Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice

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Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice


Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CAPCOM Co., Ltd, Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st September 2017 with the latest update 17th May 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


236 people have rated 1.00.02

You can download the game Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice from APP STORE.


・Please read the “When Purchasing Content” and "Supported iOS and Devices" sections before purchasing or playing.

== Game Intro ==

There are no "Objections!" to the latest entry in the Ace Attorney series! Join Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice as they tackle cases at home and abroad!

With a colorful cast of characters, including the return of fan-favorite Maya Fey, this full-length game is packed to the brim with all-new mysteries and unforgettable courtroom drama.

Save your client in Episode 1, then purchase Episodes 2 through 5 of the main story individually or as a set.

◆Point Your Way to Victory◆
Simply tap the screen to play. The intuitive interface includes useful features such as a backlog for you to re-read testimony and story dialogue.

◆Immersive Investigations◆
Freely explore 3D crime scenes for evidence and speak with witnesses for information that you can use in court.

Forensic Investigation Gameplay Returns in 3D!

Forensic scientist Ema Skye is back, and so are her many forensic tests! From fingerprinting to luminol testing, try your hand at discovering clues at the crime scene and on pieces of evidence in 3D!

◆Fast-Paced, Entertaining Trials◆
Dismantle lies and resolve contradictions between witnesses’ words and the evidence. It’s going to take a keen eye and an even sharper wit to solve these cases!

Divination Séances
In place of witness testimonies, the Royal Priestess of Khura’in offers the court her divine Insights, which are her interpretations of a victim’s final memories. Find the flaws in her Insights by comparing them to the Séance vision and the evidence, and reveal what really happened!

◆Colorful Cast of Characters◆
Phoenix Wright and his junior lawyers confront an all-new cast of interesting, amusing, and sometimes outrageous characters. Fan favorites also make their return under some unusual circumstances!

◆Surprising Twists◆
Delight in solving the mysteries and smile at the characters’ often ridiculous shenanigans. The drama and dialogue will keep you laughing, crying, and guessing until the very end!

◆Lighthearted Additional Content◆
Dress the three protagonists up in costumes and use them in the main game for some unintentionally humorous trials!

In addition, a special episode, “Turnabout Time Traveler”, is also available for purchase. This post-game story features Phoenix’s childhood friend Larry Butz, longtime rival Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, and former legal assistant Maya Fey. With the gang all together again, you know that mischief and mayhem can’t be far behind!

◆iCloud Support◆
Transfer your save data between multiple iOS devices to play wherever and whenever you want!

※The story in this game is the same as in previous releases.

When Purchasing Content
・Episodes 2 through 5 can be purchased separately or together as a pack (Main Story Set). In the event that the content of your purchases overlap, please be aware that we cannot refund you the difference.
・The “Main Story Set” does not include the Costume Set nor the Special Episode.

Supported iOS and Devices
Please check if your iOS and/or device is supported here:

※We cannot guarantee that this app will work on any iOS or devices not listed on the site above.

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Updated on 17th May 2021

・Support added for iOS 9.0 through iOS 14.4.2

Please refer to the official site below for more details:

・Display issues occuring on certain iOS and devices have been fixed.

Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice Reviews

We had zero problems all the way through this game, and we enjoyed it a lot! No crashing or freezing or anything of the sort. That said, we didnt test out the costume DLC, so we cant speak to whether that part works or not, but we dont think thats a particularly important part of the game anyway. If it matters, we played this on a 7th generation ipad (10.5 inch) fully updated to iOS 14.7.

All the fun and excitement you come to expect of an AA game with some new twists! A bug appears in the purchase screen. It endlessly circles around in the checking page. Otherwise everything runs well and is very fun!

We were planning on buying some of the other episodes but it doesnt even offer the ones from the game itself. For example, trying to buy Case 2 asks if you want to buy Case 2 from Dual Destinies, not from this game. All of the cases have this issue. Hearing how other buyers arent getting the content they paid for, Im not gonna risk wasting money.

Why bother us with internet check and in app purchases when we bought the game from the App Store??

We cant even start the game up. Please fix this now.

The game keeps crashing . We are using ipad pro ios 14.6.

Now, this was our first Ace Attorney game, so we have absolutely no bias. We can safely say that this is an incredible game. All the cases are interesting, the characters feel so real. We cannot day anything about this game that hasnt been said before. We had no issues and it never crashed at all! All we can really say is that this game is just a masterpiece.

Highly recommend if you enjoy story games. The extra episode was also great, especially if enjoyed the original trilogy feels like a real throwback to those games.

Reproducibility unknown, but here it is. When attempting to purchase the DLC episode, it gave us the one for AA:DD, but assumed it was a glitch. We purchased it anyway. Refuses to let us play.

We exactly know if its our iOS versions fault because on your app thing it does say iOS 8.0 – 11.3 which is probably the major problem otherwise we cannot conclude to any other ideas of why our game is crashing constantly. Whether we select episode or chapter, it crashes literally a second or two after it starts loading. Im using iPhone SE and iOS 11.4. Im a big fan of Phoenix Wright series and wish to play the game as we’ve paid for all other chapters around 16.98 or 15.99 (forgot) total. We’ve probably put the review back at 5 stars once this problem has fixed and we’ve noticed this update was 8 months ago so we feel uneasy about this situation. In case you dont know we’ve paid and played this game (not full) a year ago. Since Im returning to finish it as we were busy back then but to find out it probably doesnt support our version and causes constant crashing. Edit: Nvm thanks to the previous couple reviews (thank god we decided to read most recent reviews) but now that has been fixed, Ill put the rating back to 5 stars and of course you developers should keeping developing on the Ace Attorney series. Much love. We appreciate the efforts.

Heh, so to all of you considering whether or not you wanna take a chance on a game like this?… We SAY GO FOR IT ALL THE WAY!! We have wanted to play this game for a little bit on our 2DS but its been years since we’ve had that one but one day we got curious, what with all the ports from consoles they had on here and hey! There it was! Unfortunately for our poverish self, it cost money. But then by the grace of a deity (or we guess more accurately, our aunty) we received a card and we bought this game along with the others. We will admit, we thought it was all chapters included and whatnot xD but anyway, here we are starting up this game and Im thinking, heh this is pretty good! We actually like it! Well that was our first impression anyway. Fast forward a few months later we got a 50 dollar gift card for Christmas and we finally found the opportunity to get the remaining two chapters that we didnt purchase, via a pack. And man… It was powerful. The third episode? We felt like we were really in the court room deliberating and we spent so much time thinking and getting that satisfying feeling of thinking hey! This piece of evidence conflicts! And while there were easier moments at times? Most of it for us Ill be honest actually took an outside the box approach and we didnt just guess because the penalties felt real, the stakes felt real! We managed to complete all chapters without losing a case (I may or may not have taken advantage of the refreshing point when you close the app) and they were lengthy full of thought and the arguments all followed some logical yet completely groundbreaking trains of thought for the pursuit of justice and truth. Speaking of Justice, one of the main things that changed this from just some lawyer game to something we fell in love with? Well, the characters the storylines the life Outside of the courtroom and the relationship between characters… It made us smile laugh and even sometimes brought us close to tears. Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes, Trucy and Phoenix Wright, you all hold a special place in our mind and heart now…. And let us just say? Not to spoil anything The ending did move us to tears…. And thats probably the one thing we’ve seen in this game we havent ever, and we mean ever seen in another game… The ending was full and it felt like there was thought and feeling put into making it… The way things wrapped up? The way it also served as a review of what happened and a little teaser of whats to come (which didnt feel like a cliffhanger because it gave just enough that you had an idea but not too much to where the mystery lacked meaning) and how you see everything after… Its An amazing game, an excellent story and Id like to thank the whole team who made this game for the wonderful experience that we wont ever forget. Ace Attorney? Youre gonna be the game we show our kids one day because heck, they need a clear cut opinion of amazing games, and we know this will be that example. Hehehe an ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING!! We loved the music. The game wouldnt be the same without it and quite frankly, we feel like it not only tops off, but makes this game what it is. It made us excited, happy, relieved, giddy, sad, thoughtful, and even shocked at times! And hearing that different yet familiar song at the end really hit us in a way that no sound track ever has… We cant wait to see your next game and learn more about this wonderful world and whats in store soon, we know Im not the only fan but you better believe you have a faithful one right here!! MUCH LOVE P.S. Our lock and home screen is now ace attorney, and we’ve never been more satisfied with a wallpaper than we have with these ones. If you read all this? Thank you for your time.

Redownloaded the game and now it works great!

No words can explain the emotions of playing this game. Its truly an experience only those who have played can relate to. The story is full of detective thrills, twist, turns, hope, humor and is thoroughly gripping. The characters are lovable. No game has took us through emotions like this game has. The game is very long. You will have to play it slowly over the course of weeks, months or if you are irregular like us, years. Thanks to the makers for crafting such an amazing experience.

We really love this game. Please keep making more of them. We had so much fun with Dual Destinies and when we saw Spirit of Justice become an app , we downloaded considering we saw it followed the same excellent storyline and graphics of Dual Destinies. There has to be a sequel! We loved meeting the new characters like Rayfa and Nahyuta, and seeing how they become. We also loved Apollos storyline, but it was left at a cliffhanger!! Please Capcom, release the sequel! We would love to solve more cases with this crew , and see Rayfa, Nayhuta, and Apollos story continue . It would be nice to see the same balance of the classic and Kuhrain again and continue the story. We cant believe we beat the game already!! Please continue they are a joy!

This is our favorite Ace Attorney game so far, but in the most recent update (compatible with IOS 11.3) it crashes whenever we try to play any part of any case… Please fix this. Aside from the crashing, this game gets 5 stars.

Capcomyoure at it again! We absolutely LOVE this game the best!!!! The purchase was worth it as the story was not only captivating but also lets you play from different roles throughout the episodes. How the stories connected into one was quite amazing and even we cried!! The questions were challenging as well and kept us engaged. Definitely recommend this game!!!

After the newest update, we open it to play, it crashes and leaves the app. Great game and plot twists!!

Go to Purchase Content and press Restore in the top right. This should fix your game and your saves will load now. This fixed our issue in Chapter 3 so hopefully it works for you.

Although its the best to us, episode 2 is quite confusing and we wonder maybe a potential bug is at hand. We cant seem to talk to that bunny rabbit person to let us under stage. It seems even watching tutorials didnt work?

This game has worked great for us until we hit Case 3 and we’ve almost beaten it. Im towards the end (Trial Day 2 part 2) and when the gallery starts chanting it freezes. Have had no problems till then. Im on an XR iPhone and am up to date with iOS 14.2. Did it really screw up our game? We dont think so because we’ve been playing for only a short while and on the update. So….? Would love some help.

Great game but the update has broken this game for us. We can get to the title screen but never load a file or episode. Our phone and current iOS are both on the list of supported devices so we dont get whats wrong.

We paid for a game that we have to play to play more episodes?

With the new update that makes it compatible with iOS 11.3 the app crashes we had no problems with this game until the update Im hoping for a fix otherwise itll be 5 stars.

The first chapter was great but when we bought the dlc we didnt get anything so dont buy the dlc because it just takes your money.

The game is good like any Phoenix Wright game. However, very annoyed that we bought the game thinking it was a full game when in actuality you have to pay for each individual episode. We would have bought the full thing upfront, but making us pay each episode in the middle of the game feels sneaky and cheap.

We purchased the episode bundle pack and its not letting us past episode one. Please help me.

Its $0.99 sure, but its only one chapter You have to pay for the rest of the game including DLC so if you have a lot of money have fun.

Im not lying when we say that it was beautiful and we really enjoyed the game. Well, only the first episode. We already paid for the game itself, why do you have to make us pay for the rest of the episodes? We really want to continue as its a splendid game but we refuse to pay any more. This is honestly just unfair.

We paid for the episode pack, they took our money and never unlocked the episodes. No working app support either.

We purchased case 5 of this game and after restoring it and purchasing multiple times, we still dont have access to the case.

We like the ace attorney series, we really do and we were so excited when we found the games on iOS. But then we found this one and we liked the first case and bought the rest but then they wouldnt let us play them it said we had to purchase them so we bought it again for free and it still didnt work. We hope They fix the game.

We liked the first episode and then we bought the main story and special episode but we cant play them because of some issues of this game with the new iOS. Capcom said theyre sorry but no mention if this issue will be fixed. Hope theyll get it fixed, though.

Cant access the purchased chapters on iOS14.

We purchased this game years ago but can no longer play it. We tried re-purchasing some of the chapter content – paid for it – but still cant play. We would not recommend buying this game in its current state.

We paid all but cant play any one of them. Such a disappointment. Waste our money .

This game doesnt work for iOS 14, youre allowed to buy all the episodes, but only the first one will be playable.

We were so exited to play this game so we purchased it and was ready to purchase the story and extras when it took our money and it pooped into thin air. Finally got back after a little while but still disappointed. You only able to play the first case in its current state. If anyone at Capcom sees this, fix the game for the people who want to play it!

Game crashes as soon as we attempt to start a new episode or load both on our iPad mini 2 and iPhone 6s Plus that are both listed as supported devices on capcoms compatible list. Avoid until fixed if you are looking to purchase!

To the reviewers unable to get the DLC: check Reddit r/aceAttorney for a workaround to get it to work. Myself and many others are able to get the game back into a working state. @Capcom: please fix this!

We were so excited to play but the content we purchased is inaccessible even though we already paid. Please fix this!!

Its a great game, and the first episode is well worth it, so give it a go. Unfortunately, buying the rest of episodes doesnt work – the game charges money but doesnt unlock the content. Dont waste your $14.99 like we did.

We just bought the 2-5 chapter bundle and it is NOT working. We already was charged. Its a scam!

Got scammed. Payed for episodes 2-5 but cant access them for whatever reason.

In most recent version of iOS you can only play the first chapter, and the in app purchases for chapters 2+ dont work.

After buying all the episodes and just finishing edge worths ace attorney. We saw this on the AppStore and was thrilled to play it instantly. We went and played all the way up until chapter 4 and then when we noticed our game kept crashing at the beginning of loading the game. So we decided to just delete the game and redownload it. But now we dont have any of our chapters done and they all say purchase new content. So we went to the store and tried to restore our lost data and now it says that it doesnt exist REAlLY?!?! So now we have none of our data and our game is making us purchase all of the chapters again? No thank you.

Do not buy any additional chapters or story sets in this game. They do not work on iOS 14.

Its bugged bcuz of ios 14; it charges you for the episodes but you cant play them no matter how many times you try to repurchase them we just wanna see nahyuta :( hope they get it fixed soon !

We’ve bought the full case set and we were still unable to play the other cases. We tried purchasing episode 2, and we still cant play. We’ve tried restoring the data, still no results. This didn’t happen with Apollo Justice, the other ace attorney game we bought.

Loved the game, came back to play the extra dlc chapter and now we cant restore purchases or purchase new content. Capcoms website doesnt have support options for iOS games, so Im leaving this review instead. Works great when it loads.

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