rate it 4+ stars but we gotta compare it to other games from this price point and sadly it falls short, we played it, for bored and tired of reading the story after day 50. Wouldnt play this again as 80 days is WAY to short of a play through maybe if it was a different game mode or something.

This is a text game like Zork with simple graphics but a more limited UI. Not sure where the hype came from. Not worth our money.

The game would be good if it didnt constantly try to bring you into a homosexual relationship. This certainly didnt exist in Jules Vernes original novel. Also, the way conversations are implemented is very crude and a disappointment for an Inkle game.

No Great Lakes on map. Deleted.

So that app has not been update in over a year. Just went to play it and its stuck on It would seem… For over 5 min. Deleted the app and downloaded it again. Please fix this since we’ve paid for this app already or a refund would be nice.

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