Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games

Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games

Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games

Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by UPWAKE.ME LTD, Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th August 2020 with the latest update 28th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games ?

9,654 people have rated 80.5

What is the price of the Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games released ?

Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games was released on 28th August 2020.

When was the Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games updated ?

The latest updated date of Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games on 28th April 2023.

Where can Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games from Apple Official App Store.



Storyngton Hall is a match-3, home and garden design and renovation game designed for lovers of romance, exciting tales of lords and ladies, and addictive puzzles and challenges.

Follow the story of the Green family as they move to a Recency-era mansion in desperate need of renovation. Pass match-3 levels and help the family renovate, decorate, and design their dream house and gardens. Mrs. Green wishes to be the talk of the town, hosting the most beautiful balls in the land and helping her daughter, Jane, find true love. The beautiful Jane wishes to work on her romance novels and meet the man of her dreams. Mr. Green would just like to get a little rest. Help the family make their dreams come true by designing and landscaping a stunning family mansion and lavish gardens fit for a king. Be careful though, the wicked Lady Wroth attempts to wreak havoc on the Greens at every turn with her evil machinations.

  • Hone your interior design skills: Build your dream home and surround it with stunning, lush gardens.
  • Match and win: Solve exciting match-3 puzzles
  • Build and discover: Unlock new areas in your home and gardens to practice your landscaping and interior decorating skills on
  • Throw a lavish ball: Become the host with the most as you throw a marvelous ball for your neighbors. You may even help Jane find love
  • A story like no other: Unravel the mysteries of Storyngton Hall and the colorful characters who pass through its walls and gardens
  • Play with friends: Invite your friends from Facebook and tackle match-3 levels together

Storyngton Hall is a free to play match-3 game sure to tick all the boxes for lovers of romance, interior design, and exciting puzzles. Download Storyngton Hall today for a taste of Regency life in a stunning mansion that you can renovate and build yourself! Hours of match-3 gameplay fun to keep you coming back for more!

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Updated on 28th April 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, come to the manor, for there you’ll find:

  • Joe discovers a secret trapdoor
  • Mudgutter reveals another gloomy secret to Jane
  • A sinister black horse visits Mama

Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games Review

This is a really great game. But theres a lot of reading.

We were really enjoying this game and couldnt wait to play each level. Then we got to 52 where you can buy new outfits for everyone and they have the arrow to go back and everything froze. We have uninstalled and then installed about 10 times and it still freezes when we get to that level 52. We are so very disappointed.

The only game we will play obsessively.

You need to use proper grammar, as well as calling a woman, a WIDOW, not a widower, as you have in this game. A widower is a man. A widow is a woman. You also wrote something where one of your characters said we should have got when correct grammar would have been we should have gotten.

The add for the car repair keeps freezing up and we loose and bonuses that we may have gotten.

We really like this game but it has loading issues and kicks us out alot.

All these match threes are the same! Give us the option to skip the tutortial we KNOW the special moves! Wanna be different add a skip button!

Not happy with recent changes! They are reducing the amount of coins received when winning levels! NOT A GOOD IDEA! Our rating was a 4, but downgrading to a 3. It has the potential to be a solid 5, but for the occasional glitch and now negative changes. We hope they restore the coins to the original levels of when we started playing about 4-5 months ago. If they do, Ill upgrade the star rating.

Our game keep getting stucked on the event of Janrs bday we cant play it just froze on the part where we have to decide for clothes.

We really like this game and it is very fun to play with people who have played it before.

Its a good game. It gets challenging to play and darn expensive to purchase coins. We dont think we can continue because of cost. The winnings dont help you, not enough.

We didnt bother to even contact been through that before on lives we’ve lost NO compensation plenty advice to restart device clear caches ect. We just wont be spending much more money we also play on our iphone 13 to be willing to take customers money but no compensation for lives lost or glitches.

This last update wiped all our progress! The amount of time we put into this game on top of a few purchases really upsets us. We even had an account to save our progress and when we signed in suddenly the whole game restarted and wiped everything. Really disappointed this use to be a favorite game but it takes so long to get to where we were and its not really worth keeping if thats what we have to look forward to again.

A cute little game! Lots of color to them too.

We enjoy the storyline, the game is easy but challenging. You get coins for points & watching ads. Sit back & enjoy.

This game is not letting us go to the next level and Im really getting irritated with this game and it needs to be fixed ASAP because it is so irritating.

Enjoying the historical aspects of the game and the mini-games are doable.

The app wont go any further. It says the characters need new clothes but stays like that cant get it to do anything.

We just started playing and had reached Chapter 3 when a quest popped up about a Grand Something. A new screen pops up showing new clothes for each character. We were able to back out of the new screen but we then have to click on the new arrow. Its at this point that our tablet is frozen. Im writing this in the review because when we tried to reach out to App Support Im told that your website cant be reached. Id wanted to try this game for awhile but it now appears that Im going to have to delete just when it was getting interesting.

This game is pretty fun, while gameplay is like most match games, the storyline is unique and pretty fun. Especially if you are into books or shows like Bridgerton.

Like the game but it glitches only when you are about to get a reward or if you are going to win a particularly hard level. Seem odd that it only happens when good things are about to happen. The screen goes black and stays that way or the game resets.

We’ve enjoyed the first two chapters.

What is wrong with you people, you show two people in sexual activity.? Do you realize that children might be playing your stupid game and isnt there enough immorality in the world that you dont have to add to it? We were shocked and humiliated by that ad and you should be ashamed. If youre capable of that feeling.

As usual when we start these games, they are so much fun and they are so cute and you want to play and play and play but as you go on you cannot get past levels for days. The game becomes very boring when you cant go ahead you cant have easy, medium or hard levels for people, so do not spend your money or youre going to watch a lot of ads! And not only that we had a glitch in our game and they would not restore it and ignored us. Its a very costly game!

So far liking it we do hope they have side games but we are still in the beginning of the game but we definitely give her five stars because it keeps our attention.

We love this game because it is so much more than your typical match 3 game. Its multiple games in one and so much fun. You can play match 3 levels, redesign the mansion, play mini games like merge, or mah jong tile match, and there are always special limited events. Graphics are great, and the only ads are when you choose to watch, like doubling your win amount or getting a needed booster.

Soooo Much FUN!! We can play forEVAAAA HOWBOUT YOU.

Good story, but a bit hard to get through. Besides, Mrs. Green is the worst NPC we’ve ever seen in a game, her manners are too coarse and often hysterical. Also, that Lady Wroth, gosh, she is as rotten as a coffin, stifling talent and efforts for fear of others fame surpassing hers. How dare she?

We’ve been enjoying this game, but Id like to see some different kinds of games within the level sets. Different challenges.

Was ok till it does not want to download the chapter now we cant play it.

We love this game it really relaxes our mind it is very calming really.

We’ve just started this game and we have to laugh because the characters remind us of Pride and Prejudice. Mrs. Green is a great representation of Mrs. Bennett. And Jane seems to be Elizabeth Bennett. The heir is just as slimy, greedy and gross as Mr. Collins and Mr. Green is as sarcastic as Mr. Bennett! The maid being Hill! Funny. Thats where Im at so far!

Much like the other match games in premise, but unique in approaching the storyline during this particular time period.

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