Absolute RC Plane Simulator

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Absolute RC Plane Simulator


Absolute RC Plane Simulator is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Happy Bytes LLC, Absolute RC Plane Simulator is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st May 2012 with the latest update 18th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Sports, or Lifestyle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


92 people have rated 3.52

You can download the game Absolute RC Plane Simulator from APP STORE.


This Professional RC Simulator is a must have for anyone flying RC. The models fly like real RC planes, and can be used to learn to fly and to improve your flying. A lot of fun for not much money! Any plane crash cost many times more, and you will be able to fly in the sim no matter what is the weather outside!

Get 12 models and 3 landscapes with this value pack edition of our Absolute RC Plane Sim, for big savings compared to buying them one by one. In addition to the included content, you can still buy extra models if needed. As free bonus, we added free helicopters, RC boats and RC cars.

The following models are included:

Advantage (Trainer)
Aquila Low Wing Sport Model
AT-6 Harvard (Low Wing Intermediate)
P-51 Mustang (War bird scale – Intermediate-Advanced)
A-10 Warthog (Electric fan scale – Advanced)
Helicopter and Drones:
Model CX Coaxial Helicopter
Bell 47 Scale Model
Racing Drone Quadcopter

Boats and Cars
Rebel Boat
Easy Cat Catamaran
Rage 2WD Car
Lego Car

Included free landscapes in this version: :

Osage Park
Island Fliers

Please try our full featured professional RC flight simulator ClearView for PC here: http://rcflightsim.com – see the video of ClearView bellow.


  1. This is not a game. You are controlling flying RC models that reacts like real flying models. It takes some time to learn, and again, do not expect "arcade" style controls.
  2. The onscreen control sticks are just indicators! They are made small so they do not obscure the screen.

*** You do not need to keep your fingers on them ***

Sliding your finger anywhere on the right screen half affects the right control stick , the same for the left screen part – sliding finger there moves the left control stick.

We suggest selecting beginner settings at first few days before you can comfortably progress further.
3. iPad 1 users should not purchase extra landscapes, due to lack of memory. Getting extra planes is OK.

Updated on 18th May 2020

Extra models included.

Absolute RC Plane Simulator Reviews

We love all the planes in the game.

Great app. As a pilot in real life, the flight physics of most of the aircraft is good. Lots of fun learning the flight envelopes of the various aircraft. Some do have some glitches, like the P-51 has a bizarre crash damage model. Even a slow speed crash catapults it wildly into the air. A few others you can rip parts off the plane and they still fly like normal. But all part of the game! Fun!

One of the best ways to learn how to fly.

This is a very good game we would highly recommend it the flying is very realistic and also the planes but one thang we hope they work on is some of the scenery but over all its a very good game.

We used to walk past the mail box with our crashed planes in our arms knowing full well there was a credit card bill waiting in there with parts on it from the last crash… Crash a plane… Hit reset…

We had been playing on the free version and buying some planes; no ads. For some reason we bought this one thinking our planes would transfer. Was stupid thing to do. Lost them. This is fun to mess with but is still very amateurish as far as an app. Was our error but they should do better plus the planes cost too much.

Excellent apart from the fact that for some reason the F-15 model does not take off properly anymore – please fix!

We’ve had the free version (for which we’ve purchased additional planes) for years. This seems to be the same one (with none of the planes we previously purchased). The only difference is the icon. Fraud?

We had a stroke helps move our fingers better thank goodness for that reason thanks again Garry.

This app is so amazing. It helps us fly RC without the worry that we might break a real plane. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get into the hobby.

First of all paid 2:99 for the game then to import all other planes 39:00. Ripoff.

And probably the best one you will always have in your pocket.

Good to gain flight control experience with this app. Orientation is improved as well.

Was a great game, then some update came out and the p-51 cannot fly without its landing gear out and the 3D plane we purchased breaks apart randomly. Waste of money.

We love the app but new models are few and far between. We wish they had more warbird options.

We’ve had this app on our iPad for years we’ve got many hours of entertainment best money we’ve spent on a app.

We fly fixed wing RC and have for many years. This imo was the best sim for for the phone but then between an update to the app and an OS update it stopped working. New updates have fixed it and this thing is back on top. Its not perfect, no sim is and the touch screen controls will never be a controller in your hand . We also dont love buying each model or the price, though Im sure Ill buy more . But where it counts this sim has the goods! In short the airplanes fly rite ( for a sim), they have distinct flying characteristics and overall the physics feel pretty good. They glide different they stall different the whole bit. We would say that if you could competently fly and land in this app you could fly a beginner plane. As far as flying line of sight this is a very solid sim and worth the purchase. We cant speak with as much experience for the quads and helies but from what we’ve tried out they are equally as solid. For FPV flying the control feel is of the same quality but some maps are more fun than others.

We bought the game and it should have gave us everything like when u buy any other game but this one is not the case u may buy the game but don’t have everything like all the planes or the fields we are now very disappointed in this game we will be going to the makers and asking for a refund or all the planes and fields.

It’s a fun game and all but personally we think you should lower your prices down to about $0.99 or $1.99. Other than that it’s a good game.

Latest version runs poorly. Now "stutters" instead of running smooth as all previous versions did. We have 3 iPads, latest versions including iPad Pro. They all stutter.

We like the new auto pilot feature. But since the new update we can’t choose between different planes to use, it’s stuck on the trainer. Idk if we wait long enough it’ll load but we push "next" and "previous" and it stays on the trainer.

We have had this app for some time to witness several updates, as they all improve little by little.. Couple things we would change though; controls that resemble an actual transmitter so D/R is available also gear & flaps isn’t so far from the actual flight controls. We’ve spent over 30.00$ so far with this app. The option of different skins for the aircraft should be available. Options to add on different accessories, ex: bomb drop, smoke, pilot eject, nav lights. Overall we like the application, we don’t like that we’ve spent 30 + dollars and all the aircraft aren’t available. Hope the suggestions are usefull.

We have had this app for a few years and after this update we can no longer select any planes or fields other than the default trainer and field. Please fix this.

Paid 5 bucks for this pile of junk to get the same crap as the free version. Ghey af. Nobody should pay for it. Hope you guys enjoy that 5.

Great app! Good value for your money. One of the best simulators yet.

The graphics and audio is not good.

If you are looking for a very realistic simulator, this is only OK. Pluses: – 3 planes, 1 helicopter, 1 boat The full version with more models is $29.99 or you can buy piecemeal on this version – a few locations (I forget how many but only like 4-5) – pretty good flying model where you can adjust the speed of the RC model reaction – multiple cameras (can use one viewpoint at a time ) Minuses: – the only obstacles seem to be the ground – in an attempt to see where we could crash, we tried to crash into trees but kept flying and flying but you cannot crash into trees, sheds, fences, etc This makes it somewhat of a problem because, in real life, you have to worry about those obstacles – there are no lessons Some of the nicer RC simulators for the PC have some very nice lessons that progress you from beginner to stunt flyer we were really hoping we could use the phone as a practical RC practice system but without the lessons, it is much harder we know this is a phone/iPad app but lessons should be a good add-on Anyway, we would say this is a decent way to practice some known maneuvers but certainly could use more realism, lessons for it to be called a great RC simulator.

All of the models aside from the trainer are massively nose heavy. This is an assessment start but it isn’t perfect. Thanks!

You only get like three more planes than on the free version. We really don’t like this as much as picasim.

FIX TRIM ON MONTANA 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!! Latest update takes a lot of the sim from the ulator. Sad Please please please please please please fix the elevator trim so it doesn’t dive when we let go of the stick. Please please. We can live with the fact that it sounds crappy now after update and the sim is less of a simulator but we still play it but please please please fix the elevator from defaulting to a nose down attitude please please please please please or add a trim please please please please we love this app. We love this app. We love this app. We love this app. We started flying rc gliders when we were 13 and we still fly rc aircraft now at 39 and we love this app to help us not crash in real life.

Warning this app only gives you 3 planes and the others you have to buy.

The starter plane and the third red plane works but the green fighter jet always crashes our game plz fix.

This is a very awesome game! The reason we gave it 3 stars is that we’re only able to fly 1 plane in one location. The other planes won’t move. And when we change the location the plane that usually works won’t move either. We don’t know what’s going on there, but it is not fun.

Worked awesome. Till we purchased the f-15 and now it crashes every time we try to open it. Even tried to redownload it. Still crashed. Don’t know how to fix.

This is a good game for beginners like us but graphics aren’t good and we think they should add rc cars.

This game hasn’t stopped crashing for the past 15 minutes, we would give it 5 stars but we didn’t for that reason only. Great game… Needs improvement.

We only gave it 4 stars because 1 the planes are way to over priced and 2 the fields are 2d. We flew at a building and never het it. Other than that we would recommend it.

It has a good idea but the game is just plain bad you only get four planes and the graphics need improvement.

Fields need work if we had it to do over would not buy Disappointed.

We love playing this game. It would be 5 stars if the game worked event bough the the graphics are pictures and not true scale. We give it 1 star because the game is broke, we bought the full version and paid the $2.99 for a bunch of the upgraded fields and planes. Unfortunately the purchases will make the game crash every time you open it, it crashes. We un installed and reinstalled. The game came back and it worked we hit the restore all purchases button. It starts crashing again. We got ripped off. Here’s a tip to the developer, don’t sell your upgrades for $2.99 a piece if your software can’t handle them. It makes it look like you are intentionally taking money on a faulty product.

Supposed to get more than 1 plane, others just say coming soon. Well played, you got our 4.99!

This is awful, The Trainer plane, is on the ground but about 10′ off the ground, The field of movement is not realistic or even moving.. This seems to be a plane on stick moving around in circles, The depth is not realistic either.. Do not waist your money on this..

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