A Dark Room

Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 10:35 am

A Dark Room


A Dark Room is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Amirali Rajan, A Dark Room is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th November 2013 with the latest update 18th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,118 people have rated 8.5

You can download the game A Dark Room from APP STORE.


awake. head throbbing. vision blurry. the voices say to survive.

  • One of Apple’s most downloaded apps of 2014.
  • Ranked in the top 10 games in 70 countries, #1 app overall in 7 countries.
  • No ads, no loot boxes, no IAP, no tracking.
  • 100% playable via VoiceOver.
  • Relive the glory days of gaming from the era of Zork.

Updated on 18th November 2022

one of the progress bars was misbehaving. the snarling beasts taught it a lesson.

A Dark Room Reviews

Its really nice to see the developer(s) keeping up with updates on this game. We find myself drawn back to this game constantly and its nice to see its still running smoothly.

Very different, we played the game as a young teenagers and it took us forever to find it again, but we love it and its worth the price!

We were obsessed with the browser version of the game so we had to get the app, but theres no sound! The sound was our favorite part of the game. We were promised sound and thats nonexistent. So disappointing we feel like the excitement has been ruined. That was our initial feedback, but we were too curious to obtain the lore so we played anyway. We miss the spooky atmosphere of the desktop version HOWEVER we LOVE this game!! The lore is incredible and we love how each different dialogue and ending challenged our preconceived idea of the world. It was so fun to put the puzzle pieces together. So yeah, we miss the infrastructure and sound of the desktop version, but we stayed for the storyline and Im so glad we did.

We remember playing the browser version of this game several years ago, and being intrigued by finding it in the App Store. It might seem strange to pay for a game youd played through for free but for the price, why not? The mobile game is a sufficient upgrade and worth the price a few times over. The simple, unique experience is something we find myself going back and reliving every so often. If youve never tried the game before and happen upon this, give it a shot, just try to be patient in the opening sequence.

No regrets! If you are of the Oregon Trail generation you might particularly love it.

We havent had this much fun playing a game since Pokmon yellow came out on Gameboy.

A Dark Room is a game with depth you dont find in every game. Its simple, with no visuals and only text to guide you, but it still manages to tell a vivid story. How you interpret that story is up to you. Is it about survival? Love? Greed? The game is whatever you want it to be, and it can be as long or short as you want it to be. Its all up to you. The devs have made a truly clever game Im sad we’ve finished. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment, thank you for making such an awesome and memorable game. :)

We have loved this game for years. Always come back to it.

Simple interface yet enchanting gameplay.

This game is fantastic. It should be way more popular than it is.

A Dark Room is an extremely unique game that is difficult to explain. But, we promise you will love the experience. We’ve played this game over and over again for years. That first play through hasnt ever been reached in a mobile game, and very seldom on console or pc.

We don’t normally review games. This one however, absolutely deserves one. We’ve been playing this game since high school, and we’ve always came back to it. One of our favorite games on the app store. It’s quite a beautiful game that we highly recommend playing. We don’t want to say too much about it, the mystery your first time playing it makes it that much more enjoyable. Check it out, and don’t give up.

We got to the spaceship and uncovers the whole map but the star ship doesnt have any options to repair or anything its just blank and the lift off bar.

Mysterious and spooky, a fun time all around!

We just played through for the first time. Without spoiling so much, the game is phenomenal. An innovator in the world of point and click games that we love so much. But with such subtle yet poignant depth. Playing through again and Im more than happy that this is how Im spending our Saturday night lol.

A great game Truly worth the play through.

Absolutely loved it in all of its simplicity.

May the fire burn bright for you.

The simple presentation is refreshing, and provides a sharp contrast to how deep and involved the plot is. A Dark Room is a masterclass in minimalist design. There were genuinely heartbreaking moments and shocking revelations, and we strongly urge everybody to enjoy this game :)

Worth the play through, great story and lots of fun.

We love how accessible it is, and we love how real it feels. This is nonstop action and adventure.

We’ve never found an app as in depth as this. It’s serene. From the first time you press the stoke fire button to the time when your journey ends (or doesn’t), you are emotionally attached. There are so many things you can pick up on that aren’t said directly. It isn’t needed to have a team of 100 developers and millions of dollars to make a game. This, this is without a doubt the best game we’ve ever played. It’s all you could want.

Absolutely amazing! Do yourself a favor and just buy this game. Don’t read anything about it, discovering the secrets for yourself is so much fun! Highly recommended!

Trust us that you want to play this game even though you think it LOOKS boring. Its so much more than just text. Its incredible.

We actually played it for a while a few years back and uninstalled Coz we didnt have the patience to figure it out. But this time round, man oh man, what a concept. Superbly done. Keeps you playing Coz you just want to get the next cool supply and building! Havent even finished a quarter of the map. Cant get enough of this! Hats off.

We bought this game a while ago and we finally decided to pick it up. We stoked the fire and wondered, what is here for us? We soon found out through a satisfying drip of information that there was more to this world than meets the eye. Secrets revealed, new shocking dialogue said, and a need to discover more pulled us through the game. We literally gasped at a certain part of the story (for those of you who have played it, you know EXACTLY the line). We were crushed at times but we pushed through to get to the end, and whats this? A way to play the game that could make things turn out differently? Yes please! We began again immediately. Dont let the minimal aesthetic fool youtheres more here than meets the eye. Thank you to the wonderful devs who brought this game to life. It is an experience that we will never forget.

Tried to find a portal for a feature request but in A Dusty Path, would it be much effort to add a Take All button next to the existing Take button? Im finding it cumbersome to tap take x times when we farm items in mines or outposts. Particularly when attempting the no hut challenge. Thanks!

Its the kinda game you come back to after a long while to re experience the thrill.

This is an amazing game! The story and gameplay are interesting and enthralling. We highly recommend this game.

Its unbelievable how moved and disturbed we were by what looks in the surface like such a simple text based game. 12/10, incredible game. Im obsessed.

We truly enjoyed this game and am trying to get the no huts ending. We truly recommend this game to anyone interested. Its stupid difficult but it had us hooked.

Such a fun experience. Well worth the price.

Really loved our time with this game!

Simple with a little backstory, classy game.

Thank you for this game we remember playing it for the first time nearly 10 years ago, as a 12 year old on a flight to a treatment center in Utah. The game inspired us so much that we wrote so many stories in our notebooks while we were there for a year based on this game. It provided us with a launchpad with which to escape from the scary and lonely environment around us Thank you for this game, its so dear to our heart.

This game is extremely polished for what it is. It took us around 2-3 hours on our 3rd play through. The first time playing a dark room was the quintessential video game experience, learning the quirks of the game and finding a way to progress. The underlying story is ambiguous and gloomy but the game does not run off of the narrative. In 2023 it still holds up and is definitely worth a play through.

First the good, the game is fully accessible with voiceover. It turns out the developer took special effort to learn about that and do it. Also, ad free. It also doesnt have in app purchases that basically make you feel like youre wasting effort if you cant afford to pay a lot, which makes it stand out from the other games because they like to nickel and dime you to death. The minimalist interface is a good thing. The minimalist wording is not because we are a grammar nerd and like complete sentences, more options and clear plots.. We also dont particularly like the plot after our first Playthrough and we have to enjoy the plot to wanna play again. Therefore, it only gets a four-star, even though it probably does deserve a five.

The themesong of this game might be The Highwayman by Willie Nelson and the band of the same name. (Search YouTube for the lyrics white text on black background version.) Apparently this a second generation game, based on an earlier web version. Try listening to verse 1 (etc.) of Astronauts by Rachel Platten, as you finish the alternate ending. (I didwhat a cool, but weird alignment / coincidence!) PROS: Definitively artistic. Thoroughly thought-out, in so many ways. Minimal. Meticulous. Open to sweep you up. Cool commentary from the developers available after you win. Odd moments break up the grind. Intelligence at work. Two endings at least, darkly poetic and frostily poignant, cap off this worthy entry into app-based gaming. Very subtle. Watch closely. CONS: A bit too subtle in some places. There is a final twist, but the foreshadowing is cool at times, but at other times contradictory. Generally nihilistic and horrifying. The game makers force you to wear a skin that is not your own. And should not be. They are so closed that they shove the player into their moral system, and yet so not-closed that they pretentiously make the players and tell their own story. Inspired by the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche. Uses text-only interface to various effects. An exploration of evil.

Game is fun for all of one minute. You just click words on the screen. Thats it. Have no idea how this game is rated so highly.

First and formost the game is still playable, its a great game. Our problem is that the font and ui are incredibly small now, which can strain our eyes. It isnt how the UI is supposed to look, we assume its and issue with the latest iOS and needs updating. As we do no know how else to contact the developer, this one star review is it. The tiny ui affects iPhone mini and the 2020 se, making the game difficult to play on those devices, both A dark room and The Ensign are affected. Upon fixing the issue, we will rewrite this review. We really do love the games and the depth they have. If anyone that isnt the developer is reading this, get the game, if you have a larger iphone the tiny font shouldnt be too much a problem and this game is really fun. Back to the developer, thank you again for an amazing game. Will rewrite this review when it works well on smaller devices.

Do not buy this its nothing like the original. The UI is several times worse and theres not even any freaking sound. And we felt like that biggest part of A Dark Room was the game being in dark mode.. But no its literally just a white screen with text buttons and awful looking pop ups.

We love text based games and this one is our dream. The story is compelling and while frustrating at times, this game is amazing.

If you havent played this game yet. Buy it.

Video games doesnt need to always be graphics, it should be story driven and with other aspects. This game was a nice late evening break before ending the evening. We wish they came out with more as time goes on!

Amazing experience and gameplay. Always come back to it.

We’ve learned this game is several years old now, but we’ve enjoyed our first play through. After finishing the game there are audio bits that flesh out more of the story and development from the devs, which we appreciated. Our first run turned out to be very cruel, and as a new wanderer we were bothered by this evolution of the character but was given hope after we finished the game, and given a challenge to do better. So off we go, to do better, in hopes of achieving our goal while minimizing harm.

One of, if not our favorite iOS game. The mystery, the gameplay, and story, its all awesome. Seriously download this game right now.

The ambiguity and secretiveness of almost every action in this game is awe inspiring. This is not a game, this is an experience. We finished it in 281 minutes, about 4.5 hours the first time. Then 5.5 hours the second, and then about 7 hours the last time. This game gets better and better each time you play it. A true marvel in the world of gaming.

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