Another Dungeon

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Another Dungeon

Another Dungeon

Another Dungeon is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Game Duo Co.,Ltd., Another Dungeon is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 31st December 2022 with the latest update 24th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Another Dungeon ?

1,422 people have rated 2.13.2

What is the price of the Another Dungeon ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Another Dungeon released ?

Another Dungeon was released on 31st December 2022.

When was the Another Dungeon updated ?

The latest updated date of Another Dungeon on 24th May 2023.

Where can Another Dungeon be downloaded ?

You can download the game Another Dungeon from Apple Official App Store.



As a young man of the Kabi, Dokebi has the lost power of his tribe.
Explore the vast continent with lots of friends and enjoy the dynamic journey!
Discover the lost power of the Kabi in Another Dungeon!

▶ MMORPG full of awesome pixel art action!
Wreak havoc in this speedy, action-filled world of unique pixel graphics! Drag-and-drop is all you need to cast powerful skills! Experience mighty action, easy and simple.

▶ Kill and be killed in PvP!
In the vast fields you can attack not only mobs but also other players. Go on the hunt and become ever stronger! Your journey to becoming the mightiest Kabi begins now!

▶ Time is gold and other items!
Experience the thrill of easy-breezy growth. When you’re busy, let your character alone and they’ll do all the work and gain more items for growth!
▶ Enjoy unique costumes!
Each costume has a different set of powers and effects. Customize to suit your play style and fashion sense!

▶ Collect to your heart’s content!
Unique Pets support you in battle and make you stronger! Fight together with special Pets that give you boosts with various abilities.

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Updated on 24th May 2023

  • Bug fixes

Another Dungeon Review

Imagine ruining the hopes of your game being successful just because youre dumb and pre-release it with a sign that says the game will be available on feb 10th 2023.

We dont understand having downloaded the game why we need to wait 2 months to play it?

The game just came out and yet In-game it says it will be released on February 10th, 2022. Bruh its literally about to be 2023 wdym Feb 10 2022?? Im giving it a 1 star for now until you fix whatever the heck this is.

Looks like we’re not the only one having this issue. Literally can’t play the game.

Why did you allow us to download if its not out.

Just takes you to a screen that says the game wont be released till February 2022 lol its about to be 2023.

The actual release date is February 10.

Highly addictive and can play with our girlfriend!

We just kinda like the vibe tbh.

Cant find anything to complain about yet. Great design, good game mechanics, and fun to play.

Guild up and lets kills stuff.

Super daitya red cloak here and loving it. Preciate you guys for getting our old looks out here and loved.

When it actually works its a good game. But apparently even though we have a full internet bar and a mobile data connection we still need to reconnect.

El juego esta bueno pero creo que necesita algo de cooperativo y eventos un poco ms mundo abierto para poder matar gente y pelear.

Cant even load up the game and we’ve uninstalled and re installed a couple times.

Didnt open Froze at the first logo.

There’s very little a F2P can do to catch up to people who spend $$$$ to get ahead. There’s a market, but you need to pay $$ to sell stuff. There’s no way to get paid gems, not even morsels, without real money. To add to insult, the game has a timed dungeon but it’s at 5 AM for the audience the server is supposedly targeted towards. Channels have a hard mode and non-PVP mode, but after a certain amount of instances, all of it are PvP. What do you think happens when a PVP P2W oriented guild starts monopolizing the high leveled maps and bosses and kills everyone else? The community is also pretty toxic. Just today, we had Chinese players call everyone who couldn’t match up to him "low class" because we didn’t spend as much as he did to get strong.

The game feels like a real hardcore money grab. At first it seems interesting and like it has potential. The art style is nice, the writing is kind of amusing and over all the mechanics are that painful to learn but once you get an hour or so in you hit this ungodly wall of time sink and item rarity with a combined crap shoot of enchantment luck. Gear can say 75% chance to enhance but it really does feel like a 25% or flat 50%. Im sure the numbers work out over time but the fact your gear is just destroyed after is just painful and dumb. Also forget about trying to use the exchange to get further in the game as well. Because unless you pay for the season pass premium version- you cant use it at all. No way is an idle game worth 21 dollars every season. At the end of the day the developers leaned heavy into what feels like a pay to win design. Its a shame because the game itself has some potential but really its not worth it. The game does not value youre time if youre a free to play person and honestly it does not value your money if you pay.

The game is actually pretty good, but having to buy a season pass every time to fully use the game to your advantage is insane. YOU CANT access the exchange store without the pass! They make you buy the season pass to use it.. Like cmon Thats crazy.. On top of that having the season pass priced at $20+ is super greedy. Btw also add more bosses, other players gatekeep bosses and slaughter any player that gets close.

The game starts off smooth with quests and easy mobs. As the game progresses (still near the beginning) you need to pay to keep up with the game.

Just got it and its really easy to learn!

We love the graphics and character designs.

We just started playing for a few hours, but the game keeps crashing whenever im on loading screen. Is there a way to fix this? Or it just because of our device.

Terrible game first off the chances of getting anything good is like 1 in a million and you have to spend so much money to even get a chance at that, dont even get us started on the whales that play this game and if you try to fight a boss(mind you boss fight every 6 hours)the whales hog everything and end up killing you giving you no chance at having any sort of boss drops or exp. Terrible terrible game just looking for money.

Fun game for a bit, but you plateau around level 27-30 and need to spend money to advance quickly. Maybe Im just a noob but not very fun when its like that.

The only way we could make gems has been taken away by trying to force us to pay for a pass thats outrageous in price and this new update is trash! It says we can create a new character and play with the new person but when we try its saying we dont have an available slot.. Which the game doesnt give us a way to unlock(hopefully thats free). We’ve been on YouTube and seen videos why we should delete this game so Please do something about this so that we can try to enjoy it.

We’ve been trying to find a fun idle game and this one is really good. While they still need to stabilize their servers a bit more its a fun game! Fun game with dope costumes and characters.

Gameplay is great however the devs are so greedy that they recently updated the game to where you cant use the market place unless you buy the season pass for 20+$. Another gem going down the drain due to pure greed, if exchange doesnt get patched soon we will quit the game.

We’ve started this game around mid April. Game was fun and good until all of sudden the game required season pass to fully use the trading options. Which is also not mentioned directly from the app store. We’ve spend some money because we liked the game but it has become another game hordes money and being shady.

This game has the lowest drop rate for any item that we have ever saw in a game and we’ve been playing games for 20 years now. Only way to progress is to spend ore cheat like a whole bunch of Koreans do.

We never even got a chance to play because our game would close when loading in. So we just deleted it.

Played for a while and it seems like a genuine interesting game. However, the fonts are so small that they are unreadable, which for us means the game is unplayable.

The game crashed when we tried to read the beginning comic and when we loaded after making our character. Please fix this, we want to play this game. This has persisted even after 2 bug fix updates! IPhone.

Decent game but there are multiple pay walls. Cant even level.

Was gonna give it a try but it doesnt even let us get passed loading screen, crashes and kicks us out of the app.

The greed of the developers is on a whole different level then most greedy GOTCHA games !!! We wanted to be a contender so like most we put some investment in! And like most our returns are minimal to say the best! The game industry has gotten to greedy along with everything else in this world ! We understand needing to make money for services and all that and agree that everyone should have a good life ! But when games turn into gambling addictions and people put them selfs into debit ( yes its their own fault but also they are preyed upon) we’ve been at the wrong end a few times ! One would think we would learn but we want the best enjoyable and fair game play so we keep having faith that maybe this game wont be that way like the rest ! Once again we were wrong and feel like a fool !

Never had such an unappealing first experience playing any game ever. Tried it for about an hour or two and its just a clunky chore of an experience to try to play through. The UI is among the worst we’ve ever seen, the dialogue/localization is mediocre at best, and the actual introductory gameplay is a complete and total grindy DRAG instead of actually hooking you in to want to play more. For example, they have you eliminate 10-15 enemies of A type, talk to someone to confirm it, kill ANOTHER 10-15 enemies of a different B type on the same map, talk yet again, then do it a THIRD time of C type then they have you do this ALL OVER AGAIN multiple times in a row all while clumsily introducing P2W mechanics. Just bland and needlessly grindy from the very beginning, and thats coming from someone that actually enjoys grindy progression in games. Stay away, your time is better spent elsewhere.

As players we are not happy with the current update. Normally you should tell us what you are planning to change a week from before. Now the new update hitted as a surprise and people are not happy and want a refund. The update that you need the season pass to sell things is a big hit for f2p players. There are also alot of bots and we can not understand why you can not fix this. The skills are now worthless since normal attacks deal more damage And even p2w players are not happy. Also we noticed that you dont have any socials. You should make an instagram and twitter and a discord server to keep the community healthy. We are waiting for your response.

Game has potential. We like the concept of the game. The gacha aspects make us like it. But the fact, they want you use REAL money to even remotely get anything useful in the game. To get better weapons you need to spend money. Better armor you guessed it SPEND money. More than likely if you made things available in the game thats not behind a paywall YOUD get more financial support in the game but players are talking in the in-game chat and theyre seriously thinking about refunding and stop playing.

Honestly, the game is so good. Im genuinely passionate about it. We love playing it. But the devs theyre just so out of touch & clearly only want a cash grab.

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