Animal Super Squad

Animal Super Squad


Animal Super Squad is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DoubleMoose Games, AB, Animal Super Squad is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 17th May 2018 with the latest update 6th September 2018

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


131 people have rated 1.2

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Animal Super Squad is a physics-based adventure game with community driven content and endless replayability. Speed through a world full of dangers and bananas, find all the hats, or forget all that nonsense and just play other people’s stuff.

  • "If you are in a lighthearted mood and want a game you can sit down to and enjoy while laughing out loud, then Animal Super Squad is your game." -Touch Arcade (Rating: 5/5).
  • "A crazy platforming/karting adventure game that is a joy to play." -Android Police (Rating: 4.5/5).
  • "Animal Super Squad is one of those games that’s equal parts ‘WTF?’ and ‘this is awesome!" -Nintendolife (Rating: 8/10).

Animal Super Squad is a new and creative game where a big part of the gameplay is created and shared by the community. Play community levels, upvote the best maps, and once a week, experience the most creative content in the weekly featured spotlight. Naturally, you can play the developer-made Adventure Mode as well, which features a smooth learning curve in the beginning, and frustratingly impossible levels in the end.

  • Play as your favorite animal – As long as your favorite animal is either a chicken, a fish or a sloth.
  • Choose from a variety of vehicles – Each with different controls, don’t worry, you’ll figure them out along the way.
  • Get to the other side of the level to win – You know how this works, you’ve played games before, jeez.
  • Unlock stuff! – Like a useful tinfoil hat or a dead octopus on your head.
  • Community-driven level editor – gives endless replayability by letting you make and share levels, and compete in making the best (or worst) level.
  • Physics-based gameplay – is 100% accurate 90% of the time, (to be honest, we don’t really know how physics works).

Updated on 6th September 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Play user created levels in the new online cross-platform feature!
  • Includes: cloud saves, leaderboards, featured levels, level browser

Animal Super Squad Reviews

Good game but is the editor going to come out?

The game is great but the controls are not the best. We would like it if you can switch the controls for the car in the options.

We like the game but we mainly bought it to support Pewdiepie.

This game brings us great joy honestly. We love that it put great control into the players to make more content for the game with their level editor sadly not on mobile yet but you can still play the created levels on here. You really cant get an experience this fun for $20 much less $5 if you arent sold yet you get to ride a fricken toilet case closed.

Its truly endless fun for anyone who enjoys a good trials-like / physics based game. Provides a good challenge as you proceed through the game, unlocking new skins, hats and vehicles. Or you can check out some of many player created courses. We were hesitant to get this game as we were reading all the 1 star ratings, (as we always do) All of them mentioned a wacky or broken controls system. Ill keep it 100, they arent the best when you first start. At least for us. We read a developers response that said you can adjust the controls in settings. It took us going through 7 adventure stages, and a handful of community created challenges to finally tweak the controls that works perfect for us. You have to play with it to find what suits you. After you get that right, its a great game. Ill share with anyone whos wondering what works for me: Use buttons instead of joystick: Button size: 192 Joystick size: 192 Bottom padding: 64 Side padding: 128.

This game is amazing. It is a joy to play and the levels are amazing(so far). There are only two issues that we see with this game. We have been having an issue where the game wont save our progress. We deleted and redownloaded the game three times and it worked fine until we got to the second world. Now if we close the game and open it back up the progress we just made is gone. Other than this issue, what we played was amazing. We really want to progress further and see more of what this game has to offer but the saving issue we’ve been experiencing makes that difficult. We havent seen anything about it though, so maybe its rare. Overall we think this game is definitely a five star experience but the saving issue needs to be fixed.


Its a pretty mediocre game. Mostly fun if other people are watching or joining in. This is one of those games that were designed with live streamers in mind, or people with an audience that wants to watch them repeatedly fail. It doesnt appeal much to a solo gamer imo.

We dont have much to say,but we cant believe we payed 5 dollars for this wreck of a game. The controls are awful. It glitches every millisecond,and the touchpad keeps trying to kill us by constantly stopping for no reason. Either its free or just by it on another console. But with the current generation of phones,these controls just cant keep up. You need to fix something.

Game looks promising, but first level of Adventure Mode is unplayable. After being unable to progress to second level, we tried several of the player made levels. Those levels all appear identical and take all of 2 seconds to complete. Hopefully these compatibility problems will addressed soon in an update. Until then, this was a total waste of money.

Controls are impossible, keeps crashing on iPhone X, we’re deleting it.

This game is definitely worth the money! Its so fun and addicting and we are surprised that its not in the top charts! This game is amazing and if you are thinking about getting it, you should!

Great graphics and just fun to play.

Life is easy. Surround yourself with successful people and you will be successful to. We think its great Felix became much self aware around the same time we did? Coincidence? We think not! Great game we havent played it yet and shout out to brad 1 2 and anyone else behind the scenes. Respect all of you! #xboxsoon.

The only problem we have with the game is that when you tap the jump button or if you hold the jump button you reach the same height. When you tap it, you get a small jump, and when you hold it, you jump a little higher. Like in rayman. But other than that this game is pretty fun definitely worth $5.

When we look at community made maps it only show a select few and theres no filter options.

In a nutshell, this game is an adventure physics puzzle game… Meaning the levels are designed is a way that geeks like you are playing more of an adventure game rather than a trial of sorts, which we absolutely love. There are no timer that we can see, at least not in the traditional sense. That being said, there are no penalties(in a competitive sense) for dying, so you are free to enjoy yourself and learn the levels at a nice pace… Our one gripe is the heavy hope for the editor to be implemented in a future update. Aside from that… The game runs well and the controls handle well. Great job guys.

The idea of the game is awesome and definitely worth a dabble. Our only complaint is the controls on mobile, extremely unresponsive and infuriating at most times. If you can get past that then you will have an amazing time. Edit: putting even more time into the game, let us the add the issues of performance problems and graphical bugs.

You Dont Get To Create Your Freaking Level.

We almost never spend money on apps but this one is definitely worth it. The thing that keeps it a 4 star is that the controls are a little laggy and annoying to use. Would also love to see level creator come to mobile, would make it a 5 star instantly. Overall a great game worth more than $5. Update: Almost a month later and we are still enjoying this game as much as we were the first day we got it. At first we gave a 4 star because the controls did not feel good but with the latest update the controls feel radically better. And on top of that you can customize them to you’re preferences. So this game readily deserves a 5 star. And the level customizer would now just be a great bonus. Great job doublemoose!

Our (meme) review is that its super fun and the Physics work great and its… VERY NICE.

Half the time Im pressing the wrong button because the controls are so small. Ill be putting in for a refund.

The game is fun, but it just always crush without save the level we were playing. Thats so frustrated!!! We would love to get our money back if we can.

We strongly recommend this game. Either on mobile or Steam or Console we normally dont go for consoles but this one is definitely unique in its own comedic way and the Dev team really do care about this product. Its definitely a must buy we bought it on PS4 and on iOS if that says anything.

This game is challenging and you could unlock different characters is amazing. This game is so fun and addictive just for $5. Thats a cheap price because this game is far worth more.

Not only are the graphics stunning, especially for a mobile game, but the controls are solid, the diverse levels and the new added community levels keep the game fresh. Finally the gameplay is so fun and silly that it surprises us. A chicken in a cart can go to a chicken balancing on wheels to a drumstick hopping along the track. The clear amount of time put into this game really shows. DoubleMoose deserves the best!

Huge props to Felix and doublemoose for making such an epic game for us to enjoy! Felix is doing such great things on and outside of YouTube! It makes us committed bros so proud and happy for him!

We love this game. We play A LOT of apps. We download every ad we come across. This is our favorite one. Great destresser after work! P.S. You should have made it $3.99 ;)

So we’ve been playing this game for a while now, we I gotta day, its awesome! Its extremely well made, but there is a few problems. The controls feel a bit laggy and some of the levels crash our game, but otherwise its a great game. Ill give it 5 if they fix the controls.

Fun game but unless Im already holding the button switching between controls takes a second, dont know if it is supposed to be like that but it is very annoying.

Honestly, the game isnt that great, we only got it because PewDiePie said to… It feels more like a collectible than a game. But it IS well made.

We have for iPad. It runs alright but half way through a level that we will be working on it crashes and we have to start from the beginning again. It’s really annoying. That’s why it’s a 3 star. If they fix it it would be a 5 star but with the bugs and crashes it’s a 3.

Cool game but can you make the controls a little more responsive, like make it a whole square that you can press or something, not just the arrow part. It gets frustrating when youre trying to complete a level and the button doesnt respond.

This game is very fun. The graphics are solid and its a great way to waste a bit of time. Our issue with the game, and the reason for a 3 star review, is the controls. You have next to ability to customize where the buttons are. All you can do is bring them up from the bottom of the screen. On the iPhone X, half of the backward rotation button is in the notch. The buttons are so close together Im constantly jumping when we want to move it rotating the wrong way. The ability to adjust the position of the buttons on the screen would be very helpful. Or at least to adjust the size. Also, on the iPhone X, the button to play a level is right on the swipe away this app button. Not sure if thats an easy fix but its annoying.

We cant finish the first level and the controls are cramped. It feels good when we connect a controller but it still crashes.

Really poor controls with nearly no capacity for customization, multiple menu options that do nothing when you tap on them, and worst of all the game crashes or otherwise resets our progress in a level any time we have to set the iPad down to do something else for a few minutes. On another platform? Yeah, sure. Sad to say that you should skip the iOS version, though. Really wish it was possible to get a refund for this.

We just downloaded this game 20 mins ago and Im already hooked. Im so stoked to finally be playing this game and Im so glad we could get it on our iPhone! Its a fun and challenging game anyone can enjoy.

We’ve only had this game a few hours and we havent been able to stop playing it. Ill open it up every now and then and complete a few levels. Super entertaining!

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