State of Survival: How To Calculate Damages

State of Survival How To Calculate Damages

State of Survival being a PvP focused game, fights are inevitable. But how does one player’s troops get killed while the other just injured? We will share the answers here.


After a fight whether with another player or just attacking infected in the wild, the battle results will show the outcome. Your troops could be in these states:

  • Lost troops are considered killed. This will only happen if you are the attacker or if you defend with a full hospital capacity.
  • Wounded troops are injured troops that will be sent to the hospital and needs to be healed unless the hospital capacity is full.
  • Lightly wounded troops will recover as soon as troops return to the settlement.
  • Survived troops are unscathed and are ready for battle again.

How To Calculate Damages

Based on different type of battles and whether you are the attacker or defender, different type of damages are determined.

Battle Type Losses Wounded Lightly Wounded
Attack Settlement 35% 10% 55%
Defend Settlement 0% 35% 65%
Attack Resource Tile 0% 35% 65%
Defend Resource Tile 0% 35% 65%
Attack/Defend Bunker 0% 35% 65%
Attack/Defend Capital 0% 35% 65%
Attack Analysis Center 1 10% 30% 60%
Attack Analysis Center 2 0% 30% 70%
Attack Analysis Center 3 0% 20% 80%
Attack Analysis Center 4 0% 10% 90%
Attack Infected 0% 0.2% 99.8%
Attack Influencer Trap 0% 0% 100%

Important Notes

  • If hospital is full, wounded troops could become losses as per ratio below:
    • 70% of troops will be sent to Enlistment Office.
    • 30% of troops will be counted as losses.
  • Slightly wounded troops will be fully recovered once return to settlement. In the case of troops defending in Capital, Bunkers or reinforcing other settlement, slightly wounded troops will be sent back to your settlement.
  • Multiple attacks on an opponent could fill up his/her hospital and cause wounded troops to be killed once hospital is full. But do keep in mind of the 70/30 ratio for enlistment office/losses for a full hospital.