Family Farm Adventure

Last updated on September 21st, 2022 at 05:55 am

Family Farm Adventure

Family Farm Adventure

Family Farm Adventure is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Century Games Pte. Ltd., Family Farm Adventure is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th April 2021 with the latest update 13th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Family Farm Adventure ?

39,882 people have rated 2.8.22

What is the price of the Family Farm Adventure ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Family Farm Adventure released ?

Family Farm Adventure was released on 14th April 2021.

When was the Family Farm Adventure updated ?

The latest updated date of Family Farm Adventure on 13th September 2022.

Where can Family Farm Adventure be downloaded ?

You can download the game Family Farm Adventure from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Family Farm Adventure, a gorgeous farming simulator game where you can harvest various crops, explore mysterious islands and start your own prosperous farm town! Join Felicia and Toby on their adventures where they meet new friends and help them solve fun puzzles.

Pack your bags and roll up your sleeves. Start your journey in Family Farm Adventure now!

Family Farm Adventure features:

  • Story. Immerse yourself in the beautiful story in this simulator game, full of mysteries, surprises, romance, and friendship. Solve puzzles to continue the story and learn more about the farm town.
  • Explorations. Leave your town and explore mysterious tropical islands with the fearless photographer Felicia and the bright archaeologist Toby and help them solve puzzles along the way. Bring the treasures back to the farm.
  • Decorations. Decorate your flower farm! Restore houses, decorations, and centerpieces that are essential for the Festival of Flowers. Finish all preparations for this festival and celebrate it with everyone on the farm.
  • Farming. Start your own farm on a tropical island. Harvest crops, raise farm animals and produce food with your cooking skills. Turn your farm in this simulator into a cooking powerhouse.
  • Adventures. Complete challenging puzzles on your travels through these mysterious islands. Take a break from your adventures by checking on the animals on your farm.
  • People and Animals. Meet friendly and peculiar villagers, as well as quirky wild animals. Ask them to come visit your farm and do some cooking together.
  • Treasures. Discover hidden treasures and rare ancient artifacts by solving creative puzzles. Trade them in for all kinds of bonuses that will help you on your farm. Some puzzles will lead you to unexpected rewards to decorate your town!

Help Granny build up the farm that was destroyed by an earthquake. Show your farming skills, harvest crops, and build up what used to be a prosperous farm. The fertile soil makes it the perfect location for re-building the farm. Expand your farm life with all kinds of rare decorations from your adventures. This is not your ordinary farming game, this is a farm life simulator.

Family Farm Adventure is free to play and will always be free to play. Some in-game items can be purchased with money. This will help speed up the progress in the game but are not mandatory to participate in any of the content.

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Updated on 13th September 2022

Here’s your Farm News in September:

New Adventure Maps in Chapter 9

  • Viking Culinary Festival
  • Aurora Island

New Event Maps

  • Canal Film Festival
  • Autumnal Maple Forest
  • Memory Lane: Autumn Acres

Hot Events

  • New Maps in Gold Expedition
  • Toy Store
  • Mushroom Elf’s Teacup Garden
  • Merge Home Decoration
  • Checkmate

New Packs

  • Golden Pass in September
  • Adventure Passport for chapter 9

In-game Improvements and Bugs Fixed

Family Farm Adventure Review


We have a lot of fun with this game.

This is a fun game. Wish we could never run out of energy so we could play all the time. We love the fact your energy comes back with an hour. Kimi.

The amount of hours we’ve spent on this game is unbelievable, its so much fun!! We feel like Im experiencing the little characters life. The unlimited rewards this game has is so convenient for building. First game we played that doesnt advertise much adds or makes it challenging for us to continue playing. Most games would require you to buy inventory to play but this one is just so awesome. They also have like awards and inventory that are timed but the timing isnt long and tedious. Im telling you, whenever you get a taste of this game, your not going to want to put your phone down!!!

This fame has actually quite entertaining! You can do a lot in the beginning before running out of energy, and even then, there are multiple ways to get more energy to continue. Well done!


Im telling you this game gets addicting! Great way to pass time.

We love this game! Im addicted! Its just the energy runs out so fast.

We love the adventures we go on . Love the unique animation of the whole game.

This is our first day of playing. It is a good way to pass time while waiting. We have enjoyed so far.

The free mini game, basketball bounce, is awful. Target one, was ok but why make these changes? The merge game was fine. Overall, the actual game, is good, just gets very aggravating when you have only 75 energy (thats IF you paid to get your level extended by 15 points) and just to get through a pathway, with 4 plants, takes every bit of it. Your progress is VERY slow.

Didnt work without vpn ,when update gamewhy?

We like the whole concept of the game but then you took away the lemur game away and now the games you have on it are boring. Please bring the lemur back!

This game is fun but very frustrating as you run out of energy so fast and everything uses so much energy.

Man this game used to be fun! Now, with the changes its not. We used to be able to save up so much energy in order to get anywhere but now? Nope. You get 60 energy, which is gone in a second, then 90 seconds for each energy point to get back. After an hour and a halfish, you get to play for a second, and lather rinse repeat, so Id play the fun old mini game before the update, have more items to trade for more energy then get somewhere in the map. Why not just add inventory space and really kick it up? Thats sarcasm.

We have to watch multiple ads for this game, none of them show what the game actually is, WHY, its strange false advertising.

It was nothing as shown or promoted on other apps. Waste of our time and storage space.

First off, this is another game that advertises an entirely different game then what you actually receive. Even the previews in the App Store are not real game play. Secondly, what you do get is lack luster. Energy, regardless of doing tasks and reward systems, is painfully slow. You ~might~ be able to rid two whole trees before you are forced to wait hours. Its an awful waste of time and its not worth keeping downloaded past the first day or two of play.

We downloaded this game bc of a top review. The maps, mini games, the graphics are all great. What is not is the the energy. You go through it way too quickly and keeps you purchasing gems to get energy to be able to move forward. We dont mind spending money in games. We do it every once in awhile in many games to help get extra lives or breakthrough a hard level w boosters. But this game could be great if they fix the energy issue we wrote the game support but we were told energy should be hard to obtain bc its the main piece of the game. The problem is there are gates in the game the required energy just to open so it could take days just to open one gate. We just went into a map that required 4 gates. You get 1 energy every 90 seconds which is fine and you max out how much you earn base on your level. We are at level 27. After allow our energy to recharge over night we have 75. But then one item will take 40 energy to remove or several small items will take over 50 in one cluster which means we have to wait and let it recharge again to make progress or buy gems to convert to energy. We have done this too many in this game. The balance of this game is off. Try allowing the small gift jugs as bags to include energy instead of things we dont need. Or getting energy one for every plot we have planted and harvested. It is way to different to earn energy for as fast as it is used without being able to make progress or to open doors.

This game is fun in the beginning because you dont need a lot of energy. Once you complete a couple maps you take two steps and have to wait HOURS to take two steps again because youre out of energy. Not worth it, they just want you to pay money to move forward with a stupid story line. Pass.

Keeps us busy and love how its not one of those games with a bunch of ads.

Give opportunity to earn energy.

We love the update! More opportunities to accumulate energy and rewards!

We love this game. But we wish the energy would be more. Because of how fast it runs out.

This game is so interesting and keeps you going! We told myself Id go to bed and then we opened this game and cant sleep!

The latest update is great, but as a long-time, loyal player we beg you to remove the automatic zoom feature when planting or harvesting crop. Our plots move off the screen and as we go to plant in a row, it automatically fills the plots on our way there. It is such a clumsy feature, please remove and better yet, offer more plots! We have passed multiple levels and still have not been offered more plots since what feels like the beginning of the game. Our farm cant keep up with demand. Same goes for tree plots. Suggestion: once you upgrade to a new crop and tree, offer a row of plots/2 new tree plots so you can properly grow them!

Great game really enjoy playing it. We wish there were more rewards because its getting expensive buying the packages.

Game is fun filled with many adventure that keep you entertained.

Love this game. Its lots of fun.

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