Another Tomorrow

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Another Tomorrow


Another Tomorrow is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Glitch Games Ltd, Another Tomorrow is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 12th February 2022 with the latest update 29th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


137 people have rated 1.0.8

You can download the game Another Tomorrow from APP STORE.


“Reminiscent of the first person point and click classics.”
Sean Davies – Finger Guns

“as puzzles, this is an absolutely exquisite collection, with challenges that had me frequently taking a breath at how clever they were.”
John Walker – Buried Treasure

Another Tomorrow is a puzzle adventure that blends intricately rendered dioramas with first person exploration and puzzle solving.

Trapped without your memories but equipped with a camera you’ll explore abandoned apartments, airfields, temples, and underground facilities to search for clues, solve puzzles, and unlock secrets to answer the question; who are you?

Your head’s pounding, your body cold. The air is ripe with something all too familiar. Blood.

The odour is unmistakable. But there’s something else. Something sweet but medicinal, an intoxifying cocktail of brown sugar, ethanol, and disinfectant.

It hurts to open your eyes, the lights are bright but it’s not that.

Moving hurts, like you haven’t moved in a long time.

Questions racing through your mind; where are you, how long have you been here, what the fork is that taste?


  • A first person point and click adventure game.
  • Trademark Glitch humour and puzzles that will leave you screaming at us.
  • Absolutely no adverts or in app purchases.
  • The Glitch Camera to help you solve puzzles and keep track of clues.
  • Lots of clues to find and puzzles to solve.
  • A beautiful soundtrack and immersive sound effects.
  • A full Hint System to help you if you get stuck.
  • 8 save slots, share the game with your family!
  • Auto-saves your progress!

Glitch Games is a tiny independent ‘studio’ from the UK.
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Updated on 29th November 2022

Small fixes and changes.

Another Tomorrow Reviews

We actually wrote a bad review awhile ago because we mistook the flashbacks being so short as a bug. But after trying the game on a different phone recently again (apple v android, haha) we realize now thats how you made it. So just wanted to say sorry. We’ve literally played all your games. And you guys rock. So sorry about that once again, rock on :)

We love this genre of games and Glitch does it very well. Played this one with our daughter and we both had a great time working through the puzzles together. Great game!

Its rare to find a game that hits the exact middle spot between challenging and frustrating. This game manages that really well, as do all of Glitchs titles. We highly recommend this!

Glitch is at the top of our list for puzzle games! Love the story, love the cheeky comments, love the way their games look, loved the ending of this one! Unlike their name lol- we’ve never had a technical issue with any Glitch game. Most of all, we like their games dont collect any data- like a game should. Keep up the great work:))

This new navigation is weird and we dont enjoy it.

Hey folks this game is not compleate. Leaves you hangin.

Hangar level the sliders to open the doors for the plane on #1 will not slide correctly to finish the level.

We realize this is a small company, but the game was an exercise in random puzzles that make no sense and demonstrates a laziness in design. Gee, a half eaten pizza sets up a puzzle box in another room. Why? Thats not puzzle design. Thats abstract nonsense. Almost if the game designers are laughing at us, silly humans, spending good money on such tripe. Maybe The Room has ruined us. But there is an Art to thoughtful puzzles that test your reasoning. This game was a supreme letdown. And Im guessing that the 5 star reviews are from the developers friends and relatives.

So we just finished this oneHIGHLY recommend! It was on the pricier side$5.99 we thinkbut well worth it. The story line was good, graphics were good, and it had different locations which were like levels that needed to be unlocked! So it took a fair amount of time to finish the whole thing. Plus, the ending was actually really good on this one!! Almost like watching a suspense thriller movie. 5 very enthusiastic stars!!!

Loved every thing about this game. Deserves more than a 3.0 rating.

Its a good game so far but playing on a iPhone isnt ideal. Im not a fan of the game board perspective and the little bar at the bottom of the iPhone gets in the way of the subtitles. We’ve also had to restart a few times since the magnifying glass wasnt working. Puzzles are intriguing as always though and we will continue to buy more Glitch games.

We own all the games by Glitch Games and loved them all except for this one. We usually cant put a new Glitch game down because they are so fun to play, but with this one, we struggled to find the motivation to finish it. We actually put it down for months before Finally going back to finish. There were a lot of elements that didnt seem to tie to anything in the game because they didnt hinder or contribute to the game progression. Maybe it was intended to add ambiance but instead it left us wondering if we were missing something and questioning if we actually finished the level. Especially because once a level has been unlocked, the game mechanics allow you to travel to any of them at any time. So maybe we missed something, but rather than continuing to search (as we normally do with video games) Im instead just relieved the credits rolled. We were disappointed by the story line and dialogue as well. Especially at the end. After the guy in green light starts talking, the ending was immediately obvious but we sat through several more rounds of stilted dialogue while our character figured things out. We couldnt stop myself from rolling our eyes. Overall, the story was predictable and most of puzzles didnt feel like they had anything to do with the story. Instead the puzzles seemed tedious with most only serving to make the game longer rather than add to the story or enjoyment. GG has two other games that ended in cliffhangers and we wish they spent their resources on those storylines instead of making this new one.

A black screen keeps occurring and wont go away until the game is restarted. The magnifying glass keeps freezing and not working Disappointing.

Seriously. Anyway, great game as always, but we sorely missed the usual perspective. The birds eye view removed some of the spontaneity and personalization that we always feel playing glitch games. (poor Alice never catches a break)

We’ve played every Glitch game available in the app store, and we’ve loved them all — this one was no exception. They’ve improved on the UI & functionality of some fan favorite elements (I mean, the new camera/photo roll UI is more streamlined & fun to use than ever), and have tried out some new elements that made this game feel fresh. Although some didn’t seem to love the diorama view of new levels, we didn’t mind it at all. In fact, we really enjoyed seeing the zoomed out view of the level we were entering, we found it orienting and it allowed us to enjoy the overall ambience of the levels a bit more than usual. We’ll certainly also admit that it took us awhile to get into the Lost series because we have major ADHD brain & although we love detailed puzzles, remembering simple directions is not our forte when attempting to wander the many paths in the dark woods & remember where the cabin that had the thingy that definitely goes with the item we just found actually was. We played on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, so we really didn’t find much to be too small to see, but whenever that was the case, the magnifying glass in the inventory & the ability to take a photo in-game, write directly on the photo, zoom in, and even place the photo as a sticker on the screen while we entered the solution to puzzles resolved any issue seeing tiny visual details for us, personally. As far as point & click adventure puzzle games go, Glitch games are right up there with The Room & the DaVinci series as far as we’re concerned, which we mean as the highest compliment. There’s a very small, elite group of mobile puzzle game developers that we will immediately drop everything, buy their new games whatever the price is, and obsessively play start to finish as soon as they’re released, and Glitch is in that group for us. Knowing it’s primarily two guys pouring themselves into these games never ceases to amaze us as a Product Manager & a puzzle-loving human being. Great work, as always! Can’t wait til our ADHD brain forgets the details so we can play all over again!

Great game as expected from this dev.

Glitch does it againThe ONLY problem we have with Glitch games is that NONE of the other games of its kind even come close to comparing to them, therefore every other game is a disappointment in comparison. They are hands-down, the best developer in the App Store, by far. We realize that its completely unrealistic for them to shoot out games (especially of this quality) every month, but us and our unrealistic optimism keep checking their page to see if a new one is released almost monthly because we simply cannot get enough. Thank you for hours of fun, we cant wait to see what is to come.

Love Glitch games, this was another well done game. Puzzles were challenging but fun, we did have to use hints a couple times but not so much that the game was too hard. Story was an intriguing mystery. Graphics well done but like some of the other reviews, we did not love the new perspective and prefer to feel more immersed.. But did not dislike it so much that we could n’t still give 5 stars. Looking forward to more Glitch games!

We had anxiously awaited the release of this game, as we had played through everything else by Glitch. Like the others, this was very enjoyable but not impossibly difficult. We are not 100% sure how we feel about the orthogonal perspective in the rooms, but once we got used to it the change did not interfere with the playability. We cant wait for the next release by Glitch. If you have not played any of their games we would highly recommend any of them. Glitch is the gold standard; interesting and challenging puzzles, and a great sense of humor. Thank you Glitch Games!!!

This point and click has it all! Challenging, but fair puzzles, nice size length and excellent story!!!! A+++

Good game, better than most, thanks! Just not as great as all the previous Glitch games. Significantly preferred the 1st person game play vs. The diorama view here.

It is just an ok effort from an otherwise strong company. The puzzles are fine (albeit at times way in the left field) and graphics nice; however, it falls short of expected. The new viewing angle feels distant, too small and less engaging, there are several bugs that forced us to exit the game to continue, the hint system falls outside the screen and is useless, and the story feels rehashed. We felt Veritas was a step down and the trend worsened. Disappointing.

Started out pretty good, but second half of game had less detail, less puzzles, and the puzzle quality was not as good (less intuitive, more simple).

The 3D cubes didnt add anything to the gameplay, and made it more difficult for us to immerse myself in the game. They also shrunk the usable part of the screen. We didnt see the point. Two or three of the puzzles made no sense at all and we had to go to reveal solution in the hints. Even after seeing the solution, we couldnt figure out the logic. This is our least favorite of all the Glitch games. Still better than all the basic escape room games, but not great.

Im in the apartment but all hints are gone. Now its just the word Hint with nothing below to click. Please fix! We love your games but we need hints.

Im fan of Forever Lost in Glitch Studio. So we were excited to playing this game. But the story of this game was similar with Forever Lost. And playing time was short! Game is not sophisticated and im feeling like it was made in a hurry. This game was like $1.99, or free with ads. This is not $5.99.

Black screen. We figured out that if we open setting and click show advanced setting, our iPad Pro will have black screen. Please fix.

This game was very enjoyable especially since we love puzzle games. We are aware the developers are working on a solution to the black screen bug, but from what we have read online, many people are experiencing this. It is frustrating that we just spent $6 on an app that now has absolutely no function. If a developer could tell us how to fix the black screen issue please let us know. We used our own money for this game and would like to be able to finish it.

Love it, wish it wasnt over. Do not make the puzzles easier we have clues for that, they are great and challenging. We agree with another reviewer that the perspective was too small but we loved the game anyways. Thats it.

Glitch Games are back, baby! What a game! Please dont leave us alone again, weve missed you.

We’ve never left a review for anything here on the App Store but we had to leave one for Glitch Games. We have been a fan of GG since Cabin Escape Alices story. They always keep us so engaged and enhance our puzzle solving skills. This game is awesome and their voice actors (coming from an actress myself) are phenomenal. Keep up the good work GG!

Once again, another amazing puzzle game. If you like puzzles and/or point-and-click games, all Glitch games are a no-brainer. Thank you for all your hard work and these amazing games! We wish you guys the best, and cant wait for the next one! PS: we hope you will do a sequel to All That Remains but we understand it has to make financial sense. Good luck!

When you think Glitch Games ran out of ideas for their games they would surprise you and come up with an even smarter puzzle. With that being said, two things, this is a smart game for smart people. If you are unable to solve ANY puzzle dont blame the game, use the hint system and go on. If your game crashes, your screen turns black, etc., dont blame the developers, its very likely you are using an WWI PC or phone. Please, dont rate this or any game based on your inability to complete it. Let the developers know about what went wrong and give it a second try. Be nice!

Originally a bit unsure about the diorama format, we ended up absolutely loving this game. So much fun and, as always, SO well done by Glitch Games. Only disappointment is that we know it will be a while before the next one. We give it all the stars!

Glitch is our favorite! It keeps crashing. We are playing on a MacBook but is there something we are doing wrong?

We have to say that this game did not disappoint. We liked the breakdowns into chapters-it limited the running back and forth which can get tiresome. The game play was great, and there were only a two or three puzzles that lacked logic for us. Overall, this game had us thinking and was very intuitive. The story line was good too. We can not wait for the next release. Thanks for a fantastic game.

Another great Glitch game. One of the few games we get excited about because they are challenging, have humor in the dialogue, give you enough hints, and are just well thought out and fun to play. Im sad we’ve finished it after spending a fair chunk of five days on and off on it.

This studio has a long history of awesome point and click games, and this is no exception. Navigation was easier in this one than in previous games, and the puzzles were less obscure. The shorter chapters (all included in the game, no in-app purchases!) were refreshing. We really enjoyed it! We always expect a good game from these folks and have never been disappointed. If you find a bug, contact them! Theyre really responsive. And if you liked this, try their other games. Similar methods, same camera, some interesting stories.

All of Glitch Games games have been outstanding and this new one did not disappoint. The puzzles were clever and had a variety of complexity and difficulty levels to keep the game entertaining. The sound, commentary, and visuals are very well articulated, making the game aesthetically as well as intellectually pleasing. And the whole game is worth the cinematic ending. No spoilers though! We did find some of the details of settings were a bit small, we wanted more ability to zoom in and explore, but the game functions and (awesome) camera worked smoothly. If you like puzzle games we recommend this and all of Glitchs games. Theyre all atmospheric, quirky, and the puzzles include riddles and thought-provoking elements that are much more fun than just finding the right sequence of numbers elsewhere in a room (although they have some of that too, for balance). And, this one is worth it just for YOU PET THE CAT. THE CAT LIKED IT. More, please, Glitch Games!! (Also, if you are reading thisother reviews have asked for easier puzzles but please dont make the puzzles easier maybe just provide a tiered-clue system to help folks along! )

Im a bit concerned however that we might be turning into a glitch as we were able to solve the majority of the game! But that could be a good thing! Great game guys, once again you led us on a unique adventure!

This developer always puts out solid titles. Its nice to see some reinventing of the genre, but still keeping some solid gameplay elements like the photo feature to keep track of clues. It was a bit hard to see some rooms with this being on mobile, but the fair hint system helped clear those out. Good work as always- Glitch to us us on par with The Room series.

This is a fantastic escape room game. The puzzles are ingenious. The difficulty level is perfect, and the solutions are very clever (and actually make sense which is a complaint we have for other games). Definitely worth the money.

In typical Glitch style, mind-bending puzzles are accompanied by puns. That’s their unique style. The graphics were very good and it played flawlessly on our iPad. Some of the puzzles, particularly in chapter 7, didn’t seem intuitive to us but a comprehensive hint system is built-in. The story is absorbing. Well done and thanks for the game!

Another Tomorrow is another solid entry in Glitch Games portfolio. The graphics are beautifullya notable step up from the graphics in other titles! And the storyline is mysterious enough to keep you engaged till the end. We recommend this title without reservation, especially if you like indie point-and-click puzzle games. Ill keep playing us if you keep making us, Glitch. Thank you for the mind-stimulating entertainment!

We love every single glitch game we’ve played, including this one. We will say that this one felt less immersiveI didnt feel like we were really in the world compared to the other games (probably because of the different format). Still fantastic!

LOVE glitch games. This game to us was a little too puzzle based only for us. Less exploring, using items, etc. Im used to a little more from them BUT, loved the ending and enjoyed myself.

Been a fan from the beginning, and Glitch has delivered another entertaining and witty game. Didnt care for the perspective in this one. On an iPhone (or similar small device) everything is exactly thatsmall. Too small to appreciateand sometimes even seethe details. We felt a few of the puzzles needed a reset button. Solving some of them required you to start from the original positions, however, most of the time, Id already manipulated the pieces, not realizing we hadnt found a clue for the puzzle yet. We then had to go back and use hints because we had no idea how the starting game board was supposed to look (ex. The marble board, the puzzles that had sliders that required a proper sequence of directional slidesL,R,U,D, etc.) Another great game though! (And we hate giving a nit-picky review, because Glitch really is one of the best!) Love their jokes throughout, and they really give an excellent variety of puzzles, clues, and objects to find/use/manipulate). As always, looking forward to what Glitch Games brings next!

We’ve played all the glitch games and enjoyed them all till now. Im stuck in the bar and cant move to the next new location. Is there another update for this game? Id really like to finish this game.

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