Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker

Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker


Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rafal Kozik, Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th May 2011 with the latest update 5th June 2015

Whether you are a fan of Family, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


179 people have rated 3.4

You can download the game Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker from APP STORE.


Anodia has a solid 5 star rating with thousands of comments and is enjoyed by millions of players. Any hesitation? Just read the Customer Reviews!

Play through over 150 handcrafted and unique levels, compete with your friends on Game Center leader boards, unlock over 30 achievements and simply have a lot of fun with Anodia.


— full iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support
— brick breaker genre reinvented
— fast-paced addictive gameplay
— easy to pick up and play
— over 150 handcrafted levels
— over 20 power-ups and power-downs
— full Retina Display support
— touch and tilt controls
— superb realtime physics
— Game Center integration
— universal app
— it has a rainbow!


‘All I want is a really awesome modern take on the Breakout formula. Is that so much to ask? Apparently not, because that’s exactly what Anodia gives us.’

‘Anodia takes the tried and tested formula of Arkanoid and mixes it up with great style.’

‘All in, Anodia is a top-notch brick breaker game—possibly even the best for the iOS.’


‘The Screenshots Do NOT Do This Game Justice!!! – Not like any brick breaker I’ve ever played.’

‘Best Brick Breaker Game Since BreakOut in 1975 – If u like brick breakers this is the game for you. Super fun, creative, and perfect for the iOS.’

‘REVOLUTIONARY! – A cross somewhere between brick-breaker, pong, and something entirely new! You’ll have fun just trying to figure out what it is?! A MUST BUY!’

‘Wonderful!!!!! – This is one of the best in the entire app store!Thanks Devs!!!!!’

‘Brick Breaker Masterfully Reinvented! – I’m in love with the game! I love brick breakers and this is the best one in my honest opinion.It’s original and masterfully crafted with many differents stages and powerups!If you like brick breakers GO GET IT!’

Updated on 5th June 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Have you tried Anodia 2 already! No? Go and find it in the App Store! And here is a little Anodia update.

Changes in this release:

  • Due to popular demand we’ve included a way to get additional coins for free after every level completion!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.
  • And much, much more under the hood stuff.

Have fun!

Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker Reviews

Lots of color, sound and variety among the many levels.

This is our go to game when we have an extra few minutes to kill!

This is a super fun & creative version of Breakout. Look forward to the second version!

The v2 game isnt available anymore on the App Store what happened!?

Wonderful graphics and very entertaining. A top app for "breakout" style games! We highly recommend.

Easy to play for a few minutes or an extended time.

We love the graphics, the game play, the power ups.

It surprised us with game play , figured it would be just another block breaker , was we wrong great play and time passer.

This is a clone of arkanoid. App is very solid with lots creative levels.

Too and the new version isnt nearly as good. We wish this one would get updated with more levels.

This game is like the old breakout game, but has a lot more twists and interesting graphics. A must have entertaining game!

This is one of the more challenging brick breaker games we’ve played. Had it for years! Its also been about 7 years since theres been an update. Sadness. But it still works on iPhone 13 with iOS 15.

We enjoyed playing this game. But it does not have landscape mode on an iPhone. That for us was a dealbreaker. We will not continue to play this game. Updated review: we did keep playing this game because the game mechanics are fun. It is a good game to pick up for a few minutes.

Kept us amused for about an hour… Maybe longer! Best breakout game we’ve seen on iOS!

Best brick breaker in the App Store!

We have only played through a few levels, but it’s fun so far.

So we used to play a lot then we tried one day it wouldnt work we couldnt control it then we took our fingers off our phone and it just went on its own then a day later we tried again we thought it was a glitch but nope.

This is a very weird version of Arkanoid for Nintendo. The levels don’t really seem to have any rhyme or reason in terms of design or why they were made that way and have no continuity. The controls are also a little off and more than a few times we wasn’t able to slide across the screen quick enough due to lag or sluggishness. We have an NES emulator on our iPad so we guess it’s back to Arkanoid, the original brick breaker.

This is an amazing game, it’s simple and easy to play yet the designs are creative and original. Incredibly smooth to play and is as interesting visually as it is to play, this game makes every second enjoyable. Even if you have never enjoyed brick breaker this game has so much more to offer. This combination of beauty, simplicity, and creativity is something few other games can offer. The only flaw of this game it has little to offer for people who are addicted to the frustration that many games offer. But we like steady progress better anyway.

This is hands down one of the best games on iOS. On the surface it may be just another brick breaker, but each challenge is different with the best level design in the genre. If you haven’t played it already we beg you to try it out!

Thanks for the update! This looks great on our iPhone 6. We use to enjoy playing this game about a year ago but stopped once we got 3 stars on every level. We wasn’t expecting new content at this point but we were happily surprised. Thanks again.

Love it. But need more levels. We’ve mastered them all. It’s so addicting. We just want to be able to keep playing.

If Breakout grew up – this is the game it would want to be.

Well designed and fun game! You won’t be disappointe!

Iam waiting the second edition from it.

We understood that this was going to be different than regular brick breakers but we didn’t realize how different. We don’t understand the point of having a million categories with only 6 levels each… There should have been more of the GOOD levels like classic, light bulbs etc. But breaking micro organisms? What? They don’t break they’re squishy it just feels weird to us! Plus we feel the design of the levels feels very outdated and like they were made with a level creator. Don’t get us wrong this was a fun game! We’re about 10 levels away from completion but we just don’t have any desire to finish. $3 is too much. You can get freakin’ super monkey balls for $5!

The best breakout game to date! Each level is very unique, creative, and meticulously crafted. Not mundane and predictable. Yes, believe it, this is a unique and diverse breakout game! Each level is comprised of cleverly crafted and animated demolition media from the invisible to the multi-dimensional! Much thanks to the developer! I’d pay to play all over again.

Doesn’t ask for in app purchases all the time to play and advance. Simple fun.

We’re old enough to remember Pong fondly. We can’t get enough of this game. Get it nao!

This game is put together well. Recommended.

Great app. Just wish they came out with new levels more often.

Wish there weren’t limited levels. Breezed through the Lite version… Impatiently waiting for the new additional levels!

This is currently our favorite game we have. Great gameplay, stunning levels and excellent graphics. Anodia NEVER gets old.

And it’s free?! There’s a reason this is rated so high by everyone. Try it out.

Thanks for a great game that reminds us of the early days of computers, but is updated for todays capabilities.

Very fun. Much more interesting than the old Breakout. New levels please!!!

Addictive, just wish there were more new levels :)

Loved the update, still 5 stars rating this b*tch. Best game EVER!

This game is amazing! We only have two complaints: One, there should be more levels, the same packs do get a little stale after several hundred playthroughs. The second complaint is that theres no Super Campaign or something where we can play through all the levels in one long session. Most other brick breakers have one or two long campaigns (look at Blasterball 2 Remix, there was a 100 level campaign, and an extra bonus Mirror Mode with 100 levels for managing to complete the original campaign.) Not saying you actually have to do something like that, but we think it would add something for more dedicated players of this game to try.

This is probably THE best game we’ve ever played! The graphics are great and there are lots of different levels to choose from. Also, you don’t need money for the upgrades! Very nice app.

This is, by far, the best (and beautiful) implementation of the brick breaker game that we have played, and loved every moment of it, on our iPhone.

The creativity, graphical quality and constantly varying challenges offered by this game make it far superior to any other brick-breaker game we’ve played. We find myself coming back to play often.

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