Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 12:15 pm

Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid

Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid

Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Singleton Games, Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th December 2019 with the latest update 16th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid ?

26,638 people have rated 13.2.0

What is the price of the Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid released ?

Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid was released on 27th December 2019.

When was the Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid updated ?

The latest updated date of Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid on 16th May 2023.

Where can Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid be downloaded ?

You can download the game Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid from Apple Official App Store.



Play with millions of players around the globe in this addictive animal adventure game. Build islands and bridges, raid lands, and collect treasure island coins!

Explore the animal island, steal coins, and build your kingdom to become the ultimate raid master! Start the coin run, unlock new characters, and discover the amazing animal world.

In this free coin game, you can easily raid rivals and progress to build your animal treasure island. Show your friends who is the real raid king! Join the coin challenge and lead the leaderboard!

Explore the animal treasure island
Conquer different islands, steal coins from other players, and prove yourself as the real coin master.
Do you have what it takes to be the next island king of the Animal Kingdom? Play with your Facebook friends and start your next animal adventure game NOW! In this raid game, you will discover the animal world and meet new and exciting characters as you progress. Join the coin run and start winning!

Build bridges, loot coins and treasures from others, and collect animal cards to develop your island and master the coin challenge.

In this fun raid game, you can win coins and treasures, cash, or gems by stealing and raiding other players’ animal islands. Start your Animal Kingdom experience in this coin collection game and become a kingdom ruler and the true raid king!

Join the treasure raid, or play guessing games where you can reveal cards that will help you win the treasure and master this animal adventure game!

Attack your friends and other players, raid lads, steal coins and treasures, and defend your island from ongoing attacks. Looking for revenge? You can raid other players who attacked your island and steal their gold coins and treasures back! In this coin game, anything is possible!

Explore islands and kingdoms in this animal adventure game and find unique animal cards. Once you finish the collection, you’ll win amazing prizes including island coins and exclusive power-ups!

Like to play multiplayer raid games where you can attack your friends and other players online? In this exciting coin game, you can raid lads and other animal islands and gain millions of treasure island coins. Join the coin run NOW!


  • Tap and hold to build a bridge
  • Release to drop the bridge onto the adjacent platform. Hold for the perfect duration to earn extra cool rewards, island coins, gems, and more! Your running animal will show you the way with every bridge you build.
  • Earn and collect coins from each successful bridge to spend on gear for your island. Build islands, progress, and discover the animal world.
  • Collect all animal cards, conquer the treasure island coin game, and become the island king and the true kingdom ruler!

Join millions of players worldwide, start playing the most addictive coin game, and become the next master of coins!

Updated on 16th May 2023

Exciting updates are coming to Animal Kingdom!
Check out what’s new in this version:

  • We fixed several issues for a smoother gameplay experience.

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Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid Review

There is no basic how to instructions on how to start the game..

Im enjoying building the roads. Im trying so hard not to spend any money. This game is pretty relaxing (to me). In a sense it reminds a tad bit of our favorite video game Crash Bandicoot except Im building bridges to complete levels while collecting coins (not fruit) Im rambling but Im enjoying this game so far. So far no money spent. 5/18/2023 2:14M.

Es bien bonito el juego, los felicito.

(May 21) Or is our coins going down every time we log in ??? We had up to 3,934,000,000 in coins but it keeps getting lower and lower. We have not used the because Im trying to collect to build. Now Im up to 2,600,940,000. Edit : (May 22 ) returned to the game today Im down to 1,946,816,983. We didnt use our coins. Please fix this.

The app is sluggish to start. Sometimes while playing the characters refuse to move. The only option is to close. Im ready to delete.

We seen the ad on Facebook and looked fun so we downloaded it and was let down. First off you can only get up to 50 lightning bolts at a time which runs out pretty quickly only giving you little game play which doesnt make a good game.

The app seems to glitch when earning a large reward and doesnt give us the credit, or when playing the free rewards games to earn more energy, coins or gems. If your phone Lock Screen comes on when youre trying to do the free Sammy or no snake the app registers that you already did it and end up with nothing. 5 energy/hour.. And the cap is 50. So once you have 50 in energy you cant earn more unless you purchase or WIN BIG. The ads pop up way too often to try to get you to purchase something. The extra cards are pointless. We cant build a new deck or trade them for anything. So we end up with 56 Pink Macaron cards. The islands get more expensive to build, but the energy/rewards stay the same regardless of the level youre on.

This is a fun, mindless game, but it takes FOREVER to get energy. We would spend so much more time on this game if it didnt take an hour just to get 5 lightning bolts. You should also get more lightning bolts from building the island as you move up in levels. Honestly thinking about deleting this since we play it so infrequently since it takes forever to be able to play.

They post a video ad on Facebook that is completely different than the game. Why post a fake video ad saying the game is one thing and its not?

What is wrong with the revenge button. We have lost so much coins and when we hit the revenge button all it does is swirl and lock up our game, all else works perfectly fine. Why is this not being address? Hence our drop in game rating.

We saw an advertisement for this game on Instagram. It looked fun, so we downloaded it. During the tutorial, the game teaches you how to Attack other players with a slingshot to earn points. That alone isnt problematic, but if your attack lands a hit on another players island, you are rewarded with points and your player photo shows up on the other players island with a red outline wearing devil horns. Yes, actual devil horns. Then, in the next section of the tutorial, the game says its going to teach you how to STEAL from other players. Thats when we deleted the game. Children are so impressionable. And these might seem like small, innocuous parts of a video game. But its not harmless. Its planting seeds that being the bad guy (literal devil horns) and stealing from others will get you ahead in life. Please think twice before downloading this game.

The application is not responding.

This game was advertised on Instagram and the game is nothing like how it is actually played. Kinda a let down.

We hate games that show gameplay in an ad, and when you get it, its nothing like the ad. This game did just that. Shame. The ad looked so fun.

The game literally barely lets you play it without making a microtransaction every five seconds.

This game is pretty fun but the price for energy is just way too much and the game freezes up on us all the time we got ripped off and we were buying some more energy and didnt get our energy took our money but no energy cuz the game froze up on us we had to close the game out and reopen it up too many times and we have played many games that we have gotten a lot more energy to keep on playing this game is pretty fun but you have to spend a lot of money to keep on playing we literally only get to play for like 10 minutes unless we spend lots of money that we dont even have we just might delete this game because it gets too addicted and we dont have the money to spend Ok well up date we had invited 2 friends and they did download the game and they are playing the game they like the game but we didnt even get our free energy and it doesnt even show that we had invited them it shows them on our leaderboard but not that we had invited them so where is our free energy we waited over 24 hours but we never got our free energy.

We cant stop playing. If youre not following the Facebook group, you should! You get a chance to win freeeeeebies.

We started playing this game because of inbox dollars and we love it supper fun.

We love this game, however you would need a lot of money to be a dedicated player.. We would not recommend just because it is frustrating to run out of energy so fast..

It fun to play with and to loss time when your waiting in line for something .

Game is awesome no bugs or glitches.

We find myself constantly playing this game! We do wish we could trade our extra cards in for energy like 1 for 1 or something we can use all these extra cards for – like some other games we have. Overall its super fun and we do enjoy extra free energy all the time so keep em coming and Ill play as much as we can.

While the game is definitely fun to play and is super addictive, there has to be something to augment the amount of money that has to be spent to play continuously. We suggest maybe 1000 energy every 45 minutes upon completion of a short video. Take a look at DoubleDown as a model.

The game is fun. But, we spent $7 to get the abracadabra pack with the two free levels under. The game froze and crashed before we could claim them. So we had to close app. We immediately opened the app back up and our free rewards were gone. Is there any way you guys can give us those rewards back?

The game is fine, but this is the 2nd time we’ve placed 1st in a tournament and missed out on 1.5k charges because the game all of a sudden glitches and then it completely disappears! Now, Im missing out on the points we’ve earned. How can we get those back??? We cant.

After playing this game for a few days, we have come to find this game very addicting! But it is very frustrating at how slow it takes for energy to build back up! Other games we have played normally take 20 minutes to give off a life and this game takes a whole hour to just get 5 energy which takes all day just to get to 50! We would watch ads or play other games to get some energy but having to spend so much money just to get energy seems a bit ridiculous to us. Would love to see some new updates to help with this.

Fun game but an insane amount of pop ups when trying to load it. Takes almost a full minute closing pop ups to even get to the game.

After level 150 every time we get to the slingshot it freezes. It doesnt do it any other time except when it goes to the screen where we pick the target. We have to close it out and lose those amounts. Very irritating.

Need More Energy & Cards Should Be Tradable, Other Than That we Love The Game.

The bugs are real on this app. We really enjoy playing it but them bugs happen to much. You have clocks counting down but you cant play the game. Our luck as soon as they fix it the clocks go out.

Every time you update the game we lose our game earnings. This has happened numerous times.

Played for 2 days now freezes up cant do anything after the main screen comes up.

Game is fun but ever since we got to level 28 it hasnt loaded its been 3 weeks.

We’ve been playing it for a couple of weeks and was really enjoying the game. Woke up this morning and we noticed it was slow to load. We uninstalled and then reinstalled the game , NOTHING. Wont load at all. So Im assuming it a dead game.

We just love having to click off 294 ads just to start thats fun.

The more you play the less you win. It is expensive and hard to play without spending money. You lose more at critical times than random chance would suggest. They let people steal money that takes days to save. The trade off for leveling up doesnt equate to the cost. Impossible to complete sets without trick cards. Deleting.

This game is a joke. Tournament starts right off with someone already at 1000 cups, theres no way. Spins go out so quick, and no refill what so ever. Dont play this game and go play coin master you would find better joy.

The game is not what is on the Fb.

Im really disappointed in this game. We were excited to start playing it because it looked so fun. Once you get past the first 5 to 10 levels it becomes increasingly difficult to even pass one level in a day. They make it near impossible to earn lightning bolts without actually paying for something out of pocket. The game itself is actually fun, if you can play, but with a limited number of lightning bolts that are available each day it feels like a waste.

We are loving this game. Building the bridges to cross is super fun. We like all of the little animal characters too!

We love all the different games and challenges they host but to get ahead you need to buy stuff we had to spend 100$ (I was just trying to see) and got bad luck on all our spins and lost it all. They need to give more energy. We should have a win by now. Lately all our moves have landed us on just coins!

Love this game. Super addictive but it freezes a lot.

It used to be the snake would show up every time we get to level 4. Without fail. Now we can say with certainty it hits us on level 3 19 out of every 20 times. Yes, we counted. There is nothing random about it. The developers want you to spend money on extra levels so bad they dont even let you win once in a while. Its annoying.

This game is fun but whats the point in receiving extra cards for nothing. Give us some coins are extra energy or let us redeem extra cards for energy/coins/gems. We are on level 114 and still havent collect the golden bridge in New York. We just opened 20 plus bear boxes and only received 2 cards we dont have and many useless duplicate carsa.

This a is a fun & easy game. Id give it 5 stars for that but have to deduct for the pop ups & lost connections. We are constantly getting lost connection pop ups that, at times, interfere with gameplay. Then when we run out of energy, we get 3-4 pop ups selling us energy. Every. Single. Time. Its extremely annoying to click out of these when Im playing in auto play modes & adding 10 energy through the ad supported option. We also frequently get the circle of death lag in the game. It just freezes (except the time still counts down on the auto play). We can only force close or when Im trying to open a mini game standing, wait it out for a couple of minutes & every 30seconds or so closing out the list connection pop up. We really dont know why we havent just deleted the app & moved on.

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