Curse of the Cobra

Curse of the Cobra


Curse of the Cobra is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fire Maple Games, LLC, Curse of the Cobra is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th January 2021 with the latest update 12th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


84 people have rated 1.0.6

You can download the game Curse of the Cobra from APP STORE.


When a strange pyramid suddenly appears, rumors begin to swirl – is the evil Cobra Queen rising once again?

Traveling to New York, London, and finally Cairo you’ll need to befriend locals, bribe uncooperative animals, and flatter magical statues to gather clues and unravel this enigma.

But beware, shadowy figures lurk to impede your progress and time is running out.
Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late or will you become a victim of the Curse of the Cobra?

Updated on 12th June 2022

Bug fixes!

Curse of the Cobra Reviews

We love these games. They are fun with just the right amount of challenge. With the hints, even the younger family members can enjoy them without getting too frustrated as in many other games. Thank you, and keep them coming. We own them all.

These games are the best. No annoying pop-up ads Challenging and fun to solve Great, smooth graphics Kid-friendly Hints an/or clues are located in the game, should you get stuck we have every FireMaple game, and theyre all great.

We’ve played every game from Fire Maple and have never been disappointed. We cant wait for their next title!

Honestly these Fire Maple games are the simply the best. The graphics are stunning and just downright therapeutic. The puzzles are challenging but not overly complicated. Cant wait for the next ones to come out!

We love every single fire maple game. Keep them coming!!!

We love your games. We try and play them a little at a time so they last a little longer! Keep them coming!

We love the developer, they make such great games, so much fun. We enjoyed this game, and on our third play through it had a game ending bug. When we completed the block puzzle correctly, the game didnt let us advance. Suddenly a window popped up showing the block puzzle room. The screen froze and the game would not restart. The next day same thing, there was the main screen to continue, but the game would freeze, and show a pop up window of the block puzzle room. We had to delete the game, bummer. We love games with Egyptian themes, and this was a good one while it lasted.

Hi! This game is amazing, and you should totally get it if you like escape room/adventure games. Unfortunately, our brother had a glitch after the eye of rah puzzle in the pyramid that will not allow him to play (blocks the continue button). Please check this out!

If you enjoy point-and-click puzzle games, this one will be right up your alley. Our standard Best rating is 4 stars, because we save 5 stars for the best of the best. So please consider this an unqualified recommendation for anyone who likes this type of game. Fire Maples games keep getting better and better!

We remember playing Lost City in grade school so you can imagine our excitement when we see new games like this. The graphics are beautiful as always. Its not the best game from Fire Maple, as some of the previous games boasted more interesting and creative puzzles. However, we did enjoy the story and appreciated the fact that the characters didnt stretch out when talking like they did in Thickety Creek.

We love this game but we wish it would have been longer and only took us a day to complete.

We were surprised at how short this game was in comparison to the other ones. Also whyyyy did we find the shoes of we didnt the shoes?

Well, the game was fun but challenging until it hung up when we got inside the pyramid. We’ve exited the game several times hoping it would right itself to no avail.

We are a bit disappointed with this game so far, as compared to earlier games there is far less detail in the rooms (less items to click on, so less to give you bits of information). This makes the puzzles seem rather straightforward and takes away from the mystery-solving aspect of the game. We really love these games for their detail and atmosphere, but would hope for a bit more of the nuance of earlier games to return in the future.

We own pretty much all of their games. This one was okay but took a very short time to complete which was a big disappointment as we were looking forward to a real diversion. The graphics are similar in quality to previous games by Fire Maple, not in the league of Blackthorn Castle (which is amazing) but much better than others. We would have rated it higher if it cost less, it was just too short for the price – it almost felt like a lite version. That said, Ill still buy their future products. Its hard to find developers who can come up with interesting, quality games in this genre. Thank you for putting out quality products. Next time – a longer, more involved game please! Also, fast pass ability in the map would be really nice, if the game is involved enough to make it worth the effort/cost to add.

Fun game but Im stuck in a glitch that freezes upon choosing the continue option. Cant continue.

We cannot retrieve one of the items no matter what we do. We have turned the game off and on several times, but it doesnt work. We cannot complete the game without the item. This is disappointing considering we paid $5 for the game. We would have given it a 5 star review otherwise.

We finished the game far quicker than we finished the other games like Thickety creek or return to grisly manor- not worth the price but still a good game.

Ummm, 4 dollars and we finished the game in 45 mins. Not worth the cost. Decent game too short.

Very short puzzle for the money. Figure an hour of gameplay for your $$$$. Puzzles not hard pretty straightforward.

Escape/adventure/puzzle games are our favorite and we go months without a good one. We prefer the Fire Maple Games because we dont want to constantly interact with characters and we dont care about the story. We want to be able to immerse myself in the world and solve puzzles and mysteries. We want to get lost and feel like Im in a world all by myself. This game succeeded in every aspect. The story is good, but not convoluted, the interaction is low but clever, and the rooms, the history, the puzzles, all at the perfect level. Our favorite thing is a game thats challenging but FOLLOWS LOGIC. It might be hard, and obscure, but, you can eventually figure it out. Things make sense, so using your mind to get there is really fun and satisfying.

We love fire maple games, the atmosphere and exploration is always very fun. Was it 4 bucks worth of fun? Honestly, no, it’s 1, maybe 2 bucks worth. We’re okay to pitch in a bit extra to help out a smaller developer, but there’s a point where we raise our eyebrow a bit if there isn’t enough content to justify the price. We’re not angry, and we’re not going to rate it poorly because of the overpricing, but we do want to let the developer know that they are testing their limits, and for some, this will be too much. Despite how much we like the games, we will definitely be checking the reviews next time to make sure it’s worth the cost, instead of jumping in like we did for this game.

We love Fire Maple games, but was surprised at how short this was for the price. If it had been twice as long we wouldve given five stars.

This developer produces some decent and lengthy PAC adventure games, which is why we bought the latest. It was way too short for $3.99 and not as challenging as previous games. We’re left feeling disappointed and that we spent too much $ on this game. Save your $ u til this goes on sale.

We love Fire Maple games, but what happened here? About an hour and a half of gameplay at this price is pretty unacceptable. It was also really easy- we just zipped right through it without ever getting stumped at all. On the bright side, this is a great game for kids. Devs, cmon. This is a step down from your earlier games. But as always the story is engaging (even if it does just suddenly end), and the graphics are great.

We’ve played all the fire maple games, and this one is still good although it has some flaws. Good graphics, for what they are lol, and interesting point/click puzzles. Main problems are with length of game, and too few actual puzzles, we can only recall two picture jumble puzzles and thats about it.

This game keeps you interested and it is fun!!!!!!

Fire Maple Games are classic. Such gorgeous artistry and care taken for beautiful details. We get lost in the gorgeous locations and sometime just like to tool around and see the details without playing the game. Im not a gamer and we find these games hard, but frustrating in a fun way. We find myself thinking about the puzzle throughout the day and have epiphany moments omg! We know where that key goes!! And we run to our phone to get to the next section. We hope they continue to make these games. Not everyone wants games to shoot things and speed around. We havent even completed this game yet. We like to savor it. Always 5 stars!

Im a big fan of puzzle games like this and this one was a huge surprise! We cant believe how cool the themes are, really unique from other games and the artwork is so vibrant that it really holds your attention!

Their games usually take us a while to complete. For $3, Id expect it to last at least twice as long as it did.

Our hand is literally in this game. 5 Stars!

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